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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Update: Nicholas Markowitz murder *Updates on those convicted*

        Nicholas Markowitz

News Archive: Nicholas Markowitz murder
In Memory of Nicholas (website done by his parents)
Jesse James Hollywood
Many knew of teen kidnapping but failed to call the police
Hollywood v. Superior Court (People)
Deputy DA removed from Jesse James Hollywood murder case
The real story behind ‘Alpha Dog’
Infamous West Valley murder comes to big screen
Court clears ‘Alpha Dog’ for Friday premiere
Wanted Poster
Wikipedia: Murder of Nicholas Markowitz
Wikipedia: Jesse James Hollywood
Wikipedia: Jesse Rugge
Wikipedia: Ryan Hoyt
Man Convicted of Kidnapping in ‘Alpha Dog’ Murder Case Granted Parole
Kidnapping convict in Jesse James Hollywood case paroled

The many faces of Jesse James Hollywood

the other defendants

Alpha Dog

Who’s who from the movie:

Zack Mazursky — Nick Markowitz – (Anton Yelchin) victim
Jake Mazursky — Ben Markowitz – (Ben Foster) brother, appears to have cleaned up his life, living day to day
Johnny Truelove — Jesse James Hollywood – (Emile Hirsch) convicted, sentenced to LWOP
Frankie Ballenbacher — Jesse Rugge – (Justin Timberlake) life with parole – paroled 10/22/2013
Elvis Schmidt — Ryan Hoyt – (Shawn Hatosy) gunman, received death penalty
Keith Stratten — Graham Pressley – (Chris Marquette) sentenced as a youth, incarcerated until age 25
Tiko Martinez — William Skidmore – (Fernando Vargas) 9 years with parole

Come and discuss this case (and many others) at my new discussion forum: Discussion Forum


267 Responses

  1. Jesse james hollywood and his friends are a bunch of big fucking losers!I hope i never see them in my face….that poor kid Nicholas …imagine what his final minutes ,his final toughts…..i hope everyone who participate in this crime will burn in hell.And they deserve it ,they could of saved his life but no they were too scared yeah well sorry but i just went and saw the movie and it just breaks my heart…REST IN PEACE NICHOLAS.

  2. I live in West Hills. I have two boys who attended El Camino Real High School at around the same time Nicholas would have been attending there. It absolutely breaks my heart to know that the parents of Nicholas’ killers never
    instilled in their children compassion; failed to teach them right from wrong. It saddens me that this lovely community created monsters such as those that killed this sweet and innocent child. I pray for his mother and father. I cannot even imagine the pain that they have experienced.

  3. Very sad sad story. I makes me cry even thinking of that scene in that movie. Those pricks need all the worst coming to them that they can possibly imagine. Lets just say if it was one of there relatives how would they feel? Its a disturbing and very sad movie.

  4. yes its very sad at first when i heard about the movie i was trill to go watch it cause of justin timberlake but as the movie went on it made me start thinking and once nicholas started crying for them not to kill him it made me cry. Why would someone do that. Thats messed up he didn’t have nothing to do with jesse james hollywood drug problems. Those guys have it coming their stupid and they should also lock up jesse jame new girlfriend she was probably hiding him the hold time . Nicholas parents i’m sorry about your son i don’t know what i would if that happen to one 0f my relatives but hes in a better place now. REST IN PEACE

  5. okay i recently saw the movie “alpha dog” and it made me cry so hard…..
    and at the time i didnt even know that it was based on a true story!what jesse james and his crew did was the most horrific thing, to know that a human being is capable of doing such a thing to an innocent child just terrifies me.
    i think that all of his little friends are streight up bitches, and i think jesse james is a wannabe tough guy that had a poor kid murdered and then fled the country like a faggot. anyone that was involved in the crime no matter what their excuse is they should have notified the police and because they didnt poor nick was killed and they should not be able to live knowing that they all somehow helped jesse james kill innocent nick

    • Nick mother should and brother should be in jail when I was 15 my mom didn’t treat me as a friend I was a young man but I was smart young man for this boy to party with his kidnappers and have sexual relationship how sheltered all these kids seem to be that’s the scary part this kid was well travelled an learned I cant imagine me doing drugs an making my lil brother suffer all the shit i do coward ad hell

  6. i’m from france and i saw the last week the film alpha dog it’s the first time that i heard about this story i just do some research on the net to know more about this story! i’m choked… because here in france we don’t have kind of story..
    anyway i’m sorry for all nick’s friends..


  7. I’d too just seen the movie and to believe we’ve cheapened life so much that some one feels “[only killing some one is nothing]” is deeply saddening. We must always fight the good fight and to be persistant in our endevours to teach all the importance of life. Their end is no such end, but death. I’ve no such words of warrant, but to convey the most difficult thing in my life was to endure those final scenes.

  8. I just saw the movie and i could not hold back the tears. You see, i’m a 25 year old mother of a 3-year old boy, and the big sister to a 15-year old young man. It really touched me because my brother looks exactly like Nicholas and they are also alike in sooo many ways. It made me fear for the future of these kids. Sad to say, horrible things happen in the world everyday and it pains me to think, what else the future holds for us. I will pray for Nicholas’ family. I don’t know what it is to loose a son, nor would i want to experience that pain. I am deeply sorry for their loss and i pray that the people involved, will suffer everyday of their lives. Don’t forget, Jesus sees everything and he will take care of them when the time is right.Rest In Peace Nicholas.

  9. After some curiosity I watched alpha dog and it was pretty fuckin sad. I mean we watch movies all the time where innocent people die but the director conveyed the emotion so well that I nearly cried. It breaks my heart to think of what actually went on, on that hill top and if that soulless murderer really killed him just because he wanted some respect, because that’s no way to gain it. To think that a young man was killed because of a matter of money. No amount of money is worth a human life, not $1,200, not $1,000,000,000. I sincerely hope all of those douche bags get their asshole’s raped inside out it’s no less then they deserve. All I can say is peace be with nick and his surviving family sooner or later everybody gets justice whether in this life or the next -with much sorrow mossi

  10. I had read and done research on this case before I saw the movie. I wanted to read the facts as they were before I saw a movie that is peppered with untruths. When I saw Alpha Dog and saw Nicks mom after he had been murdered, I cried so hard. I do not have children, though I hope that when I do my life does not mimick that of this poor womans. She gave her entire world and life to this boy. In the movie she had stated that if God has a purpose for her he better get down here and tell her what it is…..Your purpose is to live your life and take care of yourself. Your son loved you to pieces and you know he is looking down and wishes that those days were different. Life is not the way we want it and I do not know anyones who is, but I do know that Nicks mom is living in hell on earth. I’m so sorry for your loss, you deserve and Nick deserved better. My sympathies are with you and your family every day.

  11. Hey Guys. I’m watching the movie right now as is my dad and sister. I did some research on the internet didnt take me long to figure out his real name and stuff. And his parents real name. I just went to the Jesse James Hollywood article on wikipedia. Found Nick’s name there. Nick has a memorial at You can leave a flower and note there for those who are no longer with us.
    God be with you Nicholas, your in good hands


  12. i think this is a very sad sorry and im sorry for “the stolen boy”s parents.but i dont get it that these thing only happen in the united states.why does this country produce so many fucked up people.This not happened because the guy was named jesse james the famous bank robber.If he wasnt living in the states pobably woudnt hurt anybody if his name was adolf hitler.think about that fellow americans and say goodbye say goodbye to hollywood…

    • No wonder all good americans feel like shit after seeing the movie .As you are all to blame .What crap u install in your childrens core beliefs .Yeah real weak plastic gangsters .In our country its different

  13. I just watched the movie last night with my boyfriend. I had no clue what was the movie about until I heard it was a true criminal story that happened a few years ago. I just do not understand how people are now days. The meaning from right or wrong. The boys new it was wrong, they new they would probably go to jail. They even liked hanging out with the kid and still shot him. That is very sad, and I am glad these guys are in jail. But I think not only the killer, Ryan, should have gotten death, I think Hollywood should have gotten that as well. I do not understand how the leader of the gang could just have said go jump off a bridge, and do you think in the killers right mind he would do so? Why shoot an innocent young man, that has no fault in there relationship with the brothers responsibilities of his own actions. It makes me sick how people think!! I certainly cannot imagine how the family feels. I will definetly pray for them. …

  14. This horrible crime is nothing but a byproduct of modern society. This sort of thing happens ALL THE TIME! Human beings have reduced the sacredness of life to some monetary sum. (what was it, $1,200 ????) Alpha Dog is a powerful movie, especially because it actually happened. You have to realize that none of this would have happened if our society didn’t constantly glorify violence, dominance, materialism, drugs, money and selfishness.. “I was scared to go to jail” one of them said…… It makes me angry

    wake up and smell the decay

  15. I just watched this movie last night until 2am in the morning. I could not sleep after seeing it. I was so tourn apart. This kids birthday was weeks away and this happened because his brother made the wrong life decisions. I am a mom of 2 boys, I can’t imagine how Susan Markowitz must have felt when this was all going on. Did anyone read her poems? They are so sad. Go here

    RIP Nicholas Markowitz



  17. My heart and prayers go out to Susan Markowitz, as a mother so close to her child too, I have been devastated at the very thought of never seeing my son again. I pray that you find the strength you need to carry on. I have cried for weeks and I cannot even phatom the depth of such wounds. My god, 15 years old…….it’s just amazing to me that of 30+ people, no one, not one person called the police! Nick Markowitz………I am so sorry that you will never see this world again and Susan Markowitz, I pray that you survive this life and somehow find a way to deal with your loss. You are already much stronger than I.

  18. I saw the movie for the first time last night and I have not stopped thinking about it. I can’t believe anybody could do such a henious thing. If the movie is as true to real life as it conveys, at least Nick’s final days were fun and that he was living life to the fullest. It was just so sad to see such a young life lost. Nick’s family will be in my thoughts and paryers. With everyone who sees this movie Nick’s memory lives on.

  19. I recently saw this movie for the first also and i can’t get the story off of my mind. I’d never every felt the way i did when i watched it. It was the worest feeling in the pit of my stomach I’m praying for the family and i wish there was a way that i could write them a letter letting them know that they are in my prayers and thoughts daily. I check the web weekly to see if there have been any updates.

  20. I am appalled at Hollywood and his gang, but Nicholas’ brother bears some responsibility if putting his family in harms way. Hollywood was a drug dealer. Does he think he plays by the rules? I also question how and why Hollywood knew who Nicholas was. I think the older brother should join the rest of these idiots on prison, and I hope evey morning he wakes up and realizes he is as responsible for his brothers death as Hollywood is. Neither pulled the trigger, but killed him to prove whose dick was bigger.

  21. ryan hoyt and jesse james and every other son of a b%$#@ involved in the murder of Nicholas Markowitz desrves the worst. I wish nothing but pain and suffering upon them until their last breathing seconds. The deserved to be beaten, raped and abused to the maximum capacity in prison. Dying should look like heaven to them. Burn in hell, all of you.

  22. I’m from Brazil and i don’t speak english.
    Bom, para quem entender, eu realmente fiquei muito triste ao ver que uma vida tão jovem foi ceifada. Cresci em um morro no Rio de Janeiro e vi vários jovens serem mortos na mesma idade do Nicholas e a cada morte meu coração chorava. Seus pais estarão em minhas orações e graças a Deus o filho da p%$#@ do Jesse foi preso. Que todos fiquem até o fim de suas vidas na cadeia.

  23. My brothers and I all watche Alpha Dog last night. I was shocked and in disbelief when my brother told me that the movie was based on a true story. I am glad that they were all sentenced, but I was saddended that it was not more severe. All of those boys deserve a fate worse than death, and I hope that in Hell they all find it. Jesse James you are a fucking coward that preyed on the fears of others to do things that you were not man enough to do. I hope the rest of your existence is a terribly painful experience!

    I hope you rest in peace Nicholas!

  24. I just finished watching the movie alpha dog about 2 hours ago and had no idea that this was based on acutal events. I just wanted to see if Justin Timberlake was a good actor or not. then when the movie was over i was schocked. i mean i thought that ending was gonna be he gets to go home and that be that. i am shocked that NO ONE did anything to help him even though they all knew! I cannot imagine what he went through those last few minutes of his life precious life. at only 15 years of age he had so much to live for. so much. gosh….so sad. it is a terrible trajedy that could should not have happened. that movie made my heart heavy with saddness. i don’t know what i would do if that were to happen to one of my children. my heart goes out the family of Nicholas Markowitz.

    May your Rest In Peace Nicholas….

  25. The guys who carried out this murder are a bunch of f**kin pussies!! I don’t care how old you are…Stand up for what you believe, don’t just follow what your so called friends say!

  26. I just got finished watching the movie about 15 minutes ago, ran and looked all this up before the credits even rolled, crying like hell right now. I’m Navy out in Guam I have 2 brothers 18 and 16 back home and a 5 year old sister, I worry every day my brothers are gonna get into some shit and I’m not there to help them and then I see this and I worry more. The world is cold, there’s 1000 horrible bastards out there for every 1 good person and the fact that this prick Hollywood damn near got away with this shit, why didn’t they catch him before he left US soil??? They should have known right off the bat he would run, he should have never gotten THAT far in the first place. And not to throw dirt in his brother’s face but if his brother had been friends with him, he should’ve known exactly where to look and Nick never should have died… I don’t know what else to say, this shit just breaks my heart…

    RIP Nick

  27. i just saw the movie for the first time and it broke my heart that that innocent kid died.

  28. This is so sad. It’s like how horrible can this world come to. I live in a terrible part of NY and it’s like i see stuff like this everyday with the drugs and the stupid stuff that people get into. Anyways. I just sorry that this had to happen like this. My friend was killed in a car accident and he was into the drug dealing and as he laid dead, 3 guys robbed his wallet and all that was left in the wreck. So pray for everyone who goes through this because we all deserve love and compassion.

