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Rosie Tapia murder 8/13/1995 Salt Lake City, UT *The 6-year-old’s murder still unsolved*

rosie-tapia.jpgSometime after 2:30am but before 5:30am on August 12, 1995, the nightmare for the Tapia family began. When Lewine Tapia went into her children’s room to check on them, the window was wide open, the screen was missing and the blinds were on the floor. And 6 year old Rosie was not in her bed. After looking around the apartment for her and checking with her siblings, she called the police and reported Rosie missing.

Detectives examined the ground-level window and dusted it for prints, but aren’t sure whether Rosie crawled out or if a stranger came in and abducted her.
A resident of the apartment complex told police they heard a scream about 4 a.m.

Several hours later the horrible news no parent wants to hear came in.

She was taken out of the apartment, sexually molested, injured and then apparently thrown into the Jordan River. Her body was found later that morning in a surplus canal connected to the river.

Detectives interviewed everyone they could, checked every lead, but nothing.

Though no one has been ruled out as a suspect, (at the time) Tapia family members on Sunday implicated a neighbor in their Hartland Apartments complex who had carried Rosie home when she was injured on a slide Saturday. Pahl interviewed the neighbor and said he believes the man was just a good Samaritan. Family members have not been ruled out either, although Pahl noted they have been fully cooperative. Also, the police have never been called to the Tapia home on reports of child abuse, nor could investigators find any other history of suspected child abuse involving Rosie’s immediate relatives.Rosie’s older half-sister, Emilia Elizondo, 18, said she put Rosie, Angelica, 4, and Robert, also 4, to bed at 9:30 p.m. SaturdayRosie’s mother, Lewine Tapia, 39, said after coming home from a dance at 2:30 a.m. Sunday with her husband Roberto, 37, she checked on her three younger children and found they were sleeping soundly.But around 5:30 a.m., Tapia said she got up to check on them again. Their bedroom door was closed, which was odd, and Rosie was gone. The bedroom window was open, the screen knocked out and the Venetian blinds were lying on the floor. Rosie’s younger brother and sister were in the same room, but apparently didn’t hear or see anything.

There have been vigils and fund-raisers in hopes of raising money for a reward. If the case is not solved, the fund will be used for a scholarship in Rosie’s name. But I am sure the family would rather use it as a reward for that one person who would come forward with the information to solve the case.

After interviewing hundreds of people and checking the stories of dozens of paroled child molesters, Salt Lake City Police have placed Rosie Tapia’s unsolved murder case in a file drawer. They are now waiting for that one phone call that might help solve the dead-end investigation.

Someone, somewhere has the information needed for this case.

Was girl a victim of foul play?
6-year-old-girl was assaulted
Police still have no leads
Vigil marks 95 death of SL girl
Drifter could be suspect in child’s killing
Possible new lead in ’95 slaying of girl
For Rosie Tapia
DNA May Help Solve 9 Year Old Murder
Number of Missing Children Cases Remain Unsolved
In Memory of Rosie Tapia

21 Responses

  1. […] Rosie Tapia murder 8/13/95 Salt Lake City, UT *unsolved murder* […]


  2. Thank for making this valuable information available to the public.


  3. I am a regular visitor of your blog and always find something new at your site. I have come up with some new findings and want to share it with you.
    I just launched a family 2.0 social network and would like to invite you for the review of the service and provide feedback to us at andy@kincafe.com.



  4. Hi, I’m a Salt Lake City Private Investigator. I would be more than happy to reexamine the evidence for the Tapia family if I were to be contacted, and explore new leads. This morning I drove past a billboard offering a reward. I would work for the reward, no additional fee. My number in Salt Lake City is 801-759-2248. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can see something that others may have overlooked.


