Mothers From Hell: Angela Renee Siebke suffocated her newborn, Baby Girl April, then put her in a plastic bag and threw her into the river; Sentencing will be 1/31/2022

Police in Moline revisit cold cases involving newborns
Prosecutors charge an unknown DNA profile in 1992 murder of Baby April
Moline police arrest mother in 1992 murder of ‘Baby April’
Illinois police arrest mother in 1992 murder of ‘Baby April’
More details on the arrest, personal life of suspect in ‘Baby April’ cold case
‘Baby April’ case continues; suspect appears Thursday in court
Ohio woman pleads guilty in ’92 death of ‘Baby April’ in Moline
Baby April suspect pleads guilty to lesser charge on Monday
Woman Pleads Guilty in Infamous 1992 Case of ‘Baby April,’ Whose Remains Were Found Floating in a Garbage Bag in the Mississippi River


Age 48
Gender Female
Race White

Ethnicity Non-Hispanic
Date of Birth May 08, 1973
ID Number 1604877
Custody Status Date Dec 17, 2020 12:49 PM CST
Custody Status In Custody
Custody Detail Rock Island County Jail
Book Date Dec 17, 2020 12:30 AM CST

Rock Island County Jail
1317 3rd Ave.
Rock Island, IL 61201
(309) 558-3425

Killer Kids: Patricia Lopez concealed her pregnancy, then (yes, you guessed it) killed her newborn daughter, stabbing her 10 times; Sentenced to 15 years to life in prison

Teen charged as adult in death of premature baby
Patricia Lopez 17yo To Be Charged As Adult For Killing & Burying Newborn In Field
Lopez sentenced in slaying
Teen who murdered newborn sentenced to prison
Patricia Lopez killed her baby
CA – Patricia Lopez charged in death of newborn, Holt, 7 Feb 2011


CDCR#: WE4908
Age: 24
Admission Date: 08/16/2012
Current Location: Womens Facility

Parents Gone Wild! Amanda Hein killed her newborn after giving birth and putting her son in a plastic bag and left him in the toilet; She has been sentenced to LWOP

child abuse prevention

DA says mother suffocated newborn baby found in Starters Pub toilet
Amanda Hein, accused of killing newborn in pub bathroom, tells cops son was alive after birth
Witnesses testify about Hein’s trail of blood at Starters Pub
Witnesses: Amanda Hein bled all over restaurant seat and friend’s car
Amanda Hein denies knowingly killing her baby at Starters Pub
Amanda Hein testifies she thought her baby was dead when she gave birth at Starters Pub
Prosecutor ticks off seconds of baby’s life during closing arguments in Amanda Hein’s murder trial
Amanda Hein sentenced to life in prison for murdering her child
VERDICT: Amanda Hein guilty of first-degree murder in death of her newborn
Amanda Hein Sentenced To Life Imprisonment For Murder of Newborn In Sports Bar Toilet


Amanda Hein

Age: 27
Date of Birth: 09/02/1986
Citizenship: USA
Complexion: FAIR
Height: 5′ 02″
Current Location: MUNCY
Permanent Location: MUNCY
Committing County: NORTHAMPTON

Parents Gone Wild! Cassidy Goodson strangled her newborn and left him in a shoebox

Update 12/28/2012 – Cassidy Goodson accepted a plea bargain and got 18 months. She pled guilty to manslaughter and has to spend at least 18 months in a maximum security juvenile facility.

Teen Charged With Killing Her Newborn Son
Lakeland girl, 14, charged in newborn’s death
Girl, 14 charged with killing newborn baby
Polk County Sheriff’s Office Detectives Charge 14-Year-Old with Homicide in the Death of her Newborn Son
Mom: Teen Didn’t Know of Pregnancy
Cassidy Goodson, 15, who strangled her newborn to death, gets 18 months
Cassidy Goodson, Teen Who Strangled Her Newborn Son, Gets 18 Months In Plea Deal

Cassidy Goodson

Parents Gone Wild! Allyce Bryant and John Dallas charged with the death of their newborn

Alliance teens hid pregnancy
Class President, Girlfriend Charged in Newborn Death
Alliance teens charged in death of newborn
Two high school students charged in newborn’s death
Infant dies after home birth, Alliance teens charged
Local teens arraigned for involuntary manslaughter
Trial date set for teens accused in death of newborn

Allyce Bryant John Dallas
Allyce Bryant and John Dallas

Parents Gone Wild! Juana Perez Valencia convicted of killing her newborn and throwing her away like garbage

Sentencing will be Nov. 9, 2012

Baby left to die in California dumpster
D.A.: Woman discarded newborn like ‘a piece of garbage’
Teen accused of dumping baby pleads not guilty
Anaheim mother accused of murdering newborn coming to trial
Woman Accused of Giving Birth to Baby in a Bathroom Then Discarding Newborn In Dumpster “like a piece of garbage” On Trial For Murder
Jury deadlocks in trial of woman charged with killing newborn
Mom faces retrial in baby-dumping case
DA Says Anaheim Woman, 19, Gave Birth To Full Term Baby And Killed It
Woman Convicted of Suffocating Newborn, Dumping Body in Trash
Anaheim Woman, 21, Found Guilty In 2009 Murder Of Her Newborn
Woman convicted of suffocating her newborn, dumping body


