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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Pamela Butler murder 10/12/1999 Kansas City, MO *Keith Dwayne Nelson convicted of her murder; sentenced to death*

Pamela Butler

Find-A-Grave: Pamela Butler
Girls in the ‘Hood
Jury urges death for Nelson in killing of Pamela Butler
Pamela Butler (almost to the bottom)
Pamela Butler’s Accused Killer In Court (several links to other stories)
Pamela Butler Remembered By School
US Court of Appeals 8th Circuit Keith Dwayne Nelson
Keith D. Nelson – Federal Death Row

FBI Criminal Pursuit


Register#: 07440-031
Age-Race-Sex:32 White M
Release Date: DEATH SENT
(He is in a Federal Prison)


40 Responses

  1. The Victims of Keith Dwayne Nelson

    Jennifer Renee Odom – Blanton, Florida
    Jodi Sue Huisentruit – Mason City, Iowa
    Julie Ann Holmquist – Hallock, Minnesota
    Jane Doe
    Michanne Mattson – Kansas City, Kansas
    Pamela Butler – Kansas City, Kansas

    Several articles of clothing and personal effects were taken from Nelson’s van. They match the list of missing items from the ladies mentioned above. Nelson is a serial killer who also collects “souvenirs” from each victim. All six victims look alike for a reason.

    • Wasn’t Jodi Huisentruit that reporter that went missing on her way to work on day? Did they every solve her case? How would Keith Nelson be involved? Hmmmmm Also, I read a few of the profiles of the other people that were victims of his and he seemed to like people who played instruments and had blonde hair. Scary

      • Do not believe anything that James McIntyre says. None of it is fact at all. I spoke to the FBI about his concerns, and they straight out told me he was crazy and not one of his accusations are correct. He has not closed any cases, nor has he helped any law enforcement agency with any case. The only thing that is true is that Keith Nelson killed Pamela Butler.

  2. James,

    Please provide real proof that he was involved in the Jodi Huisentruit disappearance. Not the stuff you post on all of the other boards all over the Web either. Much of what you have previously posted has been proven wrong by the FBI who are very familiar with you, which is not a compliment. Please give REAL facts (not what you have previously posted elsewhere) or I will remove your comments. You seem to have some sort of agenda with all of this, that is VERY suspicious indeed.

  3. Would Jodi’s dress slacks, Jodi’s matching vest, Jodi’s white blouse with ruffles along front buttons and ruffles on cuffs, Jodi’s purse, Jodi’s gold ring with diamonds be enough proof for you? Jodi’s checkbook and two checks forged by Keith Dwayne Nelson be proof enough for you? Jodi’s body was recovered in a drainage ditch in STEARNS COUNTY MINNESOTA good enough for you? FBI Agent Mark Young of the Houston, Texas FBI Office can vouch for me. I solved the murder of Krystal Baker, Grandniece of Norma Jeane Baker, a.k.a. Marilyn Monroe. Nelson’s left palm print is on Jodi’s car, is that enough proof for you? The condition of Jodi’s clothing indicates that Jodi was stabbed to death. They also have the knife that killed her. Is that enough proof for you?

    • i know this is an old blog but isnt it suspeious this guy knows alot about what was missing from this womans things and keith didnt have a van hmmmm

      • nnelson,
        If you are talking about James McIntyre, don’t worry. None of his accusations or statements are true. And yes, I have talked to the FBI about it. So ignore him.

  4. Where is this proof? I will contact Mark Young and also check on the other case too. But you tell me where this proof is and where it is being held.

  5. James,

    There is NO Agent Mark Young in the Houston Texas FBI Office. I just called them and that is the information I was given.

  6. Jodi’s personal checkbook will yield Nelson’s fingerprints AND handwriting. Nelson’s van MATCHES the description of the one the police have been looking for, and it will yield the fingerprints of Jodi Sue Huisentruit, Julie Ann Holmquist and Pamela Butler, good enough proof for you? The knife with a point missing MATCHES the one used to kill Julie Holmquist, is that proof good enough for you?

