Weis Market Rampage: Randy Stair shot and killed 3 employees, then used a second shotgun to kill himself

Victoria Brong, 25 assistant tag manager
Brian Hayes, 47 US Navy veteran
Terry Lee Sterling, 63

Find-A-Grave: Victoria Todd Brong
Find-A-Grave: Brian Hayes
Find-A-Grave: Terry Lee Sterling
4 dead in murder-suicide in Pennsylvania supermarket
4 Dead In Murder-Suicide In Pennsylvania Supermarket
Murder-Suicide in Pennsylvania Supermarket Leaves 4 Dead
Shooting at Weis Market in Wyoming County Leaves Four Dead, Including Shooter
Supermarket killer outlined plan before attack at Tunkhannock market
Stair family expresses condolences for triple murder-suicide
Randy Stair: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
PHOTOS: Grocery Store Shooting
Mixed feelings on supermarket reopening after mass shooting
Wikipedia: Eaton Township Weis Markets shooting
Shooting Anniversary: Sole survivor speaks out
Find-A-Grave: Randy Robert “Andrew Blaze” Stair

Talk Murder to Me: YouTuber Randy Stair Flipped Coin To Decide Shooting Spree

Randy Robert Stair


Monsters Among Us: Tukka Gonne charged in the murder of Joseph “Joey” Allen at the Maverick store he worked at

Joey Allen

Facebook: Joseph Allen
‘Family Was Everything,’ Friends Say About Man Killed In Maverik Stabbing
gofundme: Joey
Salt Lake Maverik clerk stabbed, killed in confrontation outside store
21-year-old man booked into jail for fatal stabbing of Maverik clerk
21-year-old man booked into jail for fatal stabbing of Maverik clerk
Suspect booked after fatal stabbing at Salt Lake City Maverik store, second man in critical condition
Man booked into jail after clerk stabbed to death at Maverik in Salt Lake City
African ‘migrant’ charged with murder of Utah convenience store clerk</a
Facebook: Tukka Gonne


Offender Name: GONNE, TUKKA M
Custody Status: Unsupervised Custody
Age: 21
Reason: Unknown
Race: African American
Contact Facility:
Offender ID: 406886
Gender: Male
Date: 07/04/2019
Additional Information:

Monsters Among Us: Rashaan Williams killed Melinda Schaefer to avoid being fired; Sentenced to 30 years in prison

Melinda Schaefer

Melinda Maltese Schaefer obituary
Woman’s body found in Reisterstown townhome community
Maintenance Worker Charged With Killing Property Manager
Maintenance worker charged in Reisterstown leasing office murder
Man charged in Reisterstown killing in leasing office
Woodlawn man sentenced to 30 years in leasing office murder
Woodlawn man sentenced to 30 years in leasing office murder

The Killer Beside Me: Unfriendly Community


First Name RAHSEEN
Middle Name
Date of Birth 01/08/1978
DOC ID 443167
Holding Facility
Eastern Correctional Institution West
Address: 30420 Revells Neck Rd., Westover, MD 21890
Phone: 877-802-6074

Dublin, OH postal killings: DeShaune Kilon Stewart charged with killing his supervisor and their postmaster, because he was being fired

Lance Herrera-Dempsey, 52
Ginger Ballard, 53

Police: Naked carrier kills supervisor in Dublin post office, then kills another co-worker
Police: Naked man kills Post Office supervisor early Saturday
Husband of slain post office employee heartbroken over loss
Postmaster’s death leaves hole in partner’s heart
Police identify man shot and killed at Dublin Post Office
Naked Postal Worker Charged With Supervisor And Co-Worker’s Murder In Ohio
Enraged naked postal worker goes on killing spree, police say
Police: Postal employee kills pair of supervisors at separate locations
Suspect in Ohio postal worker slayings charged
Suspect could face federal charges after deadly shooting at post office
Police: Naked Postal Worker Murdered Supervisor, Local Postmaster
Evaluation ordered for Ohio postal worker in colleagues’ slayings
Federal murder complaint filed against postal worker
DeShaune Stewart: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
911 calls released after naked Dublin postal worker allegedly kills boss, coworker


Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 24
Location: Franklin County Jail
Race: African American
Contact Facility: Franklin County Jail
Offender ID: 170030321
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 12/11/1993
Additional Information:

Fiamma Inc. Rampage: Five employees shot and killed by a disgruntled former worker, John Robert Neumann Jr., who then killed himself

Brenda Montanez-Crespo, 44
Robert Snyder, 69
Kevin Lawson, 47
Jeffrey Roberts, 57
Kevin Clark, 53

Orlando workplace shooting: Former employee kills 5, then himself
Gunman ‘singled out’ victims in Orlando shooting spree
Five victims killed in Orlando workplace shooting identified
Fiamma Inc. releases statement following deadly workplace shooting
Victims: What we know about those killed in the Forsyth shooting
Orlando workplace shooting victim Brenda Montanez
Orlando workplace shooting victim Robert Snyder was skilled billiards player, ‘awesome’
Orlando workplace shooting victim Kevin Lawson was husband, father who loved motorcycles
gofund me: Kevin Lawson Memorial Fund
Forsyth victim: Jeff Roberts, loving husband, father and grandfather
He was raising 2 kids after wife’s death. Orlando workplace shooter left them orphans
gofundme: Kevin Clark Memorial Fund
Orlando workplace shooter John Neumann Jr. showed ‘pattern of abuse,’ court injunction says
Ex-Fiamma worker says he raised concerns about Orange County workplace shooter in 2014
Co-worker had asked for protection from workplace gunman
Shooter involved in previous workplace violence incident, sheriff says
Orlando Fiamma Shooting: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Friend: Orlando victim feared workplace shooter would seek revenge over firing
Orlando company ‘heartbroken’ after deadly workplace shootings
Five victims gunned down by Army veteran in Orlando including single father-of-two who celebrated his son’s graduation one day earlier
‘Disgruntled’ Ex-Employee Opens Fire in Orlando Business — Killing 5 People and Then Himself

John Robert Neumann Jr.

Psycho For Love: Linda Culbertson killed her boss, Donald Pierce, because he did not return her affections; She got 2 others to help; Sentenced to life in prison

donald-pierceFrom Evason Jacobs’ appeal: Donald Pierce was shot to death in the hallway outside his office on the evening of June 7, 1989. Police responding to a report of gunshots found a hysterical Linda and Donald Pierce’s body. Hearing shouts, they ran to the top floor, where they found Evason with his hands tied behind his back. When asked what happened, Evason said he had been hit from behind and did not know anything else. He was taken to the hospital and then released.

After questioning Linda all night, police called Evason and asked him to come to the station for an interview. He agreed, and arrived at 7:30 a.m. on June 8. He signed a form waiving his Miranda rights at 7:40 a.m. After speaking to detectives for an hour and a half, Evason gave two videotaped statements in which he described his role in the murder of Donald Pierce. Those statements, and testimony at Evason’s trial, revealed the following series of events.

Linda approached Evason in May of 1989 and discussed the possibility of finding someone to kill Pierce. Evason talked to his friend Quincy Brown about asking Quincy’s brother, who was on parole for murder, to kill Pierce. Quincy’s brother declined the offer, but Quincy agreed to kill Donald Pierce. Linda gave Evason $600 to give to Quincy, and Evason gave Quincy $200 of that money. When attempts by Evason and Quincy to buy a gun were unsuccessful, they agreed that Quincy would use Evason’s .12 gauge shotgun, which Evason then brought to work.

Quincy came to 1111 Grand several times in May and June of 1989 with the intention of killing Donald Pierce, but, until June 7, always backed out at the last minute. At 7:30 p.m. on June 7, 1989, Quincy came to 1111 Grand dressed in black. He entered through the back door, which Evason had left open for him. Evason took Quincy to the place where he had hidden the shotgun, and then took him to the top floor, where Evason showed him how to open the doors to make it look like there had been a burglary. Linda then came and told them that Pierce was getting ready to leave. Quincy tied up Evason, hit him on the head, and scattered the contents of his wallet, all in furtherance of their plan to make it look like a burglary.

