• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Maria Marshall murder 9/6/1984 Oyster Creek, NJ *Husband Robert convicted of hiring hitman to kill her*

Maria Marshall
Maria Marshall

Robert O. Marshall died in prison on 2/21/2015.

Find-A-Grave: Maria P. Marshall
Marshall timeline
Woman, 44, Slain At Parkway Stop
2 Suspects Seized In Jersey Slaying
Ex-Deputy Sheriff Indicted in Slaying
Husband of a Murder Victim Admitted to Mental Hospital
Marshall Murder Trial Starts Today
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Witness in Wife-Killing Case Is Sentenced in Plea Bargain
Sons of Murdered Wife File Insurance Claim
Lawsuit Seeks Silver Of Convicted Killer
Inmate Seeks Retrial In His Wife’s Killing
Trenton: Murder Accomplice Again Denied Parole
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Marshall v Hendricks 2002
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One Of Codey’s Last Acts Will Be To Set Free A Man
Codey frees clerk who played small role in sensational murder
Helping TV’s Blind Faith, a Son Confronts a Murder in the Family
Wikipedia: Robert O. Marshall
Wikipedia: Blind Faith
Officials: Man admits being ‘Blind Faith’ killer
Larry Thompson confesses to New Jersey slaying
‘Blind Faith’ killer Robert Marshall has died, son says
‘Blind Faith’ killer Robert Marshall dies weeks before parole hearing

Blind Faith
Tunnel Vision: Trial & Error (written by Robert O. Marshall)

Blind Faith


Offender Details

SBI Number: 000254489A
Sentenced as: Marshall, Robert O
Race: White
Ethnicity: N/A
Sex: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 190 lbs.
Birth Date: December 16, 1939
Admission Date: March 5, 1986
Current Facility: NJSP
Projected Max Release Date: N/A
Projected Parole Eligibility Date: N/A

Current Prison Sentence
Offense: 1 count of : 2C:11-3 Murder
Offense Date: May 24, 194
Sentence Date: August 18, 2006
County of Commitment: Ocean
Commitment Order: I-85-01-26
Mandatory Minimum Term: 30 Years
Maximum Term: LIFE

Offense: 1 count of : 2C:5-2 Conspiracy, Uncoded Chapter No
Offense Date: May 24, 1984
Sentence Date: August 18, 2006
County of Commitment: Ocean
Commitment Order: I-85-01-26
Mandatory Minimum Term: None
Maximum Term: 1 Day

Incarceration History
Date In Custody: March 5, 1986
Date Out of Custody: Currently In Custody
No aliases available



Offender Details

SBI Number: 000244533B
Sentenced as: Cumber, Robert A
Race: White
Ethnicity: N/A
Sex: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 145 lbs.
Birth Date: August 31, 1937
Admission Date: September 11, 1986
Current Facility: Released from NJSP
Projected Max Release Date: N/A
Projected Parole Eligibility Date: N/A
Current Prison Sentence
Offense: 1 count/merged count of : 2C:11-3 Murder
Offense Date: September 6, 1984
Sentence Date: September 11, 1986
County of Commitment: Ocean
Commitment Order: I-0026-1-85

Minimum Term: 30 Years
Maximum: 30 Years

Incarceration History
Date In Custody: September 11, 1986
Date Out of Custody: January 19, 2006
No aliases available


65 Responses

  1. Robert O. Marshall didn’t think twice about his wife or sons so why should he get out of prison instead of being put to death. He thought only of himself and not the fact that his sons would be without their mother or that she wouldn’t be around to love her grandchildren. He is a very selfish man and does not deserve to be paroled after 30 years. I don’t think he has paid enough for what havoc he wrecked upon his children.

    • I like that and also all that is true . I tried doing more research on all this but I have proceeded to do more . Thanks , that was perfect . 🙂

    • but the thing is that he said to the police that his tyre was bad so he pulled up to check on it when he got bashed. And when he woke up his money was gone and his wife was dead. So we don’t know what really happened.

    • lol you would releave him of the pain of thinking about his sins by killing him killing is worethless since he likes that more

  2. I am disgusted by this man, who valued his own life above his family’s. The only consolation is that eventually he will reach his final judgment, and at last justice will be served.

  3. 30 years is not enough for what he did to his children and his wife. I lived next door to the Marshall’s growing up. They only had 2 children at that time. We all lived in a developement called Oakridge in Toms River. We all lived on Pine Fork Dr. Maria was often outside with her boys either watching them play or playing with them. Robert was the type to have thought that he was better than most. Maria would wave and say hi to us but not him. The Marshalls moved away when I went into high school, to a nicer neighborhood according to Mr. Marshall. When this incident happened I was not living in NJ but when I heard about it I knew in my heart that he had done this. He appeared to me to be cold and had like a stone face appearance, someone with no emotions. That was just my opinion threw the eyes of a kid. My heart goes out to the boys and God Bless them. What is the purpose of letting him out at his age, where will he live or how will he make a living???? What effect will this have on his children? Leave him in jail and let his children and their families live in peace. And what type of message are we sending, have your wife killed and be out in 30?????

