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Serial Killer: Convicted sex offender William Jennings Choyce raped and killed 3 women, sentenced to death


Lawanda Beck [1997]
Gwendolyn Lee [1997]
Victoria Bell [1998]

Man pleads innocent to decade-old rape, murder
Woman: He told me I would die
Prosecutor tells jury rapist killed 3 prostitutes for fun
Stockton man found guilty of serial murders
Death for Choyce
Stockton serial killer sentenced to death
Deciding Death: The Story of William Jennings Choyce and His Victims
Serial Killers Podcast: William Choyce
Serial Killers Podcast: Victims of William Choyce
Murderpedia: William Jennings Choyce
William Jennings Choyce – California Death Row

Conquering Darkness Memoir of the Serial Killer’s Wife

Evil Lives Here: Our House of Horrors



CDCR#: T50213
Age: 63
Admission Date: 04/15/2002
Current Location: San Quentin


Deadly Wives: Lois Kay Cloud hired a hitman, Vincent Lee Accardo, to kill her husband, Kenneth Darrell Cloud; Sentenced to life in prison


Kenneth Darrell Cloud

Find-A-Grave: Kenneth Darrell Cloud
Jury Finds Yuma Man Guilty of Murder
Jury Gives Death Sentence to Yuma Man for Murder
Lois Kay Cloud found guilty in murder trial
Yuma woman convicted in husband’s hired killing
Yuma Woman’s Sentence for Murder of Husband Upheld by Arizona Court of Appeals
State of Arizona v Lois Kay Cloud 2014 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Vincent Accardo – Arizona
Arizona death-row inmate dies of natural causes

Snapped: Lois Kay Cloud
I, Witness: The Judas Kiss

Lois Kay Cloud – convicted, sentenced to life in prison
Vincent Lee Accardo – convicted, sentenced to death; died in prison of natural causes







Cold Case: Peter and Jaylin Kema charged for the murder of their 6-year-old son, Peter Boy Kema Jr; Jaylin Kema pled guilty

stand up for children

Peter Boy Kema Jr

‘Peter Boy’ Kema: Parents charged with son’s murder 19 years after he went missing
Parents indicted in cold case murder of Hawaiian boy
Parents of ‘Peter Boy’ Kema charged with murder
Mother confesses in disappearance of 6-year-old that shook Hawaii nearly 20 years ago
‘Peter Boy’ Kema’s mother pleads guilty in 1997 death of son
Mother of ‘Peter Boy’ Kema pleads guilty, will testify against husband
19 years after boy’s disappearance, mother pleads guilty to manslaughter
Father’s trial in death of ‘Peter Boy’ delayed until January, meeting request


Peter Kema Sr –
Jaylin Kema – pled guilty,

Psycho For Love: Norman Bachman killed his wife, Toni Ann Bachman; Sentenced to 13 years in prison

dv awareness

Toni Ann Bachman

New Clues Possibly Unearthed In Toni Bachman Cold Case
White Bear Township man charged with murder in wife’s 1997 disappearance
Husband charged with wife’s murder in 1997 Minn. disappearance
Husband arrested in murder of White Bear Township woman, missing since 1997
Forensics, sons, odd behavior led to murder charge against former White Bear Township man
White Bear Township man admits he strangled wife, cut up body in 1997
Man pleads guilty to killing wife who vanished in 1997
Judge to White Bear man who killed, cut up wife: ‘You’re a terrible person’
Bachman Sentenced To 13+ Years In Wife’s Murder
Norman Bachman sentenced to 13 years for death, dismemberment of wife nearly 20 years ago
CharleyProject: Toni Ann Bachman

On the Case with Paula Zahn: Deadly Paper Trail



Demographic Information**
MNDOC Offender ID: 200356
Name: Norman Allen Bachman Jr
Birth Date: 02/19/1962
Current Status: Incarcerated as of 12/11/2015. Currently at MCF Faribault.
Sentence Date: 12/11/2015
Anticipated Release Date: 02/26/2024
Expiration Date: 08/04/2028
Caseworker: Jessica Drahota (507) 332-4515
Current Offense Information
Highest Ranked Offense: Homicide
Court File Number(s): Ramsey – 62-CR-15-2524

Monsters Among Us: Brian Eugene Jones killed Brook Baker and Erika Norman; Sentenced to LWOP

