Update: Kraft factory shootings *Yvonne Hiller convicted, sentenced to 2 consecutive terms of LWOP*

LaTonya Sharon Brown, 36
Tanya Renee Wilson, 47
Bryant Dalton, 39 (survived)

Breaking News: Shooting at Kraft Foods Facility in Philadelphia, PA *Two dead; shooter in custody*
Find-A-Grave: LaTonya Sharon Brown
Horror in the Workplace
Video: Kraft Foods plant shooting victims remembered
Kraft Foods Shooting Suspect Charged With Murder
Humble hero’s actions likely saved lives at Kraft
Yvonne Hiller Suspect in Kraft Shooting: Two Killed, One Wounded at Philadelphia Plant
Police: Feuds led Pa. woman to shoot colleagues
Slain women at
Kraft rampage typical in some ways, atypical in others
Before Kraft shooting rampage, growing alarm over suspect’s behavior
Brewing for years, rage turned deadly at Kraft building
Woman Convicted of Double Murder In 2010 Kraft Foods Rampage In NE Philadelphia
Philadelphia Kraft Foods plant worker found guilty of killing 2
Worker convicted in Kraft murders
Two Life Terms Plus 10-20 Years For Woman Who Killed Colleagues at Kraft Foods Plant
Murderpedia: Yvonne Hiller
5 years later, no end to loss at old Nabisco plant


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  2. Yvonne Hiller had complained for months if not years about harassment at work. She had complained that she had chemicals being sprayed on her. Ms. Hiller lived by herself.
    She was scared that some of her neighbours might hurt her, and she was also complaining about chemicals and odd smells around her home.

    Ms. Hiller had made several calls to the police, fire department and other agencies for help over the last few years, but her complaints were written off. Some of her neighbours were concerned that she might be having mental health issues.

    On Friday Ms. Hiller was suspended from work, after arguing with two of her co-workers. She was lead from the building. The night before she had told a male friend she could no longer handle the harassment and might hurt her harassers, he had called 9/11. On Friday after being lead out of the building, she went back to her car for her gun, forced her way back into the building. Located the co-workers who had consistently and repeatedly harassed her, and killed two instantly, critically wounding a third.

    To many on the outside this sounds like just another case of a disgruntled co-worker, but to others, this was another case of Gang Stalking. Gang Stalking is the term being used for people who are ending up on these occupational health and safety listings. The listings are causing those around the target to believe the person to be mentally ill, dangerous, and it’s making these individuals targets of co-ordinated harassment efforts.

    These listing cause those around the target that have been notified to act in a frenzied manner, which is then capable of driving the target to acts of violence, such as seen in the recent Kraft Plant Shooting, on September 11, 2010.

    In the book Closing The Gap it examines how these notifications are being used, and several other community shootings that may well have been attributed to these listings.


    What you are not aware of can hurt you. Until the society wakes up and realises that these listings are actually leading to these end results, we could see an increasing number of these incidents.

    The laws in society are not protecting those that are being targeted, instead they are creating inhospitable conditions, that are leading to some of the horrific outcomes that have been seen in cases such as: Damon Thompson, Jiverly Wong, Kimveer Gill, and many others.


    • Please do not come here and basically blame the victims for their murders. Your claims are really unsubstantiated since other co-workers say exactly the opposite of what you have said. There have been many complaints AGAINST Yvonne herself for her attitude and behavior towards others in the factory. She basically terrorized her co-workers for years. They did not deserve this and they were apparently targeted. She was escorted from the facility and they came back and went straight to these victims. They had not done anything towards her.

      It is absolutely insane that you have tried to turn around these situations to make the KILLERS look like the injured parties. They are not innocent. They made conscious choices to kill. They need to take responsibility for their actions.

      Not once in your comments did you show any sympathy or empathy towards the real victims here, you know, those who are now dead and can’t defend themselves. Please do not try to comment again if you cannot do that or if you want to victimize the killers. Not here.


  3. You can read her face that life has been very hard on this woman..its about to get harder..


  4. This is very sad. No winners here. What is even worse, is the fact that people will be furious until justice is served, and after it is, people then can go back to their lives. Momentarily, they will live only for this, as if a heavy weight has been placed over their heads, blocking any movement ahead. Once the veridict comes out, they then, feel released. So many lives will be disturbed by this action. Who’s to blame? I just wish for the people involved, – strength – to carry on this load that is about to come into their lives. God Bless you.


    • Milton,

      Even when justice is served, they will not forget, nor will it be over for the victim’s loved ones. It will stay with them everyday for the rest of their lives.

      Who is to blame? The person who shot and killed or wounded 3 people.


  5. You are so right – Who is to blame? The person who shot and killed or wounded 3 people is correct, but looking at a larger picture, we have no idea what type of gene can be responsible for a humam being to snap to the point of taking a life away. We have no money to do a complete research, and what we know today is the simple pattern that a human being who is able to do cruelty with animals is capable of switching to people. The rest we just guess that they have the evil on them or they are evil by nature. We the people of the world have no idea how complex life can be, and I (my opinion), see that money is responsible for many cruelty as well. See for example today that 90 % of the population is in debt one way or another, and mostly to the banking and credit card industry, who acted upon everyone’s life like a hit man, offering a loan with low rates and changing the rates to a point where you will never be able to re-pay it completely. In other words, we are all slaves of the banking industry who can do whatever they want and be bailled out by all taxpayers. The absense of money into a family destroy relationships, cause greedness and kill the love that once existed. Incompatibility appears when money vanishes, and those who are entangled lose their connection with life. I blame the banking industry. I blame the insurance companies who rack their rates as they want and force everyone to have insurance in their cars. I blame the system we as people see it growing but do nothing about it. With more money in our hands we could seek treatment for those who can easily go off the handle, we can detect evil and treat it before it harms. Money is the matter and we do not have enough today because we get 2% interest on our savings while the bank collects 30% interest to lend money and is free to charge financial charges that can be as high as 65% per year. Imagine a world where we can save our money and lend to the bank the same way as they lend to people, and have a set rate of 10% when you lend to the bank and 14% when you borrow from the bank. This way more money would stay with the people, and we could spend more, create more jobs and spin the economy. But no! We are in a system where the money masters can and will take every penny we own. This is the reason people over-react. This is the reason people are unhappy. No food, no hope, no love, no friends, and we see the end result. I do not blame the person who committed the crime alone, but I know that if we could pay our taxes and have some money to raise our kids, we would be happier, and when people are happy they can ponder and stop some criminal acts. This is what I think. Thanks


  6. Why didn’t her supervised or manager do something about the harassment . If she makes complaints about these women. Was the complaints check out. I think she was push to point that she couldn’t take anymore. People today think harassment and taunt a person is funny and is not. Maybe if the supervisor would have spoken to these women about the harassment and make it clear to stop it or get rid den up ,or suspend for day or something. The whole thing could have been avoided


    • In fact yes, the compliants that were made from Ms. Hiller were checked out and confirmed.

      The underlying issue, is untreated mental illness. Unfortunately, one cannot make a person obtain care for their illness unless, they exhibit the ability to either harm themselves or someone else. This, we owe to the wonderful civil liberty system.

      The unfortunate reality of this, is not only applicable to this case but likewise similar cases – Virginia Poly Tech, Colorado Theatre shooting.

      I’d like to know, how someone with the documented history this woman has regarding bizaare behavior, civil complaints, etc how does this individual obtain legally; a gun?

      That is the how this entire thing could have been avoided!


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