Update: Charla Mack murder *Estranged husband, Darren Mack, convicted of Charla’s murder & Judge Chuck Weller’s attempted murder; sentenced to life in prison*

Charla Mack and Judge Weller

Charla Mack, 39
Judge Chuck Weller (survived)

Charla Mack murder 6/12/2006 Reno, NV *Husband Darren Mack ordered to stand trial for her murder and attemped murder of Judge Chuck Weller*
Update: Charla Mack murder *Darren Mack trial starts today*
Darren Mack Murder Trial Day One
More Witnesses Take Stand in Darren Mack Trial
Gripping Testimony in Darren Mack Murder Trial
Star Witness Takes Stand in Darren Mack Trial
Darren Mack Murder Trial Enters Day 4
State Rests in Darren Mack Murder Trial
Darren Mack Enters Guilty Plea for Murder
Darren Mack Testifies in Sentencing Hearing
Judge Sentences Darren Mack to Life in Prison
Darren Mack on trial (video and photos)
Darren Mack appeals again in ex-wife’s murder, judge shooting
Murderpedia: Darren Roy Mack
Wikipedia: Darren Mack
Judge Chuck Weller, shot by angry pawn shop owner in 2006, decides to retire

American Monster: Right Before Your Eyes
Caught In The Crossfire
Deadly Sins: Reckless Abandon (Anger)

His sentences were:
For Charla’s murder: life with the possibility of parole after 20 year
For Judge Chuck Weller’s attempted murder: life with the possibility of parole after 16 years
However! The sentences are back-to-back (basically consecutively), so he does not have the possibility of parole until he has served a minimum of 36 years in prison.



Cold Case: Robert and Marcia Edwards murder 1/20/1983 Pontiac, IL *Suspect, adopted son Joe Sinnott Edwards, disappeared without a trace*

In the 10 days since I originally posted this, the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department reopened this case! Apparently they also have some really good evidence, including DNA. I truly hope that they are able to solve this case. It has been 29 years and Robert & Marcia Edwards deserve justice. The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department worked very hard on this case and I am sure they also want it resolved. I talked to someone there a few years ago about this case, and even then they were hopeful that they would get the break they need.

Find-A-Grave: Robert T Edwards
Find-A-Grave: Marcia Hoerlein Edwards
Joseph Sinnott Edwards wanted poster
Illinois State Police: Joe Sinnott Edwards
Other family tragedies in Central Illinois
Beason case a reminder that many Central Illinois crimes still unsolved
New technology may solve old case
Police reopen 29-year-old cold case
1983 Pontiac Murder Getting a Second Look
Luciano: Mother’s DNA could find parents’ killer
Excerpt from “World Encyclopedia of 20th Century Murder”


America’s Most Wanted: Season 2 Episode 35

Joe Sinnott Edwards

FBI Most Wanted: Alexis Flores #487 (Wanted for the rape & murder of 5-year-old Iriana DeJesus)

Iriana Dejesus                        Alexis Flores

FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitive: Alexis Flores
Iriana DeJesus, slay victim, remembered, for a ninth year
Young Child’s Murder Rocks Philadelphia
AMW Fugitive: Alexis Flores
Victims of Illegal Alien Crime Memorial
Wikipedia: Alexis Flores

Fugitive: James “Whitey” Bulger – CAPTURED after 16 years on the run

James “Whitey” Bulger                           Catherine Greig

Whitey Bulger arrested
“Whitey” Bulger arrest ends 16-year FBI manhunt
FBI Most Wanted poster: James “Whitey” Bulger
FBI Wanted poster: Catherine Greig
Manager unwittingly lured Whitey Bulger
‘America’s Most Wanted’ tipster said he saw Whitey Bulger playing chess in Santa Monica in 2008
Whitey Bulger’s alleged hit list
Feds, ‘Whitey’ spar over whether he has enough cash
Tim Rutten: Whitey Bulger and the lure of those on the lam
Fugitive Mob Boss James “Whitey” Bulger Lived Like a Beachside Retiree
Captured fugitive ‘Whitey’ Bulger appears before judges
Bulger denied bail in Boston
Bulger girlfriend Catherine Greig to seek release on bail

