• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Brittany Loritts murder 7/11/2005 Salisbury, NC *Stepfather, Reginald Weeks Jr., pleads guilty, sentenced to 9 – 12 years in prison*

Brittany Loritts

Teen found murdered in her bedroom
Stepfather Finds Daughter Slain In Ransacked Home
Man charged in stepdaughter’s murder
Stepfather charged in murder
Bond raised on murder, rape suspect
Police: Stabbed teen knew killer
Police Charge Man With Killing Stepdaughter
Weeks gets plea agreement
Brittany Loritts’ murder featured in TV series

Nightmare Next Door: Skeletons in the Closet
Redrum: The Last Summer


DOC Number: 1057469
Inmate Status: ACTIVE
Gender: MALE
Ethnic Group: AFRICAN
Age: 53
Current Location: EASTERN CI

Name(s) Of Record

Last Name: WEEKS
Suffix: JR
First Name: REGINALD
Middle Name: CARLTON

Most Recent Incarceration Summary

Incarceration Status: ACTIVE
Total Incarceration Term: 11 YEARS 8 MONTHS
Conviction Date: 01/15/2008
Projected Release Date: 01/20/2015
Primary Crime Type: FELON
Special Characteristics: REGULAR
Current Status: FELON
Admission Date: 01/16/2008
Admitting Location: PIEDMONT CI
Next Control Review: UNKNOWN
Custody Classification: MEDIUM
Next Custody Review: 03/01/2012
Current Location: EASTERN CI
Previous Location: MAURY C.I.
Last Movement Date: 03/17/2009
Escapes?: N
Most Recent Period of Incarceration Record

Sentence Number: BA-001
Commitment Type: INMATE
Conviction Date: 01/15/2008
County Of Conviction: ROWAN
Service Status: ACTIVE
Sentence Begin Date: 01/15/2008
Sentence Status: ACTIVE
Actual Release Date:
Punishment Type: ACTIVE SS
Projected Release Date: 01/20/2015
Minimum Term: 9 YEARS 1 MONTH
Maximum Term: 11 YEARS 8 MONTHS

Commitment INITIAL
Docket# 05056479
Offense Date 7/11/2005
Sentencing Penalty Class Code

Docket# 06000820
Offense Date 07/11/2005
Sentencing Penalty Class Code CLASS B2 SS


39 Responses

  1. I was shocked to find out it was the step father. I went to school with this girl and to see the step father act and front like he did. A the worst thing is that her mother is still with this sick man. They both should go to hell.

    • Both go to hell or both stabbed through the neck too

    • He should have gotten life without parole he’s an ANIMAL…wonder why he got off so easy

      • Sadly the law places very little value on black women and children. Although eighteen at the time of her death, he had been raping/molesting her as a minor. Pedophiles never get life sentences.

        • Exactly had that been an 18 year old white girl in North Carolina, the DA would have went to trial!!! I hate to have to think that or to have to say that but why the hell did’nt they do right by this baby! Scratch that her dirtbag mother is to blame for it ALL!!! Had she not been so hard up for a man she would have had this monster put up under the prison or stabbed him in the neck the first time that he even looked her daughters way! She didn’t protect her baby so how could anyone else. She wouldn’t even testify against this filth and from what I understand is still with him! She consented to this man raping her daughter and participated in her demise. For that she is the most vile person in this case. Im disgusted!

  2. He should have gotten a life sentence or the death penalty. I did not know the laws in North Carolina were so soft. Nine years is not enough and at his parole hearing the family should be there to protest his release. Her mother knew her husband was molesting her but she looked the other way all for the love of a man. But what about Brittany.

    • Yes I totally agree her mom turned a blind eye to the molestation! I’m a mom. NO man will ever come before my kids! No way in hell I’d stay with and support my child’s murderer. Sick sick sick!!!!!!!

