Deadly Duo: Ray and Faye Copeland *Killed 5 of their ranch workerers*

Dennis K. Murphy, 24 [10/17/1986]
Wayne Robert Warner, [11/19/1986]
Jimmy Dale Harvey, 27 [October 1988]
John Wayne Freeman, 27 [December 1988]
Paul Jason Cowart, 20 [5/3/1989]

Find-A-Grave: Dennis K. Murphy
Find-A-Grave: Wayne Warner
Find-A-Grave: Jimmy Dale Harvey
Find-A-Grave: John Wayne Freeman
Find-A-Grave: Paul Jason Cowart
Rural Intrigue Is Unearthed With 5 Bodies
Investigators find new clues near well
Police Dig for More Bodies on Missouri Farm
Serial Killers Couple Ray and Faye Copeland
Wikipedia: Ray and Faye Copeland
Murderpedia: Ray Copeland
Crime Life: Ray Copeland
Elderly couple charged in killings
Elderly Farm Couple In Missouri Indicted In Deaths of 5 Men
Grand jury indicts couple in 5 murders
Copeland depicted as willing partner
Jury finds woman guilty of murdering 5 transients
Woman, 69, May Face Execution in 5 Killings
Copeland case: Prosecutor with local ties found it demanding
Copeland now wait for sentencing
Oldest death row prison inmates dies
Copeland is seeking a new trial
Judge lifts death penalty for 78-year-old woman
Faye Copeland’s son has mixed feelings about judge’s ruling
Elderly woman paroled

Mr + Mrs Murder: Ray + Faye Copeland

The Copeland Killings
True Crime: Missouri: The State’s Most Notorious Criminal Cases
Serial Murder
Family Bones Volume 1: Based on a True Story
Family Bones Volume 2
Wicked Women: Black Widows, Child Killers, And Other Women In Crime
Killing for Fun and Profit: Aileen Wuornos, Dorothea Puente, Faye Copeland and other Female Serial Killers

Wicked Attraction: Murder at Twilight
Wikipedia: Wicked Attraction Episode Guide
Forensic Files: Killer’s Cattle Log
Forensic Files
Killer Trials: Deadly Harvest
Deadly Harvest: Ray and Faye Copeland

Ray Copeland – convicted, sentenced to death [died October 1993]
Faye Della Copeland – convicted, sentenced to death, later commuted to life [died 12/30/2003]

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