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    December 10: 1994: Darrel Cooley was shot several time in Jethroe’s Steakhouse in Erie, PA. Vance Haskell was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Curtis Mathis convicted of being an accomplice, sentenced to 3-7 years in prison.

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Boyfriends From Hell: Jeremy Cord Woods killed his girlfriend, Dawn Wallace and her 20-month-old son, Jaymie

I could not find much on this. Jeremy Cord Woods confessed to killing his girlfriend Dawn Wallace by strangling her with a power cord and hung her 20-month-old son Jayme with a stereo cord from his crib. It did seem to gnaw at him, as he confessed to it and to more than one person.

Montana’s Silent Witnesses
State of Montana v. Jeremy Cord Woods appeal 1996
State of Montana v. Jeremy Cord Woods appeal 1996 (about evidence)

I (Almost) Got Away With It: Got to Make It In the Big Easy


DOC ID# 35713
SHELBY, MT 59474
For More Information: (406) 434-7055

DOB: 1972
CITIZENSHIP: United States



DOCKET: CDC-93-170
CODE: 457308

DOCKET: CDC-93-170
CODE: 456301

DOCKET: CDC-93-170
CODE: 456316

DOCKET: ADC-94-155
CODE: 455102


48 Responses

  1. i know more about this person than most, he was my step brother. to be honest most of the family disowned him and hoped for the death penalty.

    • Then you might be most fit to answer, how did he not get it? Was the judge simply opposed in general or is there some mitigating factor that isn’t apparent in any of these documents?

      Thanks for your time,

    • What he did to that innocent baby..and the way he told the camera about it…he is a complete sociopathic monster! I’d never admit to knowing him..even thru marriage. He is one piece of crap!

  2. I too have been looking for information on this. Mainly what I’m wondering is why he didn’t get sentenced to death for this. He hung a baby while the mother was listening then strangled the mother, I can’t think of a more worthy candidate for it

  3. He was just profiled on I Almost Got Away With It…I think because he was already in jail for other crimes and he confessed so there wasn’t a trial. I came in at the end of the show but I think that is why he didn’t get death.

  4. I’m watching I Almost Got Away with it Now as he reaccounted the crime. No emotion at all, just like he is ordering pizza. How cold. He felt trapped? They weren’t married, he could have just walked away. He didn’t need to kill them.

    • Susan,

      I can say for certain but I can give you my insights. I was a very close friend of Dawn and we spoke weekly up until her murder.

      If you look into court cases, Dawn was charged with several counts of bad fraud. She had bounced several checks for high dollar items such as stereos and computers. But Dawn had told me personally that Jeremy had gotten her into some financial and legal problems and that he had a mean temper. Some of the bad checks were just days before she “disappeared”.

      After her “disappearance”, Jeremy continued to write bad checks and began to steal. I know two people in town that he stole from.

      My opinion is this, he stole Dawn’s checkbook and wrote the first batch of bad checks(not Dawn). She threatened to turn him and he choose murder.

      It is just my opinion, but one that I have whole heartily believed for all these years afterward.

    • I worked with Dawn and she was fearful of him. He was barred from coming to the work site due to his threatening behavior and absolute disrespect for Dawn. He was living off of her and she was just another means to an end for him. He didn’t confess because it was weighing on him. He confessed because he thought he wouldn’t get into trouble as the group was confidential and, by confessing he was hoping to get out of jail sooner. He doesn’t possess an conscience. He is a monster and piece of trash. If he were ever to get out, he would kill again. He isn’t sorry or remorseful; he is just sorry he got caught.

  5. I was a watching him on “I Almost Got Away With It” and had to stop and delete it. He seems to enjoy telling it and is proud of it, with a smirk on his face. There needs to be a swift deah penalty. Years ago they were executed in just a few weeks or months of the crime, or lynched by mobs. I think with the long wait now it encourages more murders. Plus it is so inconsistent. Some kill young women and babies and get life, while some kill one adult and get death. Some kill more than one and get life. Death sentences are often reduced to life by some stupid judge who has no compassion on the victims or their families. As for me, I would rather get death than life, but most of these people don’t mind prison like normal people. A guy I knew was against the death penalty as he said, “It is not a deterrent to murder”. For some it is, and some it is not, but that is not important. Whether a deterent or not, it is a just punishment, and that is enough. As for this interview, I can see why California banned interviews of prisoners years ago, it is so sickening to see how many of them have no remorse. To murder a baby? That is as low as it gets, like Susan Smith of S.C. and other women and men like her.

  6. William,

    This “the death penalty is not a deterrent” excuse is just, plain stupid! I agree with you about it being justice, but, if a person were to fear his own death, and that it would come swiftly instead of decades, it would cause him to think about it just long enough that he may not do it. If nothing else, the death of THAT person definitely is a POSITIVE deterrent to him ever killing anyone else. With life in prison, he could possibly kill someone else. And there would be no deterrent for him to do it over and over and over in states that no longer have the death penalty.I finally got around to watch the episode I Almost Got Away With It and he is scary. He is so cold and he just needs to be dead and done with.

