Serial Killer: Connecticut River Valley Killer

7 victims


Catherine Millican, 26 [10/24/1978 NH]
Mary Elizabeth Critchley, 25 [7/25/1981 NH]
Bernice Courtemanche, 16 [5/30/1984 NH]
Ellen Fried, 27 [7/20/1984 NH]
Eva Morse, 28 [7/10/1985 NH]
Lynda Moore, 36 [4/15/1986 VT]
Barbara Agnew, 38 [1/10/1987 VT]
Jane Boroski, 22 [8/6/1988 NH] survived (no picture)
Joanne Dunham, 14 [6/11/1968 NH] possible victim
Sylvia Gray, 76 [10/5/1982 NH] possible victim
Steven Hill, 38 [6/20/1986 NH] possible victim, but does not fit victim profile
Carrie Moss, 14 [7/25/1989 NH] possible victim

Cold Case: Catherine Millican
Cold Case: Mary Elizabeth Critchley
Cold Case: Bernice Courtemanche
Cold Case: Ellen Fried
Cold Case: Eva Morse
Vermont – April 15, 1986 – Lynda M. Moore – A cold case heats up
Police seek answers to a murder in 1986
Police link attack with other murder
Rapist suspected in valley murders (scroll over to the right) (part 1)
Rapist may be linked to murders (part 2)
New Lead in Unsolved Murders
New interest in Connecticut River Valley serial killings
Man that got away?
Wikipedia: Connecticut River Valley Killer

The Shadow of Death: The Hunt for a Serial Killer

Dark Minds: The Valley Killer
Unsolved Mysteries

poss suspect 1 sketch from Jane Boroski Delbert Clyde Tallman Michael Nicholaou

possible suspect 1
possible suspect 2
Delbert Tallman
Michael Nicholaou

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  1. Have you seen the composite image from a DNA phenotypic prediction released this morning regarding the Lisa Ziegert murder in 1992. Looks similar to the composites for the Connecticut River Valley Killer


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