Linda and Quincy went down to the third floor, but a few minutes later Evason came down and told Quincy that he had neglected to open the door to the roof. Quincy returned to the top floor, opened the door to the roof, and retied Evason. Quincy then returned to the third floor.

At Evason’s trial Quincy testified that, after he returned to the third floor, Donald Pierce came out of his office. Quincy fired the shotgun, hitting Pierce in the shoulder. Pierce cried for Linda to help him, but she pushed Quincy toward him and told Quincy to kill him, or else they’d all go to jail. Quincy shot Pierce again, hitting him in the knee. Quincy then handed the gun to Linda and fled from the building.

Donald Pierce died of a third gunshot wound to the eye, inflicted by Linda after Quincy ran away. Linda hid the gun, which police later found in a bag with Linda’s fingerprints on it. It was after the discovery of the murder weapon that Linda made a statement implicating Evason and Quincy in the murder.

POMC: Donald V. Pierce, Jr.
Testimony continues in Culbertson trial
Court of Appeals of Missouri v Evason Jacobs 1993

Deadliest Decade: The Real Fatal Attraction
Confessions of Crime: Fatal Attraction – A Job to Kill for

Linda Culbertson – convicted, sentenced to life in prison
Evason Jacobs, Jr – convicted, sentenced to life in prison
Quincy Brown – convicted, sentenced to life in prison



DOC ID 84436
Offender Name Linda N Culbertson
Race White
Sex Female
Date of Birth 03/28/1956
Height/Weight 5’2″ / 151
Hair/Eyes Gray/Partially Gray / Brown
Assigned Location Chillicothe Correctional Center
Address 3151 Litton Road, Chillicothe, MO 64601
Assigned Officer Phone Number (660) 646-4032

Sentence Summary Life (Life, Life CC)
Completed Offenses Completed sentence not found
Aliases Linda N Crawford; Linda N Culbertson



DOC ID 177970
Offender Name Evason Jacobs
Race Black
Sex Male
Date of Birth 06/20/1967
Height/Weight 5’8″ / 190
Hair/Eyes Black / Brown
Assigned Location Jefferson City Correctional Center
Address 8200 No More Victims, Jefferson City, MO 65101
Assigned Officer Phone Number (573) 751-3224

Sentence Summary Life W/O Parole (Life W/O, Life CC)
Completed Offenses Completed sentence not found
Aliases Evason Jacobs



DOC ID 178172
Offender Name Quincy Brown
Race Black
Sex Male
Date of Birth 04/21/1971
Height/Weight 5’8″ / 145
Hair/Eyes Black / Brown
Assigned Location Jefferson City Correctional Center
Address 8200 No More Victims, Jefferson City, MO 65101
Assigned Officer Phone Number (573) 751-3224

Sentence Summary Life (Life, Life CS)
Completed Offenses Completed sentence not found
Aliases Quincy E Brown; Quincy Brown

Monsters Among us: Rodney Lee Jackson charged with killing his supervisor, Jason Yanko when he was laid off from his job

Jason Yanko
Jason Yanko

Jason Yanko obituary
Through a courtroom window, son watches father answer to murder charge
Police: Man fatally shoots former co-worker after being laid off
Suspect accused of shooting, killing boss in NE Houston turns self in
Hoover native gunned down in Texas workplace shooting
Suspect in deadly workplace shooting arrested in W. Texas
Judge maintains bail in murder case involving laid off man
Wife of man killed in workplace shooting speaks out
gofundme: Jason’s Family Fund


Rodney Jackson

SPN 02798461
DOB 04/23/1966

JAIL JA09/3B1 05C
BOOKING DATE 07/06/2015

If the up date is the same as the out date, payment of the fine amount is not required to release the inmate from custody on that case.