  4. I am amazed at how much interest remains in this particular case. After reading both Blind Faith and Robert’s book, it looks like two completely different cases.
    Leave him in jail

  5. I’ve read Blind Faith and it disgusts me how selfish Rob Marshall is. He deserves to rot in prison for the rest of his life.

  6. It will be 25 years this September that Robert O Marshall engineered the murder of my beloved cousin, Maria. I pray each day that the son of a bitch rots in prison.

  7. I am a True Crime reader and try to keep up on all that Joe McGinniss… and Ann Rule, write. I have the book and the movie “Blind Faith”… Just recently I reread Blind Faith and was as sickened by it the second time as I was when I originally read it. I believe this guy (I refuse to call him a man) Robert Marshall is the definition of evil and deceit. Unfortunately Maria and her children were caught up in his web. I must say I believe Ricky Dew was indeed the shooter as Ferlin L’Heureux testified, and walked away unpunished! I also believe Maria was asleep when she was murdered and didnt wake up and yell out at what was happening as Rob Marshall testified. I was happy the jury came to the conclusion that Marshall deserved the death sentence and saw him for the lying scum that he was. Now I am upset to see that the original sentence has now become a life sentence and he could actually walk at some point? I find it hard to take that this monster wasnt put to death years ago! I cant help but wonder about the loves of Marias life…her boys… Chris, Roby and John… when I read and then re-read the book…I hope and pray they have fought the good fight and gone on with their lives and become content and productive men with decent, loving, strong and honest people surrounding them. After what they were put through, they deserve nothing less.

  8. thinking of Maria’s boys on this day.

  9. i believe the death sentence is too good for him; he should have to live the rest of his life in a prison cell with the thought of his family every day. I feel sorry for his boys who he manipulated every day after the death of their mother. He is disgusting and doesn’t deserve any sympathy or compassion

  10. Does anyone own the 1990 mini-series Blind faith starring Robert Urich?

    Please post a short message if you do, thank you.

  11. I dont think that Robert marshall killled his wife because I heard that someone hit him in the back on the head and when he woke up his wife was died in the car. I really dont think he killed her.but you never know I might be wrong.

    • Sammi,

      He was not the “triggerman” himself, but hired someone to do it and they had to make it look random. But if not for him, she would not have been murdered. He is just as responsible for her murder as the person who actually murdered her.

      • if you know anything about the Garden State Parkway there was no reason to pull into a dark deserted picnic area to check a tire. He had just gone through a toll booth with a well lit service area just ahead. This scum is guilty as sin and I hope he rots in hell for what he did to those boys- taking away theri loving mother.

  12. I followed this story in the newspapers back when it happened, and I read the book several times. I always watch the movie whenever it’s on the tube. When I travel on the GSPW I can’t help but wonder where exactly did this shooting take place. Does anyone know which rest stop was the actual crime scene? What was the mile post number? Thanks. By the way, Robert Urich was great in his portrayal of Robert O. Marshal.

    • I just re-read the book ‘Blind Faith’ and it mentions that the Oyster Creek Picnic area (where the murder was committed) was 4 miles south of the Forked River rest area(GSP mile marker 76),and 2 miles north of the Barnegat toll plaza(GSP mile marker 70) so if yuo do the math it should put the Oyster Creek Picnic area at mile marker at betweeen mile marker 71 & 72. I wish someone would respond with something like the exact mile marker is ????

      • The Oyster Creek rest area no longer exists. Back in the late 90s or early 2000’s, the sign was taken down. Then a few years ago when they started adding extra lanes to the parkway the rest area was done away with. All the trees were chopped down to widen the parkway.

  13. Henry – I have the VCR version of Blind Faith.

  14. I got a copy of the DVD on

  15. i have it on dvd copied

  16. i can give you a copy for free

  17. I can not accept our WIMPY ASS SYSTEM of justice any longer.This SOB (EVIL) should have been history a long time ago.I look at his picture on a web and I want to puke.

  18. Mary, Roby Marshall married the actress Tracey Gold. They now have four sons.

  19. I went to high school with Maria at Mount st. Joseph Academy in Philadelphia. She was a beautiful and kind young women. Every year at our Christmas concert, she sang O Holy Night. I’m 67 now, and I never hear that song without thinking of her.

