• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Lisa Rene murder 9/29/1994 Pine Bluff, AR *5 men convicted, 2 – Bruce Webster & Orlando Hall – sentenced to death*

Lisa Rene

Remembering Lisa Rene The 16 year Kidnap From TX And Murder In Arkansas
Federal death penalty sough in girl’s abduction and murder
Jury selection expected to take several weeks in murder case
Details terrifying in abduction trial
Man convicted in brutal death
Jury convicts man in girl’s death
Federal death penalty sought in Texas abduction
Man gets death in murder case
Murder-rape draws federal death sentence
The Folly of Knock-and-Announce
Execution set for Arkansas man in 1994 kidnap-rape-murder
Bruce Webster appeal
BRUCE CARNEIL WEBSTER – 4/16/2007 – FED (Indiana)
USA: Bruce Carneil Webster (m), black, aged 33
Pro Death Penalty (2nd one – very detailed)
Orlando Hall appeal
Marvin Holloway appeal
Mental retardation evidence may not save Arlington teen’s killer from death chamber
Orlando Hall request for pen pals
Bruce Webster request for pen pals

The F.B.I. Files: The Search for Lisa Rene
FBI: Criminal Pursuit: Taken by Force

Bruce Webster – convicted; received federal death penalty
Orlando Hall – convicted; received federal death penalty
Demetrius Hall – convicted: received 25 years in federal prison
Steven Beckley – convicted; received 30 years in federal prison
Marvin Holloway – convicted; received 15 years in federal prison (yes, he has been released)


Register#: 26177-077
Age-Race-Sex: 34 Black M
Release Date: DEATH SENT


Register#: 26176-077
Age-Race-Sex: 36 Black M
Release Date: DEATH SENT


Register#: 26178-077
Age-Race-Sex: 32 Black M
Release Date: 08-02-2016


Register#: 26179-077
Age-Race-Sex: 35 Black M
Release Date: 11-16-2020


Register#: 20159-009
Age-Race-Sex: 37 Black M
Release Date: 05-02-2008

Please read my comment policy before commenting. I will not approve any that violate it without any further notice, including those that are in ALL CAPS or obviously fake names, or duplicates with different names.  Nor will I approve any comment that is racist or vulgar.  Have respect for all readers and Lisa Rene.

Also, please remember that this is a place to remember the victim, Lisa Rene, not to defend your family member that is a defendant. Not here. My focus is on the victim, Lisa Rene and justice, which means carrying out the specified sentence, whether it is prison or the death penalty. In my opinion, every single one of them deserved the death penalty. But that did not happen. So, if you do not like what people say about the defendants, you will have to deal with that yourself. Here, remember and think about Lisa Rene and the life she lived and the lifetime she lost. She did NOT deserve to be raped and killed. She is loved and missed.


187 Responses

  1. to those pieces of trash that had anything to do with this girls demise your mothers are whores,your fathers are trash you probably don’t know them though you are going to hell if any of you ever get out your dead, believe me i’m watching. I’m also thinking of your trashy family paying a price for your crime.

    • fuck outta here. my cousin Steven is doing 30 years. thats long even for murder. you need to watch who’s family your treating you see what he did

      • cousin,

        30 years is long for murder? Really? What about for the victim’s loved ones? They get LIFE, not 30 years. All involved should have gotten death or life in prison. Lisa Rene’s family and loved ones don’t get her back, so those involved should not get their lives back either. Especially since she was an INNOCENT victim, who did nothing to cause her own death.

      • I say what i want, when i want, and to who i want, your cousin is trash raping and murdering a child. It shows what kind of garbage you are defending him. You must come from a family full of scum.

        • family full of scum? yea no. i guarantee u would say that Shit to us in our face. all Im saying is yea he fucked up. and he’s paying for it everybody needs a second chance. if u or your family fucked up ud want the same. Hell. u might want to reach the episode or do your research and figure out what Steven actually did.

          • OK, this is enough. Please keep the comments focused on the VICTIM, Lisa Rene, and not her killers or their families. Lisa is the one that matters here and justice for her. Period. However, cousin, not everyone will agree with you that everyone needs a second chance. When someone participates in a murder, especially one this heinous they should forfeit all chances. They ALL knew that what they were doing was wrong and should have thought about their actions then, not later when it benefits them. Your cousin should have thought of his actions before participating. He knew he was involved with the killing of an innocent young girl. I hope he has real remorse and has even let the victim’s family know it. I don’t care that he is a preacher. That does NOT show remorse.

            Please remember to keep the comments centered around the victim, Lisa Rene. She had a life and lived and was loved. Give her and her loved ones that respect.

          • I use my real name bitch, unlike your punk ass. It’s not hard to find me, I’d say directly to your face. if the punk gets outta prison he wont last long. I would torture him before killing him.

          • No second chance…. “He phucked up”. U make it sound like he punched someone in the face, ran a stop light, stole something. Being involved in the drug world is a a phuck up… Kidnap, rape, torture, is not a phuck up. That’s a demon on earth. You need to make peace that he will be condemned to hell for eternity….never to return to his loved ones. Seriously.

      • Fuck YOU Cousin! You rot right along with them you piece of shit and fuck your cousin too, devils!

      • Eye for an eye. Hope he gets HIV and dies slow

      • Your cousin should die like my best friend did. How about we take him beat hun rape him and let him die in a shallow grave..and you coming here to say that means you’re just as fkd in the head as he is..must be hereditary.

      • Your cousin should DIE for what he did! ANIMAL!!!!!!

      • Let your cousin rape, brutalize,kill one of yours! He don’t get a fucking break because that’s your sorry ass cousin with his sorry funky ass!! Fuck your feelings and all involved who TOOK her life!

      • fuck yo cousin…he deserved to die

      • fuck yo cousin

      • ive known lisa, we grew up in the same neighborhood in the virgin islands and we went to school together,,, your family took part in a very violent incident in which her life was taken away innocently, so can you tell me what did she do to your cousin and his friends to deserve what they did to her? i forgive our cousin and his friends because if i dont forgive them for the wrong onto her then that shows that God is not in me. Im not here to judge but im here still missing lisa every day. she wanted to be a doctor and was also a straight “A” student. she would of been saving lives at 38yrs old but wasnt given a chance to do so.

    • Please don’t talk about my family like that what if that was one of your family members please don’t say that!!!!

      • If one or more of my family members did what they did to that young girl i would kill them family or not. What if this 16 year old child belonged to you? Take a few minutes to think how this young girl died, the terror and torture before the murder.

      • I do have evil family members like that. They have no regard for humanity. Life means nothing. God made them blood….but my choice is different. They aren’t my family…..and I’m better for it.

      • I would be so ashamed to be related to those devils. How could anyone defend them. They are evil and all deserve the death penality and an eternity of hell. Lisa Rene is with God. My God bless her family.

      • If your family member did this…they should be wrapped in duct tape beaten with baseball bats until nearly dead and then buried alive! No regard for human life! YOU COME FROM A FAMILY OF WILD DOGS! They ALL need to be PUT DOWN!

    • 👍👍👍👌👌👌You certainly spoke nothing but the truth….

  2. Was Bruce Webster executed? Please say yes!

  3. Sharon, the coward was not executed yet he was part of the appeal against so called cruel and unusual punishment. The supreme court ruled in favor of lethal injection so hopefully the piece of trash will die soon.

  4. fucking niggers piss me off they should all die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and all this wouldve been avoided and by niggers i mean the ignorant and stupid black people that exist that they do things to innocent people AND ARE THE REASON FOR VIOLENCE EXISTING they should all die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I think what Oscar is trying to say is, Black people who do stupid acts as these guys are Niggers, and I agree they are ignorant niggers, you all need to remember Lisa was a Black lady who Oscar has vented his feelings that she is innocent but for those who read and fail to understand thinks he is calling all blacks stupid and ignorant, read again and pause in between sentence and realise he puts the blame on Uneducated Negroids who kill for fun. I am a Black man Oscar and coming from Jamaica I got your back on this one dude. This crap needs to stop all over the world, pointless killings of Kids.

