Serial Killers: Briley Brothers 1979 Rampage *11 dead during their killing spree*

remembering the victims

Orline Christian, 57 [1/28/1971 – Linwood Briley]
William Bucher [3/12/1979] survived
Virginia Bucher [3/12/1979] survived
Michael McDufie [3/21/1979]
Mary Gowen [4/9/1979]
Christopher Phillips, 17 [7/4/1979]
John Gallaher [7/9/1979]
Mary Wilfong, 62 [9/30/1979]
Blanche Page, 79 [10/5/1979]
Charles Garner, 59 [10/5/1979]
Harvey Wilkerson [10/19/1979]
Judy Diane Barton, 23 [10/19/1979]
Harvey Wayne Barton, 5 [10/19/1979]

Joint Police Effort Leads to 4 Slaying Arrests
Brothers, teen-ager face charges in 3 slayings
Briley brother found guilty, gets 5 life sentences in killings
Briley Brothers: Captured and condemned (video)
Town in fear of escaped killers
Only the Briley brothers remain at large
Briley brothers captured
Briley brothers tell nun they have children
Appeals, Prison Uprising Fail To Block Briley’s Execution
Second Briley brother executed
James Briley Executed In Virginia Electric Chair
Escape From Death Row: The Briley Brothers
Rampage: The Briley brothers terrorized Richmond area
Jailbreak: Briley brothers busted out of death row
Murderpedia: Linwood Earl Briley
Murderpedia: James Dyral Briley
Briley Brothers
I Survived An Encounter With The Briley Brothers
Officials seek release for Briley brothers accomplice
Duncan Meekins, Briley Brothers Gang Member, Denied Parole in Virginia
Former Talk Show Host Weds Killer : Bride Wore White, Groom Prison Blue
Wounds Deep 10 Years After Nation’s Largest Death Row Escape
Anthony Briley denied parole 12/13/2013
Briley gang member Duncan Meekins denied parole

Twisted: The Blood Brothers

Linwood and James Briley

Linwood Earl Briley – convicted, sentenced to death (executed 10/12/1984)
James Dyral Briley, Jr – convicted, sentenced to death (executed 4/18/1984)
Anthony Ray Briley – convicted, sentenced to life in prison plus 139 years(parole eligible)
Duncan Eric Meekins – pled guilty, sentenced to life plus 100 years (turned state’s evidence)


Offender ID Number: 1015001
Offender Name: Anthony Ray Briley
Gender: Male
Race: Black
VADOC Release Date: Single Life Sentence
Location: Powhatan Correctional Center
3600 Woods Way
State Farm, VA 23160
(804) 598-4251


Duncan Eric Meekins
Duncan Eric Meekins

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  1. born to kill briley brothers. youtube documentary

  2. Let him rot in jail.

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