Monsters Among Us: Marvin Gabrion convicted of killing Rachel Timmerman so she could not testify against him; sentenced to federal death penalty

Rachel and Shannon

His death sentence was overturned on a technicality involving jury instructions. However, in November 2011, an appeals court basically reversed it’s decision, and will take another look at it. I believe if he is resentenced that he will be sentenced to death again anyway. He is an evil, cold-blooded killer. Rachel accused him of rape and he wanted that to go away. And her infant daughter, Shannon, has never been seen again. I am sure he is laughing to himself over that, but in the end, he won’t be laughing.

Find-A-Grave: Rachel Timmerman
Help Find Shannon (also has posts about the case)
The Charley Project: Shannon Dale Verhage
Mich. faces first death penalty case in 62 years
Father of Rachel Timmerman wants to see death penalty restored for Marvin Gabrion
Defendant Receives Death Penalty For Murder Of Woman Who Had Accused Him Of Rape – Her 11-Month-Old Daughter Has Never Been Found
Supreme Court declines to take Marvin Gabrion murder case
Gabrion juror: ‘I did the right thing’
U.S. Appeals Court overturns death sentence for Marvin Gabrion, but conviction stands
Federal prosecutors ask court to re-hear decision to negate death penalty for Marvin Gabrion
US v. Marvin Charles Gabrion II
Appeals court to revisit Mich. death penalty case

The Color of Night: A Young Mother, a Missing Child, and a Cold-Blooded Killer

FBI: Criminal Pursuit: The Undertaker


Register#: 09184-055
Age-Race-Sex: 58-White-M
Release date: DEATH SENTENCE

7 Responses

  1. Ok this guy is a true dumbass. He would have served lesser time for rape than murder. Child molesters even get lesser time. Which is completely wrong, our justice system just sucks

    • I would say this guy being a dumb ass is the tip of the iceberg. There seems to be no bounds to his depravity. Im not always a fan of the death penalty due to the obvious abundance of wrongful convictions, but that doesnt seem to be the case here AT ALL. He hasnt a decent bone in his body. Send him to the gurney….and hurry up on this one!

  2. Just finished reading “The Colour of Night”. Interesting book.

    I am a supporter of the death penalty in cases where people are found guilty, beyond reasonable doubt, by a group of their pears, that they committed a premeditated crime of violence (sexual violence included) where rehabilitation is not an option.

    As an example… Why let a pedophille who is unrepentant and they still claim innocence back into the community?

  3. This guy does not deserve a humane death like lethal injection! The SOB needs to be tortured and frightened over and over!

  4. Yep. He is a poster child for the abolition of the prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment. People who commit unusually vicious murders ought to be subject to unusually vicious executions.

  5. I am quite pleased to learn that the full Court reinstated this animal’s well deserved and earned death penalty. My one concern is whether the Federal system actually carries out these sentences or if they circumvent the public’s/citizen’s will a la California?

  6. We need to put a fund together to pay other inmates to torture that monster for information on the other victims. He needs to be forced to give up that information. As a former police officer, it’s liberal judges that have kept us from getting information we know these perps have. The perps have more rights than law abiding citizens, that’s a fact.

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