Seath Tyler Jackson murder 4/17/2011 Summerfield, FL *6 people charged in heinous murder plot, victim beaten and shot to death, then burned and the ashes put in paint cans – can you say death penalty deserved here?

Seath Tyler Jackson

Six Charged After 15-Year-Old Murdered, Body Burned, Ashes Stored In Paint Cans (great post!)
Funeral Held For Murdered Marion Co. Teen
Town Mourns Teen’s Violent Murder
Six arrested in brutal murder of Fla. boy Seath Tyler Jackson
Plot to kill Fla. teen Seath Tyler Jackson hatched in hatred, say police
Ex-girlfriend lured Fla. boy Seath Tyler Jackson to his death, say cops
Death penalty possible in alleged shooting, burning case, lawyer says
Will suspects in Fla. boy Seath Tyler Jackson’s murder face death penalty?
​Jury finds teen guilty in ex-boyfriend’s murder
Suspect In Marion Teen Slaying Speaks
News Archive: Seath Jackson murder

Michael Bargo, 18
Amber E. Wright, 15
Charlie Kay Ely, 18
Justin Soto, 20
Kyle Hooper, 16
James Havens III, 37

3 Responses

  1. They are the ugliest group of white trash I’ve ever seen. They all look like they are whacked on meth! Gross! Glad they’ll be in prison and keep ugly off out streets


  2. Yep! I CAN say “Death Penalty here”!! These people are worse than rabid dogs. In Alabama, we just shoot a rabid dog. I’d volunteer to use my .45 Ruger on each one of them. I’ve got some bullets I’m not doing anything with right now!!


    • Apparently the cause of this all, Amber, was tried again in January of this year with the same results- first degree murder.

      May Seath rest knowing his murderers will not get to enjoy the rest of their life in freedom.


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