Update: John Patrick Addis, found dead, probable suicide

         John Patrick Addis now deceased

Joann H. Albanese murder 8/19/1996 Las Vegas, NV *John Patrick Addis wanted for her murder*
America’s Most Wanted
Former trooper dead in Guatemala
Searching for a ghost

FBI: Criminal Pursuit: Purposeful Deceit


11 Responses

  1. I’m sorry that more had to die.
    Very sad – He killed his most recent girlfriend and kids too.

  2. This animal took my cousin’s life before he took his, I hope that God can forgive him because i just do not have the will or strenghth to do so…..He also took the life of their 2 children!!! We all thought she had been dead for years!!! now we come to find out that she died only a month ago. It is too much for me to swallow all at once. Last time I saw my cousin was at my grandma’s house in Mexico…Jeez!! she was so pretty, and always happy….had a big smile, I never knew why she was always so happy……………I guess, I should have asked her when I had the time huh?
    please pray for her parents so they can find peace and comfort.

    • what I want to know is why the family member of Joanne Albenese called the gym he was known to frequent down in Mexico? Instead of giving the FBI an opportunity to go to Guatamala or wherever in Mexico he was she desides to play cop? WTF? Call the gym on the phone? I would almost have to say I blame her for the deaths of that Mexican woman and those 2 children. This didn’t have to happen. If the Albanese family wanted to confront him….GO THERE!!!! Now there are 4 people dead. If it were my sister murdered….I would have made it my agenda to meet him at the front door. Grief is understood but I wouldn’t want the deaths of others on my plate because of ignorance. This story is a heartbreaker. They had that guy had the Alanese family just backed off.

      • Yes, that was tragic mistake that was made when they made that call.They would have probably caught him, had they not done that..But…

    • I am very sorry about what happen to your cousin, and will certainly pray for her parents.My oldest brother was murdered, so I know how hard it is for her parents…Once again, I feel your pain and really sympathize for all involved.

  3. I wish he were still alive…………. So he could pay for his crimes.

    • Oh, he’s probably in paying for all his sins right now in Hades… And it’s more than he can bare I guarantee it… Terribly sad story though..

  4. Does anyone know why this woman would not only go with him but have children with him?
    I assume she wasn’t close to her family or she would have informed them about where she was going….where she was…that she was having children.
    This guy got away with it because he was a pig and even the main pig chasing him talked of how much he ‘liked’ him.

    • I suspect that he was a master manipulator,and very intelligent.Look how he eluded the authorities for years.They never could catch him.This is a very evil world that we live in these days.And he was certainly that also.

  5. EZ yes you are right, if it haden been for the Albanese family, the young lady and the 2 kids would still be alive. Isn’t that obstruction of Police work?

  6. does any have an insight as to john addis childhood an upbringing

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