Brook Baker and Erika Norman

Brook Elizabeth Baker, 19 [9/7/1997]
Erika Elaine Norman, 21 [7/4/1999]

Find-A-Grave: Brook Elizabeth Baker
Find-A-Grave: Erika Elaine Norman
`If It Can Happen Here, It Can Happen Anywhere’
Unsolved Mysteries Wiki: Brook Baker
Unsolved Mysteries Wiki: Erika Elaine Norman
Student’s body found in field
Police Await Id On Found Body
Positive Id Made Of Found Body
Student named as suspect in woman’s death
Man sentenced in slaying of fellow college student
Local jurors to hear Vincennes murder case
Indiana man pleads guilty in strangling of student
Vincennes man sentenced to life in jail
Brian E. Jones v State of Indiana 2002 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Brook Baker: ID’s ‘Six Degrees of Murder’ Airs Death of Indiana Journalism college coed
Amateur Sleuth: Brook Baker wanted to be a journalist

Six Degrees of Murder: Crime Writer
Motives & Murders: Where Murders Go Unsolved


Brian Jones

DOC Number 102703
First Name BRIAN
Middle Name
Last Name JONES
Date of Birth 09/03/1976
Gender Male
Race White
Facility/Location Wabash Valley Level 4 Facility
Earliest Possible Release Date 00/00/0000

Sentence Information
Date of Sentence 01/12/2001
Description MURDER
Term in Years / Months / Days LIFE
Type of Conviction M
Indiana Citation Code 35-42-1-1
Cause Number 42D01-9907-CF-034
County of Conviction KNOX
Projected Release Date 00/00/0000

Sentence Information
Date of Sentence 01/12/2001
Description RAPE
Term in Years / Months / Days 20 00 00000
Type of Conviction FB
Indiana Citation Code 35-42-4-1
Cause Number 42D01-9907-DF-034
County of Conviction KNOX
Projected Release Date 06/16/2009

Sentence Information
Date of Sentence 09/08/2000
Description MURDER
Term in Years / Months / Days 60 00 00000
Type of Conviction M
Indiana Citation Code 35-42-1-1
Cause Number 42C01-9912-CF-53
County of Conviction KNOX
Projected Release Date 11/10/2029

Spree Killer: Andrew Phillip Cunanan killed at least 5 people during a 3 month period in 1997

Cunanan victim

Jeffrey Trail, 28 [425/1997] Minneapolis, MN
David Madson, 33 [4/29/1997] Rush City, MN
Lee Miglin, 72 [5/4/1997] Chicago, IL
William Reese, 45 [5/9/1997] Pennsville, NJ
Gianni Versace, 50 [7/15/1997] Miami Beach, FL

Find-A-Grave: Jeffrey Trail
Find-A-Grave: David Jon Madson
Find-A-Grave: Lee Miglin
Find-A-Grave: William R. Reese
Find-A-Grave: Gianni Versace
One Good Man
Friends Remember Cunanan Victim
Andrew Cunanan Murders Lee Miglin
Murder Suspect Was Well-known In Gay Community He Was Often A Social Escort To Much Older San Diego Men.
The Killer’s Trail
Chronology of a Death Spree
Cunanan Fingerprint Found at Death Scene
Fashion Giant Versace Is Slain
Wrapped in Gianni Versace Memories
Serial Killing Suspect Cunanan Is Found Dead in Miami Beach
Cunanan Doesn’t Fit Serial Killer Mold
Cunanan Was HIV Negative, Paper Says
Fugitive’s Death Leaves a Trail of Contradictions
Andrew Cunanan killings: FBI documents released
Facing Death
Versace Murder Investigation Ends Without a Motive
Murderpedia: Andrew Phillip Cunanan
Wikipedia: Andrew Cunanan
Wikipedia: Gianni Versace

Death at Every Stop
Three-Month Fever: The Andrew Cunanan Story
Vulgar Favors: Andrew Cunanan, Gianni Versace, and the Largest Failed Manhunt in U.S. History
Andrew Cunanan: An American Tragedy

Six Degrees of Murder: The Body in the Rug
The Versace Murder
Biography: Andrew Cunanan
Final 24: Andrew Cunanan
Fashion Victim: The Killing of Gianni Versace
Mugshots: Andrew Cunanan – The Versace Killer
My Night with Andrew Cunanan (short)