    • Shut the fuck up you ignorant bitch!! You and all of the other serial killers!!!

  5. I just watched this case on some FBI show and I hope that her brothers feel like SHIT. She’s dead because of them!!! I hope she haunts them for the rest of their lives!!!!



  8. Oscar. that was uncalled for..

  9. Osacr,
    Shut your fucking mouth you piece of shit.

  10. I just saw the Discovery channel special on this crime. What an indescribable tragedy.

    It’s also sad that the hate is being regenerated by those who survive Lisa Rene. In her memory and out of respect for all that she endured, can’t we stop the cycle of hate now?

    By pointing fingers and blaming “all black people” for crimes, you’re only encouraging someone else to commit a similar crime against someone else just for being black.

  11. See what happens when drugs are involved. That poor innocent child’s last moments on this earth must have been terrifying. Her parents and her siblings lives have been altered forever because of pot. Yeah…I hope her brother feels like shit!

  12. Peacemaker,
    Your last paragraph said it all. Huge huge comment. Thank you.

  13. marvin holloway are you free? your mother is a whore.

  14. I rememeber this story! I missed the tv broadcasts did anyone see it? I wanna look it up online.. Peacemaker I tried Discovery but I didn’t find any results.


  15. I am the exgirlfriend of S.Beckley, he is very remorseful of this, he is a changed man now, he wasnt bad before he was peer pressured, thats not an excuse at all, but I know him personally and he is very very sorry for this.

    • Steven is my blood cousin. and i recently talked to him. he is a born again minister paying everyday for what he did. we will all see him hopefully b4 2020

      • Being a minister makes no difference, i am a Christian also and i would still end his life if we crossed paths.

      • Hey cousin, everyone does make mistake and do wrong things and we all need forgiveness and a second chance. Just because he was involved in such a horrific crime does not make him a bad person nor should anyone fear him. I am sure that he has a good heart. If you need to talk, get at me.

        • Cookie86,

          Did you even bother to read my comment policy? Where in your comment did you mention the victim, Lisa Rene? The focus needs to be on her, not her killers. I will NOT approve any more comments that are not about Lisa Rene.

        • Sounds like you come from the same line of garbage that these child rapist, murderers come from. Cookie 86

    • Remorseful my ass. Lisa Rene was such a beautiful bright girl who could of been a doctor. And that piece of garbage that you kiss and allow into you is a predator who needed to be put down like a dog. I also pray you don’t have kids because you sound like the mother who would bet or ignore your daughter or does nothing when she says that her father is molesting her.

    • Yeah…that normally happens when folks go to prison. They get all religious and remorseful. Lol

    • How the hell.. DID he tell us where she was as soon as he got away from them? You date a man that killed my childhood best friend and say he’s sorry for it.. is he really sorry can HE say it because SHE isn’t here to accept it if he was truly sorry well we can guess my response..

  16. Your full of shi t Me Me peer pressured into torture, rape, and murder. Think of this young girl before you make your stupid comments. He will be sorry when he’s burning in Hell for all eternity. if that P.O.S. is the best you can do for a friend your desperate.

  17. My older sister knew Lisa Rene and went to school with her. I was 15 at the time. When we found out she was kidnapped my family immediately went to help the family out. I was honered to meet Lisa sister who she lived with at the time, her Mother and her brothers (before all information about the drugs became known). Lisa’s story is tragic and she was very bright and beautiful. She did not deserve this horrible crime.

    Also anyone who brings race into this is wrong. Lisa’s family is black, her murderers were black, but tons of people, like my family, felt love for her family regardless. Lisa Rene was a wonderful beautiful soul. I keep looking every so often to see if the murderers involved in this crime were executed. I am hoping that they are.


    • And both her bestfriends white Lisa didn’t see color she saw the best in everyone.. although if we ran in same group who’s your sister hun?

  18. I Watched The Case On FBI Files. How Could Her Killers Live With This?!? To An Innocent 16 Year Old Girl?!? May She Rest In Peace…

  19. God bless us all!

    Every breathing soul needs it.

  20. Brent you can keep Marvin Holloway’s name out of yo mouth buddy! That’s on everything. You don’t know that man’s mother nor him so chill on that!

    • Someone didn’t like my comment to you keta you stupid bitch. if you ever defended that piece of trash in front of me it would be your last mistake. Put his address on here and he won’t be around long.

    • Keta on everything shut your dirty stinking mouth for defending that piece of shit and the mother who made him. Brent can call his name and say anything he wand to a child molester and sexual predator. Also his mother is scum because only a scum can birth someone like this. Lisa Rene should never be forgotten. This fool should still be on death row. Keta I know your dumb and you come from a dumb family is the only way I can understand that stupid comment you made to Brent. May God continue to bless Lisa Rene.

    • Mamma raised animals.


  22. This was a senseless crime, Lisa Rene deserved to life a full life and not have it interupted like this. There are so many fingers to point and people to blame.
    It is not up to any of us on this forum to forgive them because that is God’s job. I pray for their souls but mostly I pray for the Family of Lisa Rene because I can’t even imagine their pain. God bless

  23. I ran into this handsome man that was trying to talk to me. I did not hesitate giving him my number. I was blown away because he was very nice and good looking. He told me his name was Marvin Holloway. After I researched and inquired about him, I was floored. I suddenly stopped calling. I know he served his time, but for some reason, the thought of someone wanting to be involved in such an act just makes me grossly sick to my stomach.

  24. Well for me i hope all them bastards die, because that is what they deserve and if i had sons like them i would disown them and ask the judge to give them all lethal injection because this is a horrible crime what they did to lisa i have no words that would explain how i hate them all im just going to have to pray we all are. She was innocent didnot deserve this they treated her like shit and didnot care about how she was feeling they didnot have to do that this world is cold blooded so im not going to right or email no president for them son of bithes they are cowards to do that to a 16 year old she is gone and nothing is going to bring her back i just hate them all for this crime they did they should have nevered been born i hope they all burn in hell .

  25. This is really a tragedy… my daughter who was a friend of Lisa Renes at Arlington school in Arlington Texas.. I got a phone call from the school.. It was my daughter telling me her friend has been kidnapped… Later that day we went to the apt where the family prayed and was waiting desperately for word of their daughtter and sisters,, I had never met any of them.. The mother and the sisters and brother in law was very n ice.. heartbroken just waiting on any word of the whereabouts of Lisa Rene.. They showed us how the glass door was broken into . we heard the tape of the 911 call over and over again on tv………… we waited with the family for news about Lisa.. A few days later we got he call that her body had been recovered in Arkansas.. It was horrible to hear the brothers had been involved in something to do with drugs.. this is the reason she was abducted that day.. We attended a memorial service for Lisa Rene..It was very moving.. my daughter talked very highly of the girl.. she had a great personality .. and she was a loving christian.. thank you

  26. My name is Christina. I was a friend of Lisa Rene’. We went to Lamar High school together 1994. Lisa was amazing, and was as bright and cheery as you could ever imagine. I fell apart when I found out she was missing. And that same night my Mom Sharon and a few friends of mine found out where Lisa lived, and we got involved as we could to help locate her. We were all so torn when they found her body. Her family was in pieces. We had a memorial service for her at a local church. It was beautiful. Later that night we headed back to Lisa’s house where she lived with her sister Pearl and Pearl’s fiance Henry. My Mom and I were standing outside of the car that Lisa’a brother Stan was in. And tears were pouring down his face. And I remember wiping the tears while they rolled off his cheeks. And til this day it kills me to know that I was wiping the tears of one of the two brother’s that caused her to die. I adored Lisa and she was my friend and she was amazing to anyone who knew her. This is so tragic. And she still to this day is deeply missed.

