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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Deadly Duo: Angela Dawn Fowler got Robert Heydman to kill her husband, Richard Fowler


Richard Fowler

Angela Dawn Fowler only received 13 years for plotting the murder of her husband, Richard Fowler, and setting it up. It looks like she is eligible for parole 3/6/2015. I do not know when her parole hearing is, but there is a petition started to oppose her parole (it is not my petition). The link for petition is at the bottom of the links. I hope everyone will sign it. She did not get as much time as she deserves, so she should have to spend every single day of that sentence in prison. It was because of her that Richard Fowler was murdered.

Angela Fowler parole hearing
Angela Fowler has a parole hearing on July 19, 2017. She received such a short sentence for arranging Richard Fowler’s murder, I do not believe she should be granted parole. If you want to help, there are two ways to let the parole board know. First, there is a page in the SC parole board website that you can send an email opposing her possible parole.

Oppose Parole for an Offender

You will need this information:
SCDC ID 00331588

Or if you prefer, here is a letter you can print out, sign and mail to the parole board.

Letter to the parole board
Wife testifies against murder suspect (part 1)
Trial is set to continue today (part 2)
Widow: Murder plot was to end abuse
SC woman pleads to plotting husband’s death
Upstate woman pleads guilty in murder case
Spartanburg County Woman Gets 13 Years for Plotting Husband’s Murder
Upstate woman gets 13 years for plotting to kill her ex
Spartanburg man receives life sentence for fatal beating
National TV show to profile 2008 Spartanburg County homicide tonight
Petition to oppose parole for Angela Dawn Fowler

Wicked Attraction: Prey For Me
Snapped: Dawn Fowler

Angela Dawn Fowler – pled guilty to kidnapping & conspiracy, sentenced to 13 years in prison and 5 years probation
Robert Heydman – convicted, sentenced to LWOP


AngelaDawnFowler prison mug

Inmate Description
SCDC ID 00331588
SID SC00699234
DOB 09/27/1969
Complexion FAIR
Hair Color BROWN
Eye Color BLUE

Inmate Sentence and Location

Sentence Start Date 10/10/2007
Sentence Length 13 YRS, 0 MOS, 0 DYS
Admission Date 11/06/2008
Committing County SPARTANBURG
Projected Release Date 10/25/2018
Projected Parole Eligibility 03/06/2015
Supervised Furlough Eligibility Not Eligible


RobertHeydman prison mug

Inmate Description
SCDC ID 00330872
SID SC00694898
DOB 01/23/1960
Complexion LIGHT
Hair Color BROWN
Eye Color BLUE

Inmate Sentence and Location

Offense MURDER
Sentence Start Date 12/13/2006
Sentence Length LIFE SENTENCE
Admission Date 09/29/2008
Committing County SPARTANBURG
Location PERRY
Projected Release Date Not Eligible
Projected Parole Eligibility Not Eligible
Supervised Furlough Eligibility Not Eligible


39 Responses

  1. do not parole her. she is more guilty than the actual killer.

  2. What a damn shame what evil lurks inside the mind to gain with money by killing your childrens father for money.Keep Dawn in a controlled environment!!

  3. Hope she rots in hell. Those poor kids. They should of gave her the full 50 years.

  4. I am having a giggle, reading through the inmate information on Dawn and then looking up at the TV to see the actress PLAYING Dawn.

    Still, this makes my blood boil. I’m looking for the parole board information so I can sent a note.

  5. She should have to do all 13yrs!! What an evil SLUG. I DON’T THINK SHE DESERVES TO EVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY EVER AGAIN!!!

  6. How can someone be so EVIL? Greed and selfishness gets the best of people with demons inside . Why did she get so little time? I’ve watched many ,many crime stories on IDDISC and some people have not been so lucky.


    • Please remember to read my comment policy. Do not type in ALL CAPS. It is the same as yelling at me and my readers. It is rude and I don’t allow it. Please have respect for everyone. Your anger is understandable. I hope you signed the petition.

      • Wicked Attraction show makes them look like normal people. Wow, they are some fuglies if I’ve ever seen some!!

