Monsters Among Us: James Walter Winkle killed teens Lillian and Kimberly Anderson in 1972: Sentenced to death, which was overturned, then sentenced to life in prison

Kimberly Sue “Kimmy” Anderson, 17
Lillian Elizabeth Anderson, 16

Find-A-Grave: Kimberly Sue “Kimmy” Anderson
Find-A-Grave: Lillian Elizabeth Anderson
Orem girls missing on hike
2 Teen Girls Slain
2 Teen-Age Girls Slain, Ex-Mental Patient sought (part 2)
Police Arrest Murder Suspect (part 1)
Ex-Mental Patient Sought In Double Murder Charge (part 2)
Suspect Swears Innocence
Utah Convict Sentenced To Death
Condemned man given appeal time
State of Utah v James Walter Winkle 1974 (sentenced overturned)

James Walter Winkle
James Walter Winkle

James Walter Winkle died in prison in 1976 of a brain tumor.

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