Cold Case: Candace Rough Surface murder 8/2/1980 Mobridge, SD *Nicholas Scherr and James Stroh pled guilty, sentenced to prison*

Candace Rough Surface

A tale too late to satisfy
Confession ends 16-year murder mystery, but revives racist claims
Brutal 1980 Murder Raises Racial Tensions — Indians Say Bail, Long Delay Before Arrest Are Evidence Of Prejudice
Non-Indian Men Arrested for Murder, Racial Tensions Rise
Confession ends 16-year murder mystery, but revives racist claims
Suspect finally pleads guilty after 16 years
16-year Murder Mystery Ends In Tears
Websleuths: Citizens Against Pedophiles Early Release (CAPER)

Swamp Murders: Murder in the Badlands

James E. Stroh II – pled guilty, sentenced to 15 years in prison
Nicholas Scherr – pled guilty, sentenced to 100 years in prison

Age: 50
Race: White
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 191 lbs.

Transaction #31569

Sentence Date: 05/22/1996
County: Walworth
Crime: Manslaughter 1st
Sentence Length: 100 years


Age: 50
Race: White
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 182 lbs.
Alias(es) Stroh, James E
DOC Number #2491
Current Facility Outside
Parole Office NA
Correctional Status Completed Sentence
Additional Info NA

Discharged 10/13/2004

Sunny von Bülow: Accidental insulin overdose or an attempt to kill her by her husband Claus von Bülow?

Sunny von Bulow
Sunny von Bülow

Sunny Memories
Wikipedia: Sunny von Bülow
Claus von Bülow
Sunny von Bülow, 76, Focus of Society Drama, Dies
Sunny von Bulow dies after 28 years in coma
The Life and Mysterious Death of Sunny von Bülow
Fatal Charm: The Social Web of Claus von Bülow

Mansions & Murders: Iron Maid
Reversal of Fortune
Dominick Dunne’s Power, Privilege, and Justice The Von Bülow Affair
American Justice: Von Bulow: A Wealth of Evidence
Biography: Claus von Bülow: A Reasonable Doubt

Claus von Bülow
Claus von Bülow

Serial Killer: Anthony Joe LaRette *Killed at least 4 people, probably more*

Mary Fleming
Mary Michelle “Mickey” Fleming

Mary Michelle “Mickey” Fleming, 18 [7/25/1980]
Tracey Miller, 26 [11/2/1976]
Jeanette Wade [1976]
Betty Brunton, 52 [1976]
plus several others

Find-A-Grave: Mary M Fleming
End Violence Against Women (a blog by Mary Fleming’s brother)
State of Missouri v Anthony Joe LaRette
Missouri faces Manhattan murder charge
Pain and Healing
Anthony J LaRette v Michael Bowersox 1995 (habeas corpus denied, stay of execution lifted)
LaRette executed by lethal injection
Missouri Executes a Confessed Serial Killer
Six years of ‘befriending’ killer pays off with murder solution
Murderpedia: Anthony Joe LaRette Jr

She Had No Enemies: How I Turned My Sister’s Death By A Serial Killer Into A Positive Force In My Life

On The Case With Paula Zahn: A Window to Murder

Anthony Larette
Anthony Joe LaRette

Serial Killer: Randall Brent Woodfield *The I-5 Killer or The I-5 Bandit*

Woodfield victims
Julie Reitz, Doug Altic, and Darci Fix

Marsha Weatter, 19 [3/1980]
Kathy Allen, 18 [3/1980]
Cherie Ayers [10/9/1980]
Darci Fix [11/1980]
Doug Altic [11/1980]
Shari Hull [1/18/1981]
Beth Wilmot [1/14/1981] (survived)
Donna Eckard, 37 [2/3/1981
Janell Jarvis, 14 [2/3/1981]
Julie Reitz [2/15/1981]
Lisa Garcia [?] (survived)

