Dawn Marie Hacheney murder 12/25/1997 Bremerton, WA *Husband, Nicholas Daniel Hacheney, convicted, sentenced to 26 years in prison*

Dawn Hacheney

Find-A-Grave: Dawn Marie Tienhaara Hacheney
Dawn Tienhaara Hacheney – Murdered & Set On Fire By Husband – Nick Hacheney
Former minister’s murder trial proves salacious
Man convicted years after wife’s death
Angry words erupt at Hacheney sentencing
Bainbridge Pastor Who Killed Wife Is Sentenced Again — to 26 Years
Bainbridge pastor who killed wife is resentenced
State of Washington v. Nicholas Daniel Hacheney 2007 (conviction affirmed, sentence reversed)
Spotlight Shines Once More on Bainbridge Pastor Killer, Murdered Wife

A Twisted Faith: A Minister’s Obsession and the Murder That Destroyed a Church

deadly Sins: Prey For Me
Dateline:Twisted Faith
Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets: Til Death Do Us Part


DOC Number: 851884
Location: Monroe Corrections Center


2 Responses

  1. I have read and studied up on the murder of Precious Dawn Hacheney . This is just my opinion but I feel like Sandy Glass is the who killed Dawn . When Annette made the announcement to Sandy that she was going public with everything that happened to the both of them and once Sandy seen that she would never get Nick since Nicole had him and then Scott had come into the picture. Sandy framed Nick for hurting her and in return got away with murder while Nick rots in jail for atleast another 4 more years. Dawn was to Submissive for Nick to give up and provided for him at All Costs but Sandy was to jealous and wanted Nick all to herself.

  2. He is so unattractive. How the *^*% did he get any women to sleep with him, let alone all the ones who cheated with him? He is flat out disgusting!! He is shame file: inside and out!! He was darn lucky to have a woman who looked as good as Dawn. I hope he gets burned alive!

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