  29. Hi i watched ‘alpha dog’ last night. i didn’t know anything about the film or that it is a true story. i thought it was unrealistic and bad acting then ending really disturbed me, i was shocked to read at the end that it was a true story. No words seem enough to describe how sickened i am by what they did to Nicholas Markowitz.

  30. I just saw this movie today. Wow! This is so horrible. It was a very sad movie. Things like this happen a whole lot. I know that Nicholas is resting in peace with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The punishment that those guys got by the law was not enough and it never will be in cases like this because it does not bring the inoccent victims back, but I know in my heart that they will recieve their punishment when Judgment Day comes from the Lord up above. I know that it is the worst thing that can happen to a mother being a mother myself. I will keep Nichola’s parents in my prayers and hope that they will find out that what those murderers did to this inoccent boy will not be overseen by the Lord and they will get real justice when HE comes! Well Rest In Peace Nicholas! And GOD BLESS EVERYONE OF YOU WHO READS THIS!

  31. I saw this moive last night and I thout that zach:nick,got killed and I think its verry said for his family and I hope they never have to go threw that ever a again

  32. i watched the movie and i read all about this and i cannot believe how these people can do this. i feel really bad they honestly played this kid and made him think everything was ok and in the end they took his life out of being scared. they should of returned him home and took what was comming to them


  34. I havent watched the movie.. I dont know if I can… I hope he is resting peacefully and pray that his family will be able to move past this one day…… If that is even possible….

  35. When did the movie come out?

  36. I watched the movie tonight and it broke my heart.. How could this happen? How could so many teenager just sit there and say nothing? He was abducted for god sake, that should have been enough right there to make you say hey I better call the police and tell them what is going on and do it. I hope Jesse James Hollywood gets the death penalty.. I use to think that it wasnt up to me to decide who live and who dies but to watch this movie has changed my idea on the death penalty

  37. Dear Markowitz family,

    hey im andrew 18 years old and im really sorry to hear, ive seen the movie alpha dog and im now doing research and im sad knowing bout this situation being true!. i feel really sorry for the Markowitz family.nicolas a bro who died young really young and unfair. noone ever has respect for noone drug and gang relations just get worse n bigger that the law cant do everything but atleast the best of what they can. the thing is that jesse hollywood is a stupid and really immature prick, guilty would be my words right off the bat out of my mouth. and to the parents of nicolas im really sorry to hear cause it broke my heart seeing what happened…just seeing but just imagine if i was really there it would be reckless. im a person with a heart i dont know the Markowitz family but now i know of them and thanks to the fbi finding that jerk……god bless you guys…..r.i.p Nicolas Markowitz……..and to the other people who showed their thoughts and feelings on this blog thanks i didnt know if i was the only one……….take care everyone.

  38. Hey, i just saw the movie last night, and i was horrified. I’m a 27 y/o that lives in brooklyn new york, ‘ive seen all aspects of the drug world.. and let me tell you,,these kids were some faggot ass punks that i would have loved to get my hands on. They were blind in all ways,,, they thought they could pull it off, and then to kill a poor innocent kid, over what??? 1200 bucks, people are so blind to see how much a life is worth????? and to think ,,oh my goddd,,,what that poor kid was thinking as he was getting taped up, getting ready to not only die, but be F@ck!ng killed,,massacered basically by these kids. And they way it was done, tough guys a defenseless 15 year old… the kid probably did trust them noo right up till the end… a naive 15 year old, sure i was one once too, i woulda smoked some weed n chilled out too,,, n then to have that end given to me, when all i did was trust you…..and beliueve in you tho i didnt really know you…. it basically sums up where our human race is eventually heading towards. People ahve become animals… i swear to my mother if i was that kid Rugge i would have had a gun in my back pocket and i would have killed the kid ryan , on the hill…even if he was my friend , i know whats right and whats wrong… my friend would have had to die that night by my hands becuase no way a 15 year old is getting it like that. It shows you how much of pussi@s these kids were, no balls not even for what they knew was right. Thats whats makes us human man the abilty to see whats right whats wrong and what to choose and why,,,they werent human they werent men they were faggots. My thoughts n Prayers go out to that kid Nick, beacuase im a “thinking” person, my mind doesnt stop moving, and my mind was going nuts watching the dn of theat movie, i put myself in his shoes…..and goddd have mercy on what he was going trough in his final minutes,, and to his mother she needs gods help and stregnth becuase her life was over that horrible night.

  39. I saw the movie “AlphaDog”. It was chilling in so many ways. What had happen to Nick was despicable beyond repair. Jesse James Hollywood is a very charasmatically cultish individual on a par with Charles Manson. They both preyed on impressionable weak minded insecure youth and got them to perform ghoulish deeds. What angers me is that there were so many witnesses who saw this kidnapping unfold and didn’t do a damn thing until it was too late. I hope that the guilt eats these people alive who by their cowardly actions chose not to stop this atrocity. I pray for justice for the survivors of their beloved son. My message is that people must learn to think for themselves and not think in terms of groupthink. Those lost souls who didn’t trust their own minds and chose to follow their psychopathic hero are paying a horrible price. As well as they should. “The devil made me do it defense” doesn’t wash with me. Aren’t we responsible for our own actions? With love to the Family of Nick and to his loving memory.

  40. salve o appena rivisto il film x la 2 volta in 1 giorno sono rimasto una merda,si puo arrivare ad uccidere un ragazzo adolescente cosi a sangue freddo ciao un ragazzo italiano

  41. after seeing the movie “Alpha Dog” tonight, ive been thinking about it nonstop..i cant help but feel so horrified about prayers go out to the parents of Nick Markowitz..he was so innnocent..and the boy who played his role in the movie damn well sure helped make me feel this the end of the movie when he realized that they were going to kill him, and he was calling for frankie to help him, i felt sad, hurt, angered, disturbed, confused..this boy had done nothing wrong to deserve this..he was just so young, and just wanted to go home..but hes in a better place now, and God will rest his soul..

  42. I watched this movie last night july 2nd,07. I work at a high school and to think that there are kids everwhere that are 1 decision away from being that scared to do something that stupid that would change their lives forever! That’s why we all have to think long and hard about the decisions we make today, could change our lives tomorrow! I am deeply sorrowful for his mom and dad. I have 2 sons and 2 daughters, and allthough some times they drive me crazy and I thank God and pray for them everyday. This truly saddens me, and as a christian woman it also reminds me of how many more kids we need to reach, that are lost and turned out. Christians out there I’m hoollerin at ya, we got WORK to DO!!!!!!! God Bless !ps.pray for somebody today,and RIP.Nicholas!

  43. I watched this movie last night july 1st,07. I work at a high school and to think that there are kids everwhere that are 1 decision away from being that scared to do something that stupid that would change their lives forever! That’s why we all have to think long and hard about the decisions we make today, could change our lives tomorrow! I am deeply sorrowful for his mom and dad. I have 2 sons and 2 daughters, and allthough some times they drive me crazy and I thank God and pray for them everyday. This truly saddens me, and as a christian woman it also reminds me of how many more kids we need to reach, that are lost and turned out. Christians out there I’m hoollerin at ya, we got WORK to DO!!!!!!! God Bless !ps.pray for somebody today,and RIP.Nicholas!

  44. Ya the movie is sab but, its all part of the drug game, that guy owed him money so he kidnapped his bro, I feel for the family but I personaly put all the fault on the older brother. if you think about it, shit like this happens all the time,
    It’s all part of the drug game, so deal with it

  45. I have just watched the movie. The ending seems so surreal. He was having funand at the time enjoying himself, and it hurt to watch him begg for his life.

  46. All drug dealers need to be shot. They are murderers too they just go about it a different way. They go for the slow death. Get em hooked so they keep buying and then eventually the body cant handle it anymore.

  47. dumba$$ movie…turned it off half way and thought it was terrible. Maybe because I’m a 35 year old male high on life rather than drugs. Just more glamorfied visions of youth wastoids. Typical kids movie..drugs.. sex.. more drugs yadda yadda boring. All the teenieboppers and dudes (WTF??) crying on this blog..buck up and grow a pair.
    No wonder America is falling way behind in education with more portrayals of losers, meanwhile other countries are more focused for life’s priorities and goals.
    First off the victim was too happy with the sex and drugs, and could’ve escaped multiple times if he wanted to.
    Second, the killers probably didn’t know what the hell they were doing when the trigger was pulled because..oh yea they were probably stoned.
    The biggest shock to me was a cast involving Bruce Willis and Sharon Stone. Damn they must’ve been paid a lot to star in this trash. If I want to see immature losers all I need to do is look out my window and see the gutter waste next door throwing their usual parties and fighting in the street. Funny thing is when all the hot girlfriends are in their 40’s they’ll look back and think what major losers they dated. Oh well, ya’ll can go back to the usual blazing up and drinking now kiddies to be cool.

  48. u see…..the US is indeed behind in education…and people do make mistakes like these but this kind of errors do not occur because of school systems or anything like that… occurs because of the poor education you get at home. I am 17….and i don`t live in the US, but i`ve spent there one year… and I can see the diffrence. Parents there either let theyr kids do whatever they want or hold them under their wing until they are 40. i just saw the movie…10 min ago….and let me tell you that if my mom would have found a bong smelling like weed she wouldn`t have let me go upstairs change she would smack teh crap out of me.
    —but talking about the killers….u need to be sick to do that….that had nothing to do with anything but their twisted minds. America it`s a strong country and I wish you all the best but you`re country is starting to fall…..and you know what they say….a strong empire only falls when it`s eaten by teh inside out.
    all the best to teh family of nick and i hope you can find peace. Don`t worry he`s probably in a better place now

  49. i just watched the movie,nothing suprizes me anymore ,these guys were imitating stuff that goes on in america everyday,that gangsta mentality and its happening all round the world too,not only gangs come from poor nieghbourhoods now you see them come from suburbian middleclass white neighbourhoods,everyone wants to be a gangsta .we humans are a violent species and give a man a gun then watch out ,ban guns and you will still have problems but less problems!

  50. Just watched the movie on video. Dug it! Really cool movie. I also read other comments on the movie on this sight. Whats up with all the comments on american youth? Especially coming from people that dont live in this country? To all the people who want to down grade American Youth…….You will more than likely be facing the American youth one day in your own country bailing you out of some tathered jacked up country you live in. Great movie…I enjoyed it.

  51. You’re right that’s reality. Things like this happens everyday everywhere. Ok in this case they turned it in to something huge (because of the media and JJH age back then) but wake up! Worse things you never heard of or saw a movie being made of happens. In the time your reading this they killed at least 4 persons somewhere. What happened is sad, true. But I’m against lethal injection ALLWAYS!!

  52. i saw the movie yesterday and it broke my heart.I cried so hard cause it was just so fucked up.Hollywood’s gang just followed everything he told them to do.they all thought they were so tough but scared like little bitches to go to jail.even in the movie when the lawyer told him it may be only 2 years he still said just really pisses me off.

    rest in peace Nicholas Markowitz

  53. I just watched the film and still have knots in my stomach, spent the last hour on the net trying to figure out what came of all of this. I have a two year old son and my heart goes out to Mrs. Markowitz…that poor innocent CHILD caught up, in a world that would intrigue anyone of that age, blinded by it. If these teenagers only knew what I know, what Nick’s mother knew this lifestyle would not be glorified AT ALL, he would have run home when given the chance….it’s soooo frustrating, I’m heartbroken. I can’t stop thinking about him pleading for his life and Jesse taping him up, instead of going with his gut, and stopping the immaturity that went along with such a tragedy. Makes me want to lock my son in my house under my wing, forever, but it is impossible. Rest in Peace to Nick

  54. Sure.. Drug dealers get killed every day, because it’s a life they chose. A 15 year old boy, who was being 15 years old, died at the mercy of a piece of crap. Sure, he had plenty of chances to run. Had he known he was going to get 9 bullets in him, he would of ran. So to all of you idiots that respond with “Yeah, it’s American Youth” or “It’s part of the drug game, get over it” Up yours!! You get over it. This movie ripped my heart out. I have two children, one named Zach, and I can’t even imagine what Nick’s parents have/are going through. That last scene with Zach, you can see and feel the fear in his eyes coming through the TV. It will stay with me forever. My prayers to Mr. & Mrs. Markowitz. Nick – when ever I get there, let’s talk. Rest in Peace Lil Bro…

  55. WOW. What a movie. What in the hell is this world coming to? It breaks my heart that this is a true story. The fact that these kids thought they were so hard and so cool when in reality they were nothing but a bunch of fake ass pussies playing gangster who were so brainwashed and controlled by an even bigger pussy makes me sick. Didnt anyone of these kids have a brain or even a heart to step up and stop this horrific murder?? The fact that they all hung out with this kind, sweet, and fun loving, kid. Befriended him, and got to know him on a personnal level then to just turn around and allow him to get killed in cold blood is unbelievabe. In my book Everyone of those punks pulled the trigger that night and are as equally responsible. Karmas a bitch! What goes around comes around. All these heartless fake “wannabees” will get what they deserve one way or another. I hope they all burn in hell. I especially feel for nicks parents and family and his “real” friends who all had to indure this senseless act! My prayers to Mr. and Mrs. Markowitz & family. REST IN PEACE NICK MARKOWITZ, YOUR TRUELLY MISSED AND LOVED BY ALL WHO KNEW YOU AND BY ALL WHO WATCHED THIS MOVIE. EVEN ME!!

  56. theyve all only started their punishment and deaths only the start they got hell next!!!!

  57. On my 33thd birthday, three days ago, I decided to go to the movies with a friend because the last time I did that it was 2001.
    I chose Alpha Dog, because I read it was based on true characters. I knew it had something to do with drugdealers and that Justin Timberlake starred in it, thatswhy I made the decision to go. I thought it was going to be like an action movie.

    After I saw the movie and we got out of the theatre, I felt miserable and depressed. I never could imagine that the movie would have an impact on me like that. I never knew that I could feel so much pain for people I don’t even know, but I do. I dont know if the victims parents are reading this, but if you do, I want you to know that my heart goes out to all of you and I also want you to know that, the more you pray for your child whose now in heaven, the more he’ll be at rest, looking down on you in peace as your guardian angel.

