Deadly Babysitters: Norma Chagnama charged with the murder of 4-month-old Zury Cruz-Sumba in her illegal daycare

4-month-old dies of injuries from child abuse in Albany Park
Babysitter Faces Murder Charge, Accused of Abuse in Death of 4-Month-Old Albany Park Infant
Albany Park woman arrested in child abuse death of 4-month-old, police say
Zury Cruz Sumba child abuse case: Woman charged with murder of baby girl in Chicago
Chicago woman charged with murder in death of 4-month-old
Chicago Babysitter Charged With Murder After Death of 4-Month-Old Girl in Her Care
No bond for babysitter accused of killing 4-month-old girl
Babysitter killed infant, told parents to ‘trust the word of God’ and gave them $2,000: Prosecutors



Mothers From Hell: Andrea Hagler charged with killing her 8-year-old daughter, Amaria Osby, on her birthday, by smothering her with a plastic bag on her head, as she screamed, “Momma, stop”

Amaria Osby

This has hit me really bad. When I close my eyes I can hear this beautiful little girl screaming and then nothing. But then I read the other put another bag on herself and tried to suffocate herself. There must be some kind of mental illness issues here and I really hope she gets help while she is incarcerated. She has admitted what she did, so she does need to pay for her actions, because this child is not coming back. I hope her remorse is real.

Girl, 8, asphyxiated in Uptown home, mom attempted suicide, sources say
8-year-old Amaria Osby pleaded “momma, stop!” as mother Andreal Hagler smothered her with plastic bag, prosecutors say
Prosecutors: Chicago woman admitted smothering daughter, 8
Chicago mother charged with killing 8-year-old daughter, one day after social worker visited family
Uptown mom charged with killing daughter because she believed girl ‘didn’t love her anymore’: police
Chicago mother killed 8-year-old daughter because she believed girl ‘didn’t love her anymore’: prosecutors


Brickyard Mall murder: Alphonso Hamilton charged with shooting and killing his wife, Jennifer, in the parking lot near Target

Jennifer Hamilton

Woman Fatally Shot Outside Chicago’s Brickyard Mall Identified
Chicago Brickyard Mall Shooting: What We Know About the Shooting, the Victim and the Suspect
Prosecutors: Alphonso Hamilton shot, killed wife in Brickyard Mall parking lot after asking if she was seeing anybody
Brickyard mall shooting suspect charged with killing wife, a mental health specialist at Cook County Jail and ‘staunch advocate’
Suspect Charged in Fatal Shooting of Woman in Parking Lot at Brickyard Mall
Man charged with killing wife in shooting outside Brickyard Mall after she got restraining order
Brickyard Mall shooting: Husband charged with fatally shooting wife in Target parking lot
After fatal shooting at Brickyard Mall, advocates urge people to speak out about domestic violence


Monsters Among Us: Dimeyon Cole and 3 others kidnapped and killed 17-year-old Darryl Green because he would not join gang

Darryl Green

Man killed in Southwest Side shooting, teen found fatally shot
14-Year-Old Murder Case Resumed with Charges
Darryl Green Murder: 4 Men Charged 14 Years After 1999 Broadview Store Owner’s Slaying
Reputed Gang Member Gets 60 Years For 1999 Murder, Kidnapping Of Broadview Man
Man sentenced to 28 years for slaying of beeper store owner
People of the State of Illinois v Dimeyon Cole 2020 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Pen Pal requests: Dimeyon Cole
Another Pen Pal request – Dimeyon Cole

Kevin Mitchell – convicted, sentenced to 60 years in prison
David McAfee – pled guilty, sentenced to 30 years in prison
Raymond Winters – pled guilty, sentenced to 10 years in prison; released
Dimeyon Cole – convicted, sentenced to 28 years in prison




Monsters Among Us: Raymond Scott Larsen

Frank Casolari, 16 [5/17/1972 Schiller Woods Forest Preserves]

Find-A-Grave: Francis A. “Frank” Casolari
Sentencing for Ray Larsen: 100-year sentence for slayer of teen
The People of the State of Illinois v Raymond Scott Larsen 1977 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Corrections Department: Paroled child killer now a fugitive
Paroled child killer now a fugitive, IDOC says
Newly paroled Chicago child killer Ray Larsen, 76, is now a fugitive, records show
Fugitive killer back in custody


Monsters Among Us: Alphonso Joyner charged with shooting 71-year old Woom Sing Tse 20+ time

