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Julie Carol Jensen

Psycho For Love: Mark Jensen charged with the murder of his wife, Julie, who died of anti-freeze poisoning; His trial has started
Update: Julie Jensen murder *Mark Jensen convicted; Sentenced to LWOP*
Update: Julie Jensen murder *Mark Jensen retrial began and he was convicted again; Resentencing will be 4/14/2023*



Update: Julie Jensen murder *Mark Jensen retrial began and he was convicted again; Resentencing will be 4/14/2023*

Julie Carol Jensen

Mark is facing one the following sentences:

Life in prison with 20 years parole
Life in prison with parole eligibility later than 20 years
Life in prison without parole

News Archive: Julie Jensen murder
New trial for Mark Jensen starts; murder conviction vacated
CourtTV: WI v Mark Jensen
Jury deliberations in Mark Jensen homicide retrial enter second day
Mark Jensen found guilty of killing his wife in 1998
Guilty: Mark Jensen convicted in retrial in his wife’s 1998 death
Jury finds Mark Jensen guilty in Kenosha antifreeze death
Mark Jensen Kenosha murder trial: Guilty verdict
Mark Jensen found guilty of 1998 antifreeze murder of his wife
Mark Jensen Found Guilty in Retrial for Murdering Wife Julie Jensen
Murderpedia: Mark D. Jensen
Wikipedia: Death of Julie Jensen


Cold Case: Deadly Duo: James Christopher Johnson and Bobby Joe Leonard charged with the murder of Andrea Cincotta

Andrea Cincotta

Find-A-Grave: Andrea Appel Cincotta
Two Charged in 1998 Homicide
She gave a man a computer. Police say her fiance hired him to kill her.
2 men charged in decades-old Arlington homicide
2 men, including fiancé, charged in Virginia woman’s alleged 1998 murder-for-hire death
Virginia Man Pleads Guilty To 1998 Cold Case Murder Of Librarian

James Christopher Johnson –
Bobby Joe Leonard – pled guilty,

Murder In The Family: Chasity West attacked her 2 toddler cousins to scare their mother, killing one, Jarrell Todd Cuyler; Sentenced to LWOP

Jarrell Todd Cuyler, 7
Lindsey Cuyler, 2 (survived)

Jarrell Cuyler obituary
Find-A-Grave: Jarrell Todd Cuyler
Boy killed, sister hurt in attack at home
Second suspect arrested in killing
Woman charged in sibling stabbing
Relative charged in slashing
Third suspect charged in slashing attack of boy
Grandmother pleads for Chasity West’s life
Murder defendant says she loved victims
West found guilty
West’s sentence: Life plus 70 years
Chastity West sentence challenged
State of Connecticut v Chasity West 2005 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Chasity West v Lori Ricks 2010 (habeas corpus denied)
Accomplice in Windsor child’s murder receives 6-year prison term ‘Eloquent statement’ by victim’s mother among factors in light sentence
An affair led to murder when Chastity West slashed at the children of partner Arnold Cuyler with a box cutter
Where is Chasity West Now?

Twisted Love: The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

Chasity West – convicted, sentenced to LWOP plus 70 years
Alexis Grajales – pled guilty, sentenced to 12 years in prison, 6 years suspended, and probation
Roberto Marquez – ?


Privacky Family Murders: Seth Stephen Privacky killed 5 people at his home for Thanksgiving; Sentenced to LWOP

Stephen Privacky, 50
Linda A. Privacky, 49
John J. Privacky, 78
Jedediah Privacky, 19
April A. Boss, 19

