Deadly Mothers: Vivian King killed her teenage daughter, Shilie Turner because she came home late one night: Sentenced to 10-20 years in prison

Find-A-Grave: Shilie LaShay Turner
Vivian King & Shilie Turner
Jury Finds Mother Guilty of Killing Track Star Daughter
Woman who killed daughter gets stiff sentence
‘Full Of Evil’: Mother Of Teen Track Star ‘Laughed’ After Confessing To Brutally Murdering Her

The murder of Shilie Turner

Buried in the Backyard: Grief or Guilt

Vivian King


Monsters Among Us: Robert Spangler killed 2 wives and 2 children

Nancy Spangler, 45
David Spangler, 17
Susan Spangler, 15
Donna Sundling, 58

Find-A-Grave: Nancy Jane Stahlman Spangler
Find-A-Grave: David Andrew Spangler
Find-A-Grave: Susan Elizabeth Spangler
Find-A-Grave: Donna Rae Marsh Spangler
Profile: Robert Merlin Spangler “The Black Widower”
FBI: The Case of the Homicidal Husband
A Killer Who Thinks He Is ‘Interesting’
Murderer who shoved wife into GC admits guilt
Murderpedia: Robert Spangler
Wikipedia: Robert Spangler
Find-A-Grave: Robert Merlin Spangler

Married To Murder

Into the Killing: S3 Ep68: Robert Spangler
My Favorite Murder: Mr Zip
Park Predators: The Widower
Mask of Sanity: Robert Spangler – Colorado Serial Killer and Child Murderer

Investigation Discovery: Blood Relations: Robert Spangler
Devil Among Us: A Trail of Blood
Crime Stories: A Way with Murder
Killer In Plain Sight
Cold Case Files: Pride and the Fall
The Investigators: The Black Widower

Wife Killer: Robert Spangler (YouTube video)


Register Number: 29442-013
Age: 68
Race: White
Sex: Male
Deceased: 08/05/2001

Cold Case: Jerry Arnold Westrom stabbed Jeanne Anne Childs 65 times to death in 1993, shown by DNA

Jeanne Anne Childs

Isanti man indicted for 1st-degree murder in 1993 homicide case, to make first court appearance
Isanti businessman charged in 1993 murder
Trial starts for Jerry Westrom, accused of Jeanie Ann Childs’ 1993 murder
Trial begins for man charged in 1993 Minneapolis cold case murder
Jury finds Isanti man guilty of murder in 1993 cold case
Jerry Westrom found guilty of murder in cold case killing of Jeanie Ann Childs
Isanti man convicted of murder in 1993 cold case
Jerry Westrom found guilty of 1st, 2nd-degree murder in 1993 cold case
Hennepin jury convicts Jerry Westrom in cold case killing
Minnesota Man Convicted Of 1993 Cold Case Murder Based On DNA From A Hot Dog Napkin
Minnesota Man Convicted in 1993 Cold Case Murder of Woman Stabbed 65 Times After Investigators Obtained His DNA from Used Hot Dog Napkin at Hockey Game


Mothers From Hell: Meaonia Michelle Allen charged with killing her newborn son in 1993 “Baby Doe” with scissors

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation makes arrest in 29-year-old ‘Baby Doe’ case
Oklahoma mother arrested nearly 30 years after baby’s murder
DNA testing leads to arrest of Oklahoma woman accused of killing her baby
Oklahoma woman admits to killing ‘Baby Doe’ almost 30 years after murder, OSBI says
Okla. State Bureau of Investigation arrests woman in decades-old Baby Doe murder case
Oklahoma Mom Charged with Murdering Newborn Son by ‘Cutting the Baby’s Throat Shortly After His Birth’: Police


Cold Case: Steven Downs raped and killed University of Alaska Fairbanks student Sophie Sergie; Sentenced to 75 years in prison

