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  • This Day in Crime History

    August 28: 2014: 5 children killed by their father, Timothy Ray Jones: he is facing the death penalty. His trial begins Oct. 15, 2019.
    Nahtahn, 6 (beaten to death)
    Merah, 8 (strangled)
    Elias, 7 (strangled)
    Gabriel, 2 (strangled)
    Elaine, 1 (strangled)

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Monsters Among Us: Timothy Papp raped and killed 9-year-old Roxie Ann Keathley and now he wants to get out of prison

Roxie Ann Keathley
Roxie Ann Keathley

This monster raped and killed a 9-year-old little girl. He received 2 life sentences, but has a parole hearing coming up in March. However, I would love to see that he does not ever receive parole. I do not believe that society will be better with him in it. In fact, I think it will not be safe with him out in free society. He should never ever step one foot outside of that prison. I personally believe he should have received the death penalty, but when this happened, the death penalty had been stopped. So, he should not get out. Period. The crime was horrendous and the community has never forgotten.

Here is a letter that I have drawn up for the parole board. You are welcome to use it. I urge everyone to send in a letter (email, fax, mail) opposing his parole. Remember Roxie. Think of her loved ones who still love and miss her. Think of the community who deserves justice for this heinous crime. Papp Parole Letter

**Update** 3/17/2013
Timothy Papp was denied parole! He was given a rehearing date of March 2018. Thank you to everyone who sent in letters.

**Update 1/2/2018**
Timothy Papp is up for parole again. Please please send in a letter to have him denied parole, or fill out this petition online: Petition against parole for Timothy Papp

Find-A-Grave: Roxie A. Keathley
Search Continues For Missing Girl
Body of girl found today
Suspect In Custody In Rape-Slaying
$250,000 Bond Set In Lorain Murder Case
Man to be charged in slaying of girl
Hypnosis To Be Used In Trial
Slayer of Child Gets 3 Life Terms
Appeals Conviction On Rape Slaying
State of Ohio v Timothy Papp 1978
Elyria child-killer Papp set for parole hearing
Up For Parole: Timothy Papp


TimothyPapp prison mug

Number: A151436
DOB: 09/16/1951
Gender: Male
Race: White
Admission Date: 04/27/1978
Institution: Allen Correctional Institution

Offense Information
MURDER Counts: 1 ORC: 2901.01 1
Committing County: LORAIN Admission Date: 04/27/1978 Degree of Felony: First
RAPE/INCEST – UNDER 12 Counts: 1 ORC: 2905.02 1
Committing County: LORAIN Admission Date: 04/27/1978 Degree of Felony: First
COMPLICITY AGG MURDER Counts: 1 ORC: 2903.01 2
Committing County: FRANKLIN Admission Date: 04/27/1978 Degree of Felony: AM

Sentence Information
Indefinite Sentence Min: 10 years
Indefinite Sentence Max: Life Sentence
Expiration of Max Sentence: 01/01/8888

Parole Hearing Information
Next Parole Board Hearing/Review Month: March 2013
Latest Parole Board Hearing/Review Type & Results: CONTINUED HEARING


11 Responses

  1. I was a classmate of Roxie Ann. I have followed this case since I was ten years old. I have even written a letter to the parole board but have too afraid to mail it to them. I still cry from the horror and lost of innocence my community suffered in 1973. I thought that I was alone. I lived down the street from the Keathley family and the Papp family. That monster could have taken any of us kids. I still pray for Roxie’s family. Please, please don’t release this monster. I only wish that I was more brave. I know that I should do more. I have reached out to the prosecutor from back then, a kind gentleman who was brave for the rest of us. I thank him for his comforting words. What can I do to help? I have been saving everything I could find on this case. I want to help. Please let me know.


    • I know just exactly how you had felt at the time. I was living in Avon Lake during that time so I remembered it quite well enough to never be able to forget about it. Trying not to think about it is sometimes hard to avoid in our minds to this very day as we all know & will always carry in our thoughts. My sympathy will always be in her families hearts to this day.


  2. Roxie would have been 49 years old on February 11th. We were born exactly one year and one month apart. I celebrate my birthdays for her too. Gone but never forgotten.


    • I know just exactly how you must feel about this whole situation,& I don’t blame you for it 1 bit. Because at the time I was a student at Avon Lake High School, in fact it was my senior year there so I had graduated that spring of 1973. I did inlist in the U.S.Marine Corps & went to MCRD in Parris Island South Carolina, at the time I was still thinking about what had happen that late Saturday afternoon when I was watching the local news on TV & heard about what had happen with this little sweet innocent girl. Reading the Sunday paper in the Cleveland Plan Dealer was even more shocking news yet to say the least. Having parents who didn’t have a whole lotta money at the time,& even her grandparents who had very little money as well. I still even to this very day think about the dreadful loss of such a fine young citizan to her family & friends, a terrifying scare to the whole intire community, & a wake up call to all parents with young kids who have lived through this tragidy. I’ve always made sure that either my wife or myself had always took on the responsibility being so observant of our kids, that they have always been safe no matter where they were. As far as Roxie Ann’s killer is concerned, I hope for everyone’s sake including my own, that he never gets out of prison after what he did. He did the crime, he’ll do the time. With all of my heart, my love goes out to her & her family & friends for the loss of their loved one, I pray for her,& May God be with her. God Bless you & everyone else in that community as well,” Aman!”


  3. I remember when this happened. I was close to her age. My mother never forgot what he did to Roxie. Neither have I. He should never breathe free air again and wish he could have been put to death.


  4. I’m from Avon Lake, Ohio & I remembered this incident well. I had graduated from Avon Lake High School that spring of 73,until I went off to the U.S. Marine Corps at Parris Island, SC.. The whole time that I was away I just couldn’t get it off of my mind about it. Having terrifying nightmares time after time it was just so devastating to me, to this very day I could still think about when it had happin, but I was only 17 years old at the time, & I will to this very day & time thinking about it, & will never ever forget it until the day that I die. God bless the lost little soul, “Amen!”


  5. Rest her soul to God & the dear Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.


  6. Keep this mad man imprisoned until his amediate death.


  7. I was at the time living in Avon Lake Ohio, attending Avon Lake High School as a senior, class of 1973, & when I found out about what had happened that Saturday afternoon when the newspaper was delivered & watching it on the tv news, I was in such a state of shock that both of my knees had buckled, & I nearly fell to the floor trembling when even the Lorain County Police & Sheriffs were literally crying through the investigation with what they saw when the found little Roxie Ann’s nude body dead with a belt tied around her little neck in a foot locker. I’ll never ever to this very day & time forget just exactly what had happened to that little sweet adorable innocent child who was doing nothing wrong except going around the apartment complex collecting pop bottles just to get some money to celebrate her 9th birthday because her parents or even her grandparents who didn’t have the money to give to her so that she could have a party for herself, her family,& her friends to be able to enjoy as well too. I just know 1 thing & 1 thing only, & that is I hope that her killer never ever goes free even with a fair trial, he did the crime, he’ll do the time, & I mean for the rest of his natural life. For what he did was beyond diabolical, but I know that he’ll only have 1 thing in mind,& that 1 thing is when he dies in prison, he’ll face the devil in his death when he lands in Hell. I do not wish him well. God Bless her family & friends with lottsa love, prayer & thought, Amen.


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