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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Serial Killers: Gerald and Charlene Gallego *The Sex Slave Murders*

Rhonda Scheffler, 17 [9/11/1978]
Kippi Vaught, 16 [9/11/1978]
Brenda Judd, 14 [6/24/1979] (no picture)
Sandra Colley, 13 [6/24/1979] (no picture)
Stacey Redican, 17 [4/24/1980]
Karen Chipman Twiggs, 17 [4/24/1980]
Linda Aguilar and unborn child, 21 [6/7/1980] (no picture)
Virginia Mochel, 34 [7/17/1980] (no picture)
Craig Miller, 21 [11/2/1980] (no picture)
Mary Elizabeth Sowers, 21 [11/2/1980] (no picture)

Charlene Williams Gallego got a plea deal, so she was not charged in California, but pleaded guilty in Nevada and received 16 years and 8 months and she testified against Gerald, who received the death penalty in Nevada. He died on death row in 2002. Charlene was released from prison in July 1997 and allowed to change her name, so she could live without detection. Apparently she moved back to the Sacramento area. In my opinion, she should never have left prison. She should have received LWOP. She is just as responsible for all of these murders as Gerald was.

**Update 6/25/2012**
I have learned that Charlene Williams Gallego is now living under the name of Mary Martinez and she lives in Fair Oaks, CA.

Murderpedia: Gerald Armond Gallego
Wikipedia: Gerald and Charlene Gallego
Wikipedia: Gerald Gallego
Frances Farmers Revenge: Gerald and Charlene Gallego
Find-A-Grave: Rhonda Lee Martin Sheffler
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Death linked to California
Man killed 8 for sex, wife says
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Penalty trial for Gerald Gallego to begin in May
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Gallego gets death sentence
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Gerald Armond Gallego
Charlene Williams Gallego
Ex-Con Starts Life Anew / She lured victims for her serial-killer husband in late ’70s
Sacramento’s ‘Sex Slave Murders’ Killer Discovered Living In Area; Speaks After Years Of Silence
Sacramento’s ‘Sex Slave Murders’ Killer Aims For Redemption; Believes Partner Was Behind Other Unsolved Rapes
Woman Recalls Haunting Encounter With Couple Behind ‘Sex Slave Murders’
The other “girl next door”
Hidden in Plain Sight (this blog is mentioned in this article)

The Sex Slave Murders: The True Story of Serial Killers Gerald and Charlene Gallego (excellent book)
Venom in the Blood
All His Father’s Sins: Inside the Gerald Gallego Sex-Slave Murders
Killer Couples: True Stories of Partners in Crime
Shared Madness: True Stories of Couples Who Kill

Blood, Lies & Alibis: The Love Slave Murders
Wicked Attraction: Twisted Twosome
Crime Stories: The Love Slave Murders
Infamous Murders: Killing For Thrills
Snapped: Killer Couples: Charlene and Gerald Gallego

Charlene and Gerald Gallego mugshots
Charlene and Gerald Gallego mugshots


39 Responses

  1. […] I agree with the author. Why was she ever released? Pictures: Rhonda Scheffler, Kippi Vaught, Stacey Redican Victims Rhonda Scheffler, 17 [9/11/1978] Kippi Vaught, 16 [9/11/1978] Brenda Judd, 14 [6/24/1979] Sandra Colley, 13 [6/24/1979] Stacey Redican, 17 [4/24/1980] Karen Chipman Twiggs, 17 [4/24/1980] Linda Aguilar and unborn child, 21 [6/7/1980] Virginia Mochel, 34 [7/17/1980] Craig Miller, 21 [11/2/1980] Mary Elizabeth Sowers, 21 [11/2/1980] Charlene Williams Gallego got a plea deal, so she wa … Read More […]

  2. where is she supposed to be after her realise its a joke tht shes been allowe d out to live a new life

  3. My husband is the brother of Mary Beth Sowers–He still grieves–It seems there really is no justice but that will never bring back Mary beth or the others that were killed–We believe she should had been executed also–All we can hope that there is a hell where she will soon accompany her hubby Gerald–

    • i think she should be in jail without parol too, she could of stopped it if she had any morals.i am sorry for your loss and your husbands loss. God is a just god and she will be punished in the next life.

      • Thanks! I also believe she will get it in the end. A sociopath that does not belong in society. There is no tx or therapy. It is very scarey to know she lives in the suburbs among us!

    • Yes there is! And I sleep peacefully knowing that he is already there! And not soon enough!! She too will join her husband in HELL being tortured day and night!!

  4. a really lesbian bitch, i hope she will receive her penalty. she is as fault as this gallego motherfucker.she is not a victim, she is a murder.have they had sympathy with the victims? No. Why has the justice sympathy with murders? Charlene Gallego Williams deserves the death penalty. I hope she read that
    Regards from switzerland

  5. Charlene was and most likely still is a dispicable excuse for a human being, who pretended to be a victim, she had enough opportunities to tell police about Gerard she should have rotted in jail, hopefully she’ll get het due before she dies!

    • And like most sex offenders, should the public not be made aware of her whereabouts? I find this the most frightening aspect of it all. Had she repented and not gotten out and hid under a fake name Well..enough said—-horrible injustice!

      • She also participated in the rapes and is apparently bisexual. Way more guilty than some shows on TV portray her.