Sophie Sergie

Find-A-Grave: Sophie Sergie
Case of the Month: Sophie Sergie
Sophie Sergie Murder Original Story
25 years after Sophie Sergie was found dead in a UAF bathtub, Maine man charged with murder
Suspect in Sophie Sergie killing arraigned in Fairbanks on Wednesday
Maine man seeks dismissal of DNA evidence in Alaska rape and murder case
Aunt’s DNA Helped Track Down An Accused In 25-Year Old Murder Case
The jury finds Steven Harris Downs guilty of the murder and sexual assault of Sophie Sergie
Man found guilty 29 years after woman found dead in Alaska college dorm bathtub
Sophie Sergie cold case murder trial ends and goes to jur
Steven Downs found guilty in 29-year-old murder case
Fairbanks jury finds Steven Downs guilty in Sophie Sergie’s 1993 murder, sexual assault at UAF dorm
Steven Downs sentenced to 75 years in prison for 1993 rape and murder of Sophie Sergie at Alaska college dorm
Steven Downs sentenced to 75 years for 1993 murder of Sophie Sergie in his Alaska college dorm
Former Alaska College Student Sentenced to Three Quarters of a Century Behind Bars for 1993 Rape and Murder in Dorm


Age 47
Gender Male
Race White

ID Number 749177
Custody Status Date Aug 10, 2019 02:59 PM AKDT
Custody Status In Custody
Custody Detail Fairbanks Correctional Center

Fairbanks Correctional Center
1931 Eagan St.
Fairbanks, AK 99701
(907) 458-6700

Cold Case: Gail Eastwood-Ritchey killed her newborn son *Geauga’s Child*; Sentenced to life in prison

This case has really hit me. Apparently this is not the only time Gail Eastwood-Ritchey has done this. I do not have info on the other. But I cannot wrap my head around someone giving birth and then throwing that child away. She says the baby was not breathing, but the autopsy said otherwise. The wonderful people in Geauga County really stepped up and adopted this child that was thrown away. Yes, I know it was before Safe Haven laws, however, I am sure you could have dropped off that baby at a hospital.

Find-A-Grave: Geauga’s Child
Ohio mother charged in 1993 death of newborn appears in court
How ‘Geauga’s Child’, a 26-year-old cold case, was solved by detectives (timeline)
Gail Eastwood-Ritchey: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
New Date Set in Geauga’s Child Murder Trial
‘Geauga’s Child’ murder trial now scheduled for February
Geauga’s Child Murder Trial: Mom Of Dismembered Baby Boy Found In Trash Bag Claims Child Was Stillborn
‘Geauga’s Child’ murder trial: Closing arguments conclude, jury begins deliberations
Gail Eastwood Ritchey convicted of murder in 1993 death of ‘Geauga’s Child’
Mother found guilty in Geauga’s Child murder case
Jury finds Gail Eastwood-Ritchey guilty of murder, not guilty of aggravated murder in decades-old ‘Geauga’s Child’ case
Mother Convicted of Murdering Baby by Dumping Newborn in the Woods ‘Like a Piece of Garbage’
Jury Convicts Ohio Woman Of Murder Nearly 30 Years After Mutilated Newborn Was Found
Sentencing for mother in Geauga’s Child case
Woman found guilty in ‘Geauga’s Child’ trial sentenced life in prison with possibility of parole after 15 years
Gail Eastwood-Ritchey sentenced to life in prison for murder of baby in ‘Geauga’s Child’ case


Age 52
Gender Female
Race White

Ethnicity Unknown
Date of Birth Apr 26, 1970
ID Number 263965
Custody Status Date Apr 04, 2022 07:07 PM EDT
Custody Status In Custody
Custody Detail Geauga County Safety Center
Book Date Apr 04, 2022 06:56 PM EDT

Geauga County Safety Center
12450 Merritt Road
Chardon, OH 44024
(440) 279-2009

Cold Case: Rayna Hoffman-Ramos charged with the murder of Shu Ming Tang in 1993, as a robbery gone wrong