    • Christina: We have been trying to locate you. M2 Pictures is doing a program for the FBI: Criminal Pursuit series on investigation Discovery Television Network. We would like to interview you and need to speak with you as soon as possible. Please get in touch with me at

  27. No, Bruce Webster has not been executed. Thanks to Amnesty International, his execution date was stayed indefinitely last year. He will not be executed for a long time.–stay-of-execution-for-bruce-webster.htm

  28. To whom concerned,
    Where is the resting place of young Lisa Rene? I would like to travel to where it is; and place flowers by it; and meet her family. This was a tragedy that still hits home with me. Injustices such as these are one of the reasons as to why I chose law enforcement as a career.

  29. When you start to judge people where is the God in you- we are not put here to judge others

  30. Hi John

    Lisa Rene is burried in the Virgin Islands… We have lost contact with the family .. but would be nice to reconnect with them..
    I am not sure if they are still in Arlington Texas or if they have moved back to the Virgin Islands..
    have a good day,.

  31. Dear Ms.Sharon,
    Thank you very much for the information. I really appreciate it. I hope that one day that you will reconnect with young Miss Rene’s family again. If you do (with their permission of course), please let me know. You have a blessed day; and again, thank you.

  32. Yes Lisa Rene was layed to rest in the Virgin Islands. I was told (because I was unable to go) by many that the service was absolutely beautiful. And since she was from the Virgin Islands that’s where they wanted her to be. Which is close to her family. I too along with my Mom Sharon, would love to find her family. We would love to know how they are. Yearsago I had their number and when we moved away I lost it. But it sure would be great to see how they are. Thank you.

  33. Dear Miss Christina,

    I thank you also for your correspondence.I am grateful of this. I hope everything is well with you, and I will check this website from time to time to keep in contact with you and Mis Sharon. Have a wonderful day.

  34. To Miss Sharon and Miss Christina,
    I will dedicate my law enforcement career to young Miss Lisa Rene, to all victims of wrongdoing; and to every and all that I made an oath to serve and protect; once I graduate from the Sheriff’s academy.

  35. To John,
    The world needs more heroes like you… You dedicate your life to saving people everyday,, to protect us.. people you do not even know.,… You are so kind… It is a pleasure to talk with you… I will check back on this website ,,, and hope to hear from you again… have a great day .. and be safe.. sharon

  36. marvin has been out since february or so.

  37. Dear Ms.Sharon,
    I thank you for keeping in contact with me. I would also sincerely thank this website for making this possible. I would like to keep an e.correspondence with you also; not just on the memory of young miss Lisa Rene; but also gaining a friend. My heart was hurt when I learned about Miss Lisa Rene(via a law enforcement documentary). She was only 16 years old; just a baby. She had dreams to be something in life (a doctor). I am sure that she was a beautiful human being. The tragic ordeal that she had to go through really affected me. It was, and still is, depressing for me. I actually had to find someone to talk to( at my job). It is very awful and hurtful when anybody’s child becomes a victim of crime. I have I am 40 years old. I have no children (legitimate or illegitimate); and I would like to one day be a father.But sometimes I wonder about bringing a child into this garbage can world. I have not felt this sad since the incident at Virginia Tech down in Blacksburg. But I will always keep Miss Lisa Rene in my heart; and I will keep in touch with you. I thank you (and this website) for being patient with me. You were also someone that I had to keep in touch in order to have someone to talk to. Thank you again

  38. Hi John, Thank you for writing me back… I truly do understand your sadness.. Anything like this is truly a tragedy and affects all of our lives. How could it not.. Lisa Rene was such a young girl with a wonderful future ahead of her… This was a horrible thing for her and her family and friends to have to endure.. I just wonder how they are all doing… Hopefully someday we will be able to reconnect with her family … Please feel free to write to me.. everyday if you like.. Sometiimes we all need someone to talk to.
    I think we all have those kind of days.. you take care.. have a good day. and please feel free to write anytime.. I will be checking back.. sharon

  39. Hi Miss Sharon,

    It is great to hear from you. I have not too long ago came home from work. I am hanging in there. I Thank you for your understanding. If you need someone to talk to. Please feel free to do so. We could exchange e.mail addresses. I really do not mind (I hope it is safe to do so, and it is allowable by this website). E.writing to you and receiving e.letters makes me feel better because there was someone to talk to concerning this.I do appreciate it. You take good care of yourself, may God bless you to see a great day, and you will be hearing from me soon. May the memory of young Lisa Rene live forever and ever; never to be forgotten.

  40. Hi John,
    It was nice to hear from you again.. I understand how you feel and sometimes we all need some one to talk to.. you can email me at if you like..
    Its always nice making new friends.. and having someone to communuciate with does make us feel a lot better,… You have a good day, and I will talk to you soon..

  41. Miss Sharon,

    Thank you very much and very kindly. You will be hearing from me soon. God bless.

  42. Keta I’ll say what i want when i want. I don’t have to know that P.O.S. marvin holloway only a whore could give birth to trash like that. Also i’m not your buddy.

  43. Hi John,

    Looking forward to hearing from you.. Hope you are doing well… Have you checked out the page on the little Casey child.. >? It is so sad to think that poor little baby girl was hurt by her own mother… check it out if you have the time… I am looking forward to hearing from you.. have a great day……… remember we are here if you want to talk. sharon

  44. I have to correct myself on what I wrote above to john,..
    it is Caley that is missing . Casey is her mother that is the one that has done harm to this poor little girl.. check it out.. if you have the time,,

  45. Dear Miss Sharon,
    I am doing well. I hope that things are okay with you. I have just clicked on to this website. I have not learned about it yet; but I will check it out. I will make the time. Thank you for keeping in touch, and I did e.mail you; and I will still keep in touch. Take care.

  46. Miss Sharon,
    I had just read a brief news article on this subject. Authorities on the case found what was believed to be baby Caylee. They found a decomposed body in the trunk of a car; as well as chloroform and strands of hair in a car. There was also information items on ordering chloroform from the internet (if I am correct). According to what I read, the mother in question was not very cooperative. This incident is very insane and tragic; and sad. Not to judge anyone, nor am I a licenced psychologist or psychiatrist,in my opinion, she has gone through a lot of issues in her life; but a young life is gone. I hope that she is dealt justice ; and if justice allow, help as well.


    note from blog owner


    Where did you read that they found a decomposed body in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car? I know that they found evidence of decomposition, but not once have I heard or read that they found a body. In fact, there are news stories galore talking about “no body” prosecution in this case. I would love to read this article you mentioned please.

  47. Hi John ..Thank you for writing me back.. THis is very tragic.. This mother seems to have no conscience at all.. She seems to not even care anything about her child.. What I heard on the news was that in the mother of the childs car,. they found hair that belonged to Caylee also appeared to be at one time a body in the car.. which would have been Caylee.. Also this mom is not cooperative in any way with the police and neither is the grandmother.. the grand mother seems to be hiding things to protect her daughter..
    My heart aches for this child.. she is just a baby… and unble to protect herself from harm from her own mother…… I hope and pray they find this little girl alive.. but I know the chances are slim to none.. If you find out anything else .. please let me know… I appreicate your kindness.. JOhn,.. you are a special person.. have a good day. sharon

  48. Miss Sharon,
    I would also like to thank you again for your keeping in touch. If I do learn anything else about the incident, I will let you know.


  49. Miss Sharon,
    I learned of the incident on The article even have the picture of the mother in question.You might want to take a look at it. Keep in touch and I hope you have a blessed day.


  50. Miss Sharon,
    I made a mistake. Authorities found evidence of a decomposed body in the trunk of the car; but strands of hair was found. As a result, it is believed that the child is deceased. I apologize for this.


