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18 Responses

  1. I just want to say that this is one disturbing situation! Whoever did this to that poor baby, deserves nothing short of death. I say they should give the baby killer the same painful death that they gave the poor baby. They deserve nothing short of that!


  2. what a horrible situation, if she did it, i agree with the death penalty. but what if she didnt do it?


  3. This mom “lived” in south carolina.
    she had a son, and he was very smart.
    we went to school with him.
    i think he is 14 or 15.
    she was a very nice woman, and I don’t think she did it.
    I think her husband did it.


  4. Any mother should never be this horrible, if she had any intentions on killing the baby before she should have got an abortion or at least gave her up for adoption no child should be punished for your own actions.


  5. I don’t think we are any better off we we treat her as she allegedly treated her child. THis woman is sick with addiction if she can’t remember what happened and is even sicker with deeper issues if she did what they say. It is very distrurbing but so is the comment of putting her in a microwave even though it may seem like a logical reaction.


  6. This is just beyond me. What makes people do these things? I don’t understand.


  7. i think that stupid bitch in the picture did it!!!! and i think she should die because she didnt have to do that. she needs no sympathy at all!!!! that baby didnt deserve it!!


  8. that bitch should get death!!! if she loved her baby why did she do it??? i hope she rots in hell cuz its people like her that need to never have children….she should have given it away or something cuz there people today that cant have kids… why didnt you just pass the kid to someone who will love it you stupid bitch!!!


  9. I think that is she didit she should most certinaly die. I don’t think it should be a painfull death (well, as painless as dealth can be anyway) but she certinaly should have n more years to enjoy on this earth is she has done such a ….. I can’t even describe it! I don’t know if she is guilty or not, that is for the judges to decide, only they have evidence. It’s not good to say someone is guilty if you don’t know so I would shy away from early judgements if I where you.


  10. only god knows who killed an innocent baby. and whoever did it was sick in tha head 😦 R>I>P poor babi


  11. Baby Paris Talley may you rest in Peace. The one who put harm on this little one will be judged in the end.
    What is the matter with all of these people harming and killing our little ones. If you can’t handle the pressure there are places that will take the little ones and keep them safe.
    Stop killing our babies.


  12. Let’s build a adult-sized microwave and put her ass in there. I think that’s only fair.


  13. If she did it, she is most certainly one very disturbed person; when a mother’s own instincts to protect her own child are totally overridden the way hers may have been, you cant really question the reasons (why) like a sane person, because your probably not dealing with a sane person here. Like you say – she could have had the kid adopted, or even aborted (very early) – thats what a sane person wolud have done isn’t it?

    I think people who murder like this should be locked up permanently because they are a permanent danger to society. The death penalty seems to assume that everyone has 100% free choice to be who we want to be (100% of the time), but the more we delve into the workings of the brain, the more we realize we are not all equally stable and capable of free choice.

    I’m not saying they are blamless (of course not), but what I am saying is that if they kill through partial loss of control, and then the state kills them in full control of its self, then who is the worst of the two killers?


  14. Woah, Microwaved a baby, thats a new one, the killer should be tortured, when i say tortured i mean, have a finger nail cut off everyday, then a finger, then toe nails, then toes, ears, then electricute em’



  15. this is disgusting!!!–she makes me sick


  16. now i know why we are all going to die in 2012 if we even make it there, because of people like that, we are the worst thing god has created! he gave us the gift of choice and this is what has become of it!!!!! now im not in the least all mighty or perfect, but that just makes me so sick to my stomace that i wish i was not a human!!!!


  17. That baby was a gift and you should have NEVER done that ! what did she do to you ? And if you didn’t want her you should have put her up for adoption ! And you know what ignore what i said about not wanting her and putting her up for adoption cause you should have wanted her cause FIRST you don’t have s** with someone when you know you’ll get pregnant !!! plus GOD gave you a choice and i don’t think you made the right one ! I don’t think anyone thinks you made the right choice ! and if I did that —- What am i saying I’d NEVER do that cause that was wrong and it doesn’t matter how bad you feel or how much you know it’s wrong you ALREADY did it and CAN’T take it back at all ! Life is something VERY special and you took away hers ! Alot of people would die to protect their babies Not kill there babies ! when you do something you NEED to think about what you’re gonna do ! And i hope you regret what you did ! and let’s hope god forgives you too . that baby deserved better than you ! I know that i don’t know very much about babies but i LOVE then very much !


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