John Hyde’s Deadly Rampage 8/18/2005 Albuquerque, NM *Found incompetent to stand trial, committed to New Mexico Behavioral Health Institute for the rest of his life (179 years actually)*

Michael King Richard Smith

Officer Michael King, 50
Officer Richard Smith, 47
David Fisher, 17 (no picture)
Garrett Iverson, 26 (no picture)
Ben Lopez, 54 (no picture)

Man Held in 4 Slayings in Albuquerque
Two Albuquerque officers shot, killed
Family Tried to Get Hyde Help
Hyde outcome poignant for all involved
Despite rumors, Hyde is still in custody
Memorial to remember Hyde victims
Somber ceremony marks deadly day
Site of shooting renovated into center for vets

Dateline: The deadly case of Mr. Hyde
Fatal Encounters: Not A Routine Call

179 years: The breakdown
1. First-degree murder (Ben Lopez): 30 years
2. First-degree murder (Garrett Iversen): 30 years
3. First-degree murder (David Fisher): 30 years
4. First-degree murder (Michael King): 30 years
5. First-degree murder (Richard Smith): 30 years
6. Child abuse: 18 years
7. Armed robbery: 9 years
Firearm enhancements on counts 6 and 7: 2 years

John Hyde
John Hyde

2 Responses

  1. I want to say R.I.P to David and Garrett because of them being there when I was in foster care I’m not dead from suicide they were my guardian angels I love you both and think of you always

  2. I hold the dispatcher responsible for David’s death. He plainly told her to be quiet because the shooter was coming back. Her response? ” HELLO”. Stupid b****h!!

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