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21 Responses

  1. dirty, rotten, evil, slime balled bastard. scott peterson all over again.


  2. Okay – not surprised just disgusted – all you MEN out there – if you are unhappy – just LEAVE!!!!!! Why are so many men killing their pregnant wives?


  3. I just don’t understand how the husband is not cooperating with the police??? The law should be on their side to make him come to the station and talk to the investigators, for hours, if needed. Are they being “nice” to him, waiting for him to really slip up? As for the above question re: husbands killing their wives instead of divorcing – divorce is very expensive and these scums do not want to pay alimony, child support, lose their homes, etc.
    I hope Michelle Young will get her justice very very soon.


  4. I said to my husband – “why is this happening? Why don’t men just leave?” And he had that same response, Anna – they do not want ot pay child support, etc. But look how they pay instead – Cassidy will probably lose her Dad as well as her Mom. It sickens me. I knew Michelle, I grew up with her. She was a very positive person. I just can not believe this happened to her and it saddens me so much because of Cassidy & her unborn baby. And it really makes you think – how well do we really know people at all – these women, these mothers, these wives…killed by the loves of their lives! How? Why? Her family is in agonizing pain, we are all looking for answers.


  5. I would think that if my spouse had been murdered and I was grieving and suffering a terrible loss, then I would have absolutely no problem talking with investigators and trying to help with the investigation. That is, if I had nothing to hide.

    Do we know what this fax was?
    Was she dressed for the day or still in pajamas? Was she killed in her bed?
    If Jason did it, then there is alot more he has been hiding. Was there a relationship with her sister?


  6. Don’t they say the number one cause of death of pregnant women is by murder? Typically, the killer is the husband or boyfriend…..


  7. some men kill wives so there no alimony or child support to pay.


  8. 12-25
    LE are just waiting for all forensics before arresting.
    How in the world does he think he can get away from not talking to
    police? What in the world is his criminal attorney telling him?
    What is his family telling him?
    There is no way he can hide.


  9. Mark my word’s. The writing is on the wall. This Murderer, like most others, is a selfish s.o.b. who thinks of himself and no one else! He also thinks he is smarter than anyone else (POLICE)!! Well I got news for him. HE ISN’T!!! THEY are commin to get ya!!!! Mr. YOUNG!!!!


  10. For Anna: There is a law against police “forcing” people to talk to them. It’s a good thing, which is why we put it in the Constitution.

    Why men don’t leave pregnant partners, but kill them: my guess is nothing as clear-minded as not wanting to pay support, but more likely not having any outlet for confused emotions, finding the thought of the responsibility stressful, and fearing the loss of respect and esteem they (think they?) get from others. Who’s the easiest person to take it out on? The one “causing” the stressful life change.

    Jenna: Yes, here’s one report that murder is the leading cause of death of pregnant women: http://www.now.org/issues/violence/043003pregnant.html
    The article points to a fear of the loss of being of primary importance to the woman, or in the relationship, as another possible reason for violence and murder.


  11. Definitely a Scott Peterson all over again…Lets just hope that the authorities don’t let the wife/baby murderer slip through the cracks like the snake he is. It is quite OBVIOUS ‘who done it’. No forced entry…affair….the discovery of the body….and no cooperation with the police, etc. etc., etc. No need to waste time looking elsewhere! No doubt, we will see Jason Young clad in an orange jumpsuit, hopefully facing the death penalty asap.


  12. There are a lot of unanswered questions. People magazine says the fax he sent was a receipt for a purse he bought for his wife. Well if she was at home, why was he sending the receipt if it was a gift? If she was killed the night before (which it seems, since when she was discovered her body was cold and stiff) hadn’t her husband been in contact with her? Why did he send the sister over there to get a fax before calling his wife? It just doesn’t make sense. if I were him, I would have sent someone over to check on her because I couldn’t get a hold of her. That would make a better story don’t you think? I don’t get it. Whoever did this will pay. Isn’t it a coincidence that she has so many similarities to Laci?


