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Cold Case: 10-year-old Amy Renee Mihaljevic was kidnapped and murdered 1989; Is there a going to be an arrest soon? Amy deserves justice!

Amy Renee Mihaljevic

If you know ANYTHING, no matter how insignificant you think it is, please call law enforcement. Amy was a child. She did not deserve this, nor did her loved ones who have had to live with this every single day since 1989. Please help if you can.

Find-A-Grave: Amy Renee Mihaljevic
Amy Renee Mihaljevic Unsolved homicide
FBI: Seeking Information (video)
City of Bay Village: Amy Mihaljevic
Who Killed Amy?
Who killed Amy Mihaljevic? The missing pieces, and a killer on the run
Amy Mihaljevic was kidnapped in 1989, and police are still searching for her killer
Possible suspect may have called Amy Mihaljevic prior to her disappearance in 1989
The Amy Mihaljevic Case: Investigators hold out hope that DNA advancements could soon help solve 1989 cold case
Court documents reveal startling new developments in Amy Mihaljevic murder investigation
Wikipedia: Murder of Amy Mihaljevic
Finding Amy’s killer: One man’s ‘compulsion’ brings him online

Amy: My Search for Her Killer: Secrets and Suspects in the Unsolved Murder of Amy Mihaljevic

Lake Erie Murders: Who Killed Amy Mihaljevic? Part 1: Missing
Who Killed Amy Mihaljevic? Part 2: The Hunt

The Unsolved Murder of Amy Mihaljevic with James Renne‪r‬

Pervert Alley: Melvin Hall Jr., former MLB player, convicted of child sex assault

Melvin Hall Jr.
                     Melvin Hall Jr.

Ex-Major League Ballplayer Mel Hall Jr. Accused of Sex Assault
Former baseball player charged with sexual assault
Former major leaguer Mel Hall convicted of child sex assault
Ex-Major League Ballplayer Mel Hall Jr. Convicted in Sex Case
Ex-major leaguer guilty of molesting young girl

Pervert Alley: Scott Allen Ball confesses to sexually abusing ex-girlfriend’s 9 year old daughter


Sheriff’s office says man may have raped several children
Woman’s ex-boyfriend arrested on suspicion of abusing her daughter
Kearns man charged with raping a child
Man accused of multiple sexual abuses

Pervert Alley: Martin Turner sentenced to prison for molesting young boys over a 30 year time span

                    Martin Turner

If you read the articles, you will see that this man has NO REMORSE for what he has done. At his sentencing, it was said it was like an award ceremony for him. He thanked his family, etc. UNBELIEVABLE! I believe he is a sexual predator and should have received FAR MORE than 5 lousy years in prison. Should have been more like 30!

Former Austin-Area Scout Leader Headed to Prison
Former Austin-area Scout leader headed to prison
Former Boy Scout leader faces his victims in court
Boy Scout leader gets five years for molesting boys

Pervert Alley: Michael Assaad Lahoud – accused of sexually molesting several children

Michael Assaad Lahoud

Raleigh Man Accused Of Sexually Abusing Several Children
Registered sex offender facing new charges
Landlord accused of fondling tenants’ children
NC Wanted: Michael Assaad Lahoud
Landlord accused of fondling tenants’ children
Raleigh sex offender arrested on new charges

**UPDATE** 8/29/2011

Michael Assaad Lahoud has committed suicide. He was supposed to go to court today, 8/29/2011, and plead guilty to 8 counts and was facing 8-10 years in prison. Instead, he killed himself. For myself, that is a sure sign of guilt! I feel no sympathy for him whatsoever, only for his victims.

Landlord accused of fondling tenants’ children commits suicide

Pervert Alley: Andrew Pfeifer who videotaped himself sexually assaulting a 3 year old child

                          Andrew Pfeifer

Not only is he a pervert, but a stupid one. Videotaping himself doing his disgusting crime, and then of course, leaving it laying around so it could be found. Not smart, but a great move for justice!

Man arrested in assault of toddler
Ingleside man is charged with sexually assaulting girl, 3
Ingleside man accused of videotaped sex with 3-year-old

Aaron Nichols – juvenile pedophile; will justice be served?

Please go to this site and read this post. It is very scary to think that prosecutors would allow this now convicted sex offender to not serve any jail time. Apparently he has approximately 21 victims (although his father, Bob Nichols, told him to keep his mouth shut about the other victims) he was only charged for 2 victims, incidents that happened in 2002 and 2003, when he was a teenager. He is currently 21 now.

Please read this link: Aaron Nichols and I urge you to write to the Judge in this case. These victims deserve justice, not the fear of seeing him on the street as they try to pull their lives back together.

Also, be sure to read this letter written by a friend of one of the victim’s. It gives some details about this prosecutor, that I sure hope other prosecutors don’t take her lead when dealing with confessed child molesters.

Dylan Groene murder: Joseph Edward Duncan pleads guilty to Dylan’s murder, still faces death penalty and other murder charges

Sammiejo White, 11 [7/1996 Bothell, WA]
Carmen Cubias, 9 [7/1996 Bothell, WA]
Anthony Martinez, [4/4/1997 Beaumont, CA]
Brenda Kay Groene, 40 [5/16/2005 Wolf Lodge, ID]
Mark McKenzie, 37 [5/16/2005 Wolf Lodge, ID]
Slade Groene, 13 [5/16/2005 Wolf Lodge, ID]
Dylan James Groene, 9 [6/2005 St. Regis, MT]
Shasta Groene, 8 (survived)

Monsters Among Us: Joseph Edward Duncan pled guilty to the Groene and McKenzie murders; Sentenced to LWOP for 3 of the murders
Suspect pleads guilty to kidnapping Shasta Groene, killing her brother Dylan in 2005
Idaho slaying suspect admits killing family
Wikipedia: Joseph Edward Duncan III
Man Pleads Guilty to Killing Idaho Boy
Convicted Idaho Sex Offender Pleads Guilty to 10 Abduction, Slaying Charges
Duncan pleads guilty to federal charges
Dylan and Shasta Groene Saga Continues
Duncan connected to numerous other murders
Update: Dylan Groene murder *Joseph Edward Duncan III sentenced to federal death sentence; Pled guilty to another child murder and sentenced to LWOP for all of the other murders


Register Number: 12561-023
Age: 58
Race: White
Sex: Male
Release Date: DEATH SENT
Located At: USP Terre Haute

Update: Kenneth John Freeman back in the US to face charges!


Accused child rapist Kenneth John Freeman, described by the U.S. Marshals as the ‘King of the Child Exploitation Suspects’, returned to the United States today, escorted by senior law enforcement officials from the U.S. Marshals Service and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

*We’ll have exclusive video of Freeman being hauled in up on AMW.com Friday morning!


America’s Most Wanted: Kenneth John Freeman

*Update* Kenneth John Freeman pled guilty and was sentenced to 50 years in prison.
Man who raped daughter agrees to long term
Uncensored Wiki: Kenneth John Freeman


Register Number: 12163-085
Age: 56
Race: White
Sex: Male
Located at: Marion USP
Release Date: 11/18/2050

Update: “Madison” has been found and she is safe!

Mug shot - Chester Arthur Stiles

Police are still looking for Chester Arthur Stiles

Girl Sexually Abused in Child Porn Video Found Safe
Police: Girl shown in sex tape is safe
Cops: Nevada Girl From Sex Tape Found Safe
Little girl in sexual abuse tape found
Girl In Videotape Found With Family

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