  7. Ask Connie Larson, Mother of the Late Cally Jo Larson, she is now a victim’s advocate for the Minnesota BCA. She can vouch for me I solved her daughter’s murder a few years ago.

    note from blog owner:

    James, you have said ALL kinds of things all of the Internet like this, but have no concrete evidence to back up your statement. Nor do your “references” check out. Besides me, many other blog owners/site owners have turned in your comments to the authorities. And will continute to also. This one:

    Even POSTED that your comments were turned over to the authorities. So, until you can provide concrete, real evidence with REAL names of REAL people, just stop posting. Your comments are offensive to victims and their families.

  8. James,
    You don’t listen, do you? Bonnie told you to give her proof but you just keep repeating yourself.. What an dumbutt and fraud you are. You act like you are friends with cops. LOL…. you must not be cause Bonnie called and found you out..

  9. James,

    Give me contact information for Connie Larson and I WILL check it out.

    I am waiting right now for a resonse from Minnesota Dept. of Public Safety and KC PD.

  10. James,


  11. LOL Shauncey you are funny..

  12. The Kansas State Crime Lab has the van, Jodi’s clothing, Jodi’s purse, Jodi’s ring. Jennifer’s school jacket, Jennifer’s sweater, Jennifer’s broken gold charm, Jennifer’s Bundy clarinet with serial number 622747. Julie’s blue shorts, Julie’s red T-shirt, Julie’s boyfriend’s class ring. The murder weapon that killed her. Jane Doe’s kitchen knife.

    Connie Larson
    608 3rd St NE
    Waseca, MN 56093-2840
    (507) 833-5912

    Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI)
    Kansas City Kansas Police Department KCKPD
    (913) 573-6000
    Ask for Detective Angela Garrison

    The Coroner of Stearns County tried to get a Forensic Pathologist from either the FBI or the Minnesota BCA and couldn’t get ANYONE to show up to look at the corpse.
    Jodi’s remains have been RECOVERED, but not IDENTIFIED for over ten years. She is still in a morgue drawer, at least I hope she is. Most unidentified bodies are usually cremated.
    Jodi’s remains were recovered from a drainage ditch near a farmer’s field. She was wearing panties, bra, nylon knee hi’s and a pair of cheap white deck shoes. Nelson took Jodi’s outer clothing and they were left in his white Ford Econoline van, and this van MATCHES the one the Mason City, Iowa Police Department has been looking for over 11 years.
    Lt. Ron Vande Weerd
    Mason City Iowa Police Department
    (515) 421-3636
    Missing Person Information Clearing House

    Mark Young DOES work at the Houston Texas FBI Office, but with over 125 Special Agents they often make a mistake, like not knowing who works in the FBI Office.

    Keith Dwayne Nelson left his LEFT palm print on Jodi’s red Miata, his fingerprint on the inside of Jennifer’s purse. His bloody fingerprints on the kitchen counter top of Jane Doe’s kitchen, she has since been identified, I just don’t happen to know her name. His blood droplet’s were found in her blood pool. The fingerprint’s of Jodi Sue Huisentruit, Julie Ann Holmquist and Pamela Butler were found in the back of his van where he put his victims. He was seen by FIVE WITNESSES WHO DESCRIBED HIM AS HAVING A BABYFACE AND A CREW CUT. Nelson fits this description perfectly! Nelson left burning van tires on the edge of a farmer’s field. He bought new van tires in Hallock, Minnesota. They are still on the van! Curtiss Dale Cedergren was 200 miles in Canada at the time of the abduction, rape and murder of Julie Holmquist and this can be proven in SEVERAL different ways. The $200 dollars he spent was to be used on a SOUND SYSTEM, NOT ON TIRES!
    The Stearns County Sheriff STILL HAS JODI’S CHECKBOOK.
    Jodi S. Huisentruit Mason City, Iowa
    Keith Dwayne Nelson’s hand writing and FINGERPRINTS are all over them. His handwriting that he tried to forge on two of the checks is still on them!
    Stearns County Sheriff’s Office
    (320) 259-3700
    Jodi was last seen alive in Stearns County Minnesota.
    Keith Dwayne Nelson can also be found at
    He is listed near the bottom of the page as Keith Nelson.
    Nelson was seen by Huisentruit herself!
    Crime scene photograph of Boy’s class ring hanging from rear view mirror. Boy’s ring had LAKEVILLE, MINNESOTA on it. Julie’s boyfriend went to a high school in LAKEVILLE, MINNESOTA! Clarice Holmquist didn’t even know her daughter had a boyfriend. All SIX victims will look like former would-be girlfriend of Keith Dwayne Nelson, the method behind his madness!

