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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Paris Talley murder *microwaved baby case* 8/03/05 Dayton, OH

paris.jpgI cannot express the shock and horror I felt when I heard about this. One-month-old Paris Talley was apparently murdered by being “cooked” in the microwave, allegedly by her own mother, China Arnold. China, of course, denies the charges, which she has now been indicted on. It happened on Aug. 3, 2005. China says she left Paris at home with a babysitter while she went out with Paris’ father, whose name has not been publicity announced, nor has the babysitter’s name. I have seen a news spot on this where the mother was hysterical, but I found it strange, to say the least. It seems a bit over the top. It took so long due to there not being alot of research on humans being microwaved (go figure!), but there were no outward burns, but Paris died from hyperthermia or high body temperature due to thermal injury. Just thinking of microwaving a baby makes me sick. Just because you can give birth does not mean you should become a parent.

Investigators: Month-Old Infant Might Have Died In Microwave
Mother In Microwave Baby Case Has Criminal Past
Dayton Mother Indicted on Murder Charges
Mother accused of microwaving baby to death
Death penalty sought in baby’s microwave death
Death penalty to be sought against mom in baby’s death in microwave
Legal Teams Speak Out On Microwave Baby Death
China Arnold Accused of Microwaving Baby to Death (check out comments too as there are some links)

UPDATE Mother in court

China Arnold


30 Responses


  2. R.I.P Paris Talley

  3. This is really sad things like this should not happen!!!! baby’s deserve to live so they can fufill their dreams just because mothers have lived there lives and want it to b over with doesnt mean they have to kill there own child!!!

    R.I.P. Paris Talley

  4. People like this are stupid. Anyone to murdur a baby should be murderes thier self. Thier are plenty of people in the world who would love to have a baby that cant have one on thier own. Just think of how that baby felt ine the microwave burning up on the inside, with no way out. That women should pay. People like this are the ones pushing me to finish school and get into law just so I can lock mibdless retareds like this up.

  5. Oh My God What Has This World Come To?? Do People In This World Have No Heart?? Poor Helpless baby.

  6. I read a comment on this before that said “someone should put her in an oversized microwave and cooked her” boy is that a true statement. Maybe then she would understand what she did and how sick it was.

    Abby, I agree. There are way too many people out there who cant have children. There are couples out there that would have taken the baby is a heartbeat.

  7. How could you possibly not love your own child? That is the only thing I can think of as to why she would do that, anyone who honestly loves their own child would never do something so sick and twisted as this. My heart breaks every time I read something about someone abusing a child, especially an infant, they have no idea what is going on when these things happen to them. Heartless, that ‘s all these people are. I’m all for the most punishment that can possibly be thrown at these people, but nothing we ever do to them will compare to what they will face when they meet their Maker!

  8. I am sixteen years old and i have a lil baby boy and i don’t understand how someone could do that to someone who has not got to live there life yet. That is very sad. I could never do something like that. I think teens that die don’t even get to live there lives.

  9. “neva” – “othas” what kind of English is that? It should not be spoken here. Also, please be considerate of other people and do not type in all capital letters. It is extremely rude and I will remove comments like that in the future. You want people to have respect for your friend, so you should show it to others and my blog.

  10. wow. i did not know about it till i was going to do a S.S, and L.A project on child abue then my teacher told me about her and i freaked out i mean who would want to kill a human being? well if you can tell me any more. that would reallyhelp me get an A+. thanks

  11. I can’t imagine it and I don’t want to! When i first heard about this I wanted to puke. I mean who would even think of “cooking” their child?! It’s sick and very wrong! China should be cooked in HELL every single day!!! Well I’m done.

    R.I.P. baby Paris

  12. she should be put to death

  13. (the mom)

  14. What if she didn’t do it?

  15. What part of she admitted to doing it do you not understand? She admitted to it she was convicted of it.

  16. This is the first time I have heard of this and it is very sick and disturbing. I have 5 children and 3 grandchildren and we want to have another child. I can not ever imagine even to burn a child with a cigertte let alone put them in a microwave and cook them to death. I think people like this and rapest and stuff should be tied up and let the family and friends take a shot at them for a few days. Then if there is anything left of them let the law have a shot at them. I think that whould put an end to a lot of this criminal stuff. My heart goes out to this family and I hope some how they will beable to find peace in their life and go on with their life until they meet this little girl in heaven and for the woman who done this burn in hell because even that is to good for someone like you.

  17. Yea i was just reading about this, i dont think SHE did it…i think a bad ass kid did it and her ass was to dam drunk to even know what was going on around her…might have been a sibling who knows but she didnt do it…one of them dam kids know who did it…

  18. She might have admitted to doing it to cover for a kid….

  19. Jane,

    You do realize that she has admitted to do this, and more than once, right? She kept saying she didn’t mean to do it. And during the sentencing, they never proclaimed her innocence at all.

  20. This is just heart breaking to hear that someone would actually do this to an innocent baby. It just sad there are places you can drop your baby off with no questions asked so Paris didn’t have to die if the boyfriend didn’t want her or the mother. At least she is sleeping with the angels now and safe unlike when she was in this world.

  21. When I read about this a month old baby Paris was cooked to death in mircowave, which is so horrible and evil. It’s such heartbreaking to think about baby to be happen like that. I hate to think of children to being abused, etc in bad way, which is very cruel. What’s the f**king inside Paris’s mother China’s head when she shoved her own baby daughter in mircowave. Well, China got what she’s deserve – to be jailed for life. God bless Paris, as Paris gone to heaven with angels where the best place for baby like her.

  22. The judge tore her a new one at sentencing. Per the media she had an arguement with her boyfriend regarding little Paris’s paternity. Upset about the boyfriends doubts, China went into her “I’ll show him” tirade and put that sweet baby in the microwave and pressed cook. The judge described this murder as heinous. (of course other things were said, I’m editing) I honestly felt in my heart this was death penality case. Life in prison is too good for China.
    RIP Paris. Here’s a little justice for you sweetheart.

  23. It’s justa wonder to think what Paris was thinking. It’s not even the fact that she felt the whole thing its that someone who she depends on for every single thing that is supposed to love her would even consider doing something like that. I’m 15 and my parents do everything they can to protect me. Sometimes I get tired of it but after reading this i embrass that my parents love me that much. i am sorry that Paris didn’t get that

    RIP Paris
    i love u

  24. […] Paris Talley murder *microwaved baby case* 8/03/05 Dayton, OH … Aug 3, 2005 … Paris Talley murder *microwaved baby case* 8/03/05 Dayton, OH. paris.jpg I cannot express the shock … […]

  25. this fucked up shit im sick of shit like dis. people shouldnt act like dis. dis really make me want to cry. i feel that the mother should serve life. ive been through dis type of stuff plenty of times but nothing like dis .


  26. Just because Terrell is a man whore doesn’t make him a murderer. I know China did it, but were his fingerprints on either Paris, the microwave buttons, the microwave door, or any or all of the above to satisfy the defense who pointed the finger at him?

  27. this are our black queens. killing our children too many cases of this. y’all hear about Carmichael killed 3-year-old Latanisha Carmichael and kept her body in trunk for 20 years* Her momma kill her sad story. black women are so evil pure evil!!!!!

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