    I suggest all readers who have a hard time after seeing the movie, to say a prayer for Nicholas. It helps a little.

    Love from Tanya from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  58. i jus wanted 2 say rest in peace little man were always thinkin of you

  59. hope those creeps suffer for what they did

  60. all i have to say about jesse n his crew is that they are a bunch of bitch ass wanabes bein n x ganga member.
    none of this shit is excepted but all those bitches r in prison now being what they allways were some one’s bitch.

  61. watched it for the second time, and it’s just as bad knowing as it was not knowing the outcome the first time. you forget every now and again, whats going to happen, but it doesn’t take long to be reminded. If you don’t feel something after seeing that movie, you have no soul! I wonder ( depending on how much is true) why nick didn’t use his martial arts skills he showed off on j.t., to f–k that kid up! I guess it’s easy to sit here and say that, but i would imagine it’s a little different being there in that situation. Sometimes tragedy is a part of life, theres no controlling it, and sometimes you get the short end. Time never really heals, so live at least one day for nick!!

  62. ya its a really gud movie,very sad, i honestly tink all da sentences were to high,this movie is great as it makes u empatise wit all da carectors but i guess ders no point dewling on this movie or this case as dat sort of shit is happening all over da world…mabey des movie will help people learn.

  63. “aoife,” you are an idiot if you think the sentences are too high. You must be a thug wannabe like these idiot punks. Also, quit smoking so much weed, go back to school and learn to spell, you loser.

  64. hi there, im from south africa and just finished watching the film. like lots before me researched some more. nothing any one says can make it better or bring your son back. my prayers and thoughts goes out to you and your family…

  65. Man I was so not prepared for what I saw in this movie I mean I was sad and angry all at the same time I mean the way he pleaded with them just got to me and the way they killed him was barbaric and cruel and these guys deserve absolutly no mercy I hope when Jesse Jame’s trial comes up that his sentence is just as harsh as they treated Nick. Nick rest in peace buddy you didnt deserve any of this I hope someday that your family finds peace in their hearts.

  66. i scene the movie alpha and it was real touching to me. i think johnny truelove or jesse james hollywood or whateva you wannw call your self is a real dum person. i wish i was his judge or his jail house room mate, i would show him a good ass lession. and to nicks mom im so sorry for you i hope you get well real soon. i want you to be able and look at the punks die. in front of your face. i do feel as if the movie is so true i feel as if franky deserve time but not that much. ben i pray for you and your mom this is an touching movie. to me and alot of my friends i showed it to. nick may you rest in peace im crying right now but may you rst in peace justice would be serve and if not your big brother ben would take care of it and i will help if need so. good bless yall whole famile jesse what ever you wanna call your self i hope you burn in hell. you make the devil wanna have a heart you lil punk

  67. I just watched that movie last night, not realizing it was a true story that occurred in Calif. I cried and I wish that that lawyer should have explained more, like if murdering carries a death penalty, so better returning that boy back and better off facing kidnapping charges rather than facing murder charges. I was like, “oh, no, wait, wait !!!! Don’t hang up the phone !!!” I wish somebody should have explained to him, murdering is worse off than kidnapping. I couldn’t believe they went ahead with killing him off like that. It broke my heart. At that moment, it was very important to stop and to think. Ask for second and third opinions. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. It was too surreal. I had to check up on internet and I was totally shocked that the movie came from a true crime story based on Jesse James Hollywood case.
    I felt so sorry for Nick and everyone involved. What a tragedy. May Nick rest in peace.

  68. i had just watched the movie(all the way in south africa). It was the type of life story that makes me think about it for days on end.Its been 4days and i still cant stop thinking about it.My deepest sympathies go out to Nicks parents.I aslo sympathise deeply with Ben, and the way he must be feeling right now, and possibly for the rest of his life. It was a story that horribly went wrong. How do authorities in the states not find something odd or peculiar with a nineteen year old having such elaborate assets. Should they(the authorities) not have smelt a rat , and possibly have arrested Hollywood for selling drugs and making money that very few other teenagers his age did. Why werent authorities brought into question before something of this magnitude took place. Its a really sad story that has both truly touched my heart and angered me.We Would like to think that god has a reason for evertyhng thats done in this universe, but for an action like this-even god wouldnt have an answer.

  69. I just saw the movie, which I only got b/c Justin was starring in it, but I can’t say how shocked I was after I watched it! It’s sad to know that there really are some screwed up kids out there that will do anything for their “so-called” boys. The funny thing is that these boys risked their freedom for someone who really didn’t care about what happened to them. I hope they’re all rotting in jail, crying every night on how stupid they were to be someone’s else’s bitch. Actually, I bet they’re all still someone else’s bitch, just not Hollywood’s! Ha!

  70. I just saw the DVD Alpha Dog and I hope that every teen and young adult who has seen the film think about the choices they make in life. Wrong choices can affect other people and may have long term consequences. My heart and prayers goes out to Nichals Markowitz’s family. I pray that real message of this film is not lost. For those individuals who knew about the kidnapping but failed to notify the authorities or a responsible adult they are just as guilty as the crew who participated in the murder. They stood by and did NOTHING! I hope they can sleep well at night !

  71. I think hollywood deserves to rot in prison for life what he had done to that nick was terrable. Hollywood chose to live the life he wanted and now hes going to pay and when he gose to prison his little ass can tell all the inmates how much of a thug he thinks he is and then u will see what will happen to him he will be the biggest fish on the block (freash fish) he will pay for his crime mentally and pysicaly

  72. I just saw the movie this weekend and was shocked that there were almost 40 witnesses and not one of them told somebody. It’s just amazing to me how little people care about others.

  73. I just saw this movie tonight. What a horrible thing to happen. My heart goes out to this family that was robbed of their child.

  74. Theres nothing more to say other then REST IN PEACE NICKY. And to his family i will always pray for you

  75. The problem here is that when parents are out of their element and are not really addressing issues with the kids then these things happen. ya, its real simple and easy to just point fingers..but the fact is that ultimately the parents of nick were at fault. they already have issues with the elder child and they could not seem to figure out how to address it…so instead of spending more time as a family finding different ways to address the issue (which they might have to a degree..yet apparently sex and drugs was still happening) they were trying to shelter nick from it. well it did not work and sheltering never works. all in all this is a stark lesson for all the would be parents. life ain’t a bed of roses and whoever is selling it as such is full of shit! instead one has a huge responsibility towards their loved ones and society.

  76. I just finished watching the movie and I’m still sick to my stomach about that horrible scene. God bless Nick’s family.

  77. its a sad story but.. thats business.. Ben should of paid up

    The rest of your comment was removed. Your wording was offensive and your English terrible. dood? That is not a real word. Sorry. Have some respect. If you mean dude, please say dude. Sorry to be so harsh on slang words, but I have received many emails commenting on how hard it is to read comments such as that, besides the fact that your comment was laced with profanity.

    Respect. Please learn it.

    • Wat you fucken plastic gangsters . Kill a child over a debt. You wouldnt have a clue till oneday u lose a child .Hope its over a parking fine.U yanks and yor guns and cowardness. In Australia , we solve such debts at worst with our fist and for 1200 ues are all weak animal

  78. Nicholas’ parents, i truley am sorry for your loss hollywood jessy and hoyt should all blow their twisted edited out by blog owner brains out all over the wall for the world to see. What they did to your son is horriffic and i know that he is sitting in gods lap now. They will burn for what they have done.

  79. i seen the movie last night to, and i cant get it out of my head, what could he be thinkin of that moment,

  80. This crime is the kind of one I don’t really like to hear about a know people that been kill in similiar circonstence the story of this boy make me cry because he was my ages.That the reason why I want to arrest people who commite murders like this.but all the people that saw this and didn’t say anything they should go to hell because it wasn’t his fault it was the falt of stupid guy that want it the play with something they didn’t knew and this things is life and it’s not a game people live people die that how we think it works but know it’s not and that what i’m trying to show to people but nonbody understand that because there only them in the world but look outside and you’ll there a billion on living thing in this world.This teenager didn’t deserve to die it wasn’t is time but only because people weren’t intelligent enought to think if I told the police there going to put me under protection he die and it’s not fair that something that not fair and if i could all murderer all said them on things don’t play with others life play with yours and kill yourself because your not on earth to decides who die and who live no one is.

  81. Watched the movie last night on HBO. At first I couldn’t get into it because it seemed to be just a bunch of druggies and a lot of stupidity. I had DVR’d it on Dish so I constantly fast forwarded through it until it got interesting. I knew it was a true story from the beginning but had no idea that it would end so tragically. OMG!! I don’t care how much fun I was having, as soon as I got the chance, I would have escaped; that’s from a sane perspective. I felt and still feel for Zack in the movie and Nick in real life as well as his family. Jake/Ben was a real a-hole for being on drugs and not paying his debt. And to add insult to injury, he ruined the dealer’s house and crapped on his floor. Anyone should know that if you mess with drug dealers you can ultimately put your family at risk also.

  82. I didn’t know that this was based on a true story, I only just watched the movie yesterday and as the movie went on I got a feeling that Alpha Dog might be based on a true story. It was very sad in the end, I couldn’t believe they actually shot the boy. All I can say about the ones involved in the boys kidnapping is that the ones who took him to the place where they shot him should get life in prison, and I mean life, the death sentence would be the easy way out for them, and the others should get at least 40 to 50 years. You know so many years in prison is a lot worse than the death sentence, they are going to wish they got the death sentence.

  83. I want to say to both of the parents and all of the loved ones but especially the mom that I am so sorry for the what has occurred in their lives. I refer to it as what has occurred because there are no words sufficient enough to truly convey the pain, the endless suffering, the tragedy, the traumatic affect on their lives, the traumatic loss of life. No words can erase the forever constant reminder of what happened to their son, and to them. They will awake to this reality every day of their existence. Please know that God has promised a resurrection and that those promises await their innocent son Nicholas. I know this does not take death away, but at least you know he is in God’s hands now and that the promises of the bible will apply to him. May Nick’s mom have some peaceful days and just try to go on. Your son’s love will always be with you and you will always have that love in your heart. Please know that there are many who have you in their hearts and thoughts and prayers, and hopefully, you can get some strength to go on from knowing that. Please be strong! You have already endured so much more than many others in this lifetime. Again, I am so, so sorry and saddened at your loss.

  84. As for blaming any family members of Nick… well that is wrong. Please put yourself in the situation and know that I am sure he never for a moment thought this would transpire as a result of his activity. Also, he has already gone through enough torment, pain and suffering. Who are we (as strangers to comment on this)?? Who are we to put more pain on already painful memory and situation? Don’t blame him. You need to remember, he is not one of the murderers!! I hope that he finds peace and strength in his child and that he and his family’s love gets them through this one day at a time.

  85. Nick was a good friend of mine! i grew up in westhills with him and was on a vacation with him in laughlin 2 months prior to this happening. its unfortunate that a person like jesse james hollywood can strike fear in the heart of these people to the point that they would kill an innocent kid. i never understood it because these were the people that i grew up around. I remember my big brother matt talking about jesse years before this went down. he smoked weed and im sure at some point purchased some off jesse. It was a sureal incident to hear that my good friend for years was found in a shallow grave in santa barbra shot nine times in the face and chest. I was 13 at the time it happened so i was well aware of what happened but at the same time i didnt grasp that this was forever. It wasnt till the funeral that my heart shattered. to watch someone that you grew up with and was growing up with lowered into the ground because he was murdered. you see, growing up where i grew up that just didnt seem possible. To every one who has made it a point to not let nick be forgotten i love all of you very much!!!! i still sit around with some of the guys and talk about how nick would have been today if he were still alive. we all have our different opinions about that and i love to think about it. Nick will always be in my heart and thoughts. i only wish i could have one more conversation with him.

  86. I saw the movie. It made me cry. Everyone liked that kid so much, even one of his killers. Do kids want to be “cool” so bad that they would kill an innocent kid just because some ass like Jesse says so? Apparently so. I grieve with his family.

  87. My heart and prayers go out to the family left behind. I just watched the rest of Alpha dog. Normally in a world like this I find my self unaffected by things like this, but this story in particular brought tears to my eyes. I know Hollywood always puts a spin on things and its hard to know whats true and whats not, but watching the mock interview of the mom in the end, if that really happened I can’t begin to know the depth of her loss. I would love to end by saying I hope all suspects involved experience all the torment a prison can provide and just leave it at hating people like you, however I thimk you need to find God and beg forgiveness before it’s too late and hell comes knocking at your cell you filthy evil worthless losers who gained that boys trust before you killed him.

  88. Shauncey,

    You know, I can usually watch a movie once and cry and then be fine after that. Not with this movie. I cry every time I see it. It tugs at my heart to even think of this. And I knew the story before seeing it (actually, for a long time before that, too).

  89. “mylifeofcrime”,
    How are you??? That movie made me cry. And what James just said about “gaining his trust before they killed him” is so true, and just makes the whole situation so much worse. This truly is very, very sad. To see his mom break down like that in that interview. (the tears were flowing, mine) If you look in his mom’s eyes, you can see her suffering endlessly. She will never get over the murder of her son.

  90. It was business it had to be done Ben is at fault if he would have paid hollywood Nick would still be alive ya its fucked up they killed an innoccent teen but the message got through.

  91. i’m from belgium,i saw the movie yesterday,i cried because i was so horrified ,sad is not enough,one of most terrible story i’ve seen in my life,and i’m 45 years is it possible to do such a crime? I think of the family,courage.