‘I-5’ suspect faces charges of killing two
Interstate bandit identified in lineup
Bullets link Woodfield to crime
Woodfield tells court he did not kill Salem woman
‘I-5’ suspect convicted
Woodfield lawyer claims police brainwashed survivor of attack
The I-5 Killer
Serial killer Randy Woodfield’s legacy: pain, preening and pointlessness
Portland detectives definitively link I-5 killer Randy Woodfield to 5 more deaths
‘I-5 Killer’ connected to five more deaths
Child killer claims she’s planning to marry Interstate 5 Bandit
Murderpedia: Randall Brent Woodfield
Wikipedia: Randall Woodfield
Victims of Randall Woodfield
Two killers leave a trail of bodies along Interstate 5 in California in the 1980s
Woodfield, Randall Brent

The I-5 Killer
Trace Evidence: The Hunt for the I-5 Serial Killer

Hunt for the I-5 Killer
Motives & Murders: Highway to Hell


Randall Woodfield

Offender Name: Woodfield, Randall Brent
Age: 63
Gender: Male
Height: 6′ 01”
Weight: 170 lbs
DOB: 12/1950
Race: White Or European Origin
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Caseload: 00105
Phillippi, Lindy
Location: Oregon State Penitentiary
Status: Inmate
Institution Admission Date 09/24/1981
Earliest Release Date: Life

Docket Number County Crime Sentence Type Begin Date Termination Date
75030742/01 MULT ROBBERY II Inmate Sentence 06/10/1975 11/18/1983

125510/01 MARI MURDER Inmate Sentence 10/12/1981 –

125511/01 MARI MURDER ATTEMPT Inmate Sentence 10/12/1981 –

125512/01 MARI SODOMY I Inmate Sentence 10/12/1981 –

125513/01 MARI SODOMY I Inmate Sentence 10/12/1981 –

38434/01 BENT SODOMY I Inmate Sentence 12/17/1981 –

38491/01 BENT FIREARM – FELON POSSESS Inmate Sentence 12/17/1981 –

810541/01 LINN SODOMY I Inmate Sentence 07/22/1982 –

810541/03 LINN SODOMY I Inmate Sentence 07/22/1982 –

Serial Killer: William George Bonin *The Freeway Killer*

Bonin victims

David McVicker, 14 (survived) (no picture)
Thomas Glen Lundgren, 13 [5/28/1979]
Mark Shelton, 17 [8/4/1979] (no picture)
Marcus Grabs, 17 [8/5/1979]
Donald Ray Hyden, 15 [8/27/1979]
David Murillo, 17 [9/9/1979]
Robert Wirostek, 18 [9/17/1979] (no picture)
Unidentified young male, around 19 [11//29/1979] (no picture)
Frank Dennis Fox, 17 [11//30/1979] (no picture)
John Frederick Kilpatrick, 15 [12/10/1979] (no picture)
Michael Francis McDonald, 16 [1/1/1980] (no picture)
Charles Miranda, 15 [2/3/1980]
James Michael McCabe, 12 [2/3/1980]
Ronald Gatlin, 18 [3/14/1980]
Glenn Norman Barker, 14 [3/21/1980]
Russell Rugh, 15 [3/21/1980]
Harry Todd Turner, 15 [3/24/1980]
Steven Wood, 16 [4/10/1980]
Lawrence Eugene Sharp, 18 [4/10/1980]
Darin Kendrick, 19 [4/29/1980]
Sean King, 14 [5/19/1980] (no picture)
Steven Jay Wells, 18 [6/2/1980]
Harold T., 15 (survived)

Find-A-Grave: Thomas Glen Lundgren
Find-A-Grave: Donald Hyden, Jr.
‘Freeway Killer’ case shocks folks
Bonin on Death Row
Wilson Denies Bonin’s Plea to Halt Execution
Capital Punishment: William George Bonin
‘Freeway Killer’ Bonin Executed by Injection
William George Bonin #322
CrimeLibrary: The Freeway Killer
Murderpedia: William George Bonin
Wikipedia: William Bonin
A Look at William Bonin, the Infamous “Freeway Killer”
Clues From a Condemned Man’s Past
Sole Survivor Of Notorious ‘Freeway Killer’ Speaks Out
The Other Victims of William Bonin
Pugh Gets Six Years in Freeway Murders
Accomplices Got Life Terms; Parole Unlikely
Bonin Accomplice Wants Freedom or Death, Not the Truth
‘Freeway Killer’ accomplice withdraws parole bid
Aliso Viejo man worries about possible parole of ‘freeway killer’ accomplice