  51. Hi John, oh thats alright.. there is so much information on this case it is unbelievable.. I feel so bad for this little baby… I don’t understand why or how her mother could ever hurt her… we all know that she did.. its jsut a matter of finding the little girls body.. I would hope and pray she is alive but the evidence is saying different.. Can you imagiine John this mother and grandmother withholding information from the police about their own daughter and granddaughter… and then being the one to harm this child is the most horrible thing anyone could ever do.. I hoep se sees these remarks people are making . and she feels some guilt of what she did.. and I hope justice prevails on this one espeically like it did in the Lisa Rene case.. talk to you soon, sharon

  52. Miss Sharon,
    I am also very curious as to why the mother wanted to abandon and do harm to the child. I really am. Is she mentally ill? Is it because she is trying to keep a man? This is so sick and terrible. I, too, hope that they find the little one. But in cases such as this, it is difficult to think positive;but let’s hope that this turns out positive.
    P.S. Did you receive my e.mail ?

  53. Hi JOhn…
    I am wondering the same thing.. THis case is sickening.. I don’t know if you have seen the mother on tv.. but she has no emotions whatsoever concerning her daughter.. she does not seem to care anything about her.. I think everyone feels that she did harm to her daughter.. I don’t know how she could live with herself.. how she could close her eyes and go to sleep……… I think she wanted her out of the way so she could party and do what she wanted to do.. I don’t know , its just my feelings on this case..

  54. I went to school with Lisa in St. Croix, and I remember when she moved to Texas. Lisa was a very quiet, sweet girl, and we were all very saddened when we learned of her murder. May she rest in eternal peace.

  55. Dear Miss Lila,

    How are you doing? I have a question for you. Where in the Virgin Island is little Miss Lisa Rene laid to rest?


    P.S. To Miss Sharon,

    Did you hear about the mother of baby Caylee being released?

  56. JOhn, Casey is still in jail. She’s on No bond. Wont be able to be released unless she’s aquitted. Which I doubt that would ever happen.

  57. hi john, I emaile you ,. unfortunately it came back failure to deliver.. i clicked reply. it should have been sent on to you.. I dont kno what happend.. i sent it twice.
    what do i do now?
    Donna is correct.. Casey is being held without bond.. she wont be getting out. thank god..
    I hope they find this little angel.. and the mother and her parents who are covering for her are punsihed for what they did to her.. God Bless little Caylee..

  58. A very good friend of mine gave me this site address, and as I read the contents I began to cry. You see LISA R and I went to Junior High together and I can still remember the days of walking from the bus stop to our homes. Lisa lived up on the hill and I would always tease her about her long “ass”walk she took to get home. Her death hit our small community hard and to this day we still remember Lisa. To everyone who has commented about this case, her family has suffered and so has her brother ( I hope he suffers until the day he dies, but thats my opinion on the matter not the entire Island). Trust that no one has forgotten her death and those bastards that did it.

    Lisa was laid to rest on the Island of St.Croix USVI and everyone she has ever known showed up that day to pay their respect to her and her family. I was in the 11th grade. I am now 29 years old.
    I knew her personaly and she was joy to be around and I am not saying this becasue she is dead… She had a very laid back personality and she could braid some hair. 🙂

  59. How could we ever forget such a beautiful, quiet soul. Lisa was very quiet and did not get too involved with the crowd although she had lots of friends. Lisa was a far cousin of mine and when the sad news hit us, the entire family was affected very badly. I remember Lisa was only supposed to be in Texas visiting her sister during that summer. While there she decided to stay and complete one year of school and return home the following year to complete her final year of high school with her class. Although only God should judge us, I hope these men rot in hell. I hope their families never find peace. I hope the security guard at the motel who became suspiscious and did nothing loses his job and never has a chance to secure another humans life again because he is such a sorry security guard. I remember the day when Lisa’s body arrived on the small island and everyone was in tears because of such injustice. I remember when her mother walked into the small church where she attended service and placed her a framed photo of her on the casket. It was so sad because we never got to see her body due to how decomposed her body was. The entire island was there and the chuch ran out of seats. It was so sad for the entire family. Her parents were both torn by this as she was very close to especially her dad. He wouldn’t even drink water for days. I appreciate seeing so many hearts were touched by this tragic incident. For the animals who leave harsh comments you would never understand. For those wanting to know her body was laid to rest at the Kingshill Cemetery in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. Although she is gone, she remains in our hearts today.

    • Hello Islandchic,

      I am working on a show and I am hoping to get in touch with family and friends of Lisa Rene. If you have any contact information that you’re willing to share, please feel free to contact me.

    • I do think you because you grew up with Lisa should know when she was in Texas she was so happy and laughed so very much..I’ll always love and miss her and we tried so very hard to find her .I’m sorry… we should’ve been there then maybe..

  60. Islandchic: I have left some very harsh comments i hope you were not referring to me they were directed at the garbage that commited this crime. You mention God i am a Christian and know the Bible very well and i would not hesitate to see that they meet their makers when we come in contact. This is the most horrible crime i’ve ever heard of . I do not mean to offend anyone who loved Lisa, and my understanding of the Bible she is alive now (shall not taste of death but pass from death unto life) speaking of Christians which she is. I am compassionate to the weak and helpless, I can be equally opposite to trash like her abductors and murderers. I also agree with you about the security guard i believe he should be in prison.

  61. Im from Sweden, and I actually saw the FBI files last year and until today i remember Lisa Rene. This is really sad and this really touched me.

  62. Islandchic,

    I was a friend of Lisa’s in Arlington. I still think of her all the time. She is my heart and mind always. Can you please tell me how her family is? I haven’t spoken to any of them since sometime in early 1995. They were back at the virgin islands by then. I have since lost contact with them, but would love to speak to one of them. If you could please let them know that they are still in my thoughts and prayers. I hope they still remember me. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

  63. John, God bless you.
    Lisa, rest in peace. May God watch over your family and friends.

  64. Calyee Marie Anthony …R.I.P.Caylee’s mother, 22-year-old Casey Anthony, was indicted in October on first-degree murder and other charges, even though no body had been found. She has insisted that she left the girl with a baby sitter in June, but she didn’t report her missing until July. Photos surfaced of Anthony partying after her daughter went missing.Skeletal remains found in the woods are the Florida 3-year-old who has been missing since June.DNA tests confirm that the remains match Caylee Anthony’s genetic profile.A utility worker stumbled upon the remains last week, less than a half-mile from where the girl lived, some of the remains discovered were as small as pebbles.NO CHILD SHOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS….

    Pass this on and help put Caylee to rest……..

  65. Merry Christmas Lisa.

  66. Um, there’s websites and free forums online for people obsessed with crime, but maybe we should leave this thread for people to send their condolences to Lisa and her family…

  67. I first learned of this case on Forensic Files about 3-4 years ago, and it has been one of the most horrific crimes that bothers me to this day. A 16 y/o girl studying at home on the weekend when these animals got a hold of her. I cried so much when I learned of the terror Lisa Rene went through. I was so touched that i called the FBI who returned my call about a day later, because I wanted desperately to write her family, just to let them know that I care and they are in my thoughts. Seeing her loving sister on the news clippings was painful. I’m sure her brothers have learned from this and I truly hope that they have forgiven themselves for not speaking up earlier. Hopefully, their not coming forward to their sister’s aid hasn’t torn the family apart. However, to be honest if it were my loved one that kept silent, our relationship would be over. Overall, the blame goes to those animals they are all equally responsible. It doesn’t make a difference which one committed the rape, the murder… they all took part by being there. It’s easy to claim to be remorseful, but if these bastards got away with it, noone would be saying that they’re sorry. Another issue that I have is women who would protect her brothers from kidnapping a16 y/o girl, as what was done when the FBI came to the house looking for the brothers. She allowed him to hide in the attic, her ignorant a$$ should have been charged with hindering a prosecution or something. As human beings, we cannot help our loved ones, when a human life is at stake. I don’t care how much love I have for my brothers, my father, my sons or my man,….No way will I ever turn a blind eye, if the law is at my door asking to speak my brother for a kidnapping of a 16 y/o girl. I’ll gladly point the fingers to my attic. I hope that sister of the Hall Brothers who hid her brother when the fbi came to her house was charged. For the days and hours that Lisa remained alive she was waiting on anyone to help her. Like I said, this made me so angry. From the Rene Brothers robbing drug dealers in this shady game, not considering that they have your sister’s freaking address is incomprehendable, to these wannabe bad boys that should have all been sentenced. The whole thing JUST SAD, EXTREMELY SAD.