  92. I just saw the movie yesterday (12-10-2007) and have never been touched by a movie like this before. I cried like a baby and still feel sad as if it was member of my family that was murdered. I cant help but to feel so much sympathy for his mother and hope that she finds piece in her heart one day and if she reads this just know that you are not alone and i will always carry her son and family in my prayers . I know as a mother the pain is unberable to lose a son and i am saden by kids today and the decisions that they make that are not right in any way. No amount of money will bring that special person back to you . I hope each of those idiots get what they deserve and I wish you and your family the best of luck and wishes. Jasmin In Houston

  93. I have to admit that because of the accurracy of this movie as it portrays to real life I am fascinated by it!! To show the stupidity of these suburban, “got it made” wannabe gangsters who’s selfishness and no concern for other peoples lives is truly dispicable!! I can say though the acting to me was superb as far as allowing us to feel how they were all feeling as this terrible event was transforming in the present……..Besides the “ball-sucker” who pulled the trigger I really feel that the others did not think it would go to this extreme…….that murder scene was disturbing, to say the least…….And to that moron BIRDO… are an complete IDIOT……..”such is life, should have paid up”??? What fairytale, want to b GANGSTER World are you living, you are probably one of those douche bags who thinks he’s hard, mean mugs people, talks ignorant, and dropped out of H.S. preparing your low IQ ass for your life behind bars and life infront of “Big Louie” your NEW MAN!! What you said shows what kind of soul you have, and how dumb you are…….This was not a MAFFIA thing, this was a suburb, privileged kids thing, taken to a point of getting out of control, they weren’t gangsters, they were whining little bitch(s) who got in too deep and now are paying the price……F U and F them!

  94. I just finished watching the movie and decided to look up the true story behind it. I’m heartbroken. Piece be with Nick and his family.
    I wish these bastards the absolute worst! I have not pitty for them… They are true monsters. JJH is a monster who prays on the weakminded bastards of the world and deserves what’s coming to him.
    This is a movie I will be showing my teenaged nephews. I will make them watch it and show them what it’s like to be weak in mind and spirit. I will continue to praise their individuality and to be strong and to stand up for what’s right and wrong. Those bastards knew it was wrong and they were too WEAK WEAK WEAK to fight the little bastar, son of Satan himself…JJH. I spit on him and the society that creates movie stars out of this type of a-hole… God help us.


  96. I am 15 and I belive that everything happens for a reason and that nicholas is in a better place now he might be watching all we doing and stuff he is an angel but he didnt have to be killed ,I just saw the movie like 10 days ago and it got me so bad I am really sorry I swear I am ,I cried a lot unable to sleeep I ‘ve been thinking about how can people end up their lifes and about the last comment I problably didnt leave either sorry but mom dont try to do anything against your self theres more things to come and you cant just leave the world like that I have learned so much about all this it really touched my heart.

  97. im am trusly sorry………….. God Bless… And I prey for you… Lookin up is the only way.. I hope


  98. May God help the family get through that horrible situation.
    All these guys should have gotten the death penalty.
    May everyone who sees the movie learn from it and talk about it so that it does happen somewhere else

  99. after watching Alpha Dog, i researched the case, and it’s had such a big impact on me. at least nick is free of the pain he felt in the last 2 minutes of his life.

  100. Nicholas…you and your family will always be in our prayers. Unbelievable that JJH’s lawyer was worried about the jury being swayed by this movie coming out before the verdict. Your energy would be much better spent paying many many many dues in this lifetime for even taking his case.

  101. I am from Australia and until seeing the movie at the local video store I had never heard anything about this case.
    After watching the film I got on the net and looked for information on it.
    After the movie and extensive reading I have done since watching it, I can’t believe everything the family of the young man had to go through.
    What those 5 young man did to that poor kid was awful and unforgivable and I agree with what his mother said about no matter what sentance they get it will never bring her son back to her.
    Although it was not under those cercumstances I have lost a child and it isn’t something I would even wish on my worst enemy. Losing a child is the most unberable thing and you feel like you can not go on afterwards.
    My deepest sympathy for Mr and Mrs Markowitz and his older brother.
    Those boys who committed this awful act should not deserve to be on this planet earth we all call our home.
    nobody who has the mind to commit such a horrible act deserves to be living beside those who feel compassion as it shows they feel nothing towrds others and do not deserve the air they breathe.

  102. I watched that movie, its just amazing to me how you have people on here questioning why didn’t the kid runaway and how Justin’s (Jesse) gave him the chance to escape but honestly you don’t know that Nick isn’t alive to say that, I just think everyone need to have respect for his mother, I see comments on here about people talking about Nick’s life like if it was nothing, well it may have not mean anything to the ignorant people who sometimes write in here, but he meant something to his mom and his brother and its kind of harsh to blame it on his brother because he didn’t kidnap the brother, he didn’t pull the trigger, and also just because he was in the drug game doesn’t mean his brother or his family should be included, so please have some respect for his family his mom and his brother because you never know if something similar could happened to you! R.I.P Nick and my prayer ares till with his Family!

  103. Dear markowitz family,
    i’m 17 yrs old, i just saw the movie. I watched it without knowing it was true. when i saw that it said based on true events i had to look it up. My deepest regrets to your family. i know you probaly read stuff like this all the time, but this is a sad story that will NOT BE FORGOTTEN. In the past yr, 4 of my closest buddies, and 1 of my good girls past away. they all ranged from car accidents cause the roads are bad to getting stabbed in the back. its sad but its life. just keep your head up and remember THAT ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG.


    Nicholas Markowitz

  105. First off let me say i’m truly sorry for your loss, i’ve watched the movie and am sadden everytime.just to see that so much mis information led to such a tradegy and the fact that so many kids didn’t have an mind of there own,i mean to listen to someone who wasn’t even around, anyways i just wanted to say how sorry i am for your loss….

  106. sad movie, interesting to see how much of an impact the “thug mentality” has on the youth today. the music industry is part to blame as well as some of the movies that come out today that glorify violence. it’s too bad hollywoods friends were too dumb to realize the implications when the took nick in the first place and too dumb to stop anything before it got out of hand. i’ll agree that hollywood and his “gang” could have gotton harsher sentences but revenge isn’t going to solve anything, they’ll get what they just depends when….”Do not say, “I’ll pay you back for this wrong!” Wait for the Lord and he will deliver you.” Proverbs 20:22

  107. I have a son the same age as Nick, I cannot imagine how you face each day without Nick. Our natural instinct is to protect our offspring, but you never had the chance. I hope you can look into the eyes of JJH and RH as they release the lethal dose, I truly hope it gives you some closure.

  108. My heart aches for Nick and his family left with the forever pain….
    Unfortunatley, the media glorifies these killers. They are allowed to recognized these killers and spread it all over the TV – over & over & over… No wonder we have an epidemic of young sickos in this world. What type of world are we helping create for our children? I worry for my children! The media & government should punish these killers (no matter how old they are) ON TV!!! NO— IT IS NOT OK TO KILL – this will happen to you if you do…. Not glorify them by spreading thier faces all over the news & in the movies. I cannot be the only person who feels this way??? Something has to change! Peace to everyone who has lost a child… Pray for peace in this world and in our hearts…

  109. Has jesse james hollywood been sentenced or when will he

    *note from blog owner* Lakeith, he has not even gone to trial yet, so until he is convicted, there is no sentencing date.

  110. Im from sydney Aus and have just come across the story –
    It is truly sad and no person should have to go through what poor nick went through –
    It is a sad society to see that life can be considered so worthless – “( me heart goes out to his family –
    In australia there are complete bans on Automatic and Semi automatic weapons – such as a hand gun or machine gun.
    The only guns entitled are shotguns or rifles that can only be purchasesd after lengthy criminal history checks and assurance that they will be stored appropriately.
    over 30,000 people die per year in gun related deaths in america – EACH BIENG A LIFE JUST LIKE NICKS.
    in Australia There are 300 on average per year in Australia

  111. Just saw the movie… shyte… Willie you and your friends keep Nicks memory alive just like the movie will make sure final justice is served!!

    Drugs and Guns…. what would the world be like without either of them?

  112. I just saw the movie, my heart aches out for Nick his parents and friends.And hope all the people not helping Nickholas are guilty in his dead and now it.I’m sure is soul is in a good place watching over his loved ones.I’m from Belgium in Europe and i dont think this has enything to do whit the USA it could happen all over the world.Just happy they arrested the demons and hope they send them back to Hell.By By Nickholas
    rest in Peace

  113. I am 53. I lived in San Diego when this happened and truly don’t recall it being in the news. I was bored two nights ago and watched this movie… when it came to the end where I knew this wasn’t going to turn out good, I had to turn it off. I watched the rest the next day. I was so taken aback not recalling this news – and as the story was a bit empty on the characters – espically the older brother, I went searching for more info and found your site. As a mother of two boys – and yes we grew up in Calif. (I grew up in San Pedro)… we were all well aware of horrendous crimes of this sort. My heart goes out to the parents…

    WHAT CAN WE DO TO HELP SPEED UP THE COURT PROCESS OUT THERE??? That’s just insane that this JESSIE idiot hasn’t been processed yet!!!

    For those that think this kind of thing is the parents’ fault, I beg to differ – when you put your kids into the PUBLIC SCHOOL system (ESPICALLY IN CALIFORNIA) you don’t have much control over what they teach the kids… most of the kids out there are left to their own devices w/o much responsibiblity for their actions and the ones who are artistic are put on RITALIN (suggested by the TEACHERS). A kid can get beat up on in school and if he defends himself he gets thrown out of school. What kind of justice is this??? Kids sell drugs by middle/Jr High (my son went to POWAY/ San Diego public schools and told me about all the selling that went on there)… so don’t fool yourselves thinking all the blame goes to the parents!

    Again My heart goes out to Markowitz’ family. Tanchumay

  114. We had free HBO this weekend, so I watched Alpha Dog. I didn’t know it was based on a true story until I researched it online. I don’t believe most “things happen for a reason”. Things happen because of the choices people make in life. Those dumb kids had a choice and they chose the wrong one. Nick didn’t have to die. It was not his destiny to die that fateful night. It was all up to them, they could have let him live, but they didn’t. His death was not in God’s Plan.
    Rest in Peace, Nick.
    Susan, wherever you may be in life today, I pray that you are at peace. Your son didn’t die in vain. God Bless

  115. I am truly sorry for Zachs family. I watched the movie yesterday and could not believe what I was watching. I couldn’t believe that not ONE CHILD in the group had the brains to tell anyone. I fear for my children every day, 13 & 14. They are so easily influenced by older kids. They look up to them. They are looking for direction, NOT DEATH. It’s unfortunate that so many lives have been effected by this horrible act. I could not contain my tears during the last scene.
    But what I found to be just as disturbing were the parents of all these kids. What were they thinking allowing their children to just run around like crazy people. No direction, no discipline, NO LOVE. Love comes in many different forms. Structure is a form of love.
    To Zachs Mom & Dad, you will be in my thoughts and prayers. May the beautiful memories you have with Nich help you through these tough times.

  116. oh my god when I saw the movie it made me cry when they killed him adn then the next day somethign told me to google it and I did and I was at school…then when I found out the sory was true, I cried so hard because its so fuckt up that someone would do something like that. It pisses me off that an innocent bystander had to pay the price for something that was going on between two other people. I was so pissed and I still am…everytime I watch the movie I cry because its so sad….R.I.P. Nick.

  117. Has jesse james hollywood been sentenced or when will he

    *note from blog owner* Lakeith, he has not even gone to trial yet, so until he is convicted, there is no sentencing date.

    My husband keep trying to read any update, when that Hollywood, is going to trial. Can’t believe, he has not gone to trail yet.
    We knew Jack Hollywood [Jesse’s Father] about the time Jesse was only about 1 year of age. Jack was a drug dealer himself for many years, as we knew… of the talk in town in Granada Hills, where all of us kids grew up in the surrounding neighborhoods. We also know Jacks brother – Jesse’s uncle Robert Hollywood, Pat Hollywood and Jim Hollywood who also had many brushes with the law, up to this date. [documented in public Police blogs] Jim Hollywood [Jesse’s uncle] committed robberies, burglaries [documented in public Police blogs] has since died, back in the 1980’s from a drug overdose, only after catching on fire one time, out in the street, neighbors put him out with a water-hose.
    The grandparents of Jesse, [parents of Jack, Robert, Pat and Jim are extremely sickened over the entire matter. Grandparents are actually good decent people, and lived a life of hell, because of they’re kids. They’re daughters were the only ones out of all the siblings that turned out decent. Nancy, Jesse’s aunt, is also sickened from this matter.
    As for Jack Hollywood, [Jesse’s father] he turned out to be a slimeball, a deceiving discombobulated human being, always portraying somebody he wasn’t, in the public eye to appear to be an upstanding citizen, when essence he was a bad character since we knew of him back in the 1970’s. Always dealing drugs, up till the 1980’s as we knew of all the talk and witnessed a time or two. We finally moved out of the area, and lost touch with all of those people, for good and thought we’d heard the last of all that bunch, until……… the news broke out about Nicholas being murdered………. then saw the movie.
    We have since paid respects to his grave up on Ranaldi St. and my heart still gets heavy and tears swell up when I think about Nicholas’s Mother, and the destiny that awaited that poor boy, and that whole horrifying movie [situation] plays out in visuals in my heart and head.
    I decided to write this, whether this information remains or not, the blog owner will decide….
    But I feel, that this information [truth] should be told, so more people are able to decipher more about the past life of that Hollywood character, and realize that there was actually a pattern from the time he was born.
    [Tried to be as brief as possible]

    God Bless Nicholas, His Mother & Father and rest of family.
    May he rest in peace.

  118. Navajo…
    I read somewhere that JJH is going to trial today, April 1st, 2008.

  119. I also read somewhere that he is going to trial April 1, 2008 as well. There definately is a pattern with that family, and I am sure that some of the family are just as disgusted about the murder of Nick as well. But, this wont bring him back, and it wont heal the pain of Nick’s family. I had nightmares after learning about the murder. It was so cold blooded, and psychopathic. They were worried about prison time, and look where they are now. Not very smart thugs that’s for sure. Even if Jesse R., skidmore, and pressley got out on parole, they wouldnt last in society for too long, people hate that clan, they would be better off in prison, it would be hard for reintegration into society. I saw a short video clip of ryan, jesse r, and these two guys are not small, they are taller than what I thought. I cant imagine the terror Nick had in his final moments. He made the mistake of trusting them.