Results for booking number: 2550332
Date of Birth: 12-14-1990
Next Appearance Date: 11-09-2012
Sex: Female
Race: Mexican-Latin American
Custody Status: In Custody
Height: 5′ 01″
Bail Amount: $0.00
Weight: 120
Arrested on: 12-24-2009
Hair Color: Black
Housing Location:
Intake Release Center (Women)
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation: RESTAURANT

Parents Gone Wild! Yoselin Torres Tovar pled guilty to stabbing her newborn to death; Sentencing will be 6/1/2012, she is facing 16 years in prison

Yoselin Torres Tovar

O.C. teen arrested for allegedly killing baby
OC teen mom convicted of killing newborn
Yoselin Torres Tovar, 2 Days into Murder Trial, Pleads Guilty to Stabbing Her Newborn to Death
Calif. woman pleads guilty to stabbing newborn to death
Mother pleads guilty to stabbing baby

Parents Gone Wild! Rebecca Blackmore stabbed her newborn to death with scissors

Rebecca Blackmore

Bad Breeders: 16-year-old NC girl accused of stabbing newborn to death
Rebecca Blackmore Murders Her Newborn…
NC teen Rebecca Blackmore charged in newborn girl’s stabbing death
North Carolina Teen Accused of Stabbing Her Newborn Generates Facebook Support, Disgust
Autopsy: Baby was stabbed with scissors
Autopsy reveals gruesome details about how teen allegedly killed infant

Update: Angel Ross (Baby Beecroft) murder *Nicole Beecroft convicted again, sentenced to 14.5 years in prison*

Say NO to Child Abuse

Baby Beecroft murder 4/9/2007 Stillwater, MN *Minnesota Teen,Nicole Marie Beecroft, Allegedly Stabbed Newborn 135 Times *
Safe Haven Law Would Have Been Option For Teen
Teen Who Stabbed Baby Knew About ‘Safe Haven’ Law
LAWYERS: Oakdale baby was stillborn, before mother’s stabbing
Premeditated-murder charge stands in newborn’s stabbing
Oakdale teen gets life for killing her newborn
People You’ll See In Hell: Update: Nicole Beecroft Sentenced To Life Without Parole (be sure to read the commentary. Excellent! I could not have said it any better!)
Girl who stabbed her newborn baby to death sentenced to life
Nicole Beecroft case goes back to court
State of Minnesota v Nicole Marie Beecroft 2012
New trial for Nicole Beecroft, mother accused of killing baby
Stillwater jail friend: Beecroft said she killed baby
Nicole Beecroft found guilty again of killing her newborn
Mother convicted of killing newborn to be sentenced
Oakdale mom who stabbed baby to death will stay in prison, judge decides
Oakdale mother who stabbed newborn sentenced to 7 years
Oakdale mom who killed baby accused of “subversive” behavior in jail

Nicole Beecroft

Parents Gone Wild! Sarah Elizabeth Tatum puts her baby in a plastic bag

Say NO to Child AbuseSarah Tatum is a student at the University of Arizona who started to gain a lot of weight. She told people that it was a thyroid problem. Guess what, she LIED. She was pregnant. She gave birth in a dorm shower room this week and then put the newborn in a plastic bag and tied it very tight. If not for some quick thinking students, this newborn could have died. Thank God they paid attention and called the police. Sarah told police that the baby was born dead, but the baby was alive in the bag: sarah-tatum

Doctors said the baby was suffering from hypoxia, a lack of oxygen, and believe he was in the bag for at least two hours

And of course, Arizona DOES have a safe haven law, which she could have surrendered the baby anonymously!! And she is old enough to know better. At 19 years of age, she knows that putting a newborn in a bag and closing it tight so that the newborn can’t breathe is WRONG and of course, a CRIME.

Arizona Student Arrested After Giving Birth in Shower and Placing Baby in Plastic Bag
Woman gave birth in shower, put baby in a bag, police say
Baby born in dorm found in plastic bag ‘gasping for breath’
“Newborn John” TATUM – Born 2/2009 – Metro Tucson AZ
Former UA student accused of putting newborn in bag accepts plea deal
Ex-UA coed gets 5-year sentence


SarahTatum prison mug

Inmate 257908
Last Name: TATUM
First Name: SARAH
Middle Initial: E
Birth Date: 08/19/1989
Gender: FEMALE
Height (inches): 66
Weight: 141
Hair Color: RED
Eye Color: HAZEL
Ethnic Origin: CAUCASIAN
Sentence: 5 years
Admission: 10/28/2010
Max End Date: 09/05/2015
Most Recent Location; ASPC Perryville

Commitment Information 1 record(s)

Commit# A01
Sentence 0050000
Sentence County PIMA
Court Cause# 20090999001
Offense Date 02/23/2009
Sentence Status IMPOSED
Crime Info ND/R1
Felony Class CL3
Ruling Y
Verified YES

Sentence Information 1 record(s)

Commit# A01
Sentence yyymmdd: 005/00/00
Admit Date: 10/15/2010
Consec/ Concur
Release Date(s) Supervised:12/05/2014
Supervision End 08/22/2015
Sentence Expiration 12/21/2014
Flat Maximum 09/05/2015

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