  6. I’m just watching the Blood, Lies & Alibis program about these murders. How anyone that partook in even one of these murders is free to live amongst us boggles the mind. I can only hope when she meets our Maker she is sent to an eternity in Hell. I’m sure she’ll meet Gallego there, no doubt.

    • I ask the question again. Where does the responsibility lie here? What kind of justice system lets her out just like that? Is she out there trying to “help women that are victimized by men to do the unspeakable?” No, she has served her tiny sentence and is out—How can she walk in public knowing what horrow she was instrumental in destroying peoples lives forever and have a cappucino on the corner bistro thinking it is over! Shame on her and our system!!!

      • Well if you think about why they made a deal with her it makes sense,, and plus they got closure on several other murders that they didn’t even know about… So making the deal worked out to some extent.. But I Totally agree.. They shoulda burned that evil bitch right along with that asshole she was with,, they’re both equally guilty for what happened… But sadly with our stupid justice system they’d both still be sitting on death row. Because for some reason it takes for fucking ever to carry out a death sentence.. Rediculous!!! But don’t worry,, they’ll both be judged eventually.. And it wont be by our lame legal system.. What they have coming is much much worse..

        • ps… please excuse my curse words in my last post… I just get a little disgusted with evil people like that…

        • Owe,

          I agree that sometimes deals must be made. The price to pay to get real justice. But Charlene’s was wrong. She should have never gotten out of prison. Unfortunately, neither will pay the full price, since Gerald died on death row. He did get death, but not by punishment.

  7. I know someone who told me she had a son or step son that was killed in afghanistan and she was at a service for him at the veterans cemetary in Dixon CA just a few weeks ago. She put all the other greiving mothers in a very uncomfortable position

    • It was her son she had in prison. The father was Gerald Gallego and was named after him although her parents changed his name to Charles Williams.

  8. I live in Fair Oaks, saw the piece on Channel 13, where she wanted her identity kept a secret. Clearly, a lot of people already know. Curious – how did someone find out?

    • someone should bite off her nipples .. same she did once to the poor poor girl-kids … I wish that she will burn in hell .. nipples bitten off.. greeting
      a man working for child security office … washington state

  9. She is living in my neighborhood @ 4528 Crestridge Rd, Fair Oaks, CA
    This is a EVIL person who is still preying on people with her organization Gold Country For The Troops and who know what else she is up to.

    • Unfortunate that you put the address in, which could lead to vigilantism and potentially puts others of us in the neighborhood at risk.

      • Everyone who read the story can find her address – It’s real easy for anyone with an internet connection to find her address – it’s all public data. She isn’t exactly hiding, she’s out there advertising herself quite freely.

  10. Does anyone know where I could see an updated picture of her? She’s been posing for her ” charities” Also is her mother still alive? I think her mom should have went 2prison with charlene! -she lied, covered up,backed up+ visited both of them in jail+only distanced herself when her. Daughter wanted out! The whole williams clan make me sick, they’re worse than the gallegos because they’re monsters like Ted Bundy- they act like “neighbors next door” all the while backing their sadistic lesbian daughter in all of her endevors- she should rot in hell with the 2of them!

    • I understand the feelings this case generates. After learning about it (Martinez is in my neighborhood), I felt sick to my stomach and felt a sad emptiness for the families whose members will never return. I believe in the capacity of people to change — and I hope this has happened with Martinez — but I have no way of judging that. That’s between her and her Maker. The only thing I can do is to be watchful and to not associate with her.

      I understand that people may need to vent, but believe that care needs to be taken to not slander others. It seems inherently unfair to me to attack someone using social media to attack people because they have no way to defend themselves. Also, sexual orientation has nothing to do with this case so using it as an identifier serves no useful purpose. It was very bad people doing very bad things.

  11. There should be a Petition on the petition site to have her deemed Registered as a sexual offender so that the public can be aware of who this is and kept track of. Write your congress people now!

    • About two weeks ago, I sent an inquiry to the Sac County sheriff asking that very question. I haven’t received a reply.

    • So did you write your congress people?

  12. Someone asked about a current picture – which is available to anyone here:

    Go to Page 3 (and try not to puke).

    • To watch your backs-I would be so grateful if you. Could Email or mms that picture to me? I cannot pull it up for some reason, I’m a relative of one of her victims +wanna know what she looks like Now. or fb thanx so much

  13. Finally saw a recent photo of Charlene, same expression as 30yrs ago- crazy as a shithouse rat. You do not have to be a phd 2c that this woman is seriously ill!!!

  14. I am pissed. This crazy sad excuse for a human being lives literally down the street from me. Cops have done nothing to make her register as a felon. NOT in my town! She’s gonna get ran out

    • As with any other predator, how about we leave the pitchforks behind and just stay vigilant.

    • Hi Jenn,

      My husband is the brother of Marybeth who was brutally murdered by Charlene and her husband. My husband was only a boy of ten and his childhood was ended.

      My husband does not frequently talk about the murders but of the good memories of his sister. We have her paintings hanging up and he talks of her dressing him up as a doll as a boy.

      What he has told me is that in order to get Gallegos she had to give testimony against him and the only way was to give her a pretty light sentence.

      It is horrible that a murderer can walk amongst us. So she can live this short life on earth but we believe she will go to hell and be met by Gallegos!

      Thanks Kerry

  15. kill the martinez-whore … who loves to kill children

  16. Has Charlene committed any crimes since her release?

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