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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Missing: Jodi Huisentruit 6/27/1995 Mason City, IA *Still being actively investigated; Jodi was legally declared dead in May 2001*

Jodi Huisentruit

Find Jodi
Missing – Believed to be Abducted
IA Missing Persons Clearinghouse
The Huisentruit File
Jodi’s Journal
The Doe Network
Rumor About Missing Anchorwoman Unfounded
Who killed Jodi Huisentruit?: Fired Mason City police officer accuses investigators of role in cold case
Wikipedia: Jodi Huisentruit
After 18 years, team continues search for missing TV anchor

Dead Air – The Disappearance of Jodi Huisentruit

Disappeared: Breaking News
20/20: Anchorwoman


22 Responses

  1. Bonnie,
    Can you reach ANYONE in Jodi’s family? Mother, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, ANYONE?!!
    Jodi Sue Huisentruit was abducted and murdered by . . .

    Keith Dwayne Nelson
    Federal Inmate Number 07440-031
    Terre Haute USP
    Death Sentence

    Nelson owned a white Ford Econoline van with Kansas plates.
    Nelson left his left palm print on Jodi’s red Miata.
    Nelson left Jodi’s mortal remains in Stearns County Minnesota.
    Jodi’s personal checkbook and two checks with Nelson’s handing writing and fingerprints on the them have been on file since 1995, the year she was abducted!
    Woman’s dress slacks, matching woman’s vest, woman’s white blouse with ruffles along front buttons and ruffles on cuffs. small woman’s handbag and woman’s gold ring with diamonds recovered from Nelson’s van. Other clothing recovered indicates other victims.
    Condition of clothing indicates Jodi Huisentruit was stabbed to death, knife (murder weapon) was also recovered from van.

    The Victims (in order of their disappearance.)

    Jennifer Renee Odom Blanton, Florida
    Jodi Sue Huisentruit Mason City, Iowa
    Julie Ann Holmquist Hallock, Minnesota
    Kansas City area waitress found murdered 16 or so miles from Kansas City, Kansas. Murder featured on The New Detectives show.
    Michanne Mattson of Kansas City, Kansas
    Pamela Butler of Kansas City, Kansas. (Last victim.)

  2. James,

    I do not know any of them personally. However, I have heard of his name in connection with this case before. Please email me off of here (my email is on the side of this blog) and tell me how you personally know this information before I take it farther.

  3. The people of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation gave me an entire list of the clothing found in Nelson’s van.

    Jennifer Renee Odom – Blanton, Florida
    Letterman’s jacket “Jenny” and Gator emblem. Red Sweater with gold highlights. broken gold charm, Bundy clarinet with serial number 622747.

    Jodi Huisentruit (already mentioned her belongings.

    Julie Ann Holmquist – Hallock, Minnesota
    Blue jogging shorts, red T-shirt, boyfriend’s class ring from LAKEVILLE, MINNESOTA. Knife with tip of knife blade missing.

    10 inch knife with black handle from Kansas City area waitress since identified. blood DNA found on knife belongs to waitress. drops of blood found in blood pool, is Nelson’s!

    Michanne Mattson – Kansas City, Kansas blood DNA found matches hers!

    Pamela Butler – Kansas City, Kansas Clothing recovered at crime scene. Nelson’s spermatooza DNA found in found in Butler and in her underwear is NELSON’S.

    Fingerprints found in back of Ford Econoline van belong to victims, HUISENTRUIT, HOLMQUIST and BUTLER and in that order!

    Brand New Tires found on Van were bought in/near Hallock, Minnesota! Old ones were left burning in a farmer’s field.

    I have been tracking Keith Nelson from Florida to Iowa to Minnesota to Kansas for nearly five years. I have helped solve over a dozen murders since I can remember. My last solved Minnesota murder was the Cally Jo Larson murder, Waseca, Minnesota. Most recent murder case was serial killer Robert Pickton, Vancouver BC. I said killers love to brag, 49 murders the last I heard. Mark Hacking was guilty of three!


  4. The Stearns County Minnesota Sheriff has had the checkbook of Jodi S. Huisentruit for the past 12 years! The fingerprints of her killer were found all over them. The fingerprints belong to Nelson. Nelson tried to forge two of Jodi’s checks before he realized that he couldn’t get them cashed. His hand writing is also on the two checks. The Kansas City Police Department recovered the clothing belonging to the late Jodi S. Huisentruit in 1999, during the murder investigation of the late Pamela Butler who was raped and strangled to death with a length of stereo speaker wire, the money for the sound system went for new tires, the old ones could be traced to the scene of the abduction of Julie Ann Holmquist. They were STILL traced to her abduction and murder. The knife with the broken tip was the murder weapon in the murder of Julie Ann Holmquist. The knife tip was recovered during the autopsy of Julie Ann Holmquist. Julie was rollerblading five miles from home because of a new boyfriend. He gave her his class ring, it was worth nearly, 300 dollars. He wants his class ring back, and the State of Kansas crime lab has it! Keith Dwayne Nelson is a serial killer, and he collects “souvenirs” from each victim he’s killed, five so far. He can be found here.

  5. No offense but my B.S. alarm is going off. If this guy was the murderer, no way in hell would the police be trying to protect him especially if he’s a serial killer. It makes no sense and this e-mail is only being used for sensationalism. His journey doesn’t make sense either. If he’s randomly traveling around doing serial killing, how did he stumble on Jodi, a well known news reporter in a small market town in Iowa. Coincidence? I doubt it.

    I don’t deny he could be a serial killer but it’s ridiculous to think the police would withhold this evidence from the public if they new as far back as 1999. It doesn’t add up.

