Unsolved Serial Killings: Oakland County Child Murders *The Babysitter*

Mark Stebbins, 12 [2/15/1976] Southfield/Oak Park, MI (strangled, sexually assaulted)
Jill Robinson, 12 [12/22/1976] Royal Oak, MI (shot in the face with a shotgun)
Kristine Mihelich, 10 [1/2/1977] Berkley, MI (smothered)
Timothy King, 11 [3/16/1977] Birmingham, MI (suffocated, sexually assaulted)

Cynthia Cadieux, 16 [1/15/1976] Roseville, MI (bludgeoned to death) (could not find a picture of her)

After 35 years of investigation and waiting, 4 new pieces of evidence were announced in 2011:
1. White animal hair connects all four cases.
2. A DNA match from new hairs discovered on one of the victims leads to this new suspect.
3. Police find a startling drawing at a suspect’s home.
4. A police report surfaces from the 1970s that sent investigators looking around a northern Michigan cottage Tuesday afternoon.

Possible suspects:

Christopher Brian Busch (who committed suicide in 1978)
James Vincent Gunnels
DNA found on Kristine Mihelich was matched to Gunnels. Busch and Gunnels were apparently childhood friends. At least one family member of one of the victims believes Busch was the killer.

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5 Responses

  1. Was this case ever solved? Do you believe that Chris Busch’s suicide was staged? (i.e. that Busch either had help faking it – or what seemed to me a more likely possibility given my, albeit, limited understanding of the crime scene – a possible, murder by the real offender or accomplice..) I’d appreciate your thoughts on this and any updates you’re aware of.




  2. After reading a recent article about the “Babysitter Killer” in which the father of the last victim pleas for information, I noticed a mysterious “Bob” who has information on the real killer and will give that information if the feds will pick up the case.

    Who is “Bob?” one might inquire? He states these murders are connected to pagan holidays-near Valentines Day, Christmas,and New Years Day-and are connected to the Wiccan religion.

    At first glance, I’d think that “Bob” was an old crony of Ted Gunderson (Head of FBI in Dallas, Memphis and somewhere in California at one time). He had a penchant for chasing down cults and a habit of bringing druggies he thinks may have committed heinous crimes, such as stabbing to death a woman and two children, in to drug infested areas as snitches and to investigate the police for drug trafficking.

    Why he stands out is that some 36 years after these murders were committed, they are now trying to match hairs (or, is that hares?). They’ve found hairs on the murdered children, matched them to hairs that came from a convicted pedophile’s car, but can’t match them to the perpetrator of the crimes.

    This link gives a clearer picture of what was going on: http://www.clevescene.com/cleveland/the-babysitter-killer/Content?oid=1498422

    After reading the story, I found some videos that showed sketches of suspects. One suspect was blonde, rarely mentioned in the articles, but also matched a suspect in the Johnny Gosch case in Iowa. The other, known for his bright new blue car, was described as Mediterranean or Mexican.In the Gosch case a dark skinned, dark haired person was mentioned also. But, the blonde guy stands out as the part of the hair is similar, facial structure similar, and reported near the scene of a child abduction.

    The moniker “The Babysitter Killer” was more than likely just that-a moniker. As it seems the FBI has never, nor will ever get involved in these type cases, and state and local police have no interest whatsoever, these are the type of cases that are ripe for the “Bob” in every state to come out of the woodwork.

    Hair and fiber analysis has been around for years! Many hairs were found in and around the crime scene at Ft. Bragg when children were stabbed and ice picked to death. None have been admitted to free the imprisoned man of killing his own family though.

    Much talk of homosexuality on that base, with accusations running wild. Psychological profiles of the accused, and books written for the purpose of convicting him.

    It seemed as if the man was trying to get in the prostitution game at one point, though stating he was fixing up his other friends. Then, the Princeton med student went about looking for drug dealers because his brother could drive 850 miles straight through without sleeping. RED FLAG! So can I, my mother at the age of 65, and almost anyone I know could do the same.

    The moniker “Babysitter Killer” is telling that this was never the work of one person, but an invitation for the media to appear to help assist in a conviction if a single person were to be implicated.

    Matching the stray hair to this one killer will be fruitless as he probably was in their homes, cars, knew their friends and relatives, and this hair may have been moved from place to place each time the cold case was resurrected.

    But, what about “Bob?”


  3. A new program that has been recently airing on the IDHD channel and that I’ve been following is: “Children of the Snow”…. a two night special. It has been one of the most Heart Wrenching programs i’ve ever watched.


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