Deadly Moms: Sun Cha Warhola charged with killing her two children, James and Jean Warhola; Has been deemed incompetent

James and Jean Warhola

Find-A-Grave: James Daniel Warhola
Find-A-Grave: Jean Marie Warhola
Facebook: In Memory of James & Jean Marie Warhola
Layton police investigating deaths of two children
Layton mother charged with murder in deaths of her 2 children
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Layton mother charged in children’s death
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Woman accused of murdering her children in 2010 appears in Davis County courtroom
Layton mom charged with killing her 2 children not competent for trial, judge says


Trial scheduled for 9/7/2021 – 9/17/2021

Age 55
Gender Female
Race Asian / Pacific Islander

Date of Birth Nov 29, 1965
ID Number 399994
Custody Status Date May 07, 2019 08:39 AM MDT
Custody Status In Custody
Custody Detail Davis County Jail
Book Date May 03, 2019 11:19 AM MDT

Davis County Jail
800 West State Street
Farmington, UT 84025
(801) 451-4200

State Statute Court Bail Fine* Type
CRIMINAL HOMICIDE, AGGRAVATED MURDER Farmington District Court $0.00 No Bail
CRIMINAL HOMICIDE, AGGRAVATED MURDER Farmington District Court $0.00 No Bail

13 Responses

  1. I resent the titleof this article. The wife murdered
    her children, not my brother Ken. Parents Gone Wild??? Like a fun fest??? Sun Cha Warhola is charged with murder, not my brother. How dare you use indict my brother responsible for this fraticide. Yours is just a CHEAP, SENSATIONAL
    webpage worthy of my bird cage. God damn you.


    • DB Edwards,

      No where in the title (which includes the CATEGORY of the post) does it ever in any way state your brothers name or even imply that he had anything to do with it. You are truly jumping to conclusions here. I would never have said anything about him since he was NOT invovled.


  2. For clarification, then, change the grossly inappropriate and sensational title (“Parent (S)Gone Wild”) to read ” Mother Takes the life of her own children.” The father has been exonerated of any wrong doing by the Layton, Utah D.A.


    • DB Edwards,

      I have many posts that use the Parents Gone Wild! in the title but it always includes the rest, just as this one does! Did you not notice that it also says: Sun Cha Warhola charged with killing her 2 children; faces the death penalty?? It never once says the fathers name, nor do any tags.


  3. DB Edwards,
    My condolences. Know that my whole family is praying for yours.


  4. I have to agree with DB on this one. Title should be amended to Mother Goes Off the Fu(#ing Deep End! or Crazy Korean Whacko kills her own flesh & blood. It left us residents of Layton reeling just months after the murder of little Ethan Stacey. But as far as this little blog goes: The lack of respect much less sympathy in the Heading- fixed title or not- demonstrates your cynicism to a father’s devastation.

    For what it’s’ worth- I was the bondsman who wrote the bond for Kenneth Warhola in 2007. I clearly remember him telling me that Sun assaulted him. Yet he went to jail. Happens a lot.
    I hope they execute the stupid, smiling for the camera & her lame ass female Korean support group. My sympathies to Kenneth C. Warhola- an innocent father who lost what the rest of us cannot even fathom losing.


  5. Thank you. It shows class to respect those whose lives have been ripped to shreds from the deeds of another.


  6. Thank you Mr. Brannan for your considerate and
    sympathetic remarks. Also, your past service to
    my brother is greatly appreciated.


  7. Gosh – Another sad situation!

    I do not wonder what entered her mind because I know that she was completely disconnected from God. At these moments, a human being become a beast, either with words or swords. I just hope we keep our connection with God open by thanking him for each day, each meal and each day to come. And pray asking not to be lead into temptations, but delivered from evil. The consequences will be very harsh here.


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