    Imogene “Jane” Huisentruit
    1010 1st Ave SE
    Long Prairie, MN 56347-3001
    (320) 732-3012

    Clarice Holmquist
    609 2nd St SE
    Hallock, Minnesota 56728-4123
    (218) 843-2107

    Imogene is to elderly to hear the gruesome details and she is deaf as a post.
    Clarice has since moved and the phone number may or may not be still current.

    Jodi’s clothing was covered in stab wounds and blood stains indicating that she was stabbed to death.

    Keith Dwayne Nelson
    Sex: Male
    Race: Caucasian
    Age: 32 Years
    Federal Inmate Number:
    Terre Haute United States Penitentiary
    Federal Death House
    Terre Haute, Indiana

    note from blog owner:


    You said:
    The Coroner of Stearns County tried to get a Forensic Pathologist from either the FBI or the Minnesota BCA and couldn’t get ANYONE to show up to look at the corpse.
    Jodi’s remains have been RECOVERED, but not IDENTIFIED for over ten years

    So, you are saying that Jodi Huisentruit’s unidentified body has been recovered and is at or has been at the Morgue in Stearns County, correct? And the Coroner of Stearns County can verify this, correct? I am asking just for a yes or no answer, with NO explaination just yes or no. Also, please give the name of the Detective in Minnesota who is working this case and can verify that they have the checkbook.

    And also, you keep talking about these prints that Keith Nelson left. Who can verify that? So far, none of this has checked out. Especially the Stearns County Coroner. They do NOT have one.

    Also, all of the comments you have left have been forwarded to the Houston FBI and also to the Minnesota Dept. of Public Safety, including a person you bad mouthed on here. You keep saying that YOU (not any real Detective) have solved so many cases. Yet, you provide no real proof. We will find out.

  13. death row speaks can be found under

    Click Inmate Profiles

    Federal Prisoners

    Nelson is near the middle of the list.

    I was recently mentioned in Vancouver BC for helping to ensure the capture of and six convictions of (so far) of
    Robert William Pickton, known as Willie to his friends. A Vancouver pig farmer who was suspected of killing 96 women, it was my advice that will lead to his 49 convictions.

    note from blog owner:

    it was my advice that will lead to his 49 convictions OK, prove this! Who specifically did you give this *advice* to? Name the Detective in Vancouver that you actually worked with on this and gave such specific advice that they found out about Pickton.

    I was recently mentioned in Vancouver BC for helping to ensure the capture Where were you mentioned? And to who? BE SPECIFIC. What newspaper? Name of the article. What press conference? WHO mentioned you?


    Special Agent Dirk Tarpley of the Kansas City, MO FBI office seems to dispute your statements, too, huh? And their office has done extensive work on Keith Nelson AND you. Regardless of what you are trying to portray, the FBI does NOT think highly of you. I am wondering if YOU are not the person of interest in these cases.

