Update: Shannon Braithwaite murder *Cousin, Tiana Browne, convicted of her murder, sentenced to 15-years to life in prison*

Shannon Braithwaite
Shannon Braithwaite

Shannon Braithwaite murder 9/30/2008 Brooklyn, NY *Cousin, 15 year old Tiana Browne, arrested for stabbing Shannon to death*
Mistrial declared in Brooklyn teen slasher case
Tiana Browne, accused of stabbing her cousin to death, appears in court for second murder trial
The Tiana Browne Trial Part I
The Tiana Browne Trial Part II
B’klyn sneaker-slay teen gets 15-to-life
Abused teen who slayed cousin in jealous fit over shoes after family took her in gets max sentence
Troubled Teen Who Killed Her Cousin Gets 15 Years To Life
People of the State of New York v Tiana Browne
A Grieving Mother, Her Faith Tested, Finds Purpose

Frenemies: Killer Cousin
Deadly Women: Teen Terror
Snapped: Tiana Browne

Tiana Browne
Tiana Browne

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  1. […] her love rival in Nevada or Kayla Henriques who killed her best friend.  Joining those ranks is Tiana Browne, just another teenage murderer.  That’s all she will remembered […]


  2. As much as good, decent people wanna help others, it just isn’t worth it. Nowadays, you don’t even know what your own family is capable of doing to you. It’s really best to be safe than sorry or dead.

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  3. can’t even imagine


  4. i hope she never gets out

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  5. This is my ver good friend, and tiana is the most generous, selfless, down to earth, funny amazing woman now.

    She was a child unable to deal with trauma triggers and the family very much contributed to the mental anguish, nevertheless, she is still an amazing soul dedicated to making the lives around her blessed.


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