  120. I think it is unfair for you to put William Skidmore in the same category as Jesse Rugge and Ryan Hoyt. William was present for the kidnapping and had no knowledge of the murder until after it happened. He will be getting out next year. I know William and he has been working in prison and he wants his life to be different when he gets out and has all the family support he needs to make this happen. If Ben Markowitz can clean up his life and stay out of trouble than I think William has just a good of a chance of doing the same. Graham Pressley got out last year and has been doing fine and Susan Markowitz has had contact with him and knows Graham was scared and didn’t know what to do so he did the wrong thing by not saying anything. If Susan can understand that not everyone involved in these unfortunate events that evetually led to Nick’s murder was a complete cold blooded worthless person than I think it is presumptious for anyone to assume that the whole world feels that way. In the prison system if you are not liked the inmates will get rid of you pretty quickly and there are inmates serving life sentences that don’t care at all about the consequences of any of their actions. I think Pressley and Skidmore would already be dead if they were actually that hated for their part in all of this that much. To suggest society would possibly do more harm to them than all those inmates those two have come into contact with is ridiculous. The average inmate is way more crazy and angry than most of us out in the real world could ever understand.

  121. well, I’m not from this country, ashley I’m from Gatemala and things like this usually happen over there, but this story freaked me up a lot, the film made me cry, and when I read the true story about this young boy, I’m still shaking and thinking how is it possible?? I am sorry for his parents and friends, I hope God lets you understand the real fact of whay he took this boy with him and the way it happened… REST IN PEACE NICK…

  122. rest in peace!!!

  123. God Bless the true vicitm, Nick Markowitz. Rest in peace.

  124. whats really “unfair” is the fact that Nick is no longer alive and his family is no longer able to see their son grow up. Anyone who had a loved one who was murdered can tell you that they feel cheated and treated “unfairly.” I happen to believe that people have free will, and make choices. When you make the wrong choices there are consequences, Inculding prison time, and judgements made from society. While some people are forgiving and understanding, there are some who are not. By reading many of the posts, people are outraged by this sensless act….the kidnapping, the beating, the misleading, the murder. Making excuses doesnt fix things. Didnt these families teach their children right from wrong? I suppose its nice to hear that the perpetrators are getting the support they need now. Its just too bad that its after the fact. As a parent myself, if this happened to my family, any excuse made to me could not erase the pain and devastation that was inflicted on my child and our family.

  125. Of course it is unfair that Nick is not alive; but that doesn’t make your opinion about Graham and William not having much of a chance to sucessfully integrating back into society and any less unfair or unbiased. Graham payed the price for his choices under the law and has been out now for over a year. William continues to pay the price for his decision to lead the lifestyle he did which led him to be present for the kidnapping. I hardly think saying that William or Graham do not have a chance to integrate back into society, is making an excuse for their behavior. They are two different issues. Graham and William made a big mistake that they will live with for the rest of their lives. William did not know Nick was going to be murdered two days later and he has to live with that for the rest of his life inside whether there are people there for him or not when he gets out. Graham has to live with the fact that he didn’t say anything when he could have before Nick was murdered because he was a scared 17 year old boy that made a grave mistake. Both of these guys always had a family that loved them and yes they found out the hard and painful way what it means to not always think before you act. There will never be any reason or excuse that will erase the pain or completely justify and fix what Nick’s murder caused or anyones elses murder caused for that matter. However just being mad about it and not wanting to understand how things came to be so these sorts of senseless acts don’t continue to happen doesn’t slove anything. I dated a man a long time ago who had a son that was murdered. I saw the tears, anger and pain he went through first hand. It was heart breaking, but that didn’t stop me from trying to understand the whole situation then and it doesn’t stop me now in this case.

  126. I think people are trying to understand what happened, and are open about sharing their feelings, and should be able to do so without being called morons on other pages. I think that because this is such a huge case that people are interested in, and are angry about, that there are going to be judgments made and life for the guys involved is going to be a bit harder. I agree that what happened is something that they will have to live with, and that is a huge burden to carry.

  127. Marie, I did feel that it was important for people to know William and Graham are working towards integration into society and should not be assumed failures after your original comment. I think you are getting ahead of yourself when you think that just because I said on the JJH sues Universal movie blog that sometimes there is interesting info and other times there are just morons on these pages you think I was referring to you. I was actually referring to the groupie’s of JJH that go and defend him on that site as well as other people who do the same. Also I was making reference to some of the posts on IMDB saying Nick was a stupid kid because he had chances to escape. You did not enter my mind when I made that comment. I don’t think I’m being outlandish by calling these types of board members morons; but I’m just sharing my feelings. I do however set the record straight when I can when it comes to people assuming that William or Graham do not have or should not have any chance what so ever to set their lives straight after their time has been served and do not think they should be put in the same category as Rugge, Hoyt or JJH in their level of involvement in this case.

  128. As of right now I just watch Alpha dog 4days ago and I can not stop thinking about it. First i want to say sorry to the parents of Nicholas Markowitz my prayers are with you. I never new of this maybe because I’m from Atl Ga, or I was not paying attention to the news but it is very heartbroken to see something like this. Especially the Nicholas death secen. At that time I was praying to god as I was watching that movie that night asking him to not let that happen like I was actually there. As of right now I can not hold back my tears from that situation. You know once that movie was over I went into my brothers room and sat in there while they where sleeping and just prayed and sat there thinking that they could be in that same conflict. Please forgive for watching that movie so late and just knowing about this but had to research this because this movie was to mind bottling for me to let go. R.I.P – Nicholas Markowitz

  129. I just saw Alpha Dog last night. I could not fall asleep all night long. That last scene from a movie was so disturbing. I just wanted to reach out and knock those assholes out. I am very sorry for your loss Maskowitz family. Sometimes things happen and we do not know what the reason is. I hopethat those guys get beat up, raped and spit in prison. They deserve worse, I hope that death would be their savior.
    RIP Nick, I am truly sorry

  130. I’ve seen the movie about two times already but the first time i did i felt just like Angela(post above mine). It just so disturbing to see the kid awaiting his death as the gun is pointed at him. May he rest in peace, and for those that took part in this like Justin Timberlake’s song goes… “what goes around… comes around”

  131. For anyone interested Jesse Taylor Rugge will be having a parole hearing scheduled on June, 2 2008.

    I hope due to his involvement in Nick’s murder he does not ever get paroled.

    Poor Susan will be showing up to explain why she thinks he should not be paroled for helping murder Nick.

    For more updates you can check out the In Memory of Nick Markowitz myspace page which is;

  132. i wondered if anyone knows that graham pressley has a myspace page. and if was so interested in rehabilitating himself and “integrating” back into society, why does he feel its necissary to put himself out there on a website for all to see. in my opinion he is just trying to reap attention from the situation and is being extrememly disrespectfull to all parties involved. didn’t graham pressley help dig the kids grave? or was that just part of the movie. i did some research online and it seems like that part of the story is in fact true. i think yes he was a kid but got caught up in trying to be cool with those losers so did what they told him to. and he is still trying to be cool by posting that myspace page. so i am not seeing how he has changed one bit. the least he could do was block it and make it private for personal or family use only or atleast sign up with a fake name so not just the average person can find him on there. that page is going to become a horrible page as soon as enough people find out its there. he doesn’t deserve to have myspace. i bet nick would have liked that chance in life but it was taken away by these spoiled kids. we as a society have all the right to reject these people when they get lucky enough to come out. he had a good lawyer or something because he did know the kid was going to be killed and did nothing to save him. its wrong and i think you might feel differently if nick was your family member, brother, or son. supposedly graham has said he would talk to schools about nick. haven’t seen that so far have we!??

  133. This is just my personal opinion but I think Graham Pressley has a myspace just to have one. I don’t think he has one to offend anyone. Graham does not mention his part in the crime on his myspace. As far as Graham going around with Susan and speaking at schools about what happened I heard they are waiting for JJH trial to be over with first. Doing that with Graham and dealing with the JJH trial and not to mention the parole hearing coming up for Jesse Taylor Rugge is probably just too much for Susan or anyone in her situation to handle all at once. However if people in society want to reject Graham because of what he did then they don’t have to look his myspace up or ask to be his myspace friend. Susan Markowitz has come to terms as best as she can about Graham’s involvement in her son’s murder and how even though Graham made the wrong choice not to say anything about the plan Rugge and Hoyt had to kill Nick and did dig nick’s grave before hand; on some level Susan does understand that Graham was probably a scared 17 year old boy who was afraid of Rugge and Hoyt at the time who just didn’t know what to do so he went along with Hoyt and Rugge’s plan. And this is just my opinion as well but when I see that picture of Graham on myspace I don’t see someone trying to look cool; I see someone tormented inside. A lot of people already know about his myspace page. They just talk about it on these boards. Graham can delete anything he wants from his own page. So if someone leaves a mean comment to him he doesn’t have to keep it on there for everyone to see. I think Graham his very aware about how a lot of people view him after what he did. He was only 17 when he did this and I think he will always be sorry for what he did.

  134. my heart goes out to the mom. because i love my mom, and i would’nt know what to do without her. the mother and son relationships is the stongest….R.I.P. Nick

  135. The Supreme Court ruled on May 12, 2008 that the Santa Barbara’s DA’s office can prosecute Jesse James Hollywood.

  136. I knew ben he was a good dude he would always stand up for his friends. I hung out with ryan hoyts sister 1 time and met ryan hoyt . He always seemed like a punk. Ben would have never wanted anything to happen to his bro he always loved him. I have not hung out with ben since the end of 99 , but I have always felt for the guy for what he had he had to go thru. I just happened to stumble on this site I have never wrote about this publicly but, I feel like this guy has gone thru enough. p.s. all those people involved are stupid little punks that have ruined many lives thats the valley for u

  137. Jesse Taylor Rugge’s parole hearing was delayed. It was supposed to take place on June 2.

  138. wow. there is so much to say…..

    RIP Nick

  139. Honestly, I can see almost everyone’s innocence in the situation…It sucks that those kids grew up in the atmosphere that they did. I grew up in a similar one where you hang out with your friends, smoke pot and everything is based around getting f*cked up and partying and you never assume something bad is going to happen. I’ve always thought to myself that I went through the DARE program in elementary school, but ended up making the choice to do drugs in high school. The programs that are out now to keep kids off of drugs arent good enough, if anything they make kids want to experiment more. The movie ‘Alpha Dog’ in my opinion should be shown in high schools.

  140. My only question for the people involved is where were all of these kid’s parents this whole time? Why did they not care what their kids were getting into?

  141. While parenting was an issue in how these guys ended up making choices, all of them with the exception of one was an adult when they went ahead with what they did.

  142. I just finished watching “Alpha Dog” because there wasn’t anything else on TV. After 30 minutes into this movie, I realized that this was a great movie and a true story. These guys who committed this act should never get out of prison. This young kid did nothing to them and would not have said anything to endanger his or his family’s life. This movie made me cry. I’m 46 and Black full of the street life. This is one of the saddest movies I’ve ever seen in my life. RESPECT TO THE FAMILY

  143. I wish the excuse that these were kids who did this was valid. By age 5 children know this type of right from wrong. It is simply a case of some not too bright individuals making bad choices due to the fear or looking weak or uncool amongst their social group.

    Parents, please bring your children up the best you can.

    It’s such a sad story, with Melvin I wish much respect to the Markowitz family.

  144. According to Susan Markowitz’s myspace Jesse James Hollywood’s trial is set to start on February 19, 2009.

  145. I am a 16 year old african-american in Ohio. I saw the movie Alpha Dog and it really broke my heart in pieces. It just really puzzled me that “Why did they had to kidnap him just because the brother owned jesse james money?” There could have been many other ways to handle it. Looking at Jesse James and his friends lifestyle then seeing them killed an innocent guy. They can rationalize it all they want but the way they were raised is no excuse for taking the life of another human being.

    May God Bless You Mr. and Mrs. Markowitz

    Your son is in a better place and he is watching over his family and loved ones

    R.I.P. Nicholas Markowitz

    -Tekia Huggins

  146. hollywood’s dad sent him 1,200 a month to hide out? insane!!! way to go dad …re inforce that its ok to murder and get away ….there should be a conviction for dad for aiding a fugitive with a LONG sentence on top of what ever other sentences he is serving for his misdeeds (read the story)

    my condolences to the Markowitz family

  147. saw the movie good movie pretty sad.jesse james is a chump couldn’t handle big brother so he went for younger one. fucking retarded thinking he was some hardcore gangsta cause he sold a little weed get the fuck out of here.glad you got caught stupid fucking dummy i think he probably watched to many tuff guy movies,what a faggot looking whiteboy tryin to be the leader of a few guys who think thier look at yourself fag, probably are one now and your little dumbass friends too up in prison. my prayers go to the markowitz family very sorry for you tragic loss. God Bless

  148. I am watching ‘Alpha Dog’ for the second time

    Looking at it, the movie was way sympathetic to the major players in the crime.
    Honestly, it all really did seem so innocent.
    But the entire situation proves so different and so tragic. When does mayhem turn to murder? A cruel little prank turn into cold, cruel, unjustified murder,
    And why the F’ck did no one report it?

    Parents can raise their children fine,
    Youths & Young Adults can be responsible and such

    But really, it is Mob Mentality and Intimidation we have to truly fear.
    My heart bleeds for the family of Nick Markowitz. May this never happen to anyone else

  149. I had watched this movie earlier this week and it sickened me. I feel so horrible for Nick and his family. My heart and prayers go out to you. I know most people don’t know how this feels, but I have experienced this too. My sister was murdered in 2006 at the young age of 24. It’s the most terrifying painful feeling to know some scumbag took someone you care for more than anything’s life. I hope they get what they deserve!

  150. i´m from mexico ijust saw the movie and is the must sad and horrified story that ive seen i can not understand how a human being can be capable of do something like that just for a few bucks JJH and his friands deserve what the got .