  14. Hello there.
    Just found your site. Great job!
    I like it much.
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  15. Hi everyone,well I can see james is still claiming Curtiss Cedergren to be innocent…WHY…? I have tried numerous times to contact this “James” over the course of the years past… Mail either wont go through,or mail recipient does not exist.
    Hey James your story has changed again I see..Buying things in Canada at the time of Julies abduction..??? What happened to him marrying my then “wife” and photo proof and…..
    Oh for any and all interested..I am the ex-spouse of Kelly Cedergren/Crawford..Yes I can prove that too..unlike James and his claims. Oh by the by James I have a photo of their wedding day and it was not in Canada.
    Uhm James may I at this time inform you that the “boy” who is mentioned in those police and news accounts was my stepson..He has a younger brother who was quite traumatized simply because of this being a small community and Julie at one time was a mentor/tutor to him in school.
    While not believing into the theory of chemical imbalance,that based soley upon now having to deal with my son,CPS..For 9+years now…and the years I have spent in research of many a topic of and for mental illness.
    May I simply end by saying this. Get some help you need it.

  16. Wonderful pages! Keep up the grat work.

  17. James L. McIntyre…..
    To the self proclaimed would be Sherlock whom goes by the name of James L. McIntyre. I am from Minnesota and followed this case closely as it was pretty close to home. Maybe you SHOULD get your facts straight and while you are trying to find them….. read this…..

    note from blog owner
    I no longer allow his comments to come through. Not one comment he has left has been verifiable. And from talking to several law enforcement agencies, he is very unstable and unreliable. Do not listen to him.

  18. Unstable. Unreliable. LOL!!! Once again Bonnie, thanks for putting a lying attention-seeker on blast. Your awesome.

    • And you can bet he will try to comment again, but it won’t go thru! He also is on several other messages boards and blogs and does the same thing. Google his name and you will see!

  19. I found this when I googled his name.
    This matter comes before me on Bar Counsel’s notice of probation violation and petition for appropriate relief. Bar Counsel has notified the court that the respondent, James L. McIntyre, Esq., who was reinstated to the practice of law on October 13, 2000, and placed on probation for two years (Matter of McIntyre, 16 Mass. Att’y Disc. R. 320 [2000]), has violated the terms of his probation by ingesting cocaine.

  20. Unstabe, unreliable, AND a cocaine abuser. What next? Should we look on Pervert Alley for his mug shot?

  21. LOL!!

  22. Nasty little freak is he?

  23. i grew up around the butlers and for that piece of trash to take the precious angel from all who loved here i pray every day that craig nelson burns in hell and have all the pain he caused that baby girl he has a enternity of hell and i pray god will never help or forgive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. The James L. McIntyre attorney of Massachusetts is not the same one from Grand Rapids, Minnesota who claims to have been involved in numerous investigations.

  25. Keep in mind, James McIntyre is mentally ill. He claims to have 6 videotapes that prove Caylee Anthony wasn’t murdered. He is a sad, sad individual who should hook up with Joy Wray. Sick.

  26. Someone should get a hold of this guy before his instability takes on a physical form. He is a threat to his and everyone else’s security.

  27. Keith Nelson deserves the only justice out there. PRISON JUSTICE!!!! let the inmates hack him to death ever so slowly. Break his nose, cut off his ears, shit in his mouth and let him choke to death.

  28. This broke my heart to hear about a little girl. It has made me cry as a mother. I just don’t know how to react to this without immense pain and anger. God bless this baby girl and her family

  29. This thing doesn’t deserve to breathe and live amongst us. How can we speed up his Death and show it on TV at prime time?

  30. I hope they put him down in the most painful way available. My prayers are with little Pam Butler’s family. She’s with God now and won’t see the bastard who killed her ever again because he will spend eternity in HELL!!!!

  31. I just saw the Dateline On ID episode. I think that there is nothing good or worthy about this thing who took this darling child’s innocence and then her life. I wish defense attorneys think otherwise then

  32. I just barley got done watching the documentary on this murder I was so devastated when she died I wish her family lots of love

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