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Folly Beach Serial Killer: Richard Raymond Valenti killed at least 3 teenage girls and assaulted others; Sentenced to life in prison

Sherri Jan Clark, 14 [5/23/1973]
Alexis Ann Latimer, 13 [5/23/1973]
Mary Earline Bunch, 16 [4/16/1974]

Find-A-Grave: Sheri Jan Clark
Find-A-Grave: Alexis Ann Latimer
Find-A-Grave: Mary Earline Bunch
Richard Valenti: Super Christian – Serial Killer
Hang Your Head
Richard Valenti, The ‘Folly Beach Serial Killer’ Had An Obsession With “Choke Porn” Which Fueled His Desire In Murdering 3 Teenage Girls
Folly Beach killer Richard Valenti faces 20th parole bid in 1973 murders of teen girls
Man who hanged girls on Folly Beach learns fate at parole hearing
Man convicted in 1973 double murder denied parole
Convicted Folly Beach killer Richard Valenti denied parole for 20th time
Murderpedia: Richard Raymond Valenti
Richard Valenti, convicted in 1973 double murder, dies
South Carolina Serial Killer Dies In Prison At Age 77

Palmetto Predators

Buried in the Backyard: Gone Girls


Thanksgiving Murder: Savannah Fulmer and Dahmir Robinson found shot to death in a car on Thanksgiving morning

Dahmir Robinson and Savannah Fulmer

Facebook: Savannah Fulmer
Savannah Fulmer Obituary | Death – Cause of Death
Death investigation launched after 2 bodies found in car in McDonough neighborhood
Teenage couple found dead in car in Henry County on Thanksgiving
Teenage couple in Georgia found slain in relative’s car
Teen couple found dead inside family member’s parked car on Thanksgiving day
Teens murdered while sitting in car
2 teens found shot to death in car on Thanksgiving morning

Monsters Among Us: Gavon Ramsay sexually assaulted and killed his 98-year-old neighbor, Margaret Frick Douglas and then hid her body in a closet; Sentenced to LWOP

Margaret Douglas

Margaret Douglas obituary
Wadsworth police looking for missing 98-year-old woman
Wadsworth teen charged with murder in 98-year-old woman’s death
Wadsworth teen denies accusation that he killed his 98-year-old neighbor
Wadsworth teen charged for murder of 98-year-old woman
Teen Accused of Murdering 98-Year-Old Woman and Hiding Her Body in Closet: ‘An Easy Target’
Judge rules teen suspected in 98-year-old woman’s killing can be tried as an adult
Nephew of 98YO Wadsworth victim ‘sickened’ teen arrested for her murder would target elderly woman
Wadsworth teen knew 98-year-old woman he’s charged with killing
Ohio teen to be tried as adult in slaying of woman, 98
Wadsworth teen charged with aggravated murder in 98-year-old woman’s death
OH – Margaret Douglas, 98, found deceased in closet, Wadsworth, Apr 2018 *Arrest*
Teen suspect pleads not guilty to murder of 98-year-old Wadsworth woman
Judge sentences 11th-grader to life in prison for brutally murdering 98-year-old Wadsworth woman
Wadsworth teen sentenced to life in prison for strangulation death of elderly neighbor
Life sentence upheld for Wadsworth teen convicted of murder
True crime show to reveal unshared details of Wadsworth’s ‘most horrific’ killing in years
Family of 98-year-old Wadsworth woman killed, abused by 17-year-old fears new law could eventually set him free
‘He Degraded Her Body’: Ohio Teen Murdered 98-Year-Old Neighbor For Sexual Thrill

An Unexpected Killer: Closet Murderer


Monsters Among Us: Major Morris Jr. killed at least 2 young girls (probably more); Sentenced to 100-200 years in prison

Roberta Jean “Bobbi” Anderson, 15 [9/27/1973]
Margaret Stirn, 18 [9/15/1978]

Find-A-Grave: Roberta Jean “Bobbi” Anderson
Key Suspect Confesses In `73 Slaying
Time An Ally In `73 Murder Case
Morris Convicted Of Rape, Murder Of Teen In 1973
Teen Girl’s Killer Gets 100-year Sentence
Convicted Killer Indicted In Woman’s ’78 Slaying
Convicted Killer Denies ’78 Slaying
Convicted Killer Gets 20 Years In 2nd Slaying
Murderpedia: Major Morris Jr.


