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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Killer Kids: Brian Lee Draper and Torey Michael Adamcik killed Cassie Jo Stoddart, stabbing her 29 times

Cassie Jo Stoddart
Cassie Jo Stoddart

Find-A-Grave: Cassie Jo Stoddart
Posts about Cassie Jo Stoddart and her murder
Convicted Idaho killer Brian Draper asks justices for new trial
State of Idaho v Brian L. Draper 2011
Idaho upholds teen’s murder conviction
State of Idaho v Torey Michael Adamcik 2012
Cassie Jo Stoddart’s Grandparents Speak Out
Judge hears Torey Adamcik’s plea for new trial or new sentencing in murder of Cassie Jo Stoddart
Teenage killers chatty on ride to prison
Cassie Stoddart Documentary To Air Sunday Night
Murder of Cassie Jo Stoddart
Cassie Jo Stoddart Murder: From Start to Finish

Lost for Life
Teen Killers: Life without Parole
Your Worst Nightmare: When the Lights Go Out
In Coldest Blood
Murder Among Friends: Stick to the Plan

Torey Michael Adamcik – convicted, sentenced to LWOP plus 30-years-to life for conspiracy to commit murder
Brian Lee Draper – convicted, sentenced to LWOP plus 30-years-to life for conspiracy to commit murder


Brian Lee Draper

P.O. Box 14
Boise , Idaho 83707
Phone Number:
Status: Inmate
Age: 24

IDOC Sentence Information
Sentencing County: BANNOCK
Case No.: CR06-17984
Sentence Satisfaction Date: Life


Torey Adamcik

381 W Hospital Drive
Orofino , Idaho 83544
Phone Number: 208-476-3655
Status: Inmate
Age: 24

IDOC Sentence Information
Sentencing County: BANNOCK
Case No.: CR06-17984
Sentence Satisfaction Date: Life

IDOC Sentence Information
Sentencing County: BANNOCK
Case No.: CR06-17984
Sentence Satisfaction Date: Life


43 Responses

  1. These bastards are always trying to appeal their convictions too. No remorse from either of them.

    • No remorse ? You’ve clearly not watched ‘Lost for Life’ or ‘Teen Killers – Life without Parole’.

      • That was for the camera. Tried to look good for any (unrealistic) chance at parole.

        • If Brian was showing remorse just to get parole, why has he not applied for it again since the documentary was aired ? He has been quoted as saying (off-camera) he’s prepared to spend the rest of his life in jail if need be. I don’t know if I should say this but I’ve contacted him and I believe his contrition is genuine.

          • From what I understand, his sentence is still LWOP, so he can’t currently apply for parole. Also, please remember that the focus of the blog is on the victim, not the killers.

          • Then your an idiot

          • Lady, he doesn’t have any choice but to contrite. Boy are you gullible. That killer only lets you know as much about him as he wants you to know. What a fool.

      • Life sentence is a slap on the wrist. Fry both of them.

      • I’ve seen it, and the don’t have any remorse. You can put a dress on a turd, and it’s still a turd. Their sobbs are.a bunch of b.s. the fact is that theunkilled her, and they deserve what they got.

    • I just watched this story on the Investigative Discovery Channel yesterday. The tragic end could have been prevented if Cassie’s boyfriend Matt would have abided by her wishes and not invited those 2 disgusting dirt bags to the house. It’s also such a shame that Cassie didn’t leave with Matt and go to his house since she was scared about the lights going out. Those 2 disgusting bastards should have gotten the death penalty. May they both rot in hell!!!

  2. I don’t know if any of you knew about a petition asking the judge to give Torey post conviction relief back in August. Well, I was the one that started that petition. It’s only closed now because my parents freaked out and they wanted it shut down immediately. Anyway, despite my differentiating opinions, I still feel for Cassie and my heart goes out for her family. That was so brutal what happened to her, and that video, words can’t describe how horrible it was. Even in my petition, I admitted that the video was awful and that I feel for Cassie and her family. The link, “Cassie’s Grandparents Speak Out” talks about my petition actually.

    • jcn,

      Yes, I saw the petition, but since this blog focuses on the victim, there was no reason for me to post it. Personally, I do hope that both Brian Draper and Torey Adamcik stay in prison for the rest of their lives. It does not matter who actual “killer” was, the felony murder law covers both. I did not read anywhere that when Brian started stabbing that Torey begged him to stop, nor did he try to help Cassie. Did he go to the police right away and tell them what happened?

      If you want to comment again, it needs to be just about Cassie. She is the focus here.

    • I feel the same way you do. Everything was so dissterbing i feel for the family. Im a book writer never heard any story that made me me feel some kind of way i cant even wrap my brain around why they did this. My ❤ and preys go out to Cassie and her family. The things that is so troublesome to me is WHY i dont understand. WHY and hiw could you take such an angle like that little girl away from her family.

  3. It’s horrid what happened to Cassie, and I hope for once the justice system sticks to their sentence and these low life satanic morons spend their lives in prison because of what they did. Reap what you sow, boys.