  13. Well, the wife was supposed to be at work and that is why he sent the sister to pick up the reciept for the purse so his wife didn’t see if when she got home from work. I also understand to a point where he is coming from by not talking to authorities, my husband was charged with a crime and found guilty of it several years ago and later the charges were dropped as they discovered the officer investigating was lying. Even officers lie sometimes. Now don’t get me wrong, i am not saying he is innocent, I am just saying that not all the details have been released, so no one but the people investigating have any idea of what happened. I hope whatever happened they find out who did it and why they did it, at least bring justice to that poor little girl who has no mother now.


  14. I 110% agree with everyone that said this is another scott peterson! If these guys want out then just GET OUT! their wives and their families don’t deserve to go through this just because they want to see if the grass is greener on the other side. Sooner or later they will find out that it’s not and then what will they do. The woman that loved them and was carrying their child is dead…and it’s because of them. I can’t believe all of these murders that are happening!


  15. the thing that stands out most to me is the way the murder was committed. young mothers do not get beaten to death in front of their child or children. even the most callous hit men would think twice. either the husband did it or he hired someone to do it. i have 2 kids and right after the first was born we took out life insurance for myself, my wife and my daughter. mr young purchased life insurancethe timing of the life insurance is very suspicious…3 months prior to her death? why then?

    i am a believer in innocent until proven guilty, but who else would want a pregnant mother killed? his actions since the murder are so ridiculously suspicous.


  16. When pregnant women are murdered the killer is almost always the husband, new lover, father of the child or some other guy that wants to be with the pregnant woman. That is actually a criminal justice factoid and not just an opinion.
    I find it very odd that anyone in this day and age is using a fax for confirmation of a simple purse purchase. Whether it was a vintage handbag off of ebay or the latest designer offering from an expensive department store–um–why did he not use email to confirm?? The only time the average person uses a fax machine for a non work related purchase is to buy a home.
    Finally, if you understand how life insurance works you know that companies dont pay immediately–especially if the death is at all not typical. A million dollar policy (I presume term and not whole) is also high for an ordinary woman that does not own a company. Now–even if her income approached or surpassed 100K–it would still be unlikely that she would have a policy of a million. Most people in this country don’t have policies that high since most people are just struggling to pay for college and retirement and dont tend to think about paying anywhere from $15-100 a month for term life insurance.


  17. What are the police doing in regard’s to this poor young woman’s heinous and brutal murder??Why isn’t the media asking the grub of a husband the hard questions.Its all good and well saying “I have the right to remain silent!” What about his wifes rights?? If the husband(Retch) does not have a legal obligation, he sure as hell has a MORAL one!!! COWARD!!!!


  18. I know the husband. The more I hear on this case, the more I understand why those who do not know him would think all fingers point to him. But it also makes me believe moreso that it could not be him. I don’t see him hurting anyone especially not his wife and the mother of his children and his unborn baby. It breaks my heart to think that he could have done this. And also makes me question, all my friendships that I have made and continue to make. Who can we trust? I pray that it was not him. For the sake of his daughter, I want her father to be a good man who can comfort her as she grows to understand more of what happened to her sweet mother.

    As I write, I fight back the tears. What a sad world we live in! A woman is killed and we immediately point to her husband. The man who is supposed to love her most in the world, who is her soulmate, her other half. Marriage is not to be taken lightly…I don’t think that Jason was faithful. I’m honest when I say that. Hell, he even propositioned me once at the beginning of his marriage. I responded with a quick “no, you’re married.” But I still do not see him murdering anyone. He was soooo affectionate with his dog, Mr. Garrison. He was a Resident Assistant (R.A.) at NCSU’s University Towers. He loves NCSU athletics and loves to make people laugh…I don’t know. But let’s all just pray for the best and that people are able to learn from this case.


  19. hmmmmm….
    he propositioned you? He was affectionate with his dog? Please, please, please, People – let’s quit being so naive!!!


  20. Isn’t she lovely?…where are you getting your ideas on the case? The media! Just let the detectives do their jobs and if he is found guilty, then ok, talk about him. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. Look for the good in people…you may call this naive but you do NOT know him.
    I’m just saying I would be VERY surprised if it was him…Like I said before, pray for the best!


  21. I would like to send my deepest sympathy to mrs fisher,michelles mom ,who was my h.s. cheerleading coach.
    I remember all the pool parties and watching michelle and meredith grow up. im truly sorry for your loss and I hope they find who did it soon.not for anything but if her husband did it i personally hope he rots in hell..


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