Roger “Butch” Pratt murder 6/17/1988 Munhall, OH *Roommate, Edward Swiger, and 2 others convicted of his murder, sentenced to prison*

Roger Butch Pratt
Roger “Butch” Pratt

Jury pronounces Swiger guilty of Pratt’s murder
Prosecutor wants to try Ohio inmate
Brother of victim says it’s not hatred of the killers, but hatred of what they did that drives him
Pratt’s killer will return to face Mercer Co. charges
Brother’s Keeper
Pratt brother working to keep Swiger behind bars
Prison term turns man to ministry, literature
Inmate in murder case seeks to cancel plea in store arson
Victim’s family appeals release of Linda Karlen
Linda Karlen seeking early release
Pa. native returning to park for anniversary of brother’s death
Karlen soon to be freed from prison
TV show puts focus on man’s ’88 murder in Mercer County
Roger Pratt’s Murder
For Roger Pratt’s brother, movie on murder met goal
Movies Based On True Stories Database: Murder In a College Town

Frenemies: Shattered Bonds
What Happened to Bobby Earl? (aka: Murder In a College Town)
I Killed My BFF: Frat Brother Homicide
Most Likely To…: Brotherly Love

Edward Swiger – convicted, sentenced to 43 years to life in prison
Linda Karlen – convicted of conspiracey to commit kidnapping, sentenced to 7-15 years in prison in OH, pled guilty to arson; sentenced to 5-10 years in prison in PA, released on parole October 2012
Michael Swiger – convcited, sentenced to 21-53 years in prison, released in 2006

Michael Swiger
Michael Pratt


EdwardSwiger prison mug

Number: A220709
DOB: 01/20/1966
Gender: Male
Race: White
Admission Date: 03/27/1990
Institution: Lebanon Correctional Institution

Offense Information
KIDNAPPING Counts: 1 ORC: 2905.01 3
Committing County: SUMMIT Admission Date: 03/27/1990 Degree of Felony: A1
AGG MURDER Counts: 1 ORC: 2903.01 3
Committing County: SUMMIT Admission Date: 03/27/1990 Degree of Felony: AM

Sentence Information
Gun Specification: 3 years
Indefinite Sentence Min: 10 years
Indefinite Sentence Max: Life Sentence
Expiration of Max Sentence: 01/01/8888

Parole Hearing Information
Next Parole Board Hearing/Review Month: August 2029
Latest Parole Board Hearing/Review Type & Results: FIRST HEARING


LindaKarlen prison mug

Offender Name: LINDA KARLEN
Offender ID:666EZ
Date of Birth:12/18/1952
Age: 60
Race: White
Gender: Female

Custody Status: Supervised
Date: 01/24/2013

Alternate ID’s
Other Jail Numbers#: 666EZ
Other Jail Numbers#: 32372317

8 Responses

  1. I can accept the woman, Linda Karlen, getting out of prison in 22 years, and the brother of the murderer, Michael Swigger, getting out in 16 years. The main thing is that the real murderer, Edward Swigger, won’t be eligible for parole until 2029, which would mean at the earliest he’d get out in 39 years, since he was incarcerated in 1990. There’s a good chance he’ll die in prison before he ever gets out. I’d say justice was done.

  2. NO normal person allows a person to hide a body on their land!

    What’s even more disgusting is the brother is out of jail, has children and is a so called minister.
    Justice? What a joke.

  3. I can’t believe the girl who asked Butch over to see her, and then left him in the woods and drove away got away with everything. That was horrible. I just watched a TV version of killing best friend. I wonder where the two are who got out of prison? Ed Swiger would have made a good lawyer, I suppose, and maybe Senator! Imagine what we lost (ha ha ha…irony…) I wonde
    r how many awful people are lawyers and congressmen? I think Butch much better looking than they showed in the TV version I just saw! What a mess!

  4. ed swiger what a guy

  5. Check out Linda J. KARLEN’S Facebook page. In the about me section she has the audacity to put “spent 23 years in prison for a crime I did not commit, in a successful attempt by my boyfriend and his brother to avoid the death penalty”. Now she’s at it again by asking friends to “pray for a SPEEDY resolution to the falling down the stairs lawsuit she has against the insurance company because she “needs a new home”

  6. Butch was a friend of mine. they all deserve to be in prison for life.

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