Monsters Among Us: Bradley Marion Steckman killed 2 women, Barbara Loesch and Dorothy Martin; Sentenced to 15 years to life in prison

Barbara Loesch, 52 [1/8/1998 Post Falls, ID]
Dorothy Martin, 89 [7/21/1996 Pullman, WA] (no picture)
Gary Loesch, 56 [11/13/1995 Post Falls, ID] (no one charged)
Kristopher Loesch [missing child, 9, now would be an adult]

This is a complicated story, that includes another couple that committed a murder-suicide, and a missing child.
The other persons of interest in Barbara Loesch’s murder was her daughter Tina Loesch, who died in a murder-suicide with her girlfriend, Skye Hanson, the other person of interest.

Find-A-Grave: Barbara Dean Stultz Loesch
Find-A-Grave: Dorothy A Martin
Find-A-Grave: Gary Charles Loesch
Work ensues in Dorothy Martin murder case
Pullman police demonstrate patience pays
Jury trial set for Dorothy Martin murder case
Murderer pleads guilty to 1998 hot tub killing
Women sought in connection with Pullman slaying found dead
Suspects in 1998 Hot Tub Murder Found Dead After TV Profile on Case
Man Hopes TV Show Can Help Solve Cold Case Murder
Suspects found dead in Arizona: TV show featured ’98 Post Falls killing
Suspects in 1998 hot tub murder found dead
Women had been in Arizona for years
Gary Loesch murder 11/1995 Post Falls, ID *Persons of interest, Tina Loesch & Skye Hanson, die in a murder-suicide*
Q6 Cold Case: “Murder, Love and Money”
Teen Missing After Decade-Long Manhunt for Mom Ends in Suicide

Deadly Sins: Greed
AMW: Tina Loesch
AMW: Skye Marie Hanson

Bradley Steckman – pled guilty, sentenced to 15 years to life in prison, died in prison 4/12/2012
Tina Loesch committed murder-suicide
Skye Hanson committed murder-suicide

Tina Loesch and Skye Hanson


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