Parents Gone Wild! Ka Yang was convicted of microwaving her 6-week-old daughter, Mirabelle Thao-Lo; Sentenced to 26-years to life in prison

Say NO to Child Abuse

Mirabelle Thao-Lo
Mirabelle Thao-Lo

Find-A-Grave: Mirabelle Thao-Lo
Abuse Angels: Mirabelle Thao-Lo
Calif. mom Ka Yang accused of killing baby in microwave
Ka Yang Microwaved Her 6-Week-Old Baby to Death in Sacramento
Ka Yang, Sacramento Mother, Accused Of Killing Baby In Microwave
Ka Yang’s court appearance draws large audience of supporters
Prosecutors Seek Life, No Parole for Mother Accused of Microwaving Baby
Mother charged in baby’s microwave death won’t face death penalty
Parents who microwave babies: a horrifying mystery
Murderpedia: Ka Yang


Ka Yang

Inmate Name YANG, KA
CDCR Number WF3808
Age 36
Admission Date 12/29/2015
Current Location Central California Women’s Facility
Location Link Directions
Parole Eligible Date (Month/Year) 06/2032

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