Breaking News: FBI adds Michael Jason Registe to the Top Ten list

                Michael Jason Registe

                   his tattooes

FBI Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitives: Michael Jason Registe
America’s Most Wanted
Michael Registe: A Local Alleged Killer Wanted National
FBI Increases Reward Money For Michael Registe
Reward for Registe raised to $20,000
Michael Jason Registe is Wanted for Allegedly Committing Double Homicide
One Year Later: Registe Still On The Run

Update: FBI Most Wanted – Jon Savarino Schillaci captured

        Jon Savarino Schillaci in court

TOP TEN CAPTURE: Most Wanted Fugitive Found in Mexico
FBI Arrests N.H Child-Sex Fugitive Jon Savarino Schillaci
Molestation suspect in N.H. after Mexico arrest
FBI Arrests NH Child-Sex Fugitive In Mexico
Man Captured By FBI Arraigned On Assault Charges In N.H.
Molester featured on ‘Ten Most Wanted’ for NH assault captured
FBI Wanted Poster

FBI Most Wanted: Jon Savarino Schillaci

jon-schillaci.jpg jon-schillaci-2.jpg
                                Jon Savarino Schillaci

FBI Poster
Jon Savarino Schillaci Wanted for Sexual Assault of 5-Year-Old Boy
America’s Most Wanted: Jon Savarino Schillaci
Alleged pedophile evades officials
Wikipedia: Jon Savarino Schillaci
New Hampshire Fugitive Placed on The FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” List Wanted for Sexual Assault of Five Year Old

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FBI Most Wanted: Robert William Fisher

robert-william-fisher.jpg robert-william-fisher-2.jpg robert-william-fisher-3.jpg
                                    Robert William Fisher

FBI Wanted Poster
FBI Press Release
America’s Most Wanted
Murder, arson in Scottsdale
Robert William Fisher is Wanted by the FBI
Mounties got their man, but he isn’t Fisher Mounties got their man, but he isn’t Fisher
Papers may shed light on Fisher slayings
Most Wanted Blog

FBI Most Wanted: Jorge Alberto Lopez-Orozco *Wanted for Murder in the First Degree (3 counts), Mountain Home, ID; Jul 30, 2002*


Rebecca (Becky) Ramirez, 29
Miguel Ramirez, 2
Ricardo Ramirez, 4

FBI Wanted Poster
America’s Most Wanted
Wanted for Murder: Jorge Lopez-Orozco
Simon Lopez-Orozco FBI poster
Update: Ramirez Family murders *Former FBI Top 10 Jorge Alberto Lopez-Orozco convicted of 3 counts of 1st degree murder

jorge-alberto-lopez-orozco.jpg        jorge-alberto-lopez-orozco-3.jpg
              Jorge Alberto Lopez-Orozco

Monsters Among Us: Three black men, Matthew Mack, Matthew Williams, and Joseph Gardner raped and killed Melissa “Missy” Ann McLauchlin because they wanted to kill a white woman


