Monsters Among Us: Jonathan Christian Vick killed Dana Satterfield in her beauty salon; Sentenced to LWOP; He is also a suspect in the disappearance of Heather Rena Sellars

Dana and Heather

Dana Satterfield, 27
Heather Rena Sellars, 20

Find-A-Grave: Dana C. Satterfield
Satterfield was raped during attack
Reward fund established for leads in Satterfield slaying
Satterfield slaying probe remains ‘active’
Police agonize over 44 slayings
Prosecutors: Vick showed violent behavior
Prosecutors oppose delay in Vick trial; defense wants additional DNA analysis
Investigators crack 10-year-old homicide
Vick murder trial set to begin today
Jury selected for Vick trial
Witnesses recall grisly salon killing
High school friend: Vick planned to visit victim
Vick gets life in prison
A case finally put to rest
Charley Project: Heather Rena Sellars
Upstate murder, missing woman cases get national attention
Websleuths: SC SC – Heather Rena Sellars, 20, Spartanburg, 24 Sept 2002
Family still seeks answers
Satterfield killer Jonathan Vick put in lockdown
Jonathan Vick Appeal Denied For Threatening Public Official

The Perfect Murder: Death and the Maiden
On the Case with Paula Zahn: A Deadly Secret
Unsolved Mysteries: Dana Satterfield
Forensic Files: Driven to Silence
Solved: A Test Of Time
In Ice Cold Blood: The Beautician and the Beast


JonathanVick prison mug

Inmate Description
Name Vick, Jonathan Christian
SCDC ID 00319001
SID SC01329782
DOB 01/04/1978
Citizenship Citizen – Native Born
Build Medium
Complexion Fair
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue

Inmate Sentence and Location
Offender Type Adult-straight Sentence
Offense Murder
Sentence Start Date 10/24/2005
Sentence Length LIFE SENTENCE
Admission Date 12/04/2006
Committing County Spartanburg
Location Broad River
Projected Release Date Not Eligible
Projected Parole Eligibility 10/24/2035
Supervised Furlough Eligibility Not Eligible

5 Responses

  1. This guy is one for the books. He went from a trouble maker in the marines to a murderer in civilian life. He’s one of these guys who can’t fit in no matter where he goes.


  2. A monster and a sub human – To think that he is being fed and kept alive by tax payers money is an abomination.


  3. I just saw the video on YouTube about this story and I’m happy they caught this creepy looking guy! Dana was a beautiful mother and it’s sad to know that her children lost her so sudden. Rip Dana!


  4. […] Monsters Among Us: Jonathan Christian Vick killed Dana … – Jan 27, 2013 · Dana Satterfield Find-A-Grave: Dana C. Satterfield Satterfield was raped during attack Reward fund established for leads in Satterfield …… […]


  5. What a gutless piece of shit
    Did he not have a mirror in his caravan
    Murdering lying uglybug is image of stan laurel when he is crying for his mommy to help him
    Rot you scum


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