    • And do you consider the judge a hero for sentencing them to life without parole as well?

      • Stop asking such ridiculous questions. Torey and Brian are still alive so the answer is, no, there were no heros in this situation. After watching their video, if you think Torey is still innocent, then you are a serious head case yourself. Those 2 are where they belong and the world is just a little safer for it. They should both be released when Cassie is able to walk out of her grave.

      • You better believe that judge is a hero. jnc go fuck yourself. Your an asshole.

  4. Mylifeofcrime, obviously you know nothing of this case since you mentioned a “gunman” and her being shot. You keep saying this post is about Cassie and focus on her….you probably shouldn’t even be commenting on this post considered you obviously have no clue what you’re talking about. Cassie was not shot. There was no gun involved at all whatsoever. She was stabbed. Get your facts straight

  5. Can I send mail to these two losers ?
    Rip cassie.

  6. both of them r straight weird lil pschyo pathic cowards who need to either take there own lives, or rot in the pen 4 the rest of their lives. frm what i got frm the videos they made, in there sic lil 16 year old minds killing ppl is kool an at school the wernt shit but a couple of geeks. to them if they start taking ppls lifes away in ther heads that makes them the decid on prob the only other freind that the had except each other, an plot on and carry out killing her for fun entertainment and to boost there ego in to me thats just so fuckin dumb look at all the ppl lives they fucked up including ther own, i felt so sorry for cassies family an even there familys are all dispointed. so ya thats my take on it…
    R.I.P. Cassie Jo Stoddert..

  7. I was 16 at one time and extremely messed up in my head. It never entered my mind to hurt anyone though. I do no believe in life without the possibility of parole for a 16 year old though. That is not justice.

    • To those truly saddened by this tragedy the victim is Cassey, her family and those who knew her. Clearly the obtus person who is defending these two assholes is full of shit. No way will these fags win ANY appeal. They only get to appeal because the U.S Constitution says they can. But that’s all. These cowards are exactly where they need to be. Now they get to play with the big boys. Karma in the form of a cactus right up their asses. Both of them. Way to go Judge McDermott for the life sentences!! Way to go all other Judges who are going to DENY both these cowards appeals!!!

    • i agee very much

  8. first of all rip cassie your life was taken young. i saw the documentary and i believe brian should be given a chance to life. he seemed very genuine about his guilt. and i think if he would have gotten the conseling he was asking for this all would not have happened. so instead of not forgiving we should raiseawareness to teens and conseling.

  9. Though Draper is obviously deeply disturbed, it is clear that he feels a level of remorse that is utterly lacking in Adamcik, whose demeanor clearly reflects utter sociopathy. Reminds me of Richard Speck. Even worse, Adamcik’s parents continue to enable his acts through their insistence and proclamations of his innocence. I have never seen anyone more disconnected from reality, yet sane in my life time. Their level of denial is completely frightening. Their son is about as pure a sociopath as they come. He is empty, devoid of whatever it is that defines us as human. Society is far safer with him behind bars.

  10. Im a writer i have many of crimes but this one has kept me up at nite just thinking WHY thats my question for both murders i would love to here. You took an angel from there family for no good reason. A beautiful innocent child. My ❤ goes out to the family and her friends. Dont get it and maybe never will why this happened but this story keeps me up at nite.

  11. Bullshit and no way should Draper get any less than LIFE. This fucker only sounds remorseful for self preservation. Person. Don’t be fooled by his humbleness. They are both sick sociopaths. Make no mistake, they will both watch all their family die while they sit behind bars rotting for what they did and nobody is going to be able to do shit about it. Their both a couple of pussys anyway and I wouldn’t be surprised if they killed them self. In fact that’s exactly what they both should do.

    • Well Lynn, only Torey only been appealing lately. Just pointing that out there. Speaking of which, Judge Mitchell Brown only denied Torey’s post-conviction back in March because he was swayed by the public. Torey may be a sociopath indeed and deserve to rot for eternity, but this should NOT mean that you should excuse Judge Brown for the fact that he failed to see that being swayed by the public is a violation of a rule in the Idaho Judicial Conduct.

  12. Here’s something interesting about this case that occurred recently. One of the convicted killers, Torey, had his post conviction relief denied, and the only reason the judge denied it was because he was completely swayed by the public opinion.

  13. Hope these two murderous maggots are enjoying the rest of their shitty useless lives as they’re fucked up their assholes and have to suck big black dicks ( and swallow the cum ) on a daily basis. Oh, and hope you’re also enjoying the tasty jail food and all of the bashings as well. Ha Ha.

  14. A very heart wrenching story . i feel if a child commits murder should not be given this sort of sentence . It’s sad all the way around.

  15. Apparently now, Joel Horton and Roger Burdick of the Idaho Supreme Court are inconsistent when it comes to Torey. Please, please understand that your vileness towards him is absolutely not an excuse for Burdick and Horton to be so inconsistent with this case.

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