  8. Wow…dawn Fowler and Robert look absolutely 100 percent different than how they were portrayed on Forbidden!!! Can u say obese???

  9. No worries…that c u n t will be dead the same day she steps out of prison. That much will be made certain.

    • Do you have to use foul language or do you call all women by that name? I find it highly offensive & I’m sure you can find other words to use than curse words. Making threats online is also not a smart idea. Someone may take that threat seriously & you could find yourself arrested & charged for making threats of bodily harm.

      I don’t like what Dawn Fowler or Robert Heydman did, but I also don’t try to be Judge, jury & executioner either. Trials were held & whether we like it or not, the DA made a plea deal with Dawn if she would testify against Heydman. If we don’t like how backroom deals are made, then do something to change the laws. At least she obtained some sort of punishment, even though I agree, it wasn’t enough. But, I lost 2 family members to murder. My Aunt was strangled in the ’60’s by a criminal who was out on parole & had starting working at an auto repair shop in our town. She did not know his past history & she had been looking to buy a reliable used car. He planned to rob her of the $500 she would have on her. But, it was on a Sunday & she thought she was just going to ‘look’ at cars & if she decided she wanted one, she’d buy it & give him the money the next day when the banks opened. He left with only $50, a portable tv & costume jewelry. He was captured the next day & still had her possessions on him when captured. He was returned to our town, but the DA didn’t prosecute him for my Aunt’s murder. Instead he sent him back to prison for ‘parole violation’ thinking he would spend a lengthy time in prison. Wrong! He served < 2 yrs & returned to his home town after he was released & died a free man.

      My Mother was murdered in 1981, at the age of 48, by a friends ex-boyfriend. Even though my Mom's friend & her former boyfriend had broken up, he offered to help her & my Mom move her belongings into her new house. Little did my Mom or her friend know that this ex-boyfriend had taken out a life insurance policy on her for 100K 1 month before. I'm not sure how he was able to do that, but he did. He beat my Mother & his ex-girlfriend to death. He was intoxicated one day & came by my Grandmother's home. She was afraid of him, so my sister & I both answered the door. His exact words to us was 'I killed both of the "b's" & I'm going to be rich.' We notified the police of his statements, but the police said there was nothing they could do since he made the statements under the influence & the statement was witnessed by law enforcement.

      Was I angry that 2 members of my family had been murdered & were not prosecuted? Absolutely! But there is a lesson to be learned from this. I was angry but I kept repeating 'Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.' I moved back to my home in another state. Exactly 1 year to the day that he murdered my Mom & her friend, he died in a house fire, caused by his own hand. I received word several days later that the cause of the fire was due to him being intoxicated & he was smoking a cigarette when he fell asleep. He woke to the smoke alarm going off, but with all the smoke from the fire in the house, he became disoriented & went into the closet. That is where the fire marshal found his body. There was another person who was injured by his reckless disregard for any human life. A woman I knew from high school was dating him. Actually, I was better friends with her younger sister, but I did know the woman. After his death, I moved back to be closer to my Grandmother & take care of her. A few years after that, I found out that the man who had murdered my Aunt had also died a very painful death. I felt a peace like I hadn't had in 25 years.

      I learned a very valuable lesson from their deaths. I can control my anger & hatred at others & let them deal with their own fate. Sometimes justice is swift to those who commit these acts & sometimes it seems like it isn't swift enough. But, sooner or later, they will receive their justice. If we reduce ourselves to name calling & threats against the person who has hurt us, then we are no better than they are.

      • You should be an inspiration to all. I, for one, am amazed by your maturity and intelligence. You certainly have my respect.

      • Wow, I’m sorry for all of the pain you have endured with those traumas and major losses. Good for you, for your maturity! I honestly cannot say that I could do it. However, after many, many years, I suppose the wisdom from the experience would prevail and make a person that much stronger. I agree with you: the vulgarity is not necessary. Obviously, the general opinion of such offenders are mostly the same. Many do not get much, if any penalty. The reality is that countless families do not get the justice they need for closure. The justice system is not perfect, and never will be. Families of the victims cannot solely rely on justice for healing, as unfair as it seems because so many just don’t get it. Especially when the cases aren’t as high profiled. We all need to work together to create a more unified system. I’m grateful I have never had to experience something like that, and I pray for the families of the victims and also the families of the convicted. Every victim deserves appropriate justice for their offender, but hate is certainly not the answer.