    • I feel u on this Lisa brothers should be locked up also . I feel for her family the hall boys hasnt learned anything yet the ones that are free is still dealing drugs out the mothers house they just got busted they all nrrd to be locked up even the mother Betty and the sister cassandrathey are dirty people and money hungry sad but true.

      • Apparantely neither have Neil Nick Rene (one of the Lisa’s brothers), he hasn’t changed his ways and just got arrested for being the ring leader of a Texas to Virgin islands Marijuana Drug ring.

        I went to school with Lisa’s sisters and this case haunts me to this day. RIP Lisa and sympathies to the family.

        • I was shocked to learn that her brother is still involved after such tragic lost. Make you wonder if they even have any sense!!!

  68. I think we need to get Amnesty International out of our prisons. There are plenty of issues for them to tackle in places where there is NO legal recourse. As it is now – this sickens me that all involved with the Lisa Rene crime were not executed – and as for her brothers … they should at least be in prison too but I hope they suffer her loss greatly. I did not know Lisa – but what a loss to the world. As for poor little Caylee Anthony .. her mom also needs the electric chair and ASAP. What a horrible, horrible mother.

  69. I just learned that these monsters had a connection at the phone company and that was how they got the sister’s address. The guys had given Rene’s phone # to a friend who worked at the phone co. who in turn gave these animals the actual house address. I hope that idiot at the phone company who gave out that info. was charged with something. So many people have a responsibilty here, whether indirectly or directly.

  70. To all concerned,

    I thank all of you who responded to my responses to this great website. I apologize for not viewing this website for a long while. I know that I said this before, but I hope to one day visit Miss Renee’s resting place , give my respects,and place flowers by her resting place; in full uniforn. I thank those who knew her for their correspondence. If it was up to me,and if I could (and I really mean this from the botom of my heart (and though she was never in the military)), I would gather every sailor and Marine, and give her a military farewell ( with the marine drill team performing( I am an ex-sailor)). It would also be a tribute to her family. For with the blessings and mercy of the Lord, they begat a decent human being into the world; who could have been a doctor to help save the world.


  71. To all concerned,
    What I mean by my uniform is my deputy uniform once I graduate from the academy.


  72. I saw this on investigators about two years ago. I was so disturbed by it that I too cried for a day or so. I felt like I knew her. She was around my age at the time of her death. She was 16 and I was 14. I was so disgusted that I researched the address and inmate number of Orlando Hall and wrote him a very lengthy letter. I know I am not God to judge and that everyone makes wrong decisions but to kidnap, repeatedly rape over several days, and then beat to death with a shovel an innocent 16 year old girl over some dope….I mean really? It was that serious that drugs and money mean more than people’s lives?

    I was deeply saddened by this and still am when I think about it. I never heard back from Orlando Hall and probably never will. But I know from doing some research on him that he has daughters that are now about the age that Lisa was when he killed her, and I asked him in my letter to recount everything he and his friends did to Lisa and picture those same horrific acts being committed against HIS daughter. What goes around comes around people…it is a spiritual and cosmic law, and the wrong that you do towards other may not always come on you, it just might bypass you and snatch someone you love deeply. And to me that kind of pain is much, much worse . God bless Lisa’s soul…may she rest in peace

  73. MICHELLE, I totally understand. I was trying to see if they were ever executed, but it seems as if were overturned. The strange thing is that I am against the death penalty, but something about this case made me so angry, so upset, so hurt, that the only thing I felt these guys deserved was death. They got off easy. One of them even have info. on the website for women to write him, they get it too easy in jail. How dare he have the opportunity to look for friends on the internet. I’m going to get those inmates addressess and tell them a piece of my mind. To the ladies, who wrote that she was friends with one of the guys and that she knows that he is remorseful, if he hadn’t been caught, would he have been remorseful? Don’t be easily fooled. You don’t do this type of crime, and feel remorse. Remember that’s the crying game that EVERY inmate gives.

    Also, what scares me the most about this case, is that Lisa Rene could have been ANYone of us. I would love to get her family’s address to write them and to let them know how affected I was by this case, and that even a stranger like me, have a warm place for her and her family in my heart.

  74. I just watched this at 3 am on The Investigators on Tru TV. I am so saddened by this. May Lisa forever rest in peace and those pieces of trash that did that to her burn and rot in hell.

  75. This horrific story is being broadcast again tomorrow night on FBI Files. I’d seen the story once before and can’t stomach it again. I don’t care how sorry one of them involved is now because his sorrow will not erase the horrible things that happened to this poor CHILD nor it will it bring her back to life. She was innocent and those butchers killed her out of vengeance and greed. I am against the death penalty but there are times when I don’t feel sorry for these guys. Not at all.

  76. I came across this story today on FBI Files and I suggest that the people who are chatting on this blog about the Lisa Renee case and is requesting info on her family and burial locations should be careful not to display their personal email addresses on this blog. This crime of Lisa Renee is horrific and shows no respect for human life. Its great that this young lady did touch the hearts of peers that came in contact with her while she was alive, so they could tell pieces of her story. Everyone stay blessed and lead good lives keeping positive people around you.

  77. You Deserve A Poem
    You deserve a poem
    A truly solid gem
    Such a glowing flower
    Of colour and of power!

    Your killers thought they’re clever
    With each rape and clobber
    But God Rest you forever
    Where no more you will suffer!

    And may He Give His Mercy
    To those who mocked your plea
    But may you always be happy
    Blessed Lisa Rene!

    – Blacklord, lp

  78. to all the above brett ect
    get over it
    blame lisa’s brothers if blame anyone !!!
    besides it;s in your culture over there isnt it .lolololol

  79. I wondering if this was the same orlando hall that lived in Arkadelphia Arkansas. If so talk about a change in lifestyle. I guess you never really know where a persons mind may be. i am 34 now and if this is the same person i would have been around him only about a year before this crime talk about an eye very very sad. the reason i ask is because the pictures i have seen look different.

  80. This story is one that I’ve followed for many years. It is truly a very sad situation. I went to MacArthur High School in Irving,TX with Steve Beckley, one of the murders, and I was shocked to find out that he was involved. He was once such a kind,gentle, fun person to be around. I had him in my drama class, and found him to be a great person. I hate that he allowed himself to turn into something so ugly. I’m not sure where his heart is these days but I’m sure he wishes he could turn back the hands of time. I pray for peace of mind and many blessings to Lisa Renee and her entire family.

  81. this is why death is needed for freaks like these.and i think that her brothers should have received it also shame on them. What irks me is after they commited these horrible crimes thats when they find Jesus and the Bible, He was there all the time. They all deserve the death penalty

  82. I just watched the FBI show about Lisa, it is so sad how she died. I cannot fully express the magnitude of disbelieft that someone would committ such crime on a 16 year old. I went to college in Pine Bluff back in 2005 and have heard several stories about crimes in the area, but never heard of this one. The show caught my attention when I heard “pine bluff” and I continued to watch it. I cried througout the show. After the viewing, I googled the individuals names and learned that they are still in the land of the living, and one has even been released. Where is our judicial system? My prayers go out to the Rene family.

  83. When I think about what that child last few hours on earth was like it bring tears to my eyes. My prayers goes out to her family. If it pains me so much and I never led eyes on Lisa Rene can you imagine what her family must have gone through and is still probably going through today.