Woom Sing Tse

Outpouring Of Grief At Vigil For Woom Sing Tse, 71-Year-Old Grandfather Shot To Death In Chinatown
Chinatown murder victim Woom Sing Tse remembered as entrepreneur, lived ‘immigrant dream’
Vigil held for 71-year-old man shot to death in Chinatown
‘Execution’: 71-Year-Old Man Shot 22 Times in Chinatown Attack, Officials Say
Alphonso Joyner, 23, Charged With Shooting And Killing 71-Year-Old Woom Sing Tse In Broad Daylight In Chinatown
Chicago man charged with fatally shooting 71-year-old Woom Sing Tse in Chinatown
Suspect charged in Chinatown deadly shooting of 71-year-old man
‘Sometimes individuals just do evil things,’ prosecutor tells judge as suspect appears in court for the killing of 71-year-old grandfather
No Bail for Man Charged in Brazen ‘Execution’ of Woom Sing Tse in Chinatown
Grandfather, 71, Was Allegedly Targeted and Killed While Getting Newspaper in Chicago’s Chinatown
gofundme: Honoring the Cherished Memory of Woom Sing Tse


Monsters Among Us: Alton Spann charged with the murder of Dennis Shaoxiong Zheng, a recent University of Chicago graduate

Shaoxiong “Dennis” Zheng

Shaoxiong ‘Dennis’ Zheng, SM’21, devoted scholar and friend, 1997-2021
UChicago to hold memorial service for Shaoxiong ‘Dennis’ Zheng on Nov. 18
U. of C. graduate ‘minding his own business,’ tried to escape and struggled with suspect before being fatally shot, prosecutors said
Alton Spann, 18, Charged With Murder Of University Of Chicago Graduate Dennis Shaoxiong Zheng
Man, 18, charged with murder in shooting death of University of Chicago graduate
Man charged with murder of University of Chicago graduate killed in Hyde Park shooting
Man Charged With Murder In Killing Of UChicago Graduate In Hyde Park
Chinese grad student in Chicago killed in shooting
Bail Denied For Alton Spann, Man Charged With Murder Of University Of Chicago Graduate Dennis Shaoxiong Zheng


Monsters Among Us: Curtis Davis shot and killed Harvey Austin in a playground; Sentenced to 40 years in prison

The following facts were adduced at defendant’s trial. Derrick Holliday testified that on the morning of February 21, 1989, Austin and he went to visit their friend James “Sonny” Keeler at a Chicago Housing Authority project located at 4445 South Evans Street. At about 10 a.m., Austin and Holliday encountered Shambley near the left stairwell of the building. The three began discussing the violence which had been taking place in the project when Shambley pulled a gun from his coat pocket, and told Holliday and Austin that “I’m not worried about nobody doing nothing to me.”

About 12:30 p.m. that same day, Holliday met defendant and Appelby near the same spot, and they also were discussing the recent violence in the area when Appelby told Holliday that he should leave the building because something was about to happen. Soon thereafter, Holliday heard Donnell Keeler and Chris Keeler chatting as they were walking down the stairwell. Holliday observed defendant and Appelby, who were both armed, and another person whom he did not recognize, move closer to the stairwell. Holliday then heard several shots ring out, although he could not tell who fired them.

After hearing the shots, Holliday saw defendant, Appelby and Shambley standing in a row near the right stairwell of the building. He then observed Austin exit the adjacent CHA project building, located at 4414 South Cottage Grove Avenue, and head toward the building located on Evans Street. Holliday warned Austin not to go to the Evans project because there had just been a shooting there, but Austin waved him off and proceeded toward his original destination. Holliday stayed in the playground between the two buildings, and about 15 minutes later, he heard six or seven shots which sounded as if they came from different guns. About 15 seconds later, he observed Austin stumbling into the playground, and he also saw defendant, Appelby and Shambley fleeing from the scene. He then ran toward Austin, who was bleeding profusely, and heard him say that “Eric shot me, Eric shot me.” Austin also kept repeating “Boss, Boss, Boss,” and that “he was fixing to die.” Holliday placed Austin on the ground in the breezeway between the projects, and soon thereafter Hope Keeler arrived and began tending to Austin. Holliday testified that at no time during the day was Austin carrying a weapon, and he further stated that he did not recognize the .357 caliber firearm which was found at the scene.

