Deadly Duo: Samuel Sheinbein and Aaron Benjamin Needle Killed Alfredo “Freddy” Enrique Tello Jr, then dismembered him and burned his remains

Alfredo Enrique Tello Jr
Alfredo Enrique Tello Jr

A Murder’s Long Shadow
Alleged Sheinbein Accomplice Kills Self
Sheinbein Admits Murder
U.S. Teen in Israel to Plead Guilty in Death
Murder Suspect Who Fled U.S. Agrees to Plea Bargain in Israel
Teen will plead guilty in Israel to Maryland killing
Sheinbein sentenced to 24 years from Israeli court
Blood Buddies
The Killer Next Door
Murderpedia: Samuel Sheinbein
Wikipedia: Samuel Sheinbein
Samuel Sheinbein, Montgomery County murderer, killed in Israeli prison standoff
Maryland native is killed after wounding jailers in Israel
Grisly story ends in shots 6,000 miles away

Young, Hot & Crooked: Blood Brothers

Sheinbein and Needles
Samuel Sheinbein – convicted in Israel, sentenced to 24 years in prison, died in standoff
Aaron Needles – killed himself in jail

One Response

  1. Turned into death sentences for both perps. Even if he DID havemental health issues, at some point (like shooting e CO’s) he needs to be dealt with aggressively. Justice was served.


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