CASE # 147280101010
BOOKING DATE 07/06/2015
COURT DATE 08/22/2016
BOND AMT 50000.00

Alison Parker and Adam Ward murders 8/26/2015 Roanoke, VA *Shot to death on-air by former co-worker Vester Lee Flanagan II, who killed himself during a chase with police

Alison Parker and Adam Ward
Alison Parker and Adam Ward

Friends, family mourn WDBJ’s Alison Parker and Adam Ward
WDBJ7 Reporter Alison Parker, Photographer Adam Ward Killed on Live TV
Reporter, cameraman for WDBJ-TV in Virginia shot and killed during on-air report
Journalists killed during live broadcast
Alison Parker and Adam Ward, WDBJ Journalists Killed on Live TV, ‘Were Special People’
Gunman in deadly on-air attack dies after manhunt
The real issue behind on-air killings of journalists
WDBJ7’s Alison Parker and Adam Ward had big plans, bright futures
Wikipedia: Murders of Alison Parker and Adam Ward
Revenge race murder: Bitter black reporter who gunned down white ex-colleagues live on air and posted the video online blames Charleston shootings and anti-gay harassment in manifesto

20/20: Tragedy on TV

Vester Lee Flanagan
Vester Lee Flanagan

Monsters Among Us: Alton Nolen charged with killing Colleen Hufford and injuring another after being fired from Vaughan Foods; Faces the death penalty

Vaughn Foods victims

Colleen Hufford
Traci Johnson (survived)

Find-A-Grave: Colleen Shirley Thompson Hufford
Colleen Hufford Beheading: Woman Killed in Grisly Oklahoma City Workplace Slaying
Woman fatally stabbed at Oklahoma food distribution plant
Police: Woman beheaded at Oklahoma workplace
Woman Beheaded In Oklahoma By Muslim Convert
New details released in Moore warehouse attack
Learning more about the victim of a beheading at a Moore warehouse (video)
Oklahoma County reserve deputy heralded as ‘hero’ in warehouse attack
Beheading suspect was recently fired, Oklahoma police say
Oklahoma beheading suspect described as “a little odd”
Woman beheaded in Oklahoma attack was grandmother who just lost her home in tornado as it emerges attacker was let out of jail early
Police: Beheading suspect may have tried converting employees to Islam
Mosque congregation speaks out against Moore attack
Muslim convert ‘who beheaded colleague’ is charged with murder as it emerges he returned to Oklahoma food plant for ‘revenge’ after he was fired earlier that day for ‘not liking white people’
Update: Colleen Hufford murder *Alton Alexander Nolen convicted; Jury recommends death penalty*

Alton Nolen
Alton Nolen

Update: Kraft factory shootings *Yvonne Hiller convicted, sentenced to 2 consecutive terms of LWOP*

LaTonya Sharon Brown, 36
Tanya Renee Wilson, 47
Bryant Dalton, 39 (survived)

Breaking News: Shooting at Kraft Foods Facility in Philadelphia, PA *Two dead; shooter in custody*
Find-A-Grave: LaTonya Sharon Brown
Horror in the Workplace
Video: Kraft Foods plant shooting victims remembered
Kraft Foods Shooting Suspect Charged With Murder
Humble hero’s actions likely saved lives at Kraft
Yvonne Hiller Suspect in Kraft Shooting: Two Killed, One Wounded at Philadelphia Plant
Police: Feuds led Pa. woman to shoot colleagues
Slain women at
Kraft rampage typical in some ways, atypical in others
Before Kraft shooting rampage, growing alarm over suspect’s behavior
Brewing for years, rage turned deadly at Kraft building
Woman Convicted of Double Murder In 2010 Kraft Foods Rampage In NE Philadelphia
Philadelphia Kraft Foods plant worker found guilty of killing 2
Worker convicted in Kraft murders
Two Life Terms Plus 10-20 Years For Woman Who Killed Colleagues at Kraft Foods Plant
Murderpedia: Yvonne Hiller
5 years later, no end to loss at old Nabisco plant


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