Murder-Suicide: Robert Dean Peterson ‘loved’ Gailen Eugene Thurnau II who did not feel the same way, so Peterson shot & killed Thurnau, then turned the gun on himself

Gailen Eugene Thurnau
Gailen Eugene “Gene” Thurnau II

Bizarre disappearance in Lutz may spell “foul play”
Missing Pasco men found dead in Safety Harbor home
Bob kept his love for Gene secret until tragic end
Bodies of missing men found; police suspect murder-suicide
Police: Missing Ellenton man dead in murder-suicide

A Stranger in My Home: Star-Crossed Murder
The Killer Beside Me: Living a Lie

Robert Peterson
Robert Dean Peterson

6 Responses

  1. How do you miss this! This fucked up sociopath queer followed him to Florida for fuck sake! Piece of shit rot in hell!


  2. Does anyone know their birthdays? I’d like to run a synastry/astrology chart for them.


  3. They’re both dead and six feet under so I believe that would render your astrological compatibility chart null and void,but thanks for playing.


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