Psycho For Love: Scott Falater killed his wife, Yarmila, during an episode of possible sleepwalking; Convicted of her murder, sentenced to LWOP

Yarmila Falater
Yarmila Falater

Arizona man says he was sleepwalking when he killed wife
Sleepwalking Given As Defense by Man In Killing of Wife
Somnambulant slaying or murder?
Husband admits he killed wife — in his sleep
Jury gets sleepwalker murder case
Jury convicts husband in murder trial
‘Sleepwalker’ Guilty Of Murder
Rude awakening
Man gets life in prison for ‘sleepwalking’ murder
Sleepwalker’ Gets Life Term in Wife’s Death
A Killer Sleep Disorder
‘Sleepwalking Killer’ Convicted In Wife’s 1997 Murder Says He Still Doesn’t Recall Committing The Act
His Dad Claimed He Was Sleepwalking When He Killed His Mom — and Now Son Is Speaking Out

20/20: While He was Sleeping…
Forensic Files: Walking Terror
American Justice: It’s Not My Fault: Strange Defenses
Is It Real?: Extreme Sleepwalking
Mindshock: Sleepwalk Terrors


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