    This is why I am for the death penalty. There are just some people that should not be among us. I don’t ever want people to forget Lisa Rene. Don’t ever forget her. There is a God and Lisa’s murderers will pay. They may have gotten away from man’s justice but there will not get away from God’s justice.

  84. I have just seen this documentary on FBI files (6-24-09), 15 yrs after the incident. The most horrific tragedy. As a 51 year old single black male, no children, no attachments, a long time opponnent to the death penalty, after seeing this, I’m still opposed to the death penalty, but I find myself making an exception in this case. My point being, I would rather see one-hundred guilty men go free, than to see one innocent soul die. Lisa Rene is the epitomy of that one innocent soul. May God bless her loved ones as well as all of the innocents that have been victims to such a cruel society that humanity has created.

  85. it just amazes me how so many people are quick to judge- and condemn those who have done wrong- isnt that Gods job- and for the person that contacted Orlando Hall-dont you have anything else to do-who are you to seek answers- the only one that should be questioning him is Lisa’s family or God- is what happen to Lisa horrific yes- but are we doing her any justice by hating someone in the name of her?? In stead we should remember her and have mercy on whomever had anything to do with her untimely death- it is not our job to judge!!!

  86. This was such a terrible incident for any 16yr old to have one through. It’s 15yrs later and it still ponders on my mind. Lisa was my cousin whom i never got to meet because we lived in different states. Within the past 15 years i’m sure that would have changed if these animals had not taken her life away. To all those who think that you should not pass judgement……save it! Try loosing a family member in such a horrific manner and then talk. I just pray that God has taken her under his wing and pray that one day we will meet.

  87. You Deserve A Poem (2)
    You deserve another
    And yet many another
    Child of love and beauty
    And victim of such pity…

    Your memory will outlast
    That sorry murderous cast
    And your name will inspire
    Many a tender fire…

    The peace you were denied
    Even as you cried
    The hope you were not given
    Are all yours now in Heaven…

    Despite your tender years
    And all those fruitless tears
    You have made an impact
    Evergreen and full-packed…

    May God Forgive your killers
    And Spare them their right chillers
    And Grant to your family
    Closure, Lisa Rene!

  88. Lisa Rene,

    An energetic life
    Full of Grace but,
    Amputated swiftly
    From life’s zone.

    An innocent victim
    Filed into venom
    Anguish & shock
    For a brght lass

    As we remember u
    For a short life yet
    Accomplished ……
    You are Invaluably

  89. I saw this horrific crime just a couple of days ago on Tru TV and it affected me deeply. Such a beautiful young life, so full of promise, taken in such a brutal manner. Everytime I think of how afraid and alone she must have felt in her last hours, I get sick. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends. May Lisa rest in peace.

  90. Bruce Webster wrote me several letters as I was volunteering as a prison advocate but after I heard why he was on death row and what he had done….I was disgusted and appalled. He claims he is innocent but I have read all the facts. I politely asked him to never contact me again but he continued. His last letter to me was very crazy. He basically got very angry that I did not believe he was innocent. He called me numerous times even though I asked him not to. I finally had to call the prison and report harassment from Bruce Webster so the letters and phone calls would stop. It made me think twice about volunteering again.

  91. i have just watched this episode on fbi files over here in england and immediately had to read more about it, and found this blog, it sickens me how some people are talking about the colour of the skin in the animals that commited this,lisa was 16 but even if she was 30 40 50 nobody deserve what happened to her,personally if lisa,s brothers were related to me i would disown them,never as an episoped of fbi files touched me like this one R.I.P lisa gone but never forgotten

  92. The law firm my mom works at is defending this guy and she talked to him on the phone before (thats kinda freaky if you ask me). they’re trying to prove that he is mentally challenged and therefore cannot be put to death. His childhood was plagued with severe abuse from his father so obviously he has some mental problems, but i think he should be put to death cause that kind of crime is just messed up.

  93. i used to talk to orlando c hall he exsplained it diffrently in letters we no longer talk but they have a suit out so no none of them are exacuted yet sorry had to let u guys know i know from top to bottom of this crazy stuff how do i see the fbi thing

  94. Watched this on FBI Files on youtube (thanks to FBIFilesRepeat) but when it got removed I had to download the season again… out of all the FBI Files I have watched… this episode hit me harder… extremely tragic, and she looked soo beautiful and to KNOW that black men can do this to another black woman in america knowing full well about how proud black women are and how respected they are by their sons is very shocking… may her soul rest in peace!

  95. You Deserve A Poem (3)
    Again I face your memory
    That sad bit of history
    I hear again and see
    Your final cry and plea…

    The day you were abducted
    The way it was conducted
    The deep agony you faced
    And painful path you traced…

    Forced to pay by death
    With your final breath
    For a business panned
    In which you had no hand…

    The knowledge that your brothers
    Your very own brothers
    Were behind your fate
    Came only too late…

    You were a straight A student
    To be a surgeon meant
    A lass of marvelous talent
    But like a candle soon spent…

    The more we think about it
    And even so without it
    The case gets much more painful
    And nothing even near gainful…

    Many a chance was lost
    To save you – only just
    Even now it hurts
    It really, really hurts!

    The Police making their play
    Passed you on the way
    And there were other places
    Where they missed clear traces…

    That you had to die
    We’ll never full know why
    But God Knows, He Knows
    And even now it shows…

    Because where you right now are
    You are a special star
    Living eternal well
    A very unique angel…

    And so we make our peace
    As we say our piece
    Free now from this world loony
    Goodbye Lisa Rene…

  96. I have just seen the F.B.I show about Lisa Rene on True T.V. How could her killers live with this?!? an innocent 16 girl?!? may she rest in peace. i’m againt death penalty but those monsters deserve to die. and I learned that these bastard are not executed. Again Lisa forever rest in peace and those pieces of trash that did that to her burn in hell.

  97. The facts are the same as in the case of Webster’s
    co-conspirator, Orlando Hall. See United States v. Hall, 152 F.3d
    381 (5th Cir. 1998). Webster, Hall, and Marvin Holloway ran a


    marihuana trafficking enterprise in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. They
    purchased marihuana in varying amounts in the Dallas/Fort Worth
    area with the assistance of Steven Beckley, who lived in Irving,
    Texas. The marihuana was transported, typically by Beckley, to
    Arkansas and stored in Holloway’s house.
    On September 21, 1994, Holloway drove Hall from Pine Bluff to
    the airport in Little Rock, and Hall took a flight to Dallas to
    engage in a drug transaction. Beckley and Hall’s brother,
    Demetrius Hall (D. Hall), picked up Hall at the airport. Later
    that day, Hall and Beckley met two local drug dealers, Stanfield
    Vitalis and Neil Rene (N. Rene), at a car wash and gave them $4700
    for the purchase of marihuana. Later that day, Beckley and D. Hall
    returned to the car wash to pick up the marihuana, but Vitalis and
    N. Rene never appeared.
    When Hall got in touch with Vitalis and N. Rene by telephone,
    they claimed they had been robbed of the $4700. Using the
    telephone number that Beckley had dialed to contact Vitalis and
    N. Rene, Hall procured an address at the Polo Run Apartments in
    Arlington, Texas, from a friend who worked for the telephone
    company. Hall, D. Hall, and Beckley began conducting surveillance
    at the address and saw Vitalis and N. Rene exit an apartment and
    approach the same car they had driven to the car wash, which they
    claimed was stolen from them along with the $4700. Hall therefore
    deduced that Vitalis and N. Rene had lied to him about having been


    On September 24, Hall contacted Holloway and had him drive
    Webster to the Little Rock airport. From there, Webster flew to
    Dallas. That evening, Hall, D. Hall, Beckley, and Webster returned
    to the Polo Run Apartments in a Cadillac owned by Cassandra Ross,
    Hall’s sister. Hall and Webster were armed with handguns, D. Hall
    carried a small souvenir baseball bat, and Beckley had duct tape
    and a jug of gasoline. They approached the apartment from which
    they had previously seen Vitalis and N. Rene leave.
    Webster and D. Hall went to the front door and knocked. The
    occupant, Lisa Rene, N. Rene’s sixteen-year-old sister, refused to
    let them in and called her sister and the police emergency phone
    number. After Webster unsuccessfully attempted to kick in the
    door, he and D. Hall looked through a sliding glass door on the
    patio and saw that Lisa Rene was on the telephone. D. Hall
    shattered the door with the bat; Webster entered the apartment,
    tackled Lisa Rene, and dragged her to the car.
    Hall and Beckley had returned to the car when they heard the
    sound of breaking glass. Webster forced Lisa Rene onto the
    floorboard of the car, and the group drove to Ross’s apartment in
    Irving. Once there, they exited the Cadillac and forced Lisa Rene
    into the back seat of Beckley’s car; Hall climbed into the back
    seat as well. With Beckley at the wheel and Webster in the front
    passenger seat, they drove around looking for a secluded spot.
    During the drive, Hall raped Lisa Rene and forced her to perform
    fellatio on him.