  151. it is so crazy how someone would kill a innocent child over money for drugs. i watched the movie and it makes me cry everytime. i know that the parents can finally feel good that they captured him and he is not out trying to hurt others. i know you can never get him back but he will forever be in your hearts! god bless

  152. i just saw the movie alpha dog 5 minutes ago for the first time. first, i would like to send out my deepest sympathy to nicholas´parents. i cant imagine how hard it is for his mother. second, to jesse james and the actual guy who killed him with the gun and in the mountain, i really do hope while youre in jail that they rip your ass open and when you die, yu burn in hell. your parents are also shit for not teaching you what not to do, like murder an innocent kid. i felt like knives where going through my heart when i saw the movie. REST IN PEACE NICHOLAS!!!!!!!!

  153. i just watched the movie and all I can say is WOW. Like all those dudes are some punks. But really the father who let his son get away like with murder should really get charged.
    R.I.P. Nicholas.

  154. ive seen the movie a couple of times,all i can say and think, it was all over bullshit. a bunch of pussy’s im sorry REST IN PEACE NICK

  155. This story is such a tragedy for all those involved. Many families were destroyed by these tragic events. Where Alpha Dog shows what happened, Stolen Boy shows why these kids did what they did. Time for us all to move on.
    Lessions will be learned for us all.

  156. I’ve just seen this movie, & like most people went on the internet to find the real family once I seen it was a true story, Ive read most these comments & like everyone have the same thoughts, to the parents my deepest deepest sympathy Ben much love to you & your family, it must be still hard for you all to speak of your son, brother but honestly it helps to talk of him, you all have 15 years of wonderful memories of this handsome guy, Ben you must want your children to know what a great Uncle they had there will be sad moments but then think of the happy moments spend as a family
    Arohanui ** RIP Nick**

  157. My brother was Mudered on Aug 25 1995. At the Time he was 23 years old. I was 19;My family was torn , the mother in this film reminds me so much of my mom. I dont think things ever get better, you live with this pain of not having the person who was killed and half of your former self. When these things happen you dont have anyone close to turn to because they are hurt in the same way and they to are trying to deal. I can say that now its been over 10 years , life does go on.
    If the parents Nick read this : Your pain is felt, your love is not wasted. Try an salvage the relationship with the son you fill may be responsible because he didn’t kill Nick.

  158. R I P Nick………….

  159. whan i watched this movie i had no idea it was bassed on a true story, till the end… what happened is descrasefull and i hope that thay all get what they deserve!!! ”PAIN” i cant explain how i was feeling watching the move. u cant describe how u annoyed u get.. look all i can say no1 deserves what happened and i hope thay all get in return what thay put nick through…
    NICK… R.I.P i hope your happy where u are now u deserve to be happy oxox


  161. I think thats it very unfair to what nick went through and to what the parents had to go through as well. The movie how ever was good not to be rude but to show what kind of pain the parents have been experiencing.

  162. I have watched alphadog several times and cannot believe that they didn’t let nicholas go when they had the chance!
    i think that theses guys used to envie the “gangsta life” influenced by american rap videos!
    this is so fucked up!
    maybe if it wasnt SO EASY to get a gun in the USA this would not have happened!!!!!!

  163. i got a few comments….. minor notes really

    sara Says:
    January 17, 2008 at 1:41 pm

    after watching Alpha Dog, i researched the case, and it’s had such a big impact on me. at least nick is free of the pain he felt in the last 2 minutes of his life.
    Really? I’m sure he was saying “i sure am glad they plugged me with nine bullets that shovel really hurt”

    oh and another favorite

    birdo Says:
    December 2, 2007 at 4:25 am

    its a sad story but.. thats business.. Ben should of paid up

    he got this treatment

    And to that moron BIRDO… are an complete IDIOT……..”such is life, should have paid up”??? What fairytale, want to b GANGSTER World are you living, you are probably one of those douche bags who thinks he’s hard, mean mugs people, talks ignorant, and dropped out of H.S. preparing your low IQ ass for your life behind bars and life infront of “Big Louie” your NEW MAN!!

    J Says:
    December 9, 2007 at 8:43 pm

    It was business it had to be done Ben is at fault if he would have paid hollywood Nick would still be alive ya its fucked up they killed an innoccent teen but the message got through.
    nothing was said to him

    oh and congrats on seeing a movie and feeling sorry for one family when you should maybe spend your time paying attention to what really goes on, thanks on making us all seem that much more retarded

  164. My deepst sympathies go out to this family! I just watched the movie and did some research on it, what a horrible thing to find out this really happend. I pray for you all, and the guys responsible will pay, the ones who get out on parole surely won’t be forgotten and get what’s coming to them once they step foot outside the penitentary. No parents should ever have to outlive their children no matter what age! And to think only one has gotten the death sentence so far is bogus! They all should be taped up hit with a shovel and shot! My love to the family may god be with you. Rip nicholas

  165. I just finish watching the movie for the 3rd time. I am still truly upset. I can’t believe people can do this to other people. This should serve as a reminder to people who are “too scared to tell”. In some cases I know your own life might be at stake, But I would rather die trying to make a difference rather than doing nothing at all.

  166. They should let JJH out and have Ben pick him up. Let the freinds and family members exact revenge. I have never seen a bigger bunch of pussys in my whiole life. Some one should have knocked out that little pussy JJH along time before this happened. I wish i could have found him in braxil. see how he likes a 12inch grave get raped in jail fag

  167. well first of all i would like to respect the dead,and give prayers for this kids family,i saw the movie and had seen t he real portrayal an A.M.W…..”a coward will take a cowards road all the time and thats just what this jesse james did,his friends are just the same complete suckers,fckn idiots for not having the mind to know that this is some real shit,the guy in the movie(played by justin timberlake)i hope he see and hear’s that young mans cries for the rest of his days to somehow expierence the pain that they truly caused…whats right is right and whats wrong is wrong all of the people involved in this crime should be punished and in the end they will be,no mercy for basterds hopefully means no mercy for ya’ll punk asses!!!!

    R.I.P……that young man nick
    all the strength in the world to his parents ,family and friends

  168. You know the movie just creeps up on you…..slowly but surely the story unfolds; you see the dates and times and the witness numbers on screen, in the back of your mind you suspect that somethings gonna happen to Nick, but you look for some other story in the movie with an alternate ending…and then what you fear the most happens….and when Nick is pleading for his life and trusting in Mikey, you are stunned, saddened, angry and everything else in between…which for us lucky viewers will wear off after time….amplify those feelings times a million and we might come close to how Nicks mother is feeling….rest in peace Nick

  169. What a horrific story. I cannot believe that all of these idiot kids would idolize a little bitch like Jesse James Hollywood to the point that they committed this horrible crime on his behalf. What a pathetic bunch of losers. I hope they show this movie to some inmates who will in return gang rape, beat and slowly murder them all. Anyone responsible for the murder of this young man does NOT deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of us. What a sad story. It’s been months since I’ve seen this movie and I still can’t get this poor kid and his family out of my head. God bless him, his family and friends. RIP NICK

  170. I have watched the Alpha Dog movie 3 times now.
    It truly grabbed my attention and made me go into research of the real people.

    I can’t express my sorrow for the Markowitz family.
    I have read numerous articles on the murder and I have to say it is truly unreal.

    I will never understand why they didn’t stand up Jesse James Hollywood. If they would had just spoke up and turned him in who knows where they would be today, but some people are born fucking idiots. Murdering an innocent boy for the respect or Jesse James Hollywood and fear of Prison is completely and underly nonsense. No one should take a persons life for respect. I truly wonder what kind of world we live in.

    Nicholas Markowitz and the Markowitz family are in my prayers.

    I’m sorry for your loss.

  171. I watched Alpha Dog.Thanks to Nick Cassavetes,for letting us see a movie that touches the hearts of everyone who has a heart.Those little buggers needed a good ass kicking for sure,putting it nicely.I could go on and on but that is not going to change a thing now. May Nicholas (Rest In Peace)I am very sorry to his family. It is a shame the heartache they will suffer for the rest of their lives.For some scum assholes.It makes me wonder why some woman just could not miscarry early in their pregnancies instead of baring little piece’s of shit of bastard like that. I do not care what anyone says drugs of any kind are not worth a humane life.And for these drug dealers that let people get into debt are just stupid.I Hate Drugs and people that think they are cool for selling them need a real hard slap upside the head.May you be with God Nicholas.

  172. My husband and I watched the movie “Alpha Dog” on Sunday night for the first time. I had heard about the actual events years before, but like a lot of people, I just thought that this kind of thing happened to other people. After watching and researching on-line, I realize that this is the problem-that so many parents see signs but think or look elsewhere. I can’t even begin to imagine what Nichols’ parents went/are still going through. Please know that so many of us around the world have been touched by what happened to your son that we want to know more about him. This isn’t a morbid facination, its one parent/grandparents understanding of the never-ending importance of a special being’s time on earth; that his life was meant to touch so many. God bless and keep you in in heart.
    Roxanne F.

  173. Hello Markowitz family,

    I had just seen the movie based on the kidnapping and murder of your son. I am sorry this happened to your family. It is a shame and I truly believe people should be more involved with their families as it seemed you were with your son.


    Please read my comment policy before commenting. Any comments with any kind of vulgarity (including f**k, s**t, or any other variation of a swear word) will be removed. Have some respect for the victim and his family. They do not deserve such vulgarity.

  175. […]PS3F answers: We asked this question for you at the recent R2 event. Insomniac says it’s not going to happen.[…]

  176. i have watched the movie a few times and each time its hard to imagine what it would be like to be in nicholas’ shoes and die for some that had nothing to do with him and it makes me mad all in the same. i dont know if every thing in the movie is fact or if it is to just glam up the movie but i only wonder if jesse rugg(timberlake in the movie) actually acted the way the movie shows he did. he had the chance to stop it and tried in his own way i guess so i feel for him in a way and graham pressley if the movie portrays him the way he acted in real life i feel for him aswell( if it was all glam for the movie and i feel for none of them because killing a innocent kid is wrong and i would know im same age as nicholas) but ryan hoyt and jesse hollywood deserve to die painful and slow deaths….to nicks parents im sorry and nick rest in peace bro….see you at the crossroads…rest easy

  177. The first time I heard of this movie was from my brother. He told me it was a movie that I’d like (I didn’t know if he was being sarcastic, cuz I like chick flicks and drama) I asked who was in it and he said Justin Timberlake. I asked him if it was good and he said it was ok. I then watched the movie about 6 months later. I happened to be flicking through the channel’s and found it. It was already 1/2 way through. I started to watch it with my brothers’ words lingering in the back of my mind “it was alright’…..I finished the movie and had this empty feeling in my stomache because I read it was based on a true story. Just last night I watched the movie from the beginning to end with my 2 son’s. The feeling of sadness and despare was unanimous for us all. I am a mother of 3; 2 boys and a girl. My oldest being 15, same age as Nick. I was so scared for Nick at the end. The way he was pleading for his life was unbearable. I put my son in his shoes to make it more personal for me. My heart broke in a million pieces only to have those pieces break all over again. The fear Nick must have felt is unknown to anyone. I can only imagine. To his parents, this IS the worst thing a person can go through. I don’t know first hand about losing a child, but 14 years ago my boys dad died. I thought this is the worst thing that could happen to me in my life at 23 years of age. It took me a LONG time to get over that, only to realize that things could be worse. I could have lost one of my children. It was then that I realized that losing a child would be the worse thing a person could go through. The heartache that Nick’s parents must live with every day of their life is horrific! There is NO OTHER love than the love of a PARENT for their CHILD. My heart felt love and prayers go to Nick and his family. God Bless You and bring you peace. xoxoxo

  178. R.I.P Nick u little legend u will be in my thoughts for a very long time if not forever

  179. alpha dog was on today.. i just watched it and wnted to see the real people and what the faces looked like of true scum bags. the world is a sad place because things like this really happen. for the family im sorry for your loss. i dont know what i would do if i had lost a son. and for this horrible reason.. its hard to believe there is a god out there.. but for the murderers who did this i hope you suffer for the rest of your existence and nothing have mercy on you for even a second.. and yes thats what you are.. open your eyes look at your self in the mirror and realize you are murderers. everyone was given a choice even you

  180. the movie made me cry for hours. but the real experience of having a loved one shot dead and murdered like that at such a young age….. it must of been unbearable. thinking he trusted those people… those assholes are living there life in jail at least. nick isn’t. we all love you nikkk!!! to think to wake up everyday and something is missing.. i wonder what the parents of the killers wake up too, he lives forever in our hearts and soul. message for the cunts who killed nick FUCK YOU!!!! HOW COULD YOU KILL SOME ONE SO YOUNG AND AS SWEET?! YOU FUCKEN TWO FACE CUNTS BURN IN HELL! YOU FUCKING HAD THE CHOICE TO STOP YOU DIDN’T YOU ARE NOW DEAD MUTHAFUCKERS DEAD!!!!!! RIP NICK!! LOTS OF LOVE IN OUR HEARTS FOR YOU…. BUT NOT FOR YOU SLUGS WHO MADE HIM THAT WAY!!

  181. he is at avenal and is a friend of mine… was it his fault someone did what they did. he was just a kid afraid to stand up for what was right.. the guy feels terrible about what happened and deserves to be let out. he is one of the good guys.. the movie made about him is so disgusting he refuses to watch it. i know, i was locked up with him when it came out. he shed a tear when the gaurd brought it in and went to bed. sound like a psycho to u or someone that will live with the guilt of someone elses actions for the rest of his life. he was just a kid and afraid to turn in what he thought was a friend. thats what he is guilty of…

  182. Chris Rich,

    Who is this “he” you are talking about? It is not Jesse James Hollywood, as he is the one who ordered the murder on Nick. So, YES, it was his fault. If not for him, it would not have happened. Every person involved has even admitted that.

    Yes, a sociopath WOULD do exactly what you state, trying to “show” others that he could not have done this. Spending time together in jail is not the best way to learn of the character of a human being, especially a sociopath trying to make everyone believe he is innocent.

    Also, by the way, running from the police is a legal sign of guilt. He did not stay and face the music like a man. But rather, he ran to a foreign country, hoping to escape justice.