  3. I thinkbhe should fry because im watching it now on investgation id now and its sad that hes getting off easy man if i could get to him i would cut his throat thats how i feel because i have a 19month old daughter and let somebody hurt her in anyway ill kill them with my bare hands

  4. What a sicko, ID didnt do a great job making him out as the monster he is… when he is out thr father should murdrr him. If I ever seen him id like to see him with a knife yhrough his own throat so he can see what that is like. And hope heis getting raped in jail, sick f***

  5. Brittany mom need to be ashame of herself after her husband got arrested she still stood by him knowing he murdered her daughter. You Reap What You Sow He will get his day and she will too. What type of Mother are you You are Sad and Someone Should Do The Stepfather the Same Way he Rape and Molested Brittany They Have Men in Prison That know How to do it Jusssst Right if you know what I Mean!

  6. This person, by no means is not a man. HE IS A TRUE DEFINITION OF A COWARD and should burn in hell. But the “mammy ” not a mother, is the LOWEST OF LOW to allow that monster to touch her daughter. Was the mammy that desperate for a man (COWARD) in her life that she sold her daughter’s soul to this demon. People like the 2 of them should not live or walk this earth in peace.

  7. This is my second time seeing this story..And it makes me sick to my stomach knowing that the mother never questioned or wanted to know how her daughter got pregnant at 12..She knew her husband was molesting her daughter ..That’s why she didn’t tell her real father..The stepfather should burn in hell…..

    • The mother knew all along who got her daughter pregnant and dealt with it cause she was scared of her husband and didnt tell baby daddy because she was scared he was going to get hurt but the bitch should have went to police they would have found out then she was caring his baby when she was 12 & he would have gotten at least 15 then

  8. This story made me sick to my stomach last night when I watched it on Investigative ID. And I became even sicker when at the end the fool was only sentenced to 9 years. I mean….really. Where is justice for little Brittany in that. This man is going to get out and go on molesting little girls. Once a pedophile….always a pedophile.

  9. This story is heartbreaking. To be raped since you were 12 and then to have your own mother turn her back on you is devastating. I will never forget this story and sweet Brittany. Her mother and stepfather deserve nothing but pain and misery. Her mother is a disgusting monster who gave her daughter to the devil. Brittany deserves justice. All she wanted was to get out of that hellhole and go to college. The fact that she suffered so much and still managed to have friends and be well loved by her sisters and community proves that she had a lovely spirit. God rest her soul.

  10. I believe the mother killed her daughter because she could have went to the police when she found out her baby girl was pregnant with her stupid ass!

  11. Its just a shame!

  12. First off, hello Bonnie! I haven’t been on in a while. My internet was off awhile but I’m back. I know just who to go to who speaks for victims. I’m a die hard victim advocate. I wish I had resources to make a difference in this crazy world. Criminal Justice is my passion. Brittany Loritts’ story disturbed me from go. So very sad! I really think her mother knew about the sexual abuse and wanted to cover for her husband. She was uncooperative in trying to bring her own daughters murder to justice. She knew her husband did it. I truly believe that. I heard Reggie Week’s daughters attacked Asti, Brittany’s half sister. I’m angered and very disappointed at the plea deal. I think he may be out now! I’m not sure. He deserved life, IMO. Raping her from age 12, and mpregnating her! He was not nearly punished enough. Brittany’s mother I hope will be tormented by this. Again, I think she knew. I’m a mother and I can’t understand being uncooperative in helping in any way. She got a lawyer! Why?! I’m rambling because I see this case as a total injustice to Brittany. But God is the ultimate judge. I hope when Reggie gets out if he isn’t already, that the community shuns him as a murderer of a child.I do not condone violence at all. But Bonnie, I really wish Brittany’s dad would beat him up. I’m so sorry to say that but he got a slap on the wrist for a brutal murder and years of rape. Brittany’s dad seems like a good man and I wouldn’t want him to get in trouble and waste his time going after Reggie. I had to get all that off my chest. RIP Brittany. You have a great day,Bonnie and keep speaking for the victims. 🙂 -nette

  13. Also I truly hope when this murdering, raping person gets out that he must register as a sex offender. He does not deserve to live his life without some consequences.

