Sharon Gregory murder 10/24/1988 Greenfield, MA *Killed by Mark Branch, who was obsessed with horror films, especially Friday the 13th*

Sharon Gregory
Sharon Gregory

Seeking safety and a suspect in Greenfield
Search continues a week after Greenfield killing
Greenfield stabbing death stirs up rumors and fears
Mass. town in ‘panic’ after gory slaying
Friends, classmates shed light on Branch
‘Halloween’ terror
Sighting spurs renewal of bid to find suspect in Greenfield slaying
Search for slaying suspect resumed in Massachusetts
‘Halloween’ terror
Healing process for town stressed at Gregory vigil
Police closing investigation of Gregory death
Hunters Find More Than Deer
Body of Suspect In Stabbings Found Hanging
Transcript of affidavit in Branch case
Body of suspect in stabbings found hanging
After a year, Greenfield still hurts; student’s slaying stirs sad memories in some residents
Court TV’s Psychic Detectivesto feature John Monti
Documentary to be made of Gregory case

Psychic Detectives: Dressed To Kill

Mark Branch

6 Responses

  1. Any way you can fix the link above? “Sharon Gregory” it cannot be found.

  2. Lisa,

    I have updated this post quite a bit. I am still looking for pictures to add and will do that when I find some.

  3. I was living there at the time of the Branch murder/suicide. His body was was found by a hunter. I believe he was found in Shelbourne Falls, or around that area.

  4. Cheryl was pretty upset about the pictures they showed in the news of [her sister,] for reasons I’ll not reveal. I keep her pictures on my desk and I hope you don’t get any. She (Sharon) was/is one of my best friends. Why is everybody so interested in pushing the subject. Let it die. I can’t believe I’m even responding my self. I only just stumbled on all this junk. NEMO

  5. Its fascinating, that’s why.

  6. Nemo,

    My site is to remember ALL victims of murder, not just some high profile ones. I even post on ones from the early 1900s. Should we just forget those who have been murdered, as if they never lived? I don’t think so. Every murder victim needs to be remembered. I am sorry you don’t agree. And I am offended that you call remembering victims junk. It shows you have little respect for human life. This post was not negative about the victim in any way. Did you also ask the newspapers to remove all stories on this?

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