    Unable to find a spot to their liking, they eventually
    returned to Ross’s apartment. From there, Beckley, D. Hall, and
    Webster drove Lisa Rene to Pine Bluff. Hall remained in Irving and
    flew back to Arkansas the next day. En route to Pine Bluff,
    Webster and D. Hall took turns raping Lisa Rene. Once Beckley,
    D. Hall and Webster reached Pine Bluff, they obtained money from
    Holloway to get a motel room. In the room, they tied Lisa Rene to
    a chair and raped her repeatedly.
    Hall and Holloway arrived at the motel room on the morning of
    September 25. They went into the bathroom with Lisa Rene for
    approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. When Hall and Holloway
    came out of the bathroom, Hall told Beckley, “She know too much.”
    Hall, Holloway, and Webster then left the motel.
    Later that afternoon, Webster and Hall went to Byrd Lake Park
    and dug a grave. That same evening, Webster, Hall, and Beckley
    took Lisa Rene to the park but could not find the grave site in the
    dark, so they returned to the motel room. In the early morning of
    September 26, Beckley and D. Hall moved Lisa Rene to another motel
    because they believed the security guard at the first motel was
    growing suspicious.
    The same morning, Webster, Hall, and Beckley again drove Lisa
    Rene to Byrd Lake Park. They covered her eyes with a mask. Hall
    and Webster led the way to the grave site, with Beckley guiding
    Lisa Rene by the shoulders. At the grave site, Hall turned Lisa
    Rene’s back toward the grave, placed a sheet over her head, and hit


    her in the head with a shovel. Lisa Rene screamed and started
    running. Beckley grabbed her, and they both fell down. Beckley
    hit her in the head twice with the shovel and handed it to Hall.
    Webster and Hall began taking turns hitting her with the shovel.
    Webster then gagged her and dragged her into the grave. He
    stripped her, covered her with gasoline, and shoveled dirt back
    into the grave. When buried, Lisa Rene, although unconscious,
    likely was still breathing. Hall, Beckley, and Webster then
    returned to the motel and picked up D. Hall.
    Based on information from the victim’s brothers, D. Hall was
    arrested; Hall and Beckley subsequently surrendered to the police.
    On September 29, just after turning himself in, Beckley gave a
    confession to a police detective and an FBI agent in which he
    admitted to the kidnaping of Lisa Rene and implicated himself,
    Hall, and an individual known as “B-Love.” Beckley stated that he
    had last seen Lisa Rene at the Pine Bluff Motel with B-Love. A
    security guard at the motel informed the agents and officers that
    Webster went by the name B-Love, and provided a description of
    Webster and his vehicle. When Webster pulled into the motel
    parking lot during the early morning of September 30, he was
    detained and subsequently arrested.

  98. i knew all marvin and bruce growing up, marvin was always a nice guy and came from a good family, bruce was always a hard head and destined for what he is facing now, i remember this case so vivid cause im from pine bluff. its been yrs but i still feel sad everytime i read about it cause i have a fifteen yr old daughter, that baby never deserved anything they done to her. rest in love

    • Why are you calling these beasts by their first names – you make them sound human and we know they are not

  99. Sharon, the coward was not executed yet he was part of the appeal against so called cruel and unusual punishment. The supreme court ruled in favor of lethal injection so hopefully the piece of trash will die soon.

  100. They were all in gangster dicipals street gang and sold drugs thugs to tha fullest but sometime things get out of hand in tha drug game when that happen you make exampals of peoples i hate that lil girl got caught up in her brother stuff they should`ve got who stole from them !

    • Dee: you call these cowards thugs, anybody can sell drugs i know women that do, anybody can overpower a 16 year old girl, even the Mafia has rules that don’t allow this
      type of crime to women and children. These punks are nothing but bitches. Now they just get to look at pic’s while everyone else is out here sleeping with their ex’s and daughters. Everytime one of their daughters or sisters is beaten or raped i hope it kills them inside that they can’t help them cause of what they did to Lisa.

  101. I just saw this story on “Investigtors”. The price of this life was over a mere $4700. Lisa was robbed first. She was robbed of a future, she was taken from her home by four men, beaten, repeatedly raped over days, and buried alive. These petty gangsters and the image of the street gang their old asses are part of deserve to be buried alive themselves. The scary thing is the five premediated their actions. Remorseful? Not! I hope to hell that none of the five are ever released. When I hear of deaths like this, I know I could fill a needle and make the injection.

    Her two brothers should live in hell in their minds, heart, soul and lives till the day they die. Their sister could have maybe been found alive if they had cooperated immediately with officials.

  102. these low life pathetic excuse for ‘human beings’ scum trash(i cant find a strong enough word for them. they need to be put in a room and tortured they deserve a slow prolonged and painful death. i am so angry and deeply saddened after watching the tragic story of lisa rene. the tragic loss of a young beautfiful life all for the sake of marijuana(thats just an excuse i feel), its sick and twisted. my thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of this tragic girl. i hope that you are now sleeping peacefully lisa rene and that justice will be served. r.i.p.

    • I don’t know why ppl think that nothing should happen to the scums that did this to this innocent girl just know that the hall boy has 5 kids and his daughters need it happen to them so he can feel the pain that lisa’s family felt . I grew up around them and they werent shit but shit starters then and they mother wasnt shit to this day she still let her son Tracy sell drugs out her house they just got busted and they all went to jail oh what a life to live they hadnt learned there lesson yet

  103. i never thought I would want to witness an excecution but I would make an exception for these sub human pieces of garbage – lethal injection is too merciful to these savages, they should be dragged through the streets and bull whipped to death. everyone connected to this case should die including Lisa’s two worthless brothers.

  104. All of this for a $5000 debt.

  105. I am of the similar age and ethnicity.. Better yet put, of the same generation as the proponents in this tragic occurrence. I don’t believe in the death penalty, I can even understand the motivation behind it but upon hearing of this story (just watching a TV documentary)… all I can say is that Bruce Webster and Orlando Hall got what they deserved and you’ll find no argument from me. Does this mean my position has fundamentally changed?? Not really.. it’s just that I generally don’t think in absolutes. However, I take a twisted pleasure from watching them wriggle and whine about their human-rights, due process and better yet, CLEMENCY, but none-the-less, hopefully succumbing to the sentence regardless, feeling hard done-by “the system”, yadda yadda (yaaaawwwn).. I’m not one to lay it on too thick but they should roll “Ol’ Sparky”out to really get them rats chewing on the bars.. or maybe they’ll find God and take the edge off my sanctimonious smile… but only a li’l bit, I’d stil be atleast smirking!