  5. Hi I was wondering if you would help me in a case that I am interested in that occured in August 1996 the murder of Jamie Ellen Weiss born the 23/04/1978 and was murdered on the 7th of August 1996. I was wanting to know if this case has been solved as yet I can find no further information or is the case still open at the time of investigation the boyfriend was the main suspect with not enough evidence to charge. Many Thanks

    note from blog owner
    That case is no longer open. And yes, her boyfriend has been charged with her murder. He is currently in jail awaiting trial. I have posted twice on it:



  6. children are the key to solving this case! they obviously know the perp or perps


  7. think about this! re-inact the scene; measure the noise levels, with the children present then check the reaction!


  8. think about this! re-inact the scene; measure the noise levels, with the children present then check the reaction! I beliieve that the children know the killer! & I also believe that the perp is a close family relation, how close is the d.n.a to that of the family ginetic code? check all family members, & freinds. with that much commotion in a room the children would have gotten scared! children are naturaly afraid of the dark. and are light sleepers. think about it!!!!


  9. i actually lived in the same Hartland apartments & played with Rosie all those years ago. For some reason i’ve always had the memory of her & this story i hope with everything that her case will be reopened & solved one day soon!


  10. I called the police with information about a possible suspect and was treated so badly by the officers on the phone I never called back….It bothers me to this day. I feel that it was a person who lived in the Hartland Apartments and was moving out at the time that the crime was committed. The police are unreceptive to any suggestions or tips to the resolution of this case.


    • I’m investigating the case for the police. Please call me. 801-799-3413


    • Hi Marilyn, my name is Jason K Jensen; I’m a private investigator hired by the Rosie Tapia Family. We would love to hear from you about your observations that night. It sounds like you were a resident at the Hartland Apartments, so your input may be the key we have been searching for. Feel free to reach me at 801-596-2455, or my cell phone 24/7 @ 801-759-2248. Thank you.


  11. I have an issue that I am trying to come to terms with. There are three cases that remain unsolved. All three like Rosie were 3, 5, and 6 years old. Given yes they were in three different states but they are so similar. All three were taken either from their rooms or in front of their house. They were all sexually assaulted and left in drainage ditches or river basins. All three were girls two were fairly similar. Do the police run the DNA of other victims to see if they match with other cases??


    • Yes, they run DNA if it is available. What other cases are you talking about?


      • There is now another little girl that reminds me of Rosie. I was looking at the picture of Isabelle Mercedes Celis who was abducted in Arizona. My daughter also has dark hair and eyes and her bedroom window was broken into the night Rosie was abducted. I suspect that there is someone out there who is looking for a little girl, about age 5 or 6.


  12. Dear Tapia Family,

    I’m sure that you don’t remember me. I lived in the Hartland Apartments, Snow queen Place. I actually lived in the building next to you. I have three children who used to stand outside with Rosie, waiting for the school bus. We all loved Rosie and will never forget her.

    The night before Rosie died, I saw a man, dressed only in underwear, socks and sneakers, bent down and peering through another little girls window (Cassandra or Cassie). I got a little scared when I saw him. I thought he was a “peeping Tom”. I actually thought he had left, but I learned on Sunday morning that Rosie had been taken. I think it was him, the man I saw down by the window. My daughter’s window was also broken, but he couldn’t get the screen off.
    I will NEVER forget what that man looks like!!!


    • Melinda could you contact me with this info? I’m hoping you still can get this notification. My email is a.lopez1208@me.com… I am a family member of Rosie and we are looking for any possible leads. Thank you!


  13. What surprises me about this case is, how can you go into your childrens bedroom, the window being wide open, the screen missing and the blinds were on the floor and you don’t hear a thing?? in an apartment? and where were the siblings???
    Something doesn’t sound right about this case.


  14. I am surprised at the amount of information on Rosie’s case posted here. As a former detective with the government, I am pissed that the police blew off the person who called them with information.

    These are the same ones who ask for the public’s help. However, law enforcement have mishandled many investigations over the years.

    I also wonder about the other children who did not wake up to the noise of the blinds landing on the floor.


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