Monsters Among Us: Donald Arthur Piper convicted of the murder of 2 women, still a suspect in 2 others

Patricia Lange, 36 [8/23/1993]
Zurijeta Sakanovic, 21 [9/4/1997]
Mariana Redrovan, 15 [2/23/1998] (he is a suspect in this case)
Julie Bell Davis, [8/28/1997] (he is a suspect in this case)

I was unable to find any photos of the two victims that Donald Piper was convicted of their murders. If anyone has one they would like to share, please let me know. Thanks!

Don Piper (good post)
Murder suspect in drug therapy
Jury han’t reached consensus in Piper trial
Judge in Piper case declares mistrial
Piper denies killing woman
Closing arguments scheduled in Piper trial
Jury convicts Piper in motel worker slaying
Man convicted of murder
Piper sentenced to life for Lange murder
State of Iowa v. Donald Piper
Bosnian family plans to leave Iowa after murder
Iowa Cold Cases: Julie Bell Davis
Iowa Cold Cases: Mariana Redrovan

Unusual Suspects: Hotel Homicides
Cold Case Files: Murder Check In


Name Donald Arthur Piper
Offender Number 1153862
Sex M
Birth Date 05/11/1961
Age 50
Location Iowa State Penitentiary
County Of Commitment Polk
Commitment Date 01/16/2002
Duration LIFE

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  1. Sometimes you wonder where in da hell do such evil come from!!! But one thing is for sure I know where they going HELL cause (GOD) don’t like ugly..


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