  106. I came across this blog by looking at inmate ads on “write a prisoner”. I ran across Orlando’s ad and decided to research his crime. He deserves to die and he should have been put to death years ago. This poor child suffered, to be raped, beat and buried alive is unnerving. I didn’t see the case and I don’t want to, but the comments I’m reading here sickens me. Lisa was innocent and no one to include my ex-daughter-in-law whom I loathe more than any one deserved what was done by Orlando and the rest of the cowards. By the way the minister will burn, he should do the right thing and hang himself immediately. Rest in peace Lisa.

    • You are right the so called minister will burn in hell, God will show him the same mercy he showed Lisa. They are all trash including the family members that defend them. I am a Christian and would have no problem killing these cowards. If the minister actually thinks he will escape God’s wrath he actually needs to read the Bible instead of picking out verses. God remembers this crime like it was today and as he say’s vengence is mine I WILL REPAY.

  107. trust me Brent, your cousin probably getting done to him everyday what he helped do to that innocent girl, unjust don’t prosper and what goes around comes around, he probably cries his sore a$$ to sleep every night, and the thought of it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside

  108. It saddens my heart to know such a beautiful soul was taken needlessly. They should have all got the death penalty but they didn’t. Its unfair they got to live a life Lisa will never get to.

  109. Watched this on tv, could not help crying.
    The sentences should have been more. 25 -30 years is not enough for what was done to this precious child.
    Heart breaking. God save her precious soul

  110. I seen this story twice and every time it breaks My heart. they didn’t have to do that girl like that.I would have waited on them sorry ass brothers to get back. That shit Burns me up.she died a horrible really gets me emotional. If you ask me them bastards all need the death penalty. Eye for a eye.I know it’s not right. Because God forgives but this. Story just fucks with my mind.R.I.P Lisa Renee

  111. These are some terrible terrible people. This is true evil!! This poor innocent good girl, sitting home doing her homework on the weekend, barely exposed to the world, had to endure such brutality. I just hope she was able to somehow turn off and not suffer, but I know what she went through was torture. I do hope that these people get what they deserve in jail. I really hope what they say about rapists in jail is true and they suffer years being gang raped, still would not be enough punishment for their evil.

  112. I was horrified at what happened to Lisa Rene. All of those animals should have received the death penalty. They will all live an emeritus in hell.

  113. You wanna know the most disturbing thing about this.. NO ONE has suffered and paid the same price she did. Because that girl was go freaking great she took a part of all who loved her.. saw Camry in 1998 she did counseling..and I left school after that because everything was a memory of her and we’ll both bear the what if we’d been there.. you can’t rehabilitate that..

  114. Saw this on tv this morning. Absolutely awful. May Lisa rest in peace. I hope the drug money was worth it to her pathetic excuses for brothers. The pieces of scum that raped and murdered a child don’t deserve a moment of peace or forgiveness. I hope they are tortured every day in jail and I’d love to see them buried alive like they did that poor innocent child.

  115. I just seen a documentary on T.V and just had to say that those men shouldve all got the death can someone be so cold to rape and kill a child, yeah thats right a child, those men should have been tortured before being put to death…these pervert child molesters will still have to judged by the almighty himself..and for the brothers, they are as much to blame for not speaking up right away to investigators…all pieces of S@#&….the all should be shot..

  116. I just want to say I cried my eyes out when watching this. I just thank God she knew him and she didn’t die lost…. Know that God is a forgiving God of second chances but I feel the devil has these people far too gone. It’s a sad situation to someone that had to pay for someone else actions but they will pay at the end on judgement day for they actions

  117. This has always been one of the saddest cases. This sweet, smart, extremely intelligent girl should never have had her light extinguished at all, let alone at age 16. What was done to her is truly unforgivable! I can only imagine how terrified Lisa must have been….I mean snatched from your home, taken somewhere you know nothing about, raped, tortured and then murdered?? I don’t want to give any attention to the pieces of trash that committed these horrible acts to such a beautiful person. But I will say that I hope they burn in hell! Lisa Rene should have been able to live and love and prosper. She had been new to Texas. She should have been able to explore and do what teens do, have fun and enjoy being a kid. Her family wasn’t given the opportunity of seeing her go to her ring dance or prom or h.s. graduation. Lisa didn’t get the chance to take sat for college, nor did she get to go to college! Her family won’t get to watch her walk down the aisle with the love of her life, nor see her kids come into the world. No it is not fair! This should have NEVER happened to Lisa Rene. We should never forget her.Always remember…..I keep her in my thoughts and prayers still to this day. I wonder what she would’ve been in life. Those animals may have taken away her life, but they’ll never take away her memory from the hearts and minds of those who truly love and miss her!! R.I.P. LISA RENE, GONE BUT NEVER EVER FORGOTTEN…..

  118. I watched this horrifying story on both the Investigation Discovery and FBI files. A very sad story. I about cried. I cannot remove this story from my head. I lost sleep from this story a few times. According to both episodes and research, Lisa Rene was a bright, smart and God fearing. An honor student with ambitions of becoming a doctor. She had absolutely nothing to do with this feud take took place between her brothers and her killers. She was studying and doing homework on the night she was abducted. Held captive in a hotel room, raped repeatedly over the next few days, Then eventually beaten with a shovel and buried alive. Very sad story.

  119. But I’m curious to know, which picture was most recent prior to her abduction? I’ve seen four of them.

    Thanks in advance.

  120. I have watched this case on FBI files numerous times and only recently when it came to memory, it bothers me a lot. A young girl so peaceful, so kind, and someone who had SOO MUCH to live for. Now, she’s dead. This makes you want to ask, why bad things happen to good people. People like Lisa, one would also wonder, what’s going on in the heavens. The soul which represented Lisa after leaving her body, I wonder what happened to it. Ever since this tragedy, I know that one of her brothers is in prison but I wondered what happened to the older/elderly brother? The courts need to lift up the moratorium on federal executions so that the remaining two poor excuse for human beings, these polluted waste of sperms (individuals whose mother should be ashame that they were born) to be executed. When executed, God will deal with these two from there. I hope they burn in hell.

  121. Lisa Rene, to describe her is to light up a room as bright as it can be. i remember when she told my sister and i that she was leaving to go Texas. it was the summer of 94. Lisa use to braid my sister and my hair. we use to wait for each other in the morning and after school in the virgin Islands. she was kind, smart, funny and such a beautiful spirit. she was 2yrs older than me and a year older than my sister. 8yrs later my sister was killed….i was hit twice with a blow. and for me to say that i forgive those guys for what they did, it might sound shallow for me to say it to those that dont want to hear it…but we all need to forgive those who trespass against us…if we dont how do we expect God to forgive us? no sin is greater than the other. i miss them both dearly and they are no longer going thru what we describe as life of pain and hardship.

    • Hi, my name is Brent i made the very first comment on this page as for forgiveness you are not God so you cannot forgive them that crime was not committed against you. If a crime was committed against you then you can forgive them. As for the low-life trash that killed her and tortured her they will pay God says vengeance is mine I will repay there is no hope for them. Had I not gotten a little bit sidetracked two of them would have already met their maker in a very painful way

  122. I don’t think any of them should’ve had a release date I think all of them should’ve received the death penalty this poor girl the nightmare she endored at the hands of pure evil. I couldn’t even imagine what her last days where like. I pray for her mother that she’s able to find peace losing a child is a heart ranching experience, but to lose a child to a murdered such as this has to have torn this woman heart to pieces. I pray for her mother I pray for her family.

  123. I didn’t know all of them…but I knew Bruce W. He was an idiot. He was a follower who always tried to impress his gang member cronies. He was a weak sorry so called man. This dude is a manipulator and liar. He would jump people and attack them with his gang friends (he is a member of “Folks” BLACK GANGTER DESCIPLES) he was/is a cowered. The girl did not deserve that. My prayer and heart go out to Lisa, her family and to her loved ones.

  124. rest in peace Lisa so sad to this day.feel sorry for the family.

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