William McGrath murder August 2009 Phoenix, AZ *Bradley Tocker convicted of his murder, sentenced to life in prison*

William McGrath

Arrest made in Phoenix man’s disappearance
Police recover body of man missing since 2009
Phoenix police: Man missing from 2009 buried under house
Body Found Buried Under Phoenix Home
PD recovers body of man missing 2 years

Disappeared: Missing By Design


Last Name: TOCKER
First Name: BRADLEY
Middle Initia: H
Birth Date: 11/29/1961
Gender: M
Height (inches): 66
Weight: 185
Hair Color: GRAY
Eye Color: BROWN
Ethnic Origin: CAUCASION
Custody Class: 5/2
Inmate / Detainee: INMATE
Sentence: LIFE
Admission: 10/04/2011
Max End Date: LIFE
Most Recent Loc.: ASPC Florence
Status: ACTIVE

6 Responses

  1. I watched this on the discovery channel, and I tell you this would have never happen and this good man would still be here if they didn’t take the first offense against him so lightly! Our justice or so called justice system needs some rearranging! Enough Said!

    • Lisa,

      What do you mean? I believe they are unrelated incidents. I think. I know Billy had an ex that assaulted him and was in prison getting ready to be released. But when he went missing, I believe that person was still in prison.

  2. Yes I was mistaken on the person that did it to him. Still it is a tragic loss… and I think the ex did not get what he should have. I think that people should of listen when he said that people were out to get him!

  3. They never said what happened to his dog Roy. I’m afraid the same fate as poor Billy.

    • I know…… I was hoping they would say if the had found him as well. Poor Roy. Prayers for him and Billy McGrath.

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