  6. The Kansas City Kansas Police Department know that Nelson has killed other women/girls but they don’t know who they are. I have been tracking Keith Nelson for nearly five years. I found the blue jogging shorts and red t-shirt worn by the late Julie Ann Holmquist, I also found her boyfriend’s class ring. The REAL reason she was five miles from home! She was STABBED TO DEATH, not shot, as surmised by a not too bright Steve Hagenah of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. Mr Hagenah has been in Law Enforcement for 35 years, and still doesn’t know how to read an autopsy report. Julie was stabbed to death and the knife with the tip of the blade missing was found in Nelson’s van. Clothing worn by the late Jodi Huisentruit was also found in the van, including her purse and her gold diamond ring. Jodi’s remains were found in STEARNS COUNTY MINNESOTA! Jodi’s body was obstructing a drainage ditch on a farmer’s field. Wheat or barley were grown on one half and soybeans on the other. They pulled what they thought was a log and was surprised to find a woman’s corpse. Jodi was wearing panties, bra nylon knee his and cheap white woman’s deck shoes. Jodi had been stabbed to death. Her clothing found with stab wounds and covered in blood stains was recovered by the Kansas City Kansas Police and was sent to the state crime lab.

  7. Because of the nature and subject of his insatiable rants, I have researched “James.” He is nothing more than a fruitloop who lives in his mother’s basement. A waste of bandwidth in all instances.

  8. I don’t know who this James guy is or where he gets his information, but I am alive. Yes, I was one of Keith Nelson’s victims, but I got away.
    I have a serious problem with his information simply because of what he alleges in my case about a knife found with my DNA on it. As far as I know, they never recovered the actual knife he used on me, and there was no DNA test done with my blood.
    Maybe some of his information is valid, but I have a hard time with these rants of his simply because of the statements he has made regarding my incident with Keith Nelson.
    Don’t doubt me, Keith Nelson is an evil man and has done horrible things and deserves to be put to death for his crimes, but I wish this man in the above rants would get his information straight instead of feeding false information to families of victims – it’s like giving someone false hope and that, in my opinion, is a crime.
    God bless you all in your search for your loved ones, no one should ever have to go through such a thing. But I also believe that they should be given true information.

  9. How often do you yourself Rollerblade or do you just write about it?

    Can I ask though – how did you get this picked up and into google news?

    Very impressive that this blog is syndicated through Google and is it something that is just up to Google or you actively created?

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  10. The remains of Jodi Sue Huisentruit can be found at the Saint Cloud Hospital morgue. Saint Cloud, Minnesota. Dr. Frederickson has been trying to get the skeletal remains identified for over twelve years! Jodi was last seen alive in Stearns county twelve years ago and the Stearns County Sheriff has Jodi’s checkbook on file at the Sheriff’s Office for the past twelve years. I wonder why I think I’m close to solving this case? Nelson is a known multiple serial killer and ALL of his victims look alike. The sign of a serial killer.

  11. James,

    This is absolutely FALSE. I have already talked with them and they said this is absolutely NOT true. And by the way, Dr. Frederickson is NOT the medical examiner there.

  12. I think they need to go back over with a fine tooth comb the FBI files, and the persons whom were cleared in the investigation.
    I think they will find plenty of motive, a cover-up, and finally the truth.
    FIND Jodi

  13. James please tell us how you know this stuff? I’ve gone looking for Jodi myself and have had no luck, I have some hunches and a place that keeps bringing me back but nothing to date. Goldie I’ve seen your name on another site do you live in the area or are you following from a distance?

  14. Could this also be tied in with the ann Pressley murder in little rock who was an anchorwoman and i find it ironic that
    both of these women resembled each other and being blond… maybe dude had a thing for blondes…. but the anchorwoman in little rock had interviewed bill clinton,,, We all know what happens to freinds of clinton
    she was killed a few weeks ago

  15. I’m in 7th grade and we each get a mystery in english and get to work on it and then have to do papers on it and I got Jodi’s case. I thought it was John Vansice the whole time until yesterday I saw info on this Nelson guy and so I checked it out. I’ve been up on the FindJodi websites and they don’t say anything about Nelson so I e-mailed them and they e-mailed back. Here’s a copy of the message from them.

    Thank you for your information. There is a lot of information on the
    Internet posted by various people. You must always keep in mind that it’s
    not all true. The information you’ve provided me has been looked at and
    there is no validity to it. Many authorities have proven it false, so please
    remember that it’s not inherently true.

    That’s great you’re working on cases in your class. Feel free to learn more
    about Jodi’s case on our website at Our information is very
    accurate, and you can assure it’s valid and been discussed with law

    Thanks for the note.


    note from blog owner
    The info you are talking about (Nelson) comes from a very unreliable source. I have talked to law enforcement on him (both state and federal) and they say none of what he is says is true. I will not say anything else they told me but do not believe his ramblings. If you google them, you wll see he is everywhere on the web talking about this. He has left many comments here, but they are blocked and always will be. Jodi’s body has NOT been found.

  16. Hello,

    I have been following this case for a very long time. If I am correct from what I have read. Jodi was running late that morning but was on her way to the station. She never arrived. I believe she spoke to her backup at the station. Could be the unsub was already in her apartment. Just my thoughts. Does anybody know if her apartment was searched for any clues?


  17. James McIntyre is already under investigation by LE. Don’t listen to anything he says. He is a drug addict degenerate. He inserts himself into every murder case he can.

  18. Bonnie, This McIntyre fellow is a certifiable kook that has loaded the blogs everywhere with his drivel. He lives in his mother’s basement and spews this garbage. Credible sources have tracked the information that he spews and find everything he says as unreliable.

  19. James L. McIntyre is probably a serial killer. His theories are on many different cases and make no sense.

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