Unsolved Serial Killings: The Colonial Parkway Killer

Colonia Parkway victims

Cathleen Marian Thomas, 27 [October 1986]
Rebecca Ann Dowski, 21 [October 1986]
David Knobling, 20 [September 1987]
Robin Margaret Edwards, 14 [September 1987]
Cassandra Lee Hailey [4/8/1988]
Richard Keith Call [4/8/1988]
Annamaria Phelps, 18 [September 1989]
Daniel Lauer, 21 [September 1989]

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Victims’ families find renewed hope
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20-year-old note may have clues in double murder
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Organized search for `Parkway Murders’ victims canceled
Facebook: What happened to Richard Keith Call and Cassandra Hailey

Profiles in Murder: An FBI Legend Dissects Killers and Their Crimes
Predators on the Parkway: A Former Homicide Detective Explores the Colonial Parkway Murders

Real Stories of the Highway Patrol: Colonial Parkway Killer
Sensing Murder: Parkway Mystery
Dark Minds: The Colonial Parkway Murders

3 Responses

  1. Terrible.


  2. Mike Mather channel 3 news broke a story about the under-reported possible serial murders in Virginia Beach. I found the stories buried on youtube

    Yes there was some DNA, it was in the form of a handful of hair gripped by one of the victims. Ms. Thomas I think. I also suspect the presence of other evidence not disclosed at this time, based on some of the remarks I have heard.

    There were a horrible lot of women killed or missing from the early seventies up to just prior to the Parkway cases. Imagine two or three times as many as the Parkway. Victims ranged in age from 17 to mid twenties in most cases. Same age range as the parkway cases. In the Va Beach cases there was semen, contact DNA and possibly blood from the murderer. Much of this evidence is still in storage in various places.

    Mike Mather wanted to get the cops to pool this evidence and test it for commonality. I want them to also check/compare it to Michael Mich. and the hair found on the Parkway.

    Do you have a youtube account? If you do, go into youtube and use these links to see the stories. Just copy paste them into the youtube window, even if you don’t have an account.

    > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVA4goWZ7m0

    > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Njv-TeG-KZk

    I think it will be possible to go direct to these, unless youtube pulled them down.


  3. Talk to atwell he had.something to do with it and knows who he atwell was the accomplice but his friend the security company owner did it that was.the main one I believe that with every fiber of my being the friend was the one with the photos thats hiw he made copies.that sounded very weird to me he also wanted atwell to teach the class another clue was what someone close to me mentioned.one of the victims had met some verry strange guy that worked in security I know people that are.also close with two victims but I think to make atwell look good was.y he told chanel three news about the photos to keep suspicions of him he also got up clise and.personal with the families what a betrayal to get info about who knows what and everything accetera I want justice for the families and to catch the monsters who have done these terrible things I feel like it could hurt me because I sent this but anyways I believe it was.how that happened also very very strange atwell could make a story of how someone would know where the.only two victims not found.could be the killers knew what they were.doing planned it im a little connected to these stories.as how I said before I know people who new two of the victims they were smart enough to get away with the murders but has a.sickness a need to kill I fear for more.lives im worried for my family a little for myself.they could come for me.its very scary to feel like that my prayed and thoughts go to all of tje victems and.families and.friends I stress.friends and I wish the best the best.to be.considering the tragedy im so sorry I wish things like this couldnt and wouldnt happen


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