Melissa McLauchlin, 25, was a native of Wixom, Michigan, living with her fiancé’s family in North Charleston, South Carolina. On the night she died, she had an argument with her fiancé at a nightclub. She stormed out of the club and began to walk home. Police spotted her, obviously drunk, and gave her a ride home, but she quickly set out on foot for another club. Three black men, Matthew Mack, Matthew Williams, and Joseph Gardner pulled up alongside in a car and started a conversation. They offered her drugs if she would come back to their trailer and have sex with them. Melissa McLaughlan, who had a history of drug problems, foolishly accepted their offer. The men had spent most of the day drinking and watching pornographic videos of black men having sex with white women. At one point Mack exploded in anger at his white girlfriend, saying he wanted to “stab her,” but that “it ain’t got to be her, any white” would do. Williams said he wanted to have sex with a white woman. Two hours later, the group watched a television news account of the biggest stories of 1992. When the videotaped beating and arrest of Rodney King came on the air, the third man, Gardner, spoke of “four hundred years of oppression,” and made a “New Year’s resolution” to “kill a white bitch.” It was in this state of mind that the four returned to the trailer where the three blacks lived. The men offered Melissa McLaughlan no drugs, but she willingly had sex with them—at first. She began to resist, especially when the men wanted to sodomize her, and soon the men were raping her. They put out the word within the trailer park that they had “captured a white woman,” and three other blacks arrived and raped her. Two black women, girlfriends of some of the rapists, were present in another room of the trailer, but did nothing to stop the attack. After they had enough, the men decided to get rid of the evidence—including Melissa McLaughlan. They soaked her in bleach and hydrogen peroxide, and scrubbed her under the shower with a nylon brush, in the hope of ridding her skin of sperm or other evidence that could be linked to them. They forced her to scrub out her vagina with the same chemicals. They also talked openly of killing her. The men handcuffed her, blindfolded her, and put a heavy coat over her head. They then took her to a car, and forced her down onto the floorboards in the back. After they had driven for some time, she managed to get out of the handcuffs and began to struggle. Joseph Gardner, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, reached over the seat, held back her head, and shot her twice in the face. The driver pulled over 14 miles outside Charleston, where Gardner shot her three more times in the face and once in the arm. The men dumped her on the side of the road, drove back to Charleston, and went nightclubbing. A passing driver found Melissa McLaughlan, miraculously alive, but she died before the ambulance arrived. It took police four days to identify the body, and a day later they located the trailer where Melissa McLaughlan was raped. By January 9, 1993, police had arrested seven people including two of the ringleaders—Matthew Mack and Matthew Williams—and two women, Edna Williams and Indira Simmons, who were charged with being accessories to murder and sexual assault. Three of the rapists were sailors stationed at nearby Charleston Naval Base. The only suspect not in custody was the triggerman, Joseph Gardner, who had carried out his New Year’s resolution. Gardner, who was AWOL from the Navy, eluded police for nearly two years, and might never have been caught had the FBI not put him on the “ten most wanted” list. He was living in Philadelphia when someone saw his picture in the post office and tipped off the police. He was arrested on October 20, 1994, and is now on death row. Police suspected a racial motivation from the start, since they found a “crudely written racial diatribe” in the trailer, complete with racial epithets about white oppression, which claimed blacks were “justified in seeking revenge.”

I have found her name spelled multiple ways: Melissa McLaughlan, Missy, Missi, Melissa McLaughlin, Melissa McLauchlin

Find-A-Grave: Melissa Ann McLauchlin
ProDeathPenalty April 2005
Gardner back to face trial
Sixth Defendant in rape-murder sentencing
Joseph Gardner appeal
Execution Alert: Joseph Gardner *Updated: Joseph Gardner was executed today*
Murderpedia: Joseph Martin Luther Gardner
Joseph Martin Luther Gardner – South Carolina – December 5, 2008

Joseph ML Gardner

Joseph Martin Luther Gardner (triggerman) – convicted, sentenced to death – executed 12/5/2008
Matthew Carl Mack – convicted, sentenced to life in prison – eligible for parole 30 years – involved in a riot
Matthew Paul Williams – convicted, sentenced to life in prison – eligible for parole 30 years
Danny DeWayne McCall – convicted – sentenced to 6 years in prison
Roger Williams – convicted, sentenced to 5 years in prison
Craig Rice (accomplice) did not participate, but learned about crime, did nothing
Edna Lee Jenkins – convicted, sentenced to 7 years; suspended for time served
Indira Simmons – convicted, sentenced to 7 years; suspended for time served) [pardoned Oct. 2010]





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