MajorMorris prison mug

Offender Status: IN CUSTODY
Sex Offender Registry Required

Date of Birth: 08/02/1954
Weight: 178 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Sex: Male
Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
Race: White
Eyes: Green


Admission Date: 01/02/1997
Projected Parole Date: 03/05/2088
Last Paroled Date:
Projected Discharge Date: 03/06/2088

MorrisM info

Update: Elizabeth Ennen murder *Humberto Salinas Jr pled guilty, sentenced to LWOP*

Elizabeth Ennen

Elizabeth Ennen murder 1/5/2011 Lubbock, TX *Her remains found and identified; Humberto Salinas Jr. arrested*
Lubbock County Grand Jury Indicted Humberto Salinas Jr. in 2011 Murder, Poss DP
Salinas pleads guilty to Ennen murder, gets life sentence
Salinas sentenced to life for Elizabeth Ennen murder
Salinas Pleads Guilty, Sentenced To Life For Ennen Murder
ELIZABETH ENNEN – 15 yo (2011)/ Convicted: Humberto Salinas, Jr. – Lubbock TX

See No Evil: The Vanishing Babysitter


SID Number: 03478868
TDCJ Number: 01780576
Race: H
Gender: M
DOB: 1965-12-10
Maximum Sentence Date: LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE
Current Facility: TELFORD
Projected Release Date: LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE
Parole Eligibility Date: LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE

salinas info

Monsters Among Us: James Walter Winkle killed teens Lillian and Kimberly Anderson in 1972: Sentenced to death, which was overturned, then sentenced to life in prison

Kimberly Sue “Kimmy” Anderson, 17
Lillian Elizabeth Anderson, 16

Find-A-Grave: Kimberly Sue “Kimmy” Anderson
Find-A-Grave: Lillian Elizabeth Anderson
Orem girls missing on hike
2 Teen Girls Slain
2 Teen-Age Girls Slain, Ex-Mental Patient sought (part 2)
Police Arrest Murder Suspect (part 1)
Ex-Mental Patient Sought In Double Murder Charge (part 2)
Suspect Swears Innocence
Utah Convict Sentenced To Death
Condemned man given appeal time
State of Utah v James Walter Winkle 1974 (sentenced overturned)

James Walter Winkle
James Walter Winkle

James Walter Winkle died in prison in 1976 of a brain tumor.

Serial Killer: Randy Steven Kraft *Scorecard Killer* and *Freeway Killer*

remembering the victims

Joseph Alwyn Fancher [1970]
Wayne Joseph Dukette, 30 [9/20/1971]
Edward Daniel Moore, 20 [12/24/1972]
John Doe #1 unidentified person, 18
John Doe #2 unidentified person
John Doe #3 unidentified person
Kevin Bailey, 17 [4/9/1973]
unidentified person [4/22/1973]
Ronnie Wiebe, 20 [7/30/1973]
Vincent Cruz Mestas, 23 [12/29/1973]
Malcolm Eugene Little [6/1/1974]
Roger Dickerson, 18 [6/22/1974]
Thomas Paxton Lee, [8/3/1974]
Gary Wayne Condova [12/1974]
James Dale Reeves [11/29/1974]
John Leras, 17 [1/3/1975]
Craig Victor Jonaitis, 21 [1/17/1975]
Keith Daven Crotwell [3/29/1975]
Kent May (survived)
Mark Hall, 22 [12/31/1975]
Paul Joseph Fuchs, 19 [12/10/1976]
Scott Michael Hughes, 18 [4/16/1978]
Roland Young, 23 [6/11/1978]
Richard Keith, 20 [6/19/1978]
Keith Klingbell, 23 [7/6/1978]
Richard Crosby, 20 [9/29/1978]
Michael Inderbieteh, 21 [11/18/1978]
Donnie Harold Crisel, 20 [6/16/1978]
Michael O’Fallon, 17 [7/17/1980] Portland, OR
unidentified male [7/18/1980] Portland, OR
Robert Loggins, 19 [8/23/1980]
Michael Cluck, 17 14/10/1981]
Christopher Allen Williams, 17 [8/20/1981]
Raymond Davis, 14 [7/1982]
Robert Avila, 16 [7/1982]
Arne Mikeal Laine, 24 [11/1/1982]
Brian Whitcher, 26 [11/1982]
Anthony Jose Silveira, 29 [12/3/1982]
Dennis Alt, 24 [12/9/1982] Grand Rapids, MI
Christopher Schoenborn, 20 [12/9/1982] Grand Rapids, MI
Lance Taggs, 19 [12/9/1982] Portland OR
Eric Church, 21 [1/27/1983]
Geoffrey Nelson, 18 [2/12/1983]
Rodger DeVaul, 20 [2/12/1983]
Terry Lee Gambrel, 25 [5/14/1983]