  183. chris rich,

    Are you talking about Jesse Rugge ?

  184. and by the way im sry for the langauge i used in that last comment but i needed to get that off my chest. and to the parents of nick i will pray for u and ur son tonight. this story really touched me and made me wanna change a couple ways of my own life so for those who took the time to read this. thank u ( R.I.P Nick )

    note from blog owner

    However, you have not read my comment policy. That comment violated it and has been removed.

  185. I am a 16 year old girl who recently saw this movie it really herts to watch this movie imagine how much it hurts to the parents when they found out that there son died because of 4 stupidmen Im sorry for ur lose i know u dont know me but i hope u can let him go for he could rest in peace remember how he used to be a wonderfull young man and i feel sorry for your loos this is a sad movie and a sad reality i still cant belive that happened its krazy by REST IN PEACE NICHOLAS AND I SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS

  186. i just saw the movie 5 min ago
    and i feel really bad 4 what happened to nick

  187. i love the movie alpha dog.
    i even made a song about it because it just got so stuck to my freakin mind.
    Graham Pressley and Jesse Rugge got to me the most because one thing is that it seamed like jesse was a good guy.
    and yha he was involed in the murder and the mom lost her son but jesse gave him a chance to go and he should have listin,but on the otherside nick didn’t know better and we all make mistakes.
    And the stupied thing is that i don’t think would even had told on them anyways because he got to attached to you guys so he like died for nothing!
    and Graham i dont think he did any thing that bad anyways he seemed like a good man to and i mean he didn’t even like kill the boy or did anything wrong that much i mean elvis gave him a mean look like if you don’t help me make a hole for the body then elvis might shoot graham to so i would have help if i was gonna get shoot or give up my life for the boy.

    Jesse James Hollywood i just have to tell you somthing ….
    i think its wrong what you did to your freakin friends dude you like freakin kinda sold them out and elvis you are dumb if he told you to jump off a freakin bridge you would freakin do it know wonder why they made fun of you.
    R.I.P NICK you sould have did karate or whatever you knew on them . luv fwaaaa

  188. As far as Jesse Rugge being a good guy, the movie may have tried to make him out that way, but think about it, when he supposedly told Nick that he could leave and all that, did you see anyone else there? The only person that knows if Jesse Rugge truely gave Nick a chance is dead now. Great that Jesse R feels remorse, he SHOULD. If he was as good of a guy as the movie claims that he was, he would have MADE Nick go before it was too late.

  189. Couldn’t beleive the ending why that little punk would have helped tape the poor kid. And that Grahm kid was an idiot too. I think about what if it was my younger brother, because he kind of reminds me of him. Young naive wanting to hang and expeiriment with drugs and alcohal. That guy who played the older brother did pretty good, I wasn’t much like him but I could relate. I struggled with addiction but couldn’t imagine losing a loved one like this. Now if I even try watching the movie I stop watching at the end it just hurts too much. I feel that my friendss should watch the movie, and I usualy start watching it but leave the room in the end. People should learn from this movie, because addictions can cause lots of problems for more than just the drug user. I don’t blame the older brother but I will pray for the whole family. R.I.P. YOung Zach You didn’t deserve this.

  190. RIP NIck sorry to the family.

  191. Jess James Hollywood’s trial was moved to start on April 27th.

  192. I have watched “Alpha Dog” at least 15 times and just finished reading the book, “Stolen Boy” in addition to any article I could find from the Santa Barbara Press. There are dozens upon dozens of articles there. Additionally, I knew Graham Pressley from the California Youth Authority. He came across as a “pseudo-intellectual” type of person and refrained from any emotion or remorse for his actions. It might have been to uphold the “code” in prison, but probably not. It would appear that Graham did not alert the authorities via 9-1-1 at anytime because of his own hedonistic calculus. If Jesse James Hollywood and the rest of the gang were arrested, then his free weed would go with it. Graham lived for the next high and party. Further, Graham had every opportunity to leave the motel room when he saw the Tec-9 machine gun in the possession of Ryan Hoyt. Evenmore, when Jesse Rugge was outside with Ryan Hoyt discussing whatever they were discussing, Graham could have called 9-1-1 and alerted the police of the situation. Graham further covered up the events, he say due to fear, but even after the murder and was safe at home, he lied to others about what occurred. That is not a person in fear, but a person who only thinks about himself, regardless of who else might get hurt. By the way, the character in Alpha Dog, Keith Stratten really was right on, especially the scene where he said, I am going to roll the biggest doobie. Are you down for that, Zack?” That was Graham Pressley, not the ward in the Youth Authority who played pseudo-intellectual.

  193. I watched the movie today, thought the ending would be one thing, ended up being the worst ending. I literally got sick to my stomach when he was crying and begging those guys for his life, and to think that he trusted Rugge the whole time as one of his “boys”. What a tragedy. What starts up as a party, ends up being a tragedy later. To the parents, I know that Father God has felt your pain and even though you cant understand it, or even feel that He does. He does, its the truth. I liked what someone said earlier in one of the comments how you should try to salvage whats left of your family and build a relationship with the brother, Ben. I wish this was only a movie, but it really happened, thats the part that sticks with you after the credits have rolled. Additionally-I think that this movie should be shown in high schools as well. Partying isnt all its cracked up to be. Rest in Peace Nick….may angels lead you in.

  194. My questions & thoughts regarding this tradgedy. I knew of this murder as my husband works for the LA Sheriffs Dept.

    I didn’t care to watch the movie until one of my daughters had a heart for Justin Timberlakes role as being a kind guy and she thought he didn’t deserve his outcome. I now had to watch the film and explain to my daughter (16 1/2) that his said kindness is not of a true friendship…ask yourself, what if this situation happened to us and how would you feel if it was your sister?

    Teenagers are confused, always trying to fit in and give excuses to the likeliness of someone’s innocense and/or kindness.

    People are accusing Ben, the brother. Yes Ben had a lifestyle that we didn’t agree upon. However, you know what, Ben loved his brother and you could feel it in the movie. This awful tragedy will follow Ben for the rest of his life, but remember when bad happens, good follows and Nick is following his brother. Ben is turning his life around. Remember Ben did not kill his brother, he just happen to be stupid, judgemental, racial (tatoos), and working the easy money route (drugs).

    Let’s assk “What about the unsaid accomplices, the girls??” They knew of Nick being a hostage, did they do anything? What about Chucky? What about any adult figure/parental figure/teen? There are more people I hold responsible then just the five arrested.

    I hope the girls NEVER, NEVER, EVER FORGET their part in this murder. I hope ALL the people said and unsaid never forget Nick’s innocense and never forget his proud face of loving his brother so much, that he was satisfied to be hanging out with these idiots because he wanted no further harm or problems for his brother Ben.

    Yes this true story is of a sad and unforgivable offense and Nickolaus was a victim, but he is a true HERO of unconditional love, understanding, forgiveness!!!

    Susan please take Ben in your arms, slap him for the tradgedy, but then hug him as you have so much love. Nick wants you to share your love with his brother; as these two boys were opposite of the spectrum, but shared the common Christmas gift and that is, not was, but IS LOVE it will live on forever.

    Rest in Peace Nick…and may the family have strength through this next test of trial, tribulation and endurance through JJH trial.

  195. hollywood didnt kill him or want him killed he wasnt stupid i know jesse hollywood very well belive me i use to get bud from him and ryan he wanted him killed for 2000 but there was a big misunderstanding and he didnt want nick to be killed he knew if he was killed he would be on the death penalty so fuck all u haterz

  196. I’m sorry for the loss of life here, I really am, but this is rediculous. Just because you’ve seen the MOVIE ‘Alpha Dog’ does not mean your ‘informed’ or anyhow aware of the situation with drug related gang violence, gang violence, or even with the death of Nicholas Markowitz. What parent wants to relive watching their sons memory paraded around glamoured up with HOLLYWOOD movie production teams?! Congratulations, you’ve just seen Alpha Dog 1000 times, you still know nothing. How many of you participate in anti drug rallies and movements? How about work done to prevent gang related crime? You people make me sick.

    • Boy are you assuming a lot of people. Many people have followed this case since the beginning, long before there was a movie. I heard about it when Nick’s body was found. And most of what I know has NOT come from a movie. So give me a break. And what about you? What have YOU done for crime victims or crime rallies?

  197. Jesse James Hollywood was convicted of first degree murder and kidnapping today!

  198. who raised these boys? Didnt they teach them keep there hands to there self, and dont be a follower. they should all be locked up til they die.

  199. 16 years ago I coached/taught Jesse and Ben and a few others whom I’ve read about lately after having this brought to my attention from a former teacher/coach. It saddens my heart to know I didn’t have a positive affect on their future, making wise decisions on doing the “right” thing in life. For you boys that remember me . . . .and the other teachers at your elementary school who tried so hard to bring positive values into your lives….. You’ve let us and your fellow students down and I mean WAY down………..

  200. I saw the movie last night at around 2:00 AM. I wanted to know the exact story and I was late from office as I was tryin to surf out the reality.
    It was very tragic to see an innocent teen being killed without any mercy. The worst part is that Jesse’s father, the dealer destroying many families, was released only after 18 months.
    I started remembering what my parents used to teach me when I was a teen, that being ‘cool’ was actually being a ‘fool’ but ofcourse the mind of a teen is too immature. At that time, I thought myself to be be stuck in a sick prison when my father would tell me to avoid such parties. My father / mother were my ‘enemies’ then … My belief in my father’s statement became firm after I saw one of ‘cool’ class fellows working as a janitor at Bahrain airport. We were all initially impressed by his ‘cool’ attitude which was diminshed after 10 years … After watching this movie, I realized how ignorant parents are, how ignorant our authorities are, imagine all those idiot teens hanging out at parties where drug intake is normal … and I wish I could somehow thank my parents, and I wish I could somehow tell Mrs. Markowitz personally that she was a good mother but God knows why this happened to her… 😦

    The poor boy suffered because of others … Ofcourse, he could have behaved a bit smart but I believe he was too young and too ambitious and really too innocent to know what was about to happen to him.

    I believe that a person should never be involved in drugs, gambling or other similar stuff in the first place. Entry is easy but exit is extremely difficult …

    May Allah grant peace to the Markowitz family on the tragic loss of their beloved fruit. Ameen …

    😦 😦

  201. I saw the movie of Alpha Dog and it really impacted me so I decided to find out who the real faces were to this case. It’s sad to think that some people value money more than a person’s life.

  202. I just saw the movie myself after recording it the other night. Didn’t know much about it other than what I remembered on the trailers when it originally came out. I had no idea it was based on true accounts until I started watching it. Very disturbing to say the least. As a father and LEO it makes one think.

  203. this story is very sad Nick Markowitz i am with you

  204. good film, sad story

  205. good movie, sad story…

  206. haunting story….very affecting..I watched it with my 2 son’s. A cautionary tale….the kind of story you keep thinking about. I can’t imagine the pain of those poor loving parents. My heart goes out to them. my gosh just a truly mind boggling haunting story….what the hell are we coming to?

  207. Happy Belated B-day Nick..

    I seen the movie tonight it was on USA. I liv in Woodland Hills / Canoga Park.

    RIP Nick

  208. I don’t even know where to begin…I just got done watching the movie for like the 3rd time. I’m finally looking up the real story behind the movie and am grieving for Nick and his family. How horrible that would be to have to die like that, it definitely made me cry. I hope this movie opens up the eyes to other emotional crazy people like Mr.Hollywood to never have to do that. Everyone in this crime got what they deserved…I can tell you right now it would have never happened if I was there! I would have grabbed that TEC-9 from Mr.Hoyt and shot him! FOREAL. My thoughts and prayers are with the Markowitz family. Rest in Peace brother.

  209. ive watched the film around 15 breaks my heart thinking of what could thay have done that to him.thay was such hard men was’nt thay.(NOT)to scared to face jail.that bastard who shot him.did’nt need to do that.he was so far up johnny trueloves arse,were did it get him.well i think every bastard who was involved should have got the death penalty.that poor family has a life sentance.thay lost there poor son all for what £600 quid.since whatchin the film im intrested in reading up on it all.LIFE FOR A thoughts go out to all the family.god bless you all.xjean nottingham england.

  210. I was watching a trailer just a few minutes ago about Alpha Dog and quickly curiousity led me to this site. All I can say is that some coward name Jesse, and I aint gonna give satisfaction of finishing his stupid name, killed an innocent kid over 1,200 bucks. What a loser. like come on was that much scratch worth a kids life. Lord I do pray to meet this guy in the next life cause I wouldnt mind kickin the shit out of him for a very long time. Jesse what a poser. No life…ha! Twelve hundred bucks you fuckin tool. And for Nicks bro, I hope you learned your lessonyou stupid fuck, you should be in jail with your brothers killers

    • Trevor,

      Nick’s brother, Ben, has turned his life around. He is happily married and has at least one child (I can’t remember the number of children), is off of drugs and is married. He has also reconciled with his parents. His parents still love and support him (emotionally, not financially). And if you are basing your opinion solely by the movie, that is very sad.

  211. Im in australia, and just watched the movie Alpha dog and like many of you wanted to see the real faces behind it all. It has deeply affected me and feel that they should all suffer the same fate. RIP Nicholas.