Find-A-Grave: Stephen Charles Privacky
Find-A-Grave: Linda Ann Watts Privacky
Find-A-Grave: John J. Privacky
Find-A-Grave: Jedediah J. “Jed” Privacky
Find-A-Grave: April Anne Boss
18-year-old charged in five family deaths
5 killed in shooting; son, 18, arrested
Two 18-year-olds held in killings of one suspect’s parents, 3 others
The Muskegon Chronicle archives, Nov. 30, 1998: Family slain; son caught, police have no motive in crime
Son confessed to killing family and friend
A timeline of the Privacky murders
Steven Wallace: Not guilty, but other misdeeds led to prison
Murderer killed in prison escape
A Nightmare In Muskegon
State Department of Corrections confirms Muskegon mass murderer Seth Privacky killed during escape attempt at Kinross Correctional Facility
Murderpedia: Seth Stephen Privacky
Wikipedia: Seth Privacky
Find-A-Grave: Seth Stephen Privacky
Question remains 20 years after Thanksgiving family massacre: Why?

Already Gone: The Privacky Family Murders

Seth Stephen Privacky – convicted, sentenced to LWOP, killed in an escape attempt
Steven Clayton Wallace – acquitted at trial (gone on to prison for other offenses)

Monsters Among Us: Bradley Marion Steckman killed 2 women, Barbara Loesch and Dorothy Martin; Sentenced to 15 years to life in prison

Barbara Loesch, 52 [1/8/1998 Post Falls, ID]
Dorothy Martin, 89 [7/21/1996 Pullman, WA] (no picture)
Gary Loesch, 56 [11/13/1995 Post Falls, ID] (no one charged)
Kristopher Loesch [missing child, 9, now would be an adult]

This is a complicated story, that includes another couple that committed a murder-suicide, and a missing child.
The other persons of interest in Barbara Loesch’s murder was her daughter Tina Loesch, who died in a murder-suicide with her girlfriend, Skye Hanson, the other person of interest.

Find-A-Grave: Barbara Dean Stultz Loesch
Find-A-Grave: Dorothy A Martin
Find-A-Grave: Gary Charles Loesch
Work ensues in Dorothy Martin murder case
Pullman police demonstrate patience pays
Jury trial set for Dorothy Martin murder case
Murderer pleads guilty to 1998 hot tub killing
Women sought in connection with Pullman slaying found dead
Suspects in 1998 Hot Tub Murder Found Dead After TV Profile on Case
Man Hopes TV Show Can Help Solve Cold Case Murder
Suspects found dead in Arizona: TV show featured ’98 Post Falls killing
Suspects in 1998 hot tub murder found dead
Women had been in Arizona for years
Gary Loesch murder 11/1995 Post Falls, ID *Persons of interest, Tina Loesch & Skye Hanson, die in a murder-suicide*
Q6 Cold Case: “Murder, Love and Money”
Teen Missing After Decade-Long Manhunt for Mom Ends in Suicide

Deadly Sins: Greed
AMW: Tina Loesch
AMW: Skye Marie Hanson

Bradley Steckman – pled guilty, sentenced to 15 years to life in prison, died in prison 4/12/2012
Tina Loesch committed murder-suicide
Skye Hanson committed murder-suicide

Tina Loesch and Skye Hanson


Serial Killer: Robert Fry – killed at least 4 people – Sentenced to life in prison

Joseph Fleming, 25 [11/29/1996]
Matthew Trecker, 18 [11/29/1996]
Donald Tsosie, 41 [4/01/1998] (no picture)
Betty Jean Lee, 36 [6/09/2000]

Find-A-Grave: Joseph Aaron Fleming
Find-A-Grave: Matthew Carlos Trecker
NM Survivors of Homicide, Inc. – In Loving Memory Of…Matthew C. Frank Trecker
Find-A-Grave: Donald Tsosie
New Mexico Death Row: Robert Fry
Serial killer Robert Fry’s conviction upheld
Court Upholds Death Sentence Given To Robert Fry
Man resentenced to life in prison in 1994 killing
Killer walks halls as execution stalled
Profile: Robert Fry
New Mexico Death Row: Robert Fry
Serial killer Robert Fry’s conviction upheld
Court Upholds Death Sentence Given To Robert Fry
Robert Fry: How One Thanksgiving Night Kicked Off A Four-Year Murder Spree
Convicted murders have death sentence vacated by NM Supreme Court