  14. I can’t find my first comment. I must’ve done something wrong. I basically said this was total injustice. His daughters apparently attacked Asti, Brittany’s sister. They are a sick, violent family and Brittany’s mm is sickening for not cooperating and choosing a man over her child. I dont condone violence but I have thoughts wishing someone would beat him up. I hope the community shuns the whole family of Reggie and Brittany’s mom. She knew….

    • Nette,

      All comments have to be approved, so that is why it did not show up right away. Have they all been approved now?

      • The very first one must not have been approved. My others are on there. I feel anger toward Reggie and Brittany’s mom. Maybe something I said was inappropriate. I apologize and I understand. I’ll just say again that there was no justice. It really bothers me to see killers and sex offenders get the opportunity to be let back into society. It seems so unfair to the victim.

      • Maybe I’m doing something wrong or need to be patient. I replied and it hasn’t showed. This is my second try. But I think I got my point across in the ones that have showed.

  15. The mother of this child is sick just like her rapist, he stepfather!

  16. Her stepfather!

  17. This animal repeatedly raped, twice impregnated a child and then kiled her when she wanted it to stop and he gets 9 to 12 years?!?! WTF, NC? I know ur a messed up state, but he should have gotten 9 to 12 for the years of sexual abuse alone. I fear the day this animal gets out. IF she were my child, I’d be awaiting his release. SMH

  18. This is one of those stories you can barely watch. It is disturbing and sickening to think that a mother would not protect her child. This precious angel lived in hell in that house. Why wouldn’t the mother not ask who fathered the baby when she had the abortion at 12. Where is the mother now. If he out of jail yet. What about his family and friend that protected him– I wonder what they had to say when the details of what happened was known. Sick!!!

  19. He should have received life in prison. He’s a MONSTER!!!! Once he’s released in 2015 he’s going to commit the same crime on another 12 year old and impregnate her. The mother is pitiful poor excuse of a mother. She should be sitting side by side with this sexually predator. The things woman will do to keep a man. This woman sold her daughter’s sold just to have a piece of a man. SAD!!!!

  20. I agree wholeheartedly that this rapist, murderer did not get what he so rightly deserved (the death penalty). I live in Canada and we unfortunately do not have the justice of the death penalty anymore.
    But when N.Carolina is giving away plea deals like this, it is even worse.
    And I just want to say I feel so sorry for her Biological Dad (who obviously loves her so much) , her loving step sister, and all her loved ones, including the boyfriend who was under suspicion. This stepfather is truly evil and so is her mother. They are the same as far as I am concerned! They may not get justice in this life, but they will get it on the other side.

  21. She was almost out of there, free to live a normal life. He wasn’t going to allow that. Ugh! what a pig and scum of the earth. Mom is no better.

  22. This Animal is about to be released in January, 2015!! How does this happen??? He should be in jail for life! I am disgusted at our laws

  23. […] Brittany Loritts murder 7/11/2005 Salisbury, NC *Stepfather, Reginald Weeks Jr., pleads guilty, sent… […]

  24. […] Brittany Loritts murder 7/11/2005 Salisbury, NC *Stepfather, Reginald Weeks Jr., pleads guilty, sent… […]

  25. […] Brittany Loritts murder 7/11/2005 Salisbury, NC *Stepfather, Reginald Weeks Jr., pleads guilty, sent… […]

  26. This man was raping this child since she was a baby he doesn’t deserve to be let out of prison..this is the saddest story I’ve seen..

  27. Raped and murdered his stepdaughter and served less than 10 years?

    • This Man and Wife needs life in prison!

      • He was released from prison in 2015 but returned in 2016 on a parole violation.
        Just read that he took an Alford Plea, admitting there was sufficient evidence to convict him, while not admitting his guilt. This sentence is all on the judge. No jury.
        Anyone know why the sentence was so light?

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