  7. i to am watching I almost got away with it, and i want to get up and strangle him thru the TV. This man is a Level 5 CREEPER. How he ever even got a girlfriend is beyond me, and then he kills them? im not even done watching this show, and i have to turn it seeing as he didnt even get the death penalty. He hung a baby from a crib while the mother listened for Christs sake! The good thing is he will be judged by the one TRUE JUDGE, and be sentenced accordingly there!

    • I also caught this story on “I Almost Got Away With It”, and was thoroughly repulsed by the cold, emotionless and detached manner in which this criminal recounted his crimes. I’ve gotta agree with Amanda, he’s definitely a level 5 creeper. However, no one else has addressed this yet… Did anyone happen to notice that under his vital statistics as given by the State of Montana, his marital status is given as “married”!!!! WTF?!? I know that their are a lot of women who marry convicts while they’re still incarcerated, but who in their right mind would marry this cat, even after knowing his entire story?!?

    • I just watched this episode and I’ve heard stories about it being as I live in Helena MT but I didn’t know the whole story. It’s crazy watching a true murder story that happened in your hometown on ‘I almost got away with it’ especially when the reporter Melissa Anderson is a family friend of ours. I just saw her last week and she didn’t say anything about this story being on the discovery channel. I do believe that Jeremy Woods should have gotten the death penalty though. If the cops wouldn’t have found him he would have killed even more people. He showed no remorse at all for his victims. At least they sent him to that boot camp and got a confession out of him. He came really close to being a free man. Makes you wonder how many people are out there that have gotten away with murder. Our police department is still trying to find out what happened to the man here from Birdseye. They found his body in a bag up on the pass and still have no idea who did it.

      • He used to work @ Aladdin’s castle in the mall & bragged it up how he killed 2 people that crossed him & that they’d never be found. And he wasn’t talking about Dawn & little Jayme…my boss always thought that he was all talk but it makes you wonder

        • Why would any employer keep a creep who even “just talks” like that around? Very strange…were it me…he’d be gone that very day I heard the comment.

  8. Im from the Island of Bermuda and im watching this horrible story on disc channel. I thank god I live in such a peaceful place where we dont experience crimes as horrific as this. May god bless and keep thier souls.

  9. Just saw this on I almost Got Away on Discovery Channel…this guy was just pure cold killer. And pretty stupid. Glad he finally confessed to the murders. He needs to stay locked up since he admitted he might kill again. Good riddance. RIP to Dawn and Jayme.

  10. Will someone just put a bullet in this guys ass, plllleeeeaassseee!

  11. In Oct 1992 I left Helena to go to prepair to start College spring semester and left behind my best friend and her son. Her then boyfriend really worried me, there was just something about him that was just not right. We called at least once a week and after a few months I cold tell she was not doing well and she would hint that Jeremy had quite the temper. I always told her that her and Jayme were welcome to come stay in my apartment if they needed to get away. Then one week the phone calls stopped. The next week I received a phone call from the police asking if I had seen or heard from Dawn and heart sank. I waited for two months hoping that she just ran away from that jerk and hoped that she would just show up and take me on my offers, but she never did. My hopes dwindled with time and i had a feeling that her boyfriend had done something to her. I came back to Helena on the summer break and was approached by Jeremy in a grocery store. He told me how he figured that she had just ran off and moved in with me. He even told me to tell her he was sorry and that he missed her, if I was hiding her. Was a sick mind … to know that you had done what he did, but still tell her friend that.

    The years have passed and Dawn and Jayme have never left my mind. About once a year I Google her name and think about what she might have been up to. Thinking of what grade Jayme would be in. Hoping that it was all a bad dream and will find the google results of honor rolls and Facebook pages. But always find the same old court documents and the mention in the silent witness service.

    It still saddens my heart, but thank you for putting up this page. It brings attention to that she did exist and that the creep that ended her and Jayme’s beautiful life still has his own and deserves a much harsher punishment.

  12. Wow, I’m just watching this episode on I Almost Got Away with It and
    it made me sick. Him sitting there with a smirk on his face as if
    he’s recalling a prank he played on a friend. You’d never guess he’s talking about killing a woman and her baby. I had to turn away…

  13. I just watched the show and nearly cried. Tjat mother fucker needs to be bitch slapped, punched, etc! I feel like writing him telling his what a P.O.S he is!! I hope when he dies its SLOW && PAINFUL!!!!!!! God rest dawn and baby jaymes souls.

  14. I just watched the episode as well & this saddens my heart. How could someone be so cruel and hurt an innocent mother & her child? How could you than dump their bodies like a piece of trash while you go on with your life? He didn’t seem to have no sense of remorse for what he did. My prayers are with Dawn & Jaymie’s family.