  10. What judge in his or her right mind would only give that monster of a woman 13 years? She should rot in prison for the rest of her evil life. She is scum!!

  11. This story is such a tragedy. Robert Heydman should have recieved 13 years and Dawn Fowler the life sentence. The Judge showed her mercy for the sake of her children, but I feel that they will not benefit in any way from this. She is a cruel, heartless woman that took these children’s Father’s life. That right there shows that she does not love her children. Greed, manipulation and lust led to an innocent man’s demise. She should never get to walk out of prison. Her kids are better off without her in thier lives. God bless the family members that are left with only memories of Richard Fowler.

  12. 13 years just not enough. The justice system does not work. You get this sentence for much lesser non violent crimes. Its an atrosity.

  13. That’s typical. Females being treated differently than males. Sure, we’re equal, right ladies?? Until it comes to being responsible and paying the piper. What a joke, 13 years. If I were that poor guys brother, I’d go after that judge! Make sure that he loses his job and can’t make another BS ruling.

  14. She should have gotten the full fifty years, and the children placed with their dads family. The Grandmother is in denial, saying her daughter had nothing to do with the murder.

  15. Its shocking how killing her husband well having him killed, gets only 13years!!! If I was the family it would make me sick knowing that. An the fact of how cruel to lie about her husband Richard an all thw lies she said!! Its horriable an I hope she lives a life of pure fear

  16. Watching this on tv right now and the actors don’t even anything like the real ones. Dawn looks gross! Who the hell would want to have sex with that fat thing? Poor husband and kids.

    • I know! Heydman is played by young and very handsome actor on Wicked Attraction, with a lean muscular body (the t-shirt scene) and high cheekbones. Dawn is portrayed as an attractive woman, not at all obese. I got online to see what they really looked like, and UGH! They do this quite often on Wicked Attraction, like telling us that the homely, if not all-out ugly Tina Leja is a real beauty and having her portrayed by a cute blonde actress. Anything to get more viewers. I’d rather they be portrayed honestly.

  17. I signed that petition so fast. I’m watching the show right now. Unbelieviable only 13 years. Smh.

  18. Oh yeah she deserves life.

  19. I just watched the show Forbidden and decided to see the real killers faces. Um, they aren’t good looking at all, like the characters in the show. Not to be mean but they are as ugly as the crime they did.

  20. I don’t think that she should ever be given parole… that she should serve every day of her (all ready to short) sentence. It is amazing what greed can cause some people to do!

  21. Don’t parole her. 13 year what the hell.

  22. I just watched the show on Wicked Attraction, and for that to happen in our town is a disgrace. And the fact that she only received 13 years for plotting and Robert received life, well that’s kind of makes ya wonder about our legal system.

  23. I would be happy to sign any petition to prevent this horror of a woman from being released early. She should have gotten a life sentence as well. How sad this story is for this family.

  24. DO NOT parole that wicked woman. She pulled that stupid man into her wicked web. He was stupid and did not stick by his core values. She is just plain wicked and evil and spoiled. Keep her in prison where she belongs. I will sign the petition.

  25. Why would a judge take pity cause of her children? What about the dead mans loved ones? Also girls love they daddy. As they get older. They will learn, read, and hear more about thier dads death. I’m willing to bet that it won’t be as smooth as she think it will. Dealing w/ that day! Besides. She did’nt care about her children. Also what kind of judge would give that type of monster. Any access to thier childrens lives on the outside!!! I hope she never gets out !!! Society says equal rights with both sexes.Well just like the man she manipulated. She should never see the outside. Karma just may having her and her mom one day seeing the other side. When it happens to someone they love.

    • Lord knows she didn’t take pity on her own children when she had their father murdered, 12 days before Christmas at that!

  26. As far as I’m concerned, when 2 or more people conspire to kill someone, they’re all equally guilty, regardless of who carries out the murder. Mrs. Fowler should have gotten LWOP, just like Mr. Heydman.

  27. She’s fucking minging

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