The Need to Kill: Inside the World of the Serial Killer
Doing time: Stories from the mind of a death row prisoner

Most Infamous: Murder & Co.
Freeway Killer

Bonin and Butts
William Bonin and Vernon Butts

William George Bonin – convicted, sentenced to death, executed 2/23/1996
Vernon Robert Butts – committed suicide in jail
Gregory Matthew Miley – convicted, sentenced to 25 years to life in prison (possible parole hearing this year)
William Ray Pugh – convicted of voluntary manslaughter, sentenced to 6 years in prison
James Michael Munro – convicted, sentenced to 15 years to life in prison (denied parole several times)


Gregory Matthew Miley

CDCR#: C42801
Age: 52
Admission Date: 02/16/1982
Current Location: Mule Creek
4001 Highway 104
Ione, CA 95640
(209) 274-4911


JamesMichaelMunro prison mug

CDCR#: C44535
Age: 52
Admission Date: 03/23/1992
Current Location: Mule Creek
4001 Highway 104
Ione, CA 95640
(209) 274-4911

Murder In The Family: Frederick Milo enlisted several people to kill his brother Constantine “Dean” Milo, who ran their family beauty supply business; After Dean’s murder, Fred was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his brother, Dean Milo

remembering the victims

Akron Millionaire Found Guilty In Contract Killing of Brother
Milo guilty
CrimeLibrary: Death of a Beauty King
Criminal Intent
State v Milo 1982
Find-A-Grave: Frederick Peter Milo
Killer keeps his bargain; government lets him down

Please…Don’t Kill Me: The True Story of the Milo Murders
The Hunting of Cain

City Confidential: Akron: Brother Against Brother
Blood Relatives: Don’t Kill the Messenger
Power, Privilege & Justice: Death of a Beauty King

David Harden – pled guilty,
Frederick Peter Milo – convicted, sentenced to 15 years to life in prison
Tony Ridle
Frank Piccirilli
Harry Knott
John Harris


Number: A163973 Inmate Photo
DOB: 07/22/1944
Gender: Male
Race: White
Admission Date: 07/29/1981
Status: RELEASED – Death (other cause)
Zip Code:
Residential County:

Offense Information
AGG MURDER Counts: 1 ORC: 2903.01 2
Committing County: Franklin Admission Date: 07/29/1981 Degree of Felony: First

Sentence Information
Actual Release Date: 04/11/1998
Indefinite Sentence Min: Life Sentence
Indefinite Sentence Max: Life Sentence
Expiration of Max Sentence: Life Sentence

Parole Hearing Information
Latest Parole Board Hearing/Review Type & Results: CONTINUED/

Murder In The Family: William Rouse killed his parents, Bruce and Darlene Rouse; Convicted after 15 years on the run, sentenced to 80 years in prison


Bruce and Darlene Rouse

1980 murder solved when son confesses
Son held in parents’ long-ago slayings
Son charged 15 years after parents deaths
Rouse Son’s Confession: `Everybody Knew’
Man confesses to killing parents 15 years ago
Rouse Admits Killing Parents On 1995 Videotape
Too Late To Try Rouse, Defense Says
Jurors To Hear Murder Confession
Prosecution Stacks Up Evidence In Rouse Trial
Rouse’s Defense Tries To Implicate His Brother
Judge Gives Rouse 80 Years, Wishes It Were More
Demolition in future of mansion with past
CrimeLibrary: The Shotgun Slaying of Bruce and Darlene Rouse

Blood Relatives: Murder Mansion



Offender Name: WILLIAM ROUSE
Offender ID:K50180
Date of Birth:09/26/1964
Age: 49
Race: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Pontiac Correctional Center


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