  212. sorry to all the family he was a good lad the brother nick well you did right and if some one took my brother well lets not say and to all the boys involed lets well you all desvred more and i would say yous got of lightly

  213. it really hurts to know that some inisant kid has to die do to owing someone somthing and he wasent involved they need to shoot them in the head alllllllll ove theme……. sorry fore wate happen he is in a better place

  214. This is for his poor mother, I cannot express how deeply your story touched me. I called my mother after I saw this movie, I don’t think I could imagine what my mother would go through, I told her I love her, she didn’t know why, but the bond between a mother and son is something so strong that no one can compare it with words. Please don’t hurt yourself, all the pain in this world is not worth the risk even for a small chance to spend eternity with your son. I want to believe there is a God, even in the worst of times, there has to be some divine purpose, maybe to bring people together, maybe to keep this from happening ever again, or maybe just to bring a mother and son closer together. I don’t have the answers but I’m trying… Life is never easy, and for you I can’t imagine… Please accept my most sincere heartfelt sympathies, and prayers. I’m not really that religious to be honest, I don’t go to church or anything, but in this world of sorrow and dispair, I would rather go through this life with faith in something than feel empty as though there is no hope for any type of somthing good… I pray that in time you will look for a future with your son, in heaven, not by suicide but by natural means, your life still has purpose as a beacon of hope for those who have suffered, that they too can go on, for those who have lost to carry on, and for those who have been astranged from their mother or father to come home in the hope of rebuilding what they may have thought they lost. Knowing that the love between a mother and child never dies, is hope, is strength, is power for those who feel weak and powerless in a world that offers no hope or comfort. Please be strong and know that your son did love you, know that he is looking at you every day with a gaze of love, and knows you love him too… Love does not die, it carries on… Please forgive me if I have said anything that has upset you… I say everything with love and respect, please don’t take it the wrong way… Be strong and know that no matter what you are not alone… There is are many people out there who loves you, and will be there in a moments notice if you just speak out. I haven’t ever met you but you touched my heart and soul, and I just want to say how exceptionally sorry I am for you immense loss. May you have some peace in this life and be stong for the memory of your son and for the chance of eternity. Love Always, Chap

  215. I watched Alpha Dog after I turned 15 and when I saw that it was a true story I was shocked I googles Names and read dusturbing articles about Nickolas. I could’nt belive what I read but names came up an so did the pictures of the guilty. the whole relationship between Nick and his overprotective Mom completly matches the relationship I have with mine and I was shocked its been about 5 months now and I severed my ties with pot. Its weird is’nt it? someone hundreds of miles away has changed my life. Nick, Buddy you’ve changed the way I look at things for the better. RIP Man

  216. wow!!! it is 2009 and i just now watched the movie it just happend to be on cable and theres was nothing else on! this movie really stuck with me, i remember when they shot him i jumped, said oh my god, and just felt really sick to my stomach. how could somebody do this to somebody, an innocent kid.. they was so worried about goin to prison for kindapping so instead they kill him! they all got what they deserved. i feel so bad for the family that lost their son, brother!

  217. God Bless Nicks family

    Today I have watched the movie Alpha Dogs and then reseached this story on this internet for hours.. All I know in my heart is that Nick is in a much better place and for those people that sent him before his time…May those people live there life in a living hell that they created for themselfs…

  218. I have seen the movie alpha dog, and I had no idea its based on a true story… It makes me look at my son and I just couldnt imagine any assholes like they are who could do such a terrible thing to an innocent kid. They all will pay for the sin they committed and it will never leave there mind, it will eat at them all… til the day they die and when that day comes god will make sure they burn!

  219. i bet they werent to pumped when they found out there was going to be a movie based on what they did…or they were pumped..especially this jesse dude….he was prolly pumped to find out that justin timberlake was playing him

    • Actually no one was happy, especially Jesse James Hollywood (who was not played by Justin Timberlake but by Emile Hirsch). He got his case delayed due to the movie and tried to stop the movie from being released as it was bad publicity.

  220. I’ve been close to being in nicks shoes. Never kidnapped, however, my life put on the line for someone elses stupid shit. It isnt fun. However. I still think that watching the movie, although someone could have said something at any time. There were a bunch of people that didnt know what was going to happen that night. they thought that nick was going home. So, in theory having said that, two people knew what was happening, two people should spend the rest of their natural born lives in prison. the others recieved their time fairly.

  221. This is a sad story, I grew up with friends like the group that plotted and did this. BUT, I was NEVER the chicken shit person that would ever let something like this happen to another person! I think they all should burn for this because none of them are human enough to know right from wrong at that age then they never will and do not need to be a part of a functioning human race! for that I pray that they get what comes around, goes around enjoy the rath of god assholes!!!!!

  222. wow…i cant imagine what kind of person would do such a thing to such a young person or any person for that matter…im very sorry for what happend to your son…but hes in a better place now…hes happy and for those assholes who did that to your son? well they are rotting in prison now or getting executed so…its alllll good

  223. NICK< rest in peace, sad story, a beautiful persons life wasted….. to the family, so sorry

  224. I apologize in advance for my wording but this guy is a frigin pu$$y… If this jesse james fellow is anything like the way he is portrayed as “Johnny Truelove” he is a coward, a punk and hides behind his daddys power… I can not stand people like this…

    Ok, not all drug dealers are like this but they all think they can be tony montana. A bunch of fools if you ask me…Personally, I think they should let this guy not go to jail but send him to me… I will torture this guy until he cries and cries and is sorry for what he did…Than take the same gun he used and spray him up… he will get what he deserves…

    My deepest sympothy’s goes to Nick’s family. I can not even begin to imagine what you must feel…

  225. Last night I watched the film. It had already begun when I started watching it so I didn’t know it was based on a true story…At first I thought it was a comedy film, young ppl smoking weed and that stuff. But the end really shocked me!And when I realised it was a true story woow! I just couldnt believe it! How a human being is capable to do such a thing…Im really sorry for what happened…I hope the film will make ppl think about this and realise this is not way of life.*Sorry for my English*

    Greetings from the Basque Country

  226. I will tell you one thing, where I’m from (backwoods of NorthEast GA) we hang people for shit like that. Absolutely ridiculous it took 4 more years to get a sentence on the Hollywood Faggot. Maybe if they go back to public hangings for people that murder, rape women, and hurt/molest children, then it would stop. I would hang em all from the courthouses with a note that says, “THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU IF YOU MURDER, RAPE, OR MOLEST SOMEONE!!!!

  227. is sad to know that there are people like Jesse loose out there.
    How can anyone kill an innocent child by tantrum.
    the people who did die cruelty carrying this guilt.
    Nick you fucked two bitch before leaving, nice my boy.
    rest in peace Nicholas Markowitz, you’re in a better place.

  228. Jesse James Hollywood and crew were obviously not very bright.
    The fact that they had DAYS to make a decision, and then to avoid trouble, they did the worst possible thing you could do in the eyes of the law.. with all those witnesses too….
    I guees it takes a bunch of morons to sell drugs in the first place…. and an even bigger bunch of morons to ‘accidentally’ do something like this.
    Its just so sad that Nick had to die at the hands of idiots. And his brother should be ashamed of himself for putting his family in danger like that…. but then again, like i said… morons don’t know better.
    Stay away from morons people.

    RIP Nick Markowitz.

  229. this is such a tradigic story, my blessings go out to his parents I can’t imagine how they must feel, i lost my mother recently and im still only 17 but i think it feels more normal to lose one of your parents cause you expect them to go first but i can’t imagine how that must feel to lose one of you’re own children, someone you brought into this world and just gave all your love and everything you could to them

    RIP Nick Markowitz

  230. These fools were a bunch of wanna-be-gansters and killed a kid over a lousy $1200 debt. Glad to see they got what they deserved.

    Nothing but bums.

  231. So many people knew that Nick had been kidnapped yet no one alerted the authorities? I find those that kept their mouths shut just as culpable as those that did the actual kidnapping and murder. Jesse James should have been sentenced to death along with all the original kidnappers. Sometimes the criminal justice system is just that, Justice for criminals not the victims.

    Rest in peace Nick……

  232. There is a moral guil tof all those that knew what was going on with Nick and they didn´t act. How can they live with such a pressure to have helped that Nick has been killed?

    Sorry, words fail for expressing my shock abou this extreme awful story!

    Shame on everyone that didn´t act to save Nick!

  233. I never herd this case before or known that such a cruelty could make me cry the way I felt when I saw the movie about your son, I am deeply sorry for your tragic loss. At first I thought it was just a movie but somthing urged me to watch it. It wasn’t until I realized it was all true and I couldn’t believe it. I may never know your pain but I feel your sorrow, I’m only 22 myself but I can remember when I was only 15, I urge you not to commit suicide for I know your sons in heaven…I’m just glad they caught the fuckers who did it. I was born in he would have been 26-27 by now… my words may mean nothing to you but my prayers are with you always. ~frankie~

    • Frank,

      It appears that you are addressing your comments to Nick’s parents. I do not know if they will see them or if they have been here to my blog. I (the blog owner) am not a part of his family, nor did I know him.

  234. Im not gonna lie, I never realized “alpha Dog” was a true story until my friend pointed out on the cover that its based on true events. I cant believe I missed that!! I thought it was a great movie but really sad and i cried and cried and cried after i watched it the first time. Now I can hardly stand to watch it because its just so horrible. I feel like jumping in the screen and saving the boy. I cant believe people can be so nasty over any amount of money or drugs…especially to an innocent person who had nothing to do with it. I seriously cant get over it now. Its so strange to me. Its very sad. =( My thoughts and Prayers go out to the family. Bless you all.

  235. I’m sorry for the boy, but thats how the drug game works….people die…over weed? insane, but its still the game and thats how its played…sometimes its not just the brother sometimes its the whole family that gets murked..

  236. I saw this movie about 3 years ago and didnt know that it´s based on a true story. And yesterday i watched it again – remembered the sad ending an turned off the TV. I checket out zhe internet and read the wikipedia artikle and some others about this story. I´m totaly shocked! These guys killed a innocent young boy for no reason! It´s a shame and must be so hard for the family! These guys should stay in prison for all the times!
    David, Germany

  237. i just saw the movie. i saw a picture of your son through the internet . i can undrestand how u feel. im sorry _ eddy.iran.

  238. i saw this movie yesterday and really i am in great shock and in deep really hurted me and now i think what will be the feelings of her mother

  239. Nicholas Markowitz needs to make some different friends. Yeah, definitely a tragedy for him to have died the way he did, but apparently he hung out out with Jesse and them anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was selling too and out there in the same position as the people who killed him in a couple of years.

    • Are you serious? Nicholas can’t make any new friends. And he was not friends with Jesse, never even met him before this. And no, he was not selling drugs. I think you may be taking them however, or you just don’t know how to read.

  240. just watched the film and it was powerful and moving and was hard to watch it stirred some strong emotions and makes me want to be as involved in my loved ones lives as much as possible and thank God that my children have made good choices or like poor nick have not been in the wrong place at the wrong time, I am very sorry for his familys loss.

  241. It’s not in anyone’s position to judge these young men…believe me that the sentence they all obtained is not the end of their suffering. What they did and didnt do is going to haunt them until they die. I pray that God will have mercy on all of the people involved and their families. People are so quick to judge but no one really wants to be on either side of the spectrum. Both sides lost something, this movie is a great example of the influence of todays culture on the youth and adults. Fake wanna-be gangsters and followers trying to prove to others how foolish they really are. I pray that the young man’s mom will find peace and that the young men involved will really learn from the incident and try to make good on the choices they have made. Its up to all of us to be the leaders in our communities and stand up for righteousness regardless of what may happen to us. All of you be bless in the name of Jesus.

  242. Like many others above, I saw the movie recently, about 2 days ago. I just cannot get that scene out of my mind when Zack/Nicholas’ last moment realizing what was happening to him on that hill. Anton Yelchin’s performance broke my heart especially knowing that it was a true story. I did some research too on the internet. My heart goes out for the Markowitz family. Rest in Peach Nicholas.

  243. Rest in peace, sorry about the typo

  244. This happened basically because of the guilt of the brother, give it to HARD BONNET … Between drugs and money there is no good … Rich kids playing with fire, I’m from Venezuela and here for less kill, robbery kidnapping, taking money here there is not much time in prison …
    That is the harsh reality of society, I with 22 years and seen things more difficult but this movie if it reflects the failure of parents to their children …

  245. every time i watch this movie,it pisses me off.a bunch of wannabe toughguys,to pussy to face the big brother,so they kill the little brother.what a bunch of pussies.i hope hollywood is taken it up the ass right now by some real tough guys.and to hollywoods buddies how could you be afraid of this guy hes 5’4″ my old lady could probally beat his ass.its a shame a young kid had to die cause these toughguys was to pussy to tell a dude the size of a bitch no,cause he sure ass hell couldnt do anything himself.

  246. just watched the mov, very sad. rest in peace Nicholas, my pray is always be with you.

  247. […] FBI AND SANTA BARBARA AUTHORITIES SEEKING PUBLIC’S ASSISTANCE IN LOCATING FUGITIVE JESSE JAMES HOLLYWOOD Wikipedia Unsolved Mysteries In Loving Memory Jesse James Hollywood’s Arraignment Postponed and then Jesse James Hollywood Captured (below first story) Fugitive in 2000 Slaying of Teen Found Authorities arrest Jesse James Hollywood and then Jesse James Hollywood enters plea (below first story) Jesse James Hollywood **Update to this story** […]

  248. I just watched the movie…i didnt know that it was based on a true story…i had to find out the true story behind the movie…i am truly sorry for your lost and my heart is really broken…everyone involved in this case will have to answer to god and they will pay for what they did!!!! Nick may you rest in peace.

  249. Rip nick

  250. Completely terrible shocking and despicable crime. My heart goes out to Nicholas’ parents I cannot possibly know what you have gone through. Gotta say in many ways i wish i hadn’t seen the movie then i probably wouldnt have heard of these wanker gangsta dicks, Hope jail and the lethal injection are fun fags. Oh, and the people involved who were released from prison; and all the witnesses who didnt say anything, you deserve the worst punishment both physically and spiritually imaginable, i hope your pathetic gangsta posing lives are ended in glorious unison.

  251. I’ve only seen the movie so i dont know the whole story but i just feel so bad for Nicholas and his family, I’ve known people who try and emulate that lifestyle and at least from the perspective of the movie, this horrible crime is a great example of how bad it can get. My heart goes out to Nicholas’ family and all the lives who were wrecked because of this crime. RIP Nicholas

  252. When I watch the movie I was keep sauin to Justin “Take him out!! Take him out and run!!!” He is askıng “Want ot take a tour or get cigarette” idiot take him out! If I was him I would do it…

    Innocent kid…God Bless his soul…

  253. Rest in peace brotha.

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