Monster Slayer

Forensic Files: Four on the Floor
Locup: Inside the Penitentiary of New Mexico
MSNBC Lockup


Monsters Among Us: Terebea Williams was convicted of carjacking, kidnapping and killing Kevin “John” Ruska Jr.; Sentenced to 84 years to life in prison; *Released from prison after19 years (not 84) due to Coronavirus – JUSTICE DENIED for the victim and his family*

Kevin “John” Ruska Jr

This is outrageous! She was sentenced to 84 years to life in prison, meaning that she was supposed to serve 84 years before being able to apply for parole. Personally, I do not believe that any violent inmate should be released due to COVID19. Especially killers. They forfeited the right to get any special consideration. This killer already had her habeas corpus denied, so this should not have even been a consideration. I feel so horrible for Kevin “John” Ruska Jr. family. They are not taking it well, and I wouldn’t either.

Find-A-Grave: Kevin John Ruska
Convicted Murderer Serving 84-Years-To-Life In Prison, Terebea Williams, Released Over Coronavirus Fears
Woman who left man to die in Davis motel released from prison decades early due to COVID-19 concerns
Woman who left ex to die in 1998 gets parole
Sister of murdered California man responds to convicted killer’s early release: ‘Absolutely devastating’
Williams v Jacquez 2011 (habeas corpus denied)
Terebea Jean Williams v Deborah Jacquez 2012 (denial of habeas corpus affirmed)


ID Number W91512
Custody Status Date Jul 30, 2020 08:01 AM PDT
Custody Status Out of Custody
Custody Detail Paroled

Book Date Aug 28, 2001 12:00 AM PDT

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
P.O. Box 942883
Sacramento, CA 94283
(877) 256-6877

Parents Gone Wild! Heidi Anfinson drowned her son, Jacob, during a bout of post-partum depression.

Jacob Anfinson

Jacob Michael Hoffbauer Anfinson obituary
Timeline of the Heidi Anfinson Case – 1998 to 2002
Heidi Ann Anfinson v State of Iowa 2008 [conviction reversed – new trial ordered]
Heidi Anfinson granted parole
Iowa Mom Convicted In Baby’s Death Granted Parole
Parole Granted: Des Moines Mother Set Free
Prison Release: Heidi Anfinson Released
Heidi Anfinson released from prison
Michael Anfinson obituary
A Message from Heidi Anfinson Jacob’s Mother

Did Heidi Anfinson murder her baby?“>Dateline: Did Heidi Anfinson murder her baby?
Oprah: Postpartum Depression

Heidi Anfinson

Cold Case: Todd Barket stabbed and beat 68-year-old Sondra Better in 1998 in the Lu Shay’s Consignment Store; Sentenced to life in prison

Sondra Better

Clerk’s killer likely lived nearby, FDLE says
Delray Beach police announce arrest in 1998 cold case murder
Background check leads to arrest in 1998 Delray Beach murder
For 20 years, no one suspected a Brandon man in a Delray Beach murder case. Then he applied for a job.
Trial begins in 1998 murder of woman at Delray consignment shop
‘Blood can tell a compelling story, even 21 years later.’ Trial begins in cold-case murder.
Man found guilty in cold case murder in Delray Beach
‘We prayed this day would come.’ Man gets life for 1998 cold-case murder of Delray shop employee
Killer linked to cold-case Florida murder through fingerprint background check for job gets life
Man tied to 1998 murder cold case gets life in prison
Todd Barket Sentenced to Life in Prison in 1998 FL Slaying of Sondra Better


Offender Name: BARKET, TODD
Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 51
Race: White
Contact Facility:
Offender ID: 0506644
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 01/08/1968
Additional Information:

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