Randy Kraft Found Guilty
Californian guilty of killing 16 young men
Serial killer of 16 men given death sentence
Killer of 16 sentenced to death
Profile: Randy Kraft
The Kraft Case: A Special Report
Long Road to Kraft’s Execution
crimelibrary: Randy Kraft, the Freeway Killer
Murderpedia: Randy Steven Kraft
Wikipedia: Randy Steven Kraft
Why Isn’t Randy Kraft Dead?
Center Of The Universe
1970-1983: Randy Kraft, The Freeway Killer

Angel of Darkness: The True Story of Randy Kraft and the Most Heinous Murder Spree

Most Infamous: The Scorecard Killer



CDCR#: E38700
Age: 69
Admission Date: 11/30/1989
Current Location: San Quentin

Monsters Among Us: John Albert Gardner sentenced to 2 terms of LWOP, 1 term of 25 years to life plus 24 years in prison

Amber and Chelsea

unidentified girl, 13 [survived]
Amber Dubois, 14 [2/2009]
Candice Moncayo [12/2009] survived
Chelsea King, 17 [2/25/2010]

Facebook: In Loving Memory of Amber Dubois
Find-A-Grave: Amber Leeanne Dubois
Chelsea King obituary
Find-A-Grave: Chelsea King
Breaking News: Body found in shallow grave believed to be missing teen Chelsea King
Chelsea King News: Body Found in Shallow Grave Likely Missing 17-Year-Old
DNA match of semen found on Chelsea King’s clothing led to sex offender’s arrest, officials say
Police: Remains of California teen Amber DuBois found
Calif. Police Find Remains of Amber Dubois
Police: John Gardner focus of Amber Dubois murder investigation
Chelsea King’s death could have been prevented
Chelsea King, Amber Dubois Killer John Gardner Pleads Guilty to Murdering Both Teens; Avoids Death Penalty
Sex offender John Albert Gardner III sentenced to life in prison
Stolen Lives: Amber Dubois and Chelsea King
CrimeLibrary: The Disappearance and Murder of 17-Year-Old Chelsea King
Murderpedia: John Albert Gardner III
Wikipedia: John Albert Gardner
Creation of a Monster, John Gardner

Lost Girls

48 Hours: Taken: The Amber Dubois Story


John Albert Gardner

CDCR#: AD185
Age: 34
Admission Date: 05/18/2010
Current Location: Corcoran
4001 King Avenue
Corcoran, CA 93212
(559) 992-8800

Breaking News: Amber Alert cancelled in Ottawa, OH after the bodies of 2 teens, Blaine and Blake Romes are found after information from the 3rd teen, Michael Aaron Fay, who is now in custody

Blaine and Blake Romes
Blaine and Blake Romes

Two bodies found in Putnam County, identified as 2 of 3 related to Amber Alert issued
Bodies of 2 Missing Putnam Co. Teens Found
1 In Custody, 2 Found Dead After Putnam County Amber Alert
Teen found after Amber Alert says 2 other missing teens are dead
Amber Alert canceled for Blake Romes, Michael Fey, 14-year-old Blaine Romes in Putnam County
Teen points Ohio authorities to bodies of 2 others following Amber Alert
Amber Alert case turns into double homicide
News Archive: Blake and Blaine Romes murders

Fey arrest scene
Where Michael Fay was taken into custody

Breaking News: Axel Barreto arrested for the murders of 3 teens over a Facebook fight with his stepsons

Axel Barreto

Joshua Soto, 14
Dante Lugo, 14
Javier Orlandi, 16

Pa. man kills 3 teens, injures 1 over stepsons’ feud
Suspect arrested, 3 teens dead in Juniata Park ambush shooting
Police: Pa. Man Killed 3 Teens Over Stepsons’ Feud
Stepfather arrested in teens’ killings
Facebook feud leaves three dead
Stepdad Charged With Murdering 3 Teens
Man accused of killing three teens over Facebook spat arrested in Philadelphia

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