Donnell Keeler testified that at about 1 p.m. on the date of the homicide, he and his sister Chris left their brother Sonny Keeler’s apartment, and as they were descending down the left stairwell with Chris walking in front, the two encountered defendant. After Chris said hello to him and proceeded on her way, defendant displayed a gun and asked Donnell repeatedly “why did you do it.” Donnell explained that this inquiry had reference to a dispute he had had with defendant and Appelby over the ownership of a gun. After Donnell told defendant that he had not done anything, Shambley approached him and told defendant that he should not be talking to Donnell. When Donnell saw Shambley, who was armed, raise his hand, he immediately fled back up the stairwell, and he heard three or four shots fired at him.
When he returned to Sonny’s room, Donnell informed him that he had just been shot at by defendant and Shambley. Sonny then asked Austin, who had arrived at Sonny’s apartment some time after Donnell had left, to try to find a peacemaker named “Buckeye” to calm the situation. On cross-examination, Donnell admitted that he had been a member of the War Lords street gang until 1988, but that he no longer belonged to that group. He also stated that his brother Sonny was once a member of that gang as well, but that Sonny had never been its chief.

Hope Keeler testified that at approximately 1:30 p.m. on February 21, 1989, she was in her mother’s apartment in the Cottage Grove housing project when she heard several gunshots emanating from outside. When she looked out her window, Hope saw Austin stagger out of the adjacent building into the playground. She then rushed downstairs and tended to Austin who was bleeding from his mouth and neck. As she was holding him, Austin mumbled to her that “Boss and Eric shot me,” gasped for air, and then told her that “they gone get us one by one.”

Find-A-Grave: Harvey Austin Jr.
South Side Man Among 3 Killed by Convicted Murderer, Police Say
The People of the State of Illinois v Curtis Davis 1993 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Chicago Triple Homicide 3/27/2012 *Curtis Davis Jr., convicted murderer, charged with the murders of 3 men; all of this over a jacket*

Curtis Davis – convicted; sentenced to 40 years in prison, released 2008
Kevin “Boss” Appelby – acquitted at trial
Eric Shambley – acquitted at trial

Curtis Davis 2012

Murder In The Family: Qaw’mane Wilson hired Eugene Spencer to kill his mother, Yolanda Holmes; Both sentenced to prison

Yolanda Holmes

Find-A-Grave: Yolanda Holmes
Police: Son had mom killed to get at bank account, insurance policies
‘What’s wrong with you?’ detective asked man on trial for murdering his mother
Yolanda Holmes stories
Qaw’mane Wilson, aka Young QC, Lived Life of Luxury After Mom’s Murder
Guilty Verdicts For Murderer and Son Behind Killing of Uptown Hair Salon Owner Yolanda Holmes
Son and hitman found guilty in murder-for-hire of Uptown hairstylist
Chicago Man Gets 99 Years in Mom’s Murder-for-Hire Killing
Yolanda Holmes’ Murder: How Did She Die? Who Killed Her?
Where Is Qawmane Wilson Now?
Aspiring Rapper Hired Hit On His Mom To Collect On Insurance Policy In Act Of ‘Pure Greed’

Suspicious Minds: Chi Town Gossip
Sleeping with Death: Bad Blood

Qaw’mane Wilson – convicted, sentenced to 99 years in prison
Eugene Spencer – convicted, sentenced to 100 years in prison



Mothers From Hell: Fallon Harris charged with killing her 12-year-old son, Kaden Ingram, because of a missing memory card

Kaden Ingram

This is inexcusable! She didn’t just shoot him once in the head, but TWICE over a memory card. Really? Her child’s life was so insignificant to her that she could do that? Throw away the key! *Update* She did not show up to court on Friday either.

Prosecutors: Fallon Harris, 37, Shot And Killed Son Kaden Ingram, 12, Over Missing SD Memory Card
City worker charged in fatal shooting of 12-year-old son in South Chicago
Mother charged with shooting 12-year-old son over lost digital memory card, prosecutors claim
Boy, 12, shot dead in South Chicago, suspect in custody
Chicago City Worker Accused of Killing 12-Year-Old Son in Dispute Over Memory Card
Shocking new details about Chicago mom who allegedly killed her 12-year-old son over missing SD card
Prosecutors: Fallon Harris, 37, Shot And Killed Son Kaden Ingram, 12, Over Missing SD Memory Card
Mother Shot and Killed 12-Year-Old Son over a Memory Card: Prosecutors
Chicago mom accused of murdering 12-year-old son didn’t show up for court


Age 37
Gender Female
Race Black

Date of Birth Dec 10, 1983
ID Number 835829
Custody Status Date Sep 12, 2021 08:29 AM CDT
Custody Status In Custody
Custody Detail Cook County Department of Corrections
Book Date Sep 12, 2021 08:16 AM CDT

Cook County Department of Corrections
2700 South California Ave
Chicago, IL 60608
(773) 674-7100

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