Road Rage Murder: Sidney Garfield Garrand charged with the shooting death of 8-year-old Cassidy Moreno after he started a fight with her father

Cassidy Moreno

Ariz. Girl, 8, Is Fatally Shot During Road Rage Incident While Coming Home from School Awards Ceremony
Man indicted in fatal shooting of girl in Phoenix road rage
‘It shouldn’t ever lead to that’: Family mourns 8-year-old girl killed in Phoenix road rage shooting
8-year-old girl dies after road rage shooting in north Phoenix, man facing murder charge
AZ man charged in street rage shooting that killed 8-year-old girl
Driver Indicted for Death of 8-Year-Old Passenger
Man indicted for murder after road rage shooting in north Phoenix kills 8-year-old girl
Arizona man charged in road-rage shooting that killed 8-year-old girl
Man Indicted for Allegedly Shooting 8-Year-Old Girl After Getting into Road Rage Fight with Her Father



Deadly Wives: Wendi Elizabeth Andriano killed her husband, Joseph Andriano; She is now on Arizona’s death row

Joseph Andriano
Joseph Andriano

Find-A-Grave: Joseph Dewayne Andriano
Death Row Diaries: Woman kills husband seriously ill with cancer
Murderpedia: Wendi Elizabeth Andriano
Wikipedia: Wendi Andriano
State of Arizona v Wendi Elizabeth Andriano 2007 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Wendi Elizabeth Andriano v David Shinn 2021 (habeas corpus denied)
Only 3 women are on Arizona’s death row: Who are they and what were they sentenced to death for?

Husband Killer : The True Story of Wendi Andriano

Snapped: Wendi Andriano
Deadly Women: Breaking Point


Monsters Among Us: Garey Lee Morrison stabbed Clifton Daily to death; He was sentenced to 18 years in prison; Several people walk past victim while he lay dying and did NOTHING to help him*

AZ – Clifton Daily, 31, stabbed to death, Phoenix, 22 July 2013
State of Arizona v Gary Lee Morrison 2017 (conviction and sentence affirmed)


Cold Case: Glenn Edward Williams killed Fernando Calleros and left him in the back of a truck; Sentenced to 10 years in prison

Fernando Calleros

Find-A-Grave: Fernando F Calleros
Man arrested in 1979 homicide, sexual assault cold case in Phoenix
Arrest Made in 42 Year Old Cold Case
Suspect arrested in 1978 beating death and sexual assault
Phoenix cold case solved 40 years after murder and assault
Evidence Preservation Key to Arrest Made in 42-Year-Old Murder Case
Case & Reward Info


Deadly Duo: Ryan Allen Reed and Alison Ann Clement killed 2-year-old Savannah Katheryn Cross by severe abuse; Both received 20+ years in prison, plus lifetime probation

Savannah Katheryn Cross

Find-A-Grave: Savannah Katheryn Cross
Savannah Cross
Allison Clement and Ryan Reed Indicted for Child Abuse, Murder of 3 Year Old
Allison Clement and Ryan Reed Charged Again With Murder of 2-Year-Old Savannah Cross
Man who allegedly murdered two-year-old Savannah Cross has accepted plea deal
Phoenix pair get decades in prison for 2-year-old girl’s day-care death
Couple tied to child death at unlicensed daycare receive maximum sentence
Maricopa County Attorney s Office Arizona – Caretakers Responsible for Murder and Abuse of 2 – Year – Old Savannah Cross Sentenced
AZ – Savannah Cross, 2, beaten to death, Phoenix, 11 Dec 2012

Ryan Allen Reed – pled guilty, sentenced to 35 years in prison, lifetime probation, must register as a sex offender
Allison Ann Clement – pled guilty, sentenced to 24 years in prison, lifetime probation



Boyfriends From Hell: Jose Lopez killed his girlfriend’s daughter, Mia Alvarez, but did not show up to hear the guilty verdict; Sentenced to 24 years in prison, no parole

Mia Alvarez

Find-A-Grave: Mia Sirae “Rae Rae” Alvarez
Arizona City man a no-show at end of child murder trial
Eloy Man guilty of 1st Degree Murder is Missing
Man convicted in child’s death arrested in Las Vegas
Fugitive Jose Lopez convicted in the 2007 murder of a toddler in Pinal County arrested
Man convicted in child’s death arrested in Nevada
Man sentenced to life in prison in toddler’s death
Lopez sentenced to max for killing 1-year-old girl in Az City


Parents From Hell: Erika Parra and Mario Toscano charged with the beating murder of her 2-year-old son, Emilio Smith

Emilio Smith

Statement on the death of a two-year-old boy
Family of alleged abuse victim in Douglas speaks
DCS: Man indicted for murder of 2-year-old in Cochise County
Accused child killer pleads guilty to beating toddler to death
Authorities looking for mother of slain Douglas toddler
Douglas mother arrested, charged in connection to death of 2-year-old son
Mom Who Fled To Mexico After Young Son’s Death Was On Federal Probation At The Time
Arizona mother detained in Mexico in connection to son’s death
Arizona Mom Arrested in Mexico and Brought Back to U.S. to Face Charges in 2-Year-Old Son’s Death After More Than a Year on the Run

Erika Asusenna Parra
Mario Alberto Toscano – pled guilty, sentenced to 38 years in prison

Deadly Husbands: Ronald Carpenter charged with killing his 82-year-old wife, Mollie Snyder, whose body was found in Box Canyon

Suspicious death investigation underway in Green Valley
Body of Green Valley woman found in Box Canyon, husband charged with murder
Husband arrested in suspicious death of 82-year-old woman in Green Valley
Police records say Green Valley man admitted to killing wife
Green Valley man suspected of killing wife after she was reported missing
83-year-old Arizona man arrested after missing wife is found dead in canyon


Deadly Co-Workers: James Michael Lapan Jr killed Nicolas Dallies Morelos after some past grievances; Sentenced to life in prison

Nicolas Dallies Morelos

Nicolas D. Morelos obituary
Find-A-Grave: Nicolas Dallies Morelos Sr.
Man arrested in connection with northwest-side homicide
Man on trial for the 2016 murder of Nicolas Morelos
Jury finds Lapan guilty of murder in former coworker’s death
Lapan sentenced to life in prison for murdering former coworker
Judge sentences Lapan to life in prison for 2016 murder
A Former Marine Had A ‘Very Long List Of Enemies’ — But Who Would Execute Him In His Own Home?
Tucson murder case to be featured Friday on “Dateline NBC”
State of Arizona v James R. Lapan Jr 2020 (conviction and sentence affirmed)

Dateline: Stone-Cold


Daniel E. and Kara L. Walker murders 10/5/2000 Tucson, AZ *Daniel Kelly Renwick convicted, sentenced to 44 years in prison*

Daniel Edward Walker, 55
Kara L. Walker, 19

The Story of the Murder of Daniel Edward Walker and his daughter, Kara Walker.
Stalking Penalties Stiffer Than Past
Relative of murder victims speaks about Kingman escapee
Administrative Order
2 killers at large, 1 captured after breakout
Ariz. escapee sentenced to 60 years in prison


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