Shu Ming Tang

Find-A-Grave: Shu Ming Tang
Arrest made in San Carlos cold case murder
Oklahoma Woman Arrested in 1993 Killing of California Shop Owner
‘America’s Most Wanted’ suspect in 1993 killing of San Carlos shop owner arrested
Oklahoma Woman Arrested In 1993 Cold Case Murder of Popular San Carlos Neighborhood Store Owner
California Authorities Arrest 61-Year-Old Woman In 1993 Shooting Of Store Owner
After Nearly 30 Years, Oklahoma Woman Charged in Alleged ‘Robbery Gone Wrong’ Cold Case Murder
Bay Area Cold Case Murder Suspect Brought Back From Oklahoma
Woman accused of San Carlos murder appears in court
Oklahoma woman arrested in 1993 killing in California


Kids That Kill: Christopher Simmons and Charles Benjamin abducted and killed Shirley Crook; Both sentenced to LWOP

Shirley Crook

Unfortunately most of the stuff I could find on this case centers soley on the killer, Christopher Simmons. Shirley Crook, the real victim, has been completely forgotten out there, except by her family and loved ones. All of this is supposed to be about justice for the victim, but yet, all anyone talks about is how unfair it is for the killer, but tell me, how fair was it to Shirley Crook? How did she deserve what happened to her? She did not deserve this. She deserves justice. No clemency for her killer.

Find-A-Grave: Shirley Ann Arras Crook
National Organization of Victims of Juvenile Murderers: Shirley Crook
Jury to get case of drowning death
Case Facts (about 1/3 way down)
Missouri slaying center of juvenile death penalty debate
Simmons rejoices in life while victim’s family decries court ruling
State of Missouri v Christopher Simmons 1997 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Christopher Simmons v Michael Bowersox 2001 (habeas corpus denied)
Missouri Death Row: State of Missouri v. Christopher Simmons
Donald Roper v Christopher Simmons 2005 (sentence affirmed)
Teen’s sen­tence could be fate worse than death
Murderpedia: Christopher Lee Simmons

Christopher Simmons – convicted, sentenced to death, changed to LWOP
Charles Benjamin – convicted, sentenced to LWOP



Cold Case: Brian Hawkins, along with 2 others, robbed and stabbed Frank Wesley McAlister to death to gain an insurance settlement he had received

Frank Wesley McAlister

Find-A-Grave: Frank Wesley McAlister
Man confesses to 1993 murder in emotional TV interview
Shingletown man confesses to cold case murder
Man surrenders, confesses to decades-old murder
Man Just Confessed To Cold Case Murder From 1993 — During Local T.V. Interview
Cold case to trial: Trio faces life without parole if convicted in 1993 murder of Redding teen
Mother speaks about son involved in a 25-year-old cold case
1993 Murder Cold Case Resolved: Final two suspects plead guilty, face over 20 years
Final 2 suspects plead guilty in 1993 cold case
A 1993 California Cold Case Is Closed After Guilty Pleas By A Brother And Sister
Brother and Sister Plead Guilty in 1993 California Cold Case Murder After Being Named as Accomplices by Third Man in Local TV Interview

Brian Keith Hawkins – pled guilty, sentencing 2/25/2022
Curtis Dean Culver – pled guilty, sentencing 2/25/2022
Shanna Nicole Culver – pled guilty, sentencing 2/25/2022




Monsters Among Us: Janet Griffin killed her ex-girlfriend, Patricia Lynn Steller and Patricia’s nephew, Ronald King; Sentenced to life in prison

Find-A-Grave: Patricia Lynn Van Der Kar Steller
Find-A-Grave: Ronald H “Ronnie” King
2 Wesleyan workers found stabbed to death
Woman accused
Griffin guilty of murder
Woman Spared Death Penalty in Double Murder
Vermont man receives 30-year sentence for manslaughter
State of Connecticut v Janet Griffin 1999 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
State of Connecticut v Gordon Lee Fruean II 2001 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Investigation Discovery show surrounds ‘Diabolical’ double murder in Middletown
Patricia Lynn Steller and Ronald King Murder: Where Is Janet Griffin Now?

Diabolical: Recording Evil

Janet Griffin – convicted, sentenced to LWOP
Gordon “Butch” Fruean II – convicted, sentenced to 30 years in prison, died 12/2020


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