Andrew Cunanan

Monsters Among Us: Anthony Carcione beat 78-year-old Jean Schwarzkopf to death; Sentenced to LWOP

Jean SchwarzkopfFrom Anthony Carcione’s appeal: The facts giving rise to this matter arose out of the home invasion, robbery, and murder of a wealthy 78 year old woman, Jean Schwarzkopf, who resided in New Port Richey, Florida.   In late 1996 or early 1997, Ottavio Volpe made the acquaintance of Mrs. Schwarzkopf, who resided in a subdivision located near a bakery that he owned.   Realizing her wealth, he formulated a plan to rob Mrs. Schwarzkopf of her jewelry.   At first, although Volpe was aided by a local co-conspirator, the plan failed.   Volpe then decided to enlist the assistance of friends and acquaintances in Chicago to complete the robbery.

In August 1997, Volpe contacted Camillo Gigliotti in Chicago, and attempted to persuade him to come to Florida to rob Mrs. Schwarzkopf.   Gigliotti refused to do so personally, but proceeded to contact Faris Rafidi, a Chicago restauranteur, to inquire who might be willing to travel to Florida to accomplish the robbery.   Rafidi suggested to Gigliotti that he contact Appellant.

On September 18, 1997, Appellant flew from Chicago to Tampa.   Volpe picked him up, and they drove to Volpe’s bakery in New Port Richey.   The next morning, after buying flowers, gloves, and duct tape, Appellant approached Mrs. Schwarzkopf’s door posing as a flower delivery man.   After the door was opened, Appellant forced himself into Mrs. Schwarzkopf’s home, and hit her in the face.   Throughout the ordeal, Appellant broke Mrs. Schwarzkopf’s nose, fractured her cheekbone, neck and rib, and caused multiple bruises throughout the rest of her body.   He then bound Mrs. Schwarzkopf with duct tape from head to toe.   Before he taped her mouth shut, he stuffed a silk flower down her throat, causing hemorrhaging at the base of her tongue.   Mrs. Schwarzkopf suffocated from the bleeding caused by the injuries to her nose and mouth.

After the robbery, Volpe picked up Appellant about one block from Mrs. Schwarzkopf’s home.   Appellant had taken Mrs. Schwarzkopf’s purse, her wallet and its contents, and her jewelry, including a seven and one-half carat diamond ring, a strand of pearls, a diamond and platinum tennis bracelet, and a sapphire tennis bracelet.   Later that same day, Appellant admitted to Volpe that he had killed Mrs. Schwarzkopf, and threatened Volpe not to say anything or he would kill Volpe and his girlfriend.   That evening, Volpe contacted Gigliotti and told him to come to Florida to come pick up Appellant.

Gigliotti agreed to pick up Appellant in Florida, but later called Volpe from Valdosta, Georgia, and told him that he would not drive any further south.   On September 20, 1997, Volpe (along with an unwitting employee of Volpe’s) drove Appellant from New Port Richey, Florida, to Valdosta Georgia, where they met Gigliotti.   Gigliotti then drove Appellant back to Chicago along with the items taken from Mrs. Schwarzkopf in the robbery.

When Gigliotti and Appellant arrived in Chicago, they went to Farris Rafidi’s restaurant and met in his office.   Gigliotti then decided to dispose of all of the jewelry except the diamond ring because he believed the rest of the jewelry was worthless.   The diamond ring was eventually purchased by Rafidi for $22,000.   The money was divided among the co-conspirators.   Appellant’s cut was $10,000, Gigliotti’s was $8000, and Volpe’s was $4000.

Two get life in robbery-slaying of New Port Richie widow
Two get life sentences for 1997 robbery-slaying
Man Convicted in Woman’s Slaying
Jury says Carcione guilty of 7 charges
Man convicted for role in ’97 murder
Killer escapes death penalty
United States of America v Anthony Carcione 2001
Life sentence upheld in murder-robbery of wealthy widow
Life Sentence Upheld in Murder

Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen: A Deadly Diamond

Anthony Carcione
Ottavio Volpe


Anthony Carcione

Register Number: 38373-018
Age: 46
Race: White
Sex: Male
Located at: Florence ADMAX USP
Release Date: LIFE


Ottavio Volpe

Register Number: 38355-018
Age: 57
Race: White
Sex: Male
Located at: Terre Haute USP
Release Date: LIFE

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