  20. I would liketo puchase a DVD Copy of Blind Faith if it is available. Thank you. Please contact me.

  21. Still interested in purchasing DVD Copy of Blind Faith if available. Please contact me

  22. Does anyone know what happened to Sarann Kraushaar, the woman who had the affair w/Robert Marshall? I believe she was as cold as he was and got off scott free.

    • Saran actually owns thew Buick dealer in Toms River and Ilives in Florida and looks like a hag now..
      Car dealer is called Lester Glenn

    • Yes saraan krashauer’s son owns all the Lester Glenn dealerships in Toms River. She went on with her life like nothing happened U

  23. Sarann Kraushaar and her husband own car dealerships in NJ. The Lester Glenn Auto Group. The kind of people you would want to buy a car from huh?

  24. Sarann is on Facebook, pictures and everything. She is retired, still with the same husband, lives in Florida and is a volunteer secretary at some senoir community.

    • She took the Facebook page down, not long after I sent her a message relating to the Marshall case. I am a retired newspaper editor and we covered the Marshall trial because it was moved to our area because of pre-trial publicity in Toms River.

      • The drug/mafia implications that were quashed in the trial…What there anything too that??
        Also the history of affairs with Toms River types never saw the light of day. Did she have any beforehand knowledge of events. Rob called her minutes before taking the Atlantic City call.
        Is there any current history using the real names and where are they now??

        • If I had to guess, Sarann probably “introduced” (via her contacts NJ crime) the Louisiana people to Marshall. She got immunity too at the trial, but she was likely involved in setting it all up.

          After all, she has wealth and status, and I am sure knew some people who knew some people.

  25. Mann, these men dont think twice bout what they doing and what they getting they self into thats just being stupid all of these men disgust me ughh…all of you dirty pigs should be put to sleep..DEAD in this bitch.!

  26. Wow

  27. sleep , sleep tight Maria we will never forget you. God Bless!!!!!xxx

  28. It sickens me how one can just simply kill someone, or in this case hire someone. I do not believe he should ever get out of jail. He is an awful, vial man. Rest in peace, Maria. You truly deserve too.

  29. can’t describe how angry i am. you were loved you were treasured, you were so wanted. maria in a world of xxxx you were the best. love you

  30. I doint know much about this case but from what I have herd rob Marshall is a cruel vile human being that should rot in hell for what he did how could u be so selfish to do that to ur sons and wife Poor Maria sleep well u sound like u deserved a better life sorry for what happened to u

    • I agree with everything you said. Please don’t forget though that there was a woman that was having an affair with Marshall and she knew he was married. That woman walked away free and clear. All of us should be held responsible for our immoral inequities especially when it leads to a murder.

  31. Omg poor lady 😦

  32. 🙂 😀 ❤ 😦 :,( :p

  33. Man, i hope he lives a 90 life, all the while suffering and rotting in jail. You agree?

  34. NOTE FROM BLOG OWNER: Please read my comment policy before commenting. I will not approve comments that violate it, including (and especially) typing in ALL CAPS.

  35. If he was so ‘innocent’ the gunman would have shot him too while he was supposedly looking at a tire (no cell phones back in tha day) so Maria wouldn’t be able to call for help only scream for it-he is a sissy to hire someone as a ‘hitman’ because he knows he couldn’t do it himself-he needs to rot in jail and I agree to sit and live with himself in there knowing what he did and maybe asking for God for forgiveness before he burns in hell(even though he is in his own hell for losing his family that loved him so dearly) and where is the mistress? You know her ass was like f* this! What you do in the dark always comes to the light my husband always says peace be with the boys❤

  36. Just sentence them!

  37. Being a true JerseyGirl(born,raised,and still live here),I remember the sad Marshall story very well. I’ve traveld the GSP every summer I can remember. When the story broke,I was very frightened. “There but the grace of God go I” It could happen to any one of us coming home from the beach. As the the facts came to light,it was worse than I could imagine. The reason for my post is to express that the recent admission by Larry Thompson, hopefully gives the boys some sort of closure. 3 yrs. prior to the Maria Marshall tragedy,my father was also the victim of a homicide. It was a cold case for 19 1/2 yrs. One day I received a phone call from a detective(ironically I was coming home from the shore) telling me my father’s case had been solved. It didn’t take away the pain,nor did it fill the empty void,but it did give me some closure,a weird sense of relief. I hope the boys(who are now men) can somehow feel that sense also. May your mother and my father rest in peace.

  38. Whère was maria marshall murdered someone said oyster creek. What exit was that. After all these years I can’t can’t get it out of my head. I even found her grave and left her flowers.

  39. This is absolutely mad

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