  15. I don’t understand why they even gave this person an opportunity to attend this boot camp which could possibly reduce is sentence. There is no reforming a person who can a kill a child so coldly.

  16. I spoke to soon, he had only been sent based on his check fraud.

  17. I was picked for jury duty for this particular case…when they were interviewing prospective jurors, that twisted waste of oxygen actually got to sit in on the interviews with his lawyers. I was 5 feet away from him & all he could do was smirk.

    • you think watching him during jury duty interviews is bad.Grow up with this freak as a child that is sickning to know that he could do something so heartless and cold to these people and thinking nothing of it. I cant believe it to this day. When he and his brother would come over to my Aunts house he was always so shy and quiet.My family loved them and Im so sick when I heard about it,when it came to finding them. I still pray for the family of those he killed and his family that raised him.It was not their fault for his actions.

      • Darrel I missed the end of that program, he was thinking about killing his gay sugar daddy and girlfriend Shannon did he or did they get away?

  18. Just seen the story what a fkn dirtbag hope u fry in hell u ugly skinny piece of shit

  19. I just watched this episode on I Almost Got Away With It and was totally disgusted. Seeing him sit there with that smirk on his dumb ass face really pissed me of and wonder how can someone be so EVIL to kill anybody let along a innocent baby.. Why wasnt he sent to death? I hope the peoples in prison make him wishes he was dead until he meet the real judge..

  20. Totally disgusting, can’t believe this piece of shit is alive.

  21. I watched the ID channel faithfully but I must say whomever decided the episode with this man smirking as he tells of murdering a mother and child should be fired. Very distasteful.

    • Agreed. This episode stood out to me and left a bad taste in my mouth for several reasons. His lack of emotion and little smiles being some of them.

  22. I watched I almost got away with it also, as well as killing his girlfriend and baby, he was just about to kill his new girlfriend and a male friend, but the police were already there and arrested him. He would have killed two more. Then the interview at the end of the show he said he could kill again! Pure Sociopath!

  23. I can not believe this pasty, turtle head, maggot did not get the death penalty. Even more surprising is he has not received any “Prison justice” like some baby killers get. They should get him and hang him with a cord until his creepy eyes bug out. He is one of the most ugly, disgusting pig poop I have ever seen the way he smirks as he tells about killing a baby and his mother, while she listened. Hell has a special place for scum like this. I hope he gets what he deserves in prison. Maybe a good gang rape of him right before they cut off his balls (IF he even has any) and hang him. SLOWLY…

  24. My blood is boiling. I’m watching I Almost Got Away With It now and I want to destroy my tv. There’s no words to describe this monster.

  25. If he did not get the death penalty in court—maybe he will get it in jail…they kill baby killers in jail.

    • It has been 18 years and he is still alive, so the don’t kill all baby killers in jail. He did recently get the shit beat out of him which he then used to sue the state of MT over. Luckily the judge threw the case out of court.

  26. I just watched this on I almost got away with it, this story is horrible. It takes a monster to murder someone but it takes a special kind of monster to murder a baby like that. He most definately should of got the death penalty, in fact, they should of hung him, my heart goes out to Dawn and Jaymies family

  27. I literally just got done watching I almost got away with it… He is one sick son of a b#&$% he deserves the death penalty.. And do say how many years later that he would kill again???… Kill him already and take our tax dollars off of this nonsense!!!!! Liz

  28. I think Jeremy is a regular guy from Montana. I wonder where his opinion stands on the hunting of bears and wolves . One clarification- the woman was murdered before the baby, according to Montana authorities. Anyhow, of the few people I ever knew about from Montana, Jeremy seems to fit right in. Why do so many Montanans
    use methamphetamine, when they KNOW it is a drug which will turn you into an asshole? Are they already assholes? was the judge using meth too?

  29. Woods is just another cowardly punk run of the mill POS sociopath who tried to sue the prison after getting the shit beat out of him. LMAO when I read that. With 2 consecutive life sentences I hope he lives to be 90 years old. It’s good he didn’t get the death penalty. He needs to leave this world just as slowly and horrific as possible. I have to admit though if I was a tower guard it would be very tempting to put a neat little round hole in his forehead. On the issue of the death penalty being a deterrent to crime a district attorney I saw on TV said it best “I have never heard anyone try to claim the death penalty was a deterrent to crime, it’s payment for the crime committed.”

  30. I love ID, but I think this particular show should not interview these killer pyschos. They are but normal, feel nothing, enjoy retelling their crimes, and the attention. Get an actor to tell the story. We get no insight from them anyway. They lie as to the reasons they committed their crimes.

    He wasn’t married. He could walk away. No, she threaten to tell about the checks, and he killed her due to that reason and to be able to continue writing the checks.

    He killed them in an especially cruel way. Leaving her in fear and making her listen to her son dying. Then coming back to the room to see her fear knowing that he was going to finish what he’d started. He tortured them because he’s a sadistic SOB.

    He